MKW Chapter 1045


Chapter 1045 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

Everyone in Jingdu is startled. 

Wasn’t it bright earlier? How come it has turned dark in the blink of an eye?

Could it be that today is the legendary solar eclipse? Shouldn’t be! After all, the news did not broadcast about it beforehand!

Only those who are in Luoyang Street know what is going on.

All of the soldiers had raised their weapon warily as they sought for the hidden enemy!

Liu Yi stands on the street as he subconsciously raises his head and looks at the moon in the sky.

Beams of moonlight shine down and land on Luoyang street.

Seeing these beams of moonlight, Liu Yi starts to feel numb down his back.

Wu Meiniang immediately flies out from the ancient painting behind Liu Yi’s back and turns into her human form through the smoke. Landing on the ground, she says, “This concubine senses the aura of Qin Imperial Palace!”

“That’s right. It is Qin Imperial Palace.”

Liu Yi nods his head with a grave expression, “It is right above us.”

When he finished, the ground trembles as tall figures drop down on the ground along the moonlight, causing the ground to tremble.

Liu Yi lets Little Jade scan the place and realize that there are a total of 72 of them. Each of them is tall and strong with a black face.

“This…is the Qin Imperial Palace’s 72 Earth Fiends!”

Wu Meiniang had lived for a long time and had seen many things. She immediately recognized the real identities of these men.

“72 Earth Fiends?”

“That’s right; they are Qin Imperial Palace’s hired thugs!”

Wu Meiniang’s expression turns grave, “These fellows are practically undying… revive them, they need to dedicate numerous souls in a single go….where did they get so many souls from?”

Liu Yi’s expression became serious as he recalled the few thousand people who died in Jinwan.

“Looks like Fist Group and Qin Imperial Palace have gotten together.”

He sighs, “Looks like it will be very lively now.”

While he is speaking, the soldiers in the surrounding start attacking those Earth Fiends. For a while, firearms were fired continuously as bullets hail down on those Earth Fiends. But at this moment, a black light emerges from the Earth Fiends’ bodies and cover their bodies like black armor!

The hail of bullets is unable to cause any injury!

“What the fuck! Are these people Terminators?”

Ni Weibo is standing by the destroyed wall as he looks outside at those undefeatable Earth Fiends with red eyes.

One of the arms division generals asked, “Which company built them?”

“It is not high tech but the most ancient cultivation technique of China.”

Unknowingly a beautiful woman appears within them. She is very beautiful and is wearing a white fox coat, which makes her look even more charming.

“Who are you?”

Ni Weibo and the rest immediately became vigilant as the guns in their hand’s point at Lin Tong.

“Relax. I was sent by him to protect you.”

Lin Tong smiles merrily and says, “Keep away your fire rods. If I wish to take action, all of you would long be dead.”

Hearing that she was sent by Liu Yi, those people lowered their vigilance.

“Cultivation techniques?”

As Wang Jianguo smokes, he asks, “Then are those people cultivators?”

“Not really…”

Lin Tong knows that he is Liu Yi’s maternal grandfather; thus, she says slightly respectfully, like his grandson’s wife, “These people are soldiers who have cultivated a kind of ancient cultivation technique. What they cultivated is Earth Fiends’ technique! Do you see those black lights? That is the earth fiend that they refined. An Earth Fiend has unordinary might and can be both used to defend and attack. It is compatible with Sky Dipper Technique.”

“Cultivation techniques are really mystical.”

Wang Jianguo cannot help but feel rueful, “It is a pity that I am old. Otherwise, I would want to learn this kind of mystical technique.”

“If you have an immortal fate, then it is possible.”

Lin Tong did not make the topic dead, “Everyone, stay here. I will protect you.”

With me here, Liu Yi can not possess me. But if he possesses me, it is easy for him to grow evil and turn into the black-bellied side.

That Liu Yi who made nine tails appeared is too awesome. He instantly kills enemies!

Pervert. It is hard to imagine that Liu Yi has such a cute side that hides within him.

“All of you stop attacking!” Liu Yi shouts, “That will only anger them!”

But those soldiers did not stop attacking; instead, they attacked even more fiercely.

One of the Earth Fiend suddenly condenses a black light with form a black spear. He then tosses it at a tank far away.

At this moment, the armored tank is like paper and was instantly pierced by the black spear! It was nailed to the ground!

Another armored car by the side was kicked away by the earth fiend several meters away and crashed onto the ground. This shows just how powerful the earth fiends are.

Liu Yi uses his qi to power his voice, which spreads out quickly, “All armed forces immediately evacuate! Leave this to me!”

Only then did the military men become clear-minded and start withdrawing.

Liu Yi takes two steps forward and merges with Sky Supporting Pillar.

Right now, he is not wearing ordinary clothes but a golden armor that Sky Supporting Pillar transformed into.

