MKW Chapter 1047


Chapter 1047 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

In the throne room of the Heavenly Court, Jade Emperor is sitting on his golden imperial throne as he looks down at the two rows of civil and military god generals in front of him and asks, “Send who to war?”

“He is nothing but the surviving member of the Qin Imperial Palace. Sending a few random small immortals down will do the job.”

The number one war god of Heavenly Court Erlangshen, Yang Jian stands there and says arrogantly, “I will help them suppress the realm crosser and open the path into the human realm.”

The realm crosser for Heavenly Court is very valiant and is not someone that anyone can defeat.

When immortals of Heavenly Court wish to enter the human realm or immortal realm, they need someone of war god level to go and fight the realm crosser. That is why immortals do not easily go down to the mortal world because it is too difficult to descend to the mortal world.

“This old servant thinks that because he is the surviving member of the Qin Imperial Palace, we should send down immortals who are of decent strength.” Taibai Jinxing is astute as he cups his hands and propose, “Why don’t we send down Juling Shen first to see how strong that surviving member is and capture him.”

“Good.” Jade Emperor nods his head, “Then let’s send Juling Shen first. Within three days, capture that surviving member!”

“As Emperor decrees!”

The crowd of deities accept their orders and withdraw from the royal court. A herald passes the order to Juling Shen.

Juling Shen is lying in his recliner in his own immortal palace. He is almost three meters tall and is a heavy man. This recliner of his is very long, almost four meters! There are some small deities kneeling by his sides as they perspire freely while fanning Juling Shen, letting him cool off in the shade.

Juling Shen wipes off his sweat as he bits into the watermelon in his hand before scolding, “Why is Heavenly Court becoming hotter and hotter. Fucking hell.”

“Greater immortal, right now the environment of earth is vile, and humanity’s pollution is very severe, which damaged the atmosphere. That is why the ultraviolet rays have become stronger, causing global warming, which more or less affected our Heavenly Court. You did not know that due to the nasty weather, this year’s Peaches of Immortality are in bad quality, which made the Queen mother of the West furious!”

“This group of insignificant mortals!”

Juling Shen cannot help but scolds, “If it was not for the provision where immortals cannot interfere with mortal affairs, I would have gone down to punish those damned mortals!”

“Greater immortal, don’t be angry. We will fan harder!”

Juling Shen’s deity servants start working harder to fan him while Juling Shen breathes out heavily through his nose like he is resisting his anger.

At this moment, a herald runs in front outside before saying loudly, “An Immortal Decree has come!”

Hearing that it is an Immortal Decree, Juling Shen immediately sits from his chair before landing on the ground, causing the ground to tremble.

His figure is simply too big. The moment he gets off the chair, it immediately causes the Heavenly Court to tremble.

The herald says arrogantly, “Juling Shen, receive the decree!”

Juling Shen eagerly runs over and kneels down on one knee in front of the herald, waiting to receive the decree.

The herald nods his head in satisfaction. He pulls open the Immortal Decree and says the conventional greetings first before saying, “Juling Shen, the higher up have sent down orders to let you go and settle the surviving member of Qin Imperial Palace. You must deal with this matter properly. If the higher-ups are happy, perhaps you might be promoted and have a raise in salary. If you do not do it well, then you will go to the Southern Heavenly Gates to watch the gate!”

“Your Majesty, be at ease; this subject guarantee to complete the task!”

With that, Juling Shen turns around and walks to the Southern Heavenly Gate. Right now, Southern Heavenly Gate gates are wide open as Erlang Shen is fighting against the realm crosser, making the realm crosser unable to block Juling Shen from going to do his task.

Immortals seldom go down to the mortal world. The moment they descent, they have tasks that they must do.

Juling Shen went to the palace where the higher up had come to an agreement, heading straight for Massacre Shrine.

Originally he thought that Massacre Shrine would be heavily-guarded, but unexpectedly, when he arrived, he noticed that Massacre Shrine’s doors were wide open without any guards!

A very beautiful woman in white is standing by the doors as she smiles and greets him, “This one must the deity from heaven. We have been waiting for a long time. Please come in.”

Juling Shen frowns and berates, “So you are a fox demon! Watch how this immortal takes care of you!”

“Slow down!”

This white fox beauty did not panic as she says, “Although I am a demon, I am the Receiving Guest Elder, Bai Jie of Massacre Shrine. Ah, to be frank, I am the female public relations elder who is in-charge of receiving visitors.”

“Hmph, this Massacre Shrine actually uses a demon to be a Receiving Guest Elder! Simply child’s play!” Juling Shen says unhappily, “A mere mortal sect dares to call itself Massacre Deity! How ridiculous!”

[TL: Massacre Shrine is 屠神殿 where 屠 is massacre, 神 is deity, while 殿 is hall but 神殿 means shrine.]

“High immortal, let’s enter to speak.” Bai Jie twists her waist as she invites Juling Shen in.

“Good. Let this immortal see what kind of nest of devils your Massacre Shrine is!”

With that, Juling Shen walks into Massacre Shrine with wide steps.

The moment he enters Massacre Shrine, he instantly senses the majestic atmosphere inside! Massacre Shrine is established in the center of a mountain range with numerous buildings constructed by the mountain walls or above on cliffs. Although they appear to be all over the place, with the additions of the fog curling around the mountains, they appear to give off the demeanor of immortals.

