MKW Chapter 1048


Chapter 1048 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

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Juling Shen’s gaze turns blurred as he grabs the air.

Without him noticing, Liu Yi is seated down on the chair beside him holding a chopstick in his hand as he picks up a piece of Xihu Vinegar fish.

“Although this place is not Xihu, the scenery is even more beautiful than Xihu.”

Liu Yi looks at the lakewater by the side and says, “At the very least, this place is not polluted. The water is also clean, and the fish inside is delicious.”

“The existence of you humans are vermins!”

Juling Shen roars, “You, the successor of the Qin Imperial Palace, is nothing good! Watch how I take care of you!”

With that, Juling Shen stretched his enormous hand towards Liu Yi again.

Liu Yi only uses a single finger and blocks Juling Shen’s enormous hand.

“Why are you so anxious. Why can’t we all sit down and have a proper talk?”

“Your…your strength…”

Juling Shen’s palm is unable to press down, causing astonishment to appear in his eyes. How can a mere cultivator possess the strength that exceeds an immortal?

I am nearly 28 starjade in strength! Although I still have yet to reach the 1st layer of heaven, I just need to cultivate for a few more hundreds of years, and I will reach it!

While this cultivator in front of me…he is still so young and he has cultivated to this stage? It seems like he is about to reach the 1st layer of heaven!

Impossible! Since he possesses such strength, why did he not break through the realm crosser of the human realm and enter the immortal world?

“My Massacre Shrine is a place which uses peaceful measures before force.”

Liu Yi continues to sit there. He blocks Juling Shen with one hand while his other hand continues to use the chopsticks to taste the delicious food.

“From the start, we treated you with politeness, but if you continue to be unreasonable, then do not blame me for being impolite.”

“Just based on you?”

Juling Shen says loudly, “Our Heavenly Court has 100 thousand heavenly soldiers and over a thousand war immortals! There is also the Third Crown Prince as well as Erlang Shen, a super war god! Your mere Massacre Shrine dares to go against the Heavenly Court?”

“Even ants can bite a person to death.” Liu Yi says coldly, “The reason why I treated you politely is to let you go back and tell Heavenly Court what kind of person I am. As for the Qin Imperial Palace, they are my enemy. Whether or not the Heavenly Court wishes to be friends or enemy with me is up to you.”

“You possess the Qin Imperial Palace absolute technique!” Juling Shen roars, “Do you think that I am an idiot?”

Liu Yi nods his head seriously, “Earlier, I didn’t feel so but right now, I feel that you are.”

“You are seeking death!”

Juling Shen roars, causing the entire lake water to ripple! While Liu Yi suddenly kicks Juling Shen in his stomach.

Juling Shen flies out from the pavilion into a mountain top far away, creating a dust cloud.

Liu Yi appears in the sky near that mountain top with his arms crossed as he says loudly, “Like I had said before, my sect uses peaceful measures before force!”

Juling Shen’s figure suddenly appears from the mountain top. He instantly transforms into a several hundred meters tall enormous god. He single-handedly raises that mountain and tosses it at Liu Yi!

This mountain is omnipresent and can be said to be the scariest concealed weapon!

But Liu Yi pushes down with his right hand and uses Moon Dream Sutra, which stops that mountain in its track before making it land back down, causing the ground to tremble.

“Let’s not create such a huge movement. It will be bad if you injure my sect’s people.”

“Damn it! Do you still say that you are not the successor of Qin Imperial Palace? You used this Moon Dream Sutra so perfectly!”

Liu Yi feels that his logic is a pain in the ass; thus, he retorts, “You are so tall, could it be that you are the bastard of Kuafu?”

“How dare you humiliate this immortal! Ahhh!!”

He summons out two enormous hammers, which he held in both hands, and smashes down at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi points his left hand at one of the hammer and swings out. Instantly that hammer brings Juling Shen’s right hand and smashes into the hammer in his left hand!

With a -dang- the loud sound causes numerous people to feel pain in their ear!

“I have been polite to you!” Liu Yi says coldly, “Now, don’t blame me for using force!”

With that, Liu Yi waves his hand, and a pagoda by the side suddenly split open, and a black bone sword lands in Liu Yi’s palm.

“Earth Fiend Sword!”

Juling Shen instantly got a huge shock as this sword’s might is not weak at all!

“Go back and tell the people from Heavenly Court that I, Liu Yi, and not that easy to bully.”

With that, Liu Yi tossed out that Earth Fiend Sword.

The Earth Fiend Sword instantly turned into rainbow light and pierced through Juling Shen’s shoulder.

Juling Shen is unable to block it as his shoulder was instantly exploded into pieces by the earth fiend power. His entire arm drops down and lands in the valley of the mountain, causing a huge dust cloud to rise.

Although Juling Shen had lost an arm, he is unable to get angry; instead, he becomes fearful.

He does not dare to continue to be arrogant as he picks up his broken arm and escapes into the sky.

Bai Jie appears behind Liu Yi and asks, “Sect Head, you are not going to kill him? Letting him leave might create trouble!”