At this moment, Liu Yi is wearing a phoenix-feather hat, golden armor, and a pair of cloud-walking boots. Liu Yi put on this attire that looks like Sun Wukong, and only this way would it be in accordance with Sky Supporting Pillar’s attribute.

All he lacks is a golden cudgel! It is a pity that Liu Yi had never used a cudgel as a weapon. He only has a stick that is used to deal with women.

The earth fiends roar like wild beasts before charging at Liu Yi.

“Nice, let’s fight.”

Sooner or later, I will fight against Qin Imperial Palace. This time, it is my turn to perform.

If he does not perform, it is likely that all of the people on Luoyang Street will die. Their deaths will allow the Fist Group to get their way in this plot! That would likely cause a huge upheaval in China and allow Jinwan to have a chance to act!

Liu Yi will not allow this kind of thing to occur even if he pays with his life.

An earth fiend had already charged in front of Liu Yi. At that same time, it is holding a black spear, which it raises up towards Liu Yi’s chest.


Liu Yi raises his arm and bumps away the black spear. At the same time, he kicks that earth fiend soldier in its stomach.

That earth fiend soldier was sent flying away several meters and crashed onto the ground.

Liu Yi had snatched over that earth fiend soldier’s black spear and tossed it back at that earth fiend soldier, piercing through it and nailing it on the ground.

That earth fiend soldier is skewered there like a lamb kebab.

But the remaining earth fiend soldiers were like madmen as they charge at him crazily like they wanted to tear Liu Yi apart.

“Do you think that I would be afraid if you have many people?”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and raises his Sky Splitting Golden Spear, “Then let’s have a real fight!”

Liu Yi jumps up, as his spear jabs an earth fiend soldier in front of him up. Instantly red lightning exploded throughout that Earth Fiend Soldiers body. The lightning flies out in all directions, attacking the surrounding Earth Fiend Soldiers sending all of them flying away.

Liu Yi wields a single spear and pierces into the group, and continuously swings his spear as he uses trial lighting to kill the Earth Fiend Soldiers.

All of the Earth Fiend Soldiers are peak earth realm experts. Although they are very powerful, they are not Liu Yi’s opponents.

Even more, Earth Fiend Soldiers charge over, and Liu Yi tosses out his Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

Sky Splitting Golden Spear instantly turns into a black light that pierces through several Earth Fiend Soldiers in a row.

Very soon, the 72 Earth Fiend Soldiers were all killed by Liu Yi.

He walks over and takes back his Sky Splitting Golden Spear, and rests it against his shoulder.

The spear body is dripping with black blood making Liu Yi look like a grim reaper.

“Liu Yi, be careful! The horror of Earth Fiend Soldiers is not merely this!”

When Liu Yi heard this, those Earth Fiend Soldiers had climbed back to their feet again as their bones let out cracking sounds.

Liu Yi frowns, “They can revive as well?”

Wu Meiniang says, “Earth Fiend Soldiers and Sky Dipper Soldiers are undying and do not know exhaustion! They cannot be killed!”

“What the fuck! Why did you not say it earlier!”

While they are conversing, those Earth Fiend Soldiers walk towards Liu Yi again.

“Let’s see when you can all revive until!”

Liu Yi’s gaze flickered with a trace of seriousness. He suddenly keeps his Sky Splitting Golden Spear and creates a spear that is entirely formed from ice and starts twirling it in his hands.

In a blink of an eye, a blizzard started as the snow blew onto the Earth Fiend Soldiers.

The soldiers behind exclaims in shock.

“What the fuck. So cold…”

“Law Enforcer is really scary…”

In a flash, all of those Earth Fiend Soldiers were frozen into ice statues.

Liu Yi crushes the ice spear and says, “Now you cannot move, right?”

Just as Liu Yi is starting to feel relief, the surrounding ice statues start scattering as the Earth Fiend Soldiers walk out from inside.

“Good gosh. This is too awesome.”

Liu Yi can only give a thumbs-up, “Then let’s try this move!”

Scarlet flames appear in his palm as he starts gathering Scarlet Blood Devil Flame’s power and creates a flame halberd!


An enormous flame giant appears behind Liu Yi’s back and slashes down a big halberd into the ground along with Liu Yi’s action.

Like the explosion of a big missile, a red mushroom cloud rushes up the sky!

A flame storm engulfed the Earth Fiend Soldiers and burnt them into charcoal.

“This should do it.”

Liu Yi let out a breath of relief and said, “They are roasted into lamb kebab.”

While he is speaking, those charcoal crusts break into pieces, and the Earth Fiend Soldiers once against walk out with lively flesh bodies.

“What the fuck. These fellows are too awesome!”

Liu Yi is really startled. Do you all need to be so exaggerated? You guys can really revive unlimited times?!


The group of Earth Fiend Soldiers had utterly turn crazy!

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Chapter 1045   [Undying soldiers]

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