MKW Chapter 1046


Chapter 1046 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

The Earth Fiend Soldiers went berserk!

What the fuck!

Liu Yi starts to have a headache; this group of brothers is like a group of undying cockroaches! Is there a need to be so perverted!

No wonder Qin Imperial Palace could dominate the world back then. With this group of cockroaches, it would be a wonder if they didn’t dominate the world!

“Looks like there is no other choice.”

Liu Yi sighs. Their souls are even undying as well, which is what gives Liu Yi a headache. The difficulty of taking them down is too great!

His avatar shoots out from behind him. Because Liu Yi’s cultivation is very weak right now, the avatar only has two pairs of strong arms.

The two pairs of arms are holding four Gatlings created from his dark power, which then fire at the Earth Fiend Soldiers.

The Earth Fiend Soldiers use their earth fiends to block, but Liu Yi’s bullets were created from his dark power. Inside them contains Nine Yang God Qi, which the earth fiends cannot block. Very soon, the bullet rain swallows up the Earth Fiend Soldiers and smash them into pieces.

Within moments, the entire ground is covered with pieces of flesh as the black blood pooled on the ground forms a small river. In a blink of an eye, Luoyang Street turns into hell.

“So scary…”

When Wang Jianguo sees this scene, he cannot help but feel alarmed, “When I was young, I had experienced quite a number of wars…but this is the first time I have seen this kind of fight in my life.”

“This is a fight that belongs to our cultivation world.” Lin Tong says, “It shouldn’t be seen by mortals. But if Qin Imperial Palace emerges, not only the mortal realm, all of the six realms will be engulfed by the shockwave of this fight.”

“I shall be relying on you guys then!”

 Wang Jianguo’s gaze is filled with belief and expectations, “China’s Law Enforcer will not only save China; he will save the entire world.”

“Of course.” Lin Tong smiles, “He can do it!”

One of the leaders by the side gives Lin Tong a strange look, “Why do you believe in him so much?”

“Because he is my man.”

An arrogant smile appears on Lin Tong’s pretty face.

By the side, Luo Ying’s expression turned slightly dim and did not make any noise.

Liu Yi continues to shoot out a rain of bullets. His qi is like an ocean and is almost boundless!

Because there is a Heaven Dragon Mausoleum in his body, it is a standalone small thousand world. By inheriting the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, it constantly provides energy to Liu Yi.

Relying on Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, Liu Yi had never worried that he would run out of ammunition. He relies on this endless firepower to suppress these Earth Fiend Soldiers and to buy time for him to think of a method that can defeat these Earth Fiend Soldiers.

Just as Liu Yi is fighting against these Earth Fiend Soldiers fiercely, and borrowing the time to think, the clouds in the sky suddenly change as an enormous devil pulls apart the dark clouds, revealing its enormous head.

“Gods! What is that!”

The leaders were badly frightened, and a new female secretary peed from fear as that devil is really too scary. Its face is a million times scarier than the devil in the tv shows!


Seeing this devil, Liu Yi’s heart tightens.

Ma Yixuan? It is her aura!

A hundred-meter-long enormous spear falls from the sky, stabbing towards Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi, be careful!”

Sensing the power of this spear, Wu Meiniang sensed that something is wrong and immediately reminds Liu Yi.

If this long spear stabs down, perhaps not only Liu Yi would be injured, the entire Luoyang Street and even half of Jingdu will be wrecked!

“Damn it…Ma Yixuan, you are ruthless!”

Liu Yi sensed Ma Yixuan’s intentions. To stop this spear from descending, he can only use Moon Dream Sutra.

But if he uses Moon Dream Sutra, the people from Heavenly Court will immediately notice him!

Relying on Monarch Armour, even if I ignore this spear, I will survive it. But if that is the case, half of Jingdu will be turned into dust!

What should I choose?

{Leave Jingdu behind and protect yourself!}

A voice rings out from inside Liu Yi’s heart. Liu Yi knows that this is the voice of his black-bellied side.

{The lives of other people are not related to you. It is not worth it to attract the attention of the Heavenly Court!}


Looking at the descend enormous spear, Liu Yi says faintly, “Their lives are my responsibility. I am China’s Law Enforcer!”

With that, he does not care about anything else and urges his qi through the pathway for Moon Dream Sutra!

A black crescent moon appears between Liu Yi’s brow as he uses Moon Dream Sutra!

Liu Yi’s hands aim at the descending spear from the sky as he shouts, “Scram!”

The spear that is falling rapidly from the sky freezes in midair!


At Southern Heaven Gates, a god general guarding the gates which had his eyes closed suddenly open his eyes.

“Finally found him!”

“Found him?”

A man by his side is his companion immediately becomes delighted, “Now we can finally report back that we have completed our mission!”

“That’s right! Hurry and report it up!”

The two god generals happily went to report while Liu Yi is fighting bitterly below.