“I know what you are worried about.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “But right now, it is still not time for us to fight against the Heavenly Court. The news that I only injured him not should have already been sent to the Heavenly Court, which let them know of my intention for peace. Even if I kill Juling Shen, Heavenly Court will know of it. Right now, we can only pray that Heavenly Court’s people are not a group of idiots.”

“Sect Head is wise.” After Bai Jie said it, she kneads her breasts, “Wise Sect Head…this part of me is swelling…can you help me check it?”

Fuck! This flirty fox is going at it again! After I had returned back to the sect, she tries seducing me over ten times a day!

If my heart was not firm, perhaps I would already be seduced by her! Damn it. I must persevere! I cannot let myself be mesmerized by this enchantress!

“Looks like you are aroused.”

Liu Yi coughs while Bai Jie nods her head, “That’s right. I’m indeed aroused, Sect Head, please fondle or fuck me and the like!”

What the fuck. Can you have any moral principles?

Liu Yi changes the topic and says, “Forget about me. Later I shall introduce a muscleman to you. If one is not enough, I can introduce ten to you to let you sing the night away.”

“Damn it!”

Bai Jie rolls her eyes angrily, “Sect Head is so hateful!”

With that, Bai Jie turns around and flies away. Liu Yi smiles as his gaze returns to the sky.

Will, the Heavenly Court, let matters rest like this?


After Juling Shen returns to Heavenly Court, he kneels in front of the throne room and wails in accusation, “Your majesty, your majesty! That successor of Qin Imperial Palace is too arrogant! He disregards the Heavenly Court and also injured me! This small immortal’s arm was cut off!”

“How preposterous!”

Fire Lord of the South, who is standing by the side, has an irritable temperament. Hearing what Juling Shen said, he immediately roars, “Let this immortal go down and burn that damn mortal!”

“Just a mortal, and he beat you up.”

Erlang Shen laughs in disdain, “Juling Shen, you happily partake but were not prepared to do any work. Your strength has fallen too greatly, right? From what I see, the immortal rankings need to be re-ranked again.”

“That, that fellow was too powerful…”

Juling Shen immediately says with a grievance, “His strength conservatively is 28 starjade!”

“How can a mortal possess such power?”

Erlang Shen does not believe him, “Don’t try to excuse your mistake!”

Fire Lord of the South continues to says violently, “Why doesn’t this immortal go down to burn their sect before bringing that kid back!”

Erlang Shen mocks, “Why is there a need to make such a big fuss over him?”

Jade Emperor, who is sitting on his dragon throne, frowns as he listens to his subordinates quarreling with one another.

“Everyone, stop quarreling!”

At this moment, Taibai Jinxing says, “Listen to what this immortal has to say!”

Only then did everyone calm down as they looked at the old man.

Jade Emperor also nods his head, “Taibai, you speak.”

“Your Majesty, this old subject feels that regarding this successor of Qin Imperial Place, we should subdue instead of suppressing him with force!”

“Taibai, are you mad?”

“Two thousand years ago, you said the same thing, and in the end, it caused that Monkey Sun to wreak havoc in the Heavenly Court!”

“Why didn’t you have any backbone!”

All of the immortals start scolding, but Taibai Jinxing continues to insist and says, “Everyone, listen to this immortal.”

Taibai Jinxing continues and says, “That successor had the strength to kill Juling Shen, but he did not kill him. He only injured one of his arms; his intentions are very clear. He wishes to sue for peace with our Heavenly Court!”

“Hahaha, what a joke!”

One of the war gods laughs, “Injuring our person is asking for peace? Can’t he just ask for forgiveness? Did you become muddle-headed from age?”

“How would an expert bow and bend his knee to someone weaker than him?”

Taibai Jinxing snorts, “The one who is muddle-headed is not me but you. Juling Shen coming back alive clearly shows the problem.”

“Taibai, continue to speak.”

Jade Emperor asks everyone else to calm down and indicate to Taibai Jinxing.

“Thank you, your majesty!”

Taibai Jinxing cups his hands, “This old subject feels that this kind of person should serve our Heavenly Court instead. Why should we suppress him with force? From what I see, why don’t we accept him and take him into our Heavenly Court’s immortal ranks? Wouldn’t that be better?”

“What a joke! What achievements or virtues does he have to be ranked among our Immortal Ranks!”

Fire Lord of the South sneers, “Taibai. I think that after so many years, your courage has become smaller and smaller. To think you would say this!”

“I am only doing it to prevent a war.”

Taibai Jinxing is neither servile nor overbearing. “Since we can have a peaceful solution, why is there a need to use force? Furthermore, letting this kind of expert to serve us is our fortune?”

“I see that you are being cowardly!”

“I also feel the same! Tai Bai is no longer capable!”

“How can our Heavenly Court yield to a mortal! Especially because he is also the successor of Qin Imperial Palace!”

When Taibai Jinxing heard all of this, he cannot help but sigh.

At this moment, Fire Lord of the South gives Juling Shen a look.

Juling Shen is not an idiot and immediately understands tacitly and starts wailing in a loud voice, “My Majesty! This humble servant is miserable…”

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Chapter 1048   [Complain to superior]

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