While in the surrounding of this mountain range situated 72 black pagodas which faintly emit the aura of earth fiends making Juling Shen shocked.

These two Heaven Dipper and Earth Fiend’s qi are very hard to refine. To think that he would see one of them in Massacre Shrine is a shock.

Juling Shen already knows that the descendant of Qin Imperial Palace is the sect head of Massacre Shrine; thus, he asks with a stern voice, “Where is your sect head!”

“He is over there. Please follow me.”

Bai Jie is all smiles making Juling Shen unable to vent his anger. Although she is a fox demon, she is still a very beautiful woman. With her there, she warms the heart and delights the eyes of people, making them full of vitality. This kind of beauty making Juling Shen unable to let out his anger even though he wishes to. Not to mention, she is still welcoming him with a smiling face.

Bai Jie leads Juling Shen to a lake. A pavilion was constructed by the lakeside, which allows one to look at the center of the lake. Bai Jie leads Juling Shen over to this pavilion to have a seat. After which, she claps her hands, and a few beautiful maids walk over and laid out a few dishes in front of Juling Shen.

“Although it cannot be compared to the immortal dishes up in the Heavenly Court, these are our human realm’s delicious food.”

Bai Jie points at the few dishes on the table and says, “These are prepared by the chefs that our sect head had specially invited. Great Immortal, please have a taste.”

“Don’t think of using these to muddle this immortal!”

Juling Shen says with anger, “What kind of delicious food had this immortal not eaten in Heaven! Do you think that you can rely on these to send me off? Quickly call your sect head over! This immortal wants to exterminate him!”

Bai Jie laughed in her heart. How brainless do you think I am to call my sect head over?

Not to mention do you have the ability to exterminate him even if I call him? After Sect Head returned, he dual cultivated with a few girls a few times, and his strength had more or less recovered. Alas, it is a pity that Sect Head refused to dual cultivate with me no matter what. What a waste of an opportunity to absorb Sect Head’s qi!

No matter if it is Sect Head’s Nine Yang God Qi or Moon Dream Sutra, both are rarely seen absolute techniques….how nice would it be if either were absorbed by me? Alas, it is best to communicate with Sect Head more and do more work for him. After which, I shall put to use my ability and seduce Sect Head.

Sooner or later, I can cultivate to a nine-tailed golden fox! Hmph!

But before that, I must first settle this blockhead.

Thus Bai Jie smiles warmly again and says, “Great Immortal. Our sect head said that you are an immortal from heaven. One of the high-rank immortals. Coming to our place, naturally, we must receive you! Don’t be anxious. There are even more marvelous things coming.”

With that, Bai Jie claps her hands.

A few beautiful charm fox demon girls immediately walk over. All of them are wearing very revealing clothes, and when they walk over, they start dancing as music starts playing.

All of these charm fox beauties are tender like water making Juling Shen momentarily stunned seeing this scene. When has he seen this before in the Heavenly Court? Heavenly Court has a very strict system. They do not permit the immortals below them to date! Recalling this, Juling Shen immediately became gloomy.

Damn it, Jade Emperor and his wife everyday flirting in front of us, and Jade Emperor himself also seems to be having an affair with Chang’e in private while the group of male immortals below him can only cry piteously for food. No wonder there are so many immortals who secretly run to the mortal world to date.

But I am a famous immortal. How can I commit such a low-level mistake!

By the time Juling Shen had thought about this, a charm fox beauty had already walked over and sat down lightly on his lap.

Juling Shen swallows his saliva before subconsciously stretching out his hand and touches her small waist.

His big hand directly wraps around the small waist of the charm fox.

Juling Shen asks, “That…when is your sect head coming?”

Bai Jie looks at the sky before saying, “He will be coming soon.”

From the sky flies over a man. He is wearing a black and white Taoist robe.

“Who…is this person?”

Looking at that man, Juling Shen feels that his aura is very powerful and impressive, and does not appear to be an ordinary person.

Bai Jie says, “This is our Sect Head.”

After which, she leads all of the rest of the people to kneel down to that man.

This man is none other than Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi descended from the sky, he stood in front of Juling Shen.

Juling Shen has a feeling that although this man is not taller than him, he feels that he is a head shorter than him when he stands in front of him!

Damn it…I am an immortal from heaven; why do I have this feeling? This is impossible!

“You are the successor of Qin Imperial palace?”

Hearing Juling Shen’s question, Liu Yi is not in a hurry to reply. Instead, he smiles as he invites him, “You must be the immortal from Heavenly Court, right? Please, have a seat.”

“Hmph! Today this immortal is not here to play!”

Juling Shen suddenly recalls his matter and immediately shouted, “This immortal descended to the mortal world is to capture you for the Heavenly Court!”

“Aiyah, you must forgive me for finding it hard to comply with this.”

Liu Yi says politely, “Although I am very looking forward to the scenery of Heavenly Court, right now is not time to go on a scenic tour.”

“Go on a scenic tour?”

Juling Shen sneers, “You are thinking too much. Capturing you t is to let you receive your punishment! Descendant of Qin Imperial Palace, right now it is time for you to pay the debt for Qin Imperial Palace! Obediently go back with this immortal!”

With that, a huge hand grabs over.

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