Liu Yi pushes with both hands pushing that enormous spear back up!

A huge hole was pierced through the cloud layer in the sky as the spear instantly flies into outer space.

The spear finally lands on a small planet creating a thousand meters wide hole on the planet!

Earth Fiend Soldiers also take this opportunity to climb to their feet and continue their attacks towards Liu Yi.

Numerous black spears fly towards Liu Yi, attracting Liu Yi’s cold snort.

“Evil monsters dare to cause mischief?”

Red and blue fire-ice armor instantly cover his body as his legs sink into the ground before he hits out a palm horizontally.

Illusion extermination!

This is a Glorious Sun Palm that contains the Scarlet Blood Devil Flames attribute!

The formless fire wave spreads out, and half the sky turns red.

It is like all of the black spears had crashed into a formless wall and stopped before turning into ashes.

At the same time, all of the Earth Fiend Soldiers start to burn up and start turning into ashes.

Liu Yi’s eyes faintly turn slightly golden. Because Ma Yixuan created anger in him, it causes Liu Yi to start to be influenced by his black-bellied side.

His combat strength also greatly increased. After his palm attack destroys all of the Earth Fiend Soldiers, it continues to condense qi and form a seal as well.

“Qin Imperial Palace. Do you think that I have no methods to deal with these cockroaches? Very good. Don’t feel heartache then!”

With that, Liu Yi activates the Demonic Sword Technique!

Those Earth Fiend Soldiers, which were reviving, start to warp, and for the very first time, they are starting to cry out in pain.

It is like someone is using a blade to slice their flesh from their body. Very quickly, black bone swords appear in front of Liu Yi and float in front of him while trembling slightly.

The 72 Earth Fiend Soldiers turn into 72 earth fiend swords!

“Right now, these Earth Fiend Soldiers are mine.”

With that, Liu Yi waves his hand and keeps these earth fiend swords into his Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

“Qin Imperial Palace, let me get some payback for the price you forced me to pay!”

Ma Yixuan waves her hand and lets the copper lend in front of her extinguish before saying with lingering fears, “What a scary man…Wang Jinen. Looks like this transaction cannot be completed.”

The sky returns to daylight as the surrounding devil qi scatters.

Liu Yi also withdrew his qi and turned back to his earlier military attire.

Seeing Liu Yi flying back, Wang Jianguo asked, “Everything has passed?”

“Everything is over, grandfather.” Liu Yi smiles, “Everyone is safe now.”

Luo Ying’s gaze towards Liu Yi turned glazed. In the end, this man is not mine. He is too powerful and can make people mesmerized. What kind of women would not like this kind of man? Just now, that beautiful woman wearing a white fox coat was also an astonishingly beautiful woman. I am already very beautiful but compared to her; I pale in comparison.

Perhaps only this kind of woman can match up with Liu Yi…

Luo Ying cannot help but pull her father’s arm over. Luo Ying seems to sense something as he stretches out his hand and pats his daughter’s head.

“You have done well!”

A leader who can only be seen on TV extends his hand and shakes hand with Liu Yi, “Thank you for helping us.”

Liu Yi is neither servile nor overbearing and nods his head before saying, “No need to be polite; I am the Law Enforcer; this is what I should do.”

This great leader says to Wang Jianguo, “Very good! Wang Jianguo, you have found a very good Law Enforcer.”

Wang Jianguo was ravished with delight as he says, “Hahaha, of course. He is my grandson!”

Numerous leader’s gaze towards Wang Jianguo change. All of them have political views. For Liu Yi, he is a dreadful weapon in the human world.

As long as he is around, China can become the number one power in the world!

Remember the numerous crisis that came from other countries, and all of them were easily settled by him alone.

With this grandson, Wang Jianguo’s political prospects are limitless!

Just as the crowd let out a breath of relief in their heart, movements are suddenly spotted in the sky!

A lightning bolt fell from the sky and split the sky into two! A clump of cloud keeps changing and transforms into the appearance of a man’s face, which opens its mouth and shouts, “Inheritor of Qin Imperial Palace, as ordain by the Heavenly Court, it will be your death date in three days.”

His voice is even clearer than the thunder as he shouts loudly, making numerous people unable to take it but cover their ears in pain.

After this sentence is said, that cloud scatters while Liu Yi frowns.

Other than Liu Yi and the rest of the cultivators, the rest of the mortals only hear the sound of thunder.

Wang Jianguo asks in concern, “What’s the matter? Is there any trouble?”

Although the old man only heard the sound of thunder, he is very smart. Seeing Liu Yi’s looks, he immediately knows that something is wrong.

Liu Yi looks at the sky and says faintly, “The sky is going to change. Looks like I need to do some big actions.”

“If you need our help, just say it!”

“For this matter, you all will not be of help.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “What will come cannot be hidden from. Furthermore, I also do not plan to hide from it!”

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Chapter 1046   [Bring it on then]

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