MKW Chapter 1044


Chapter 1044 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“A college in Jinwan suddenly had a gas explosion, and the number of casualties is over a thousand…”

Liu Yi is in the coffee shop of a shopping mall when he saw this news causing him to become taciturn.

“We are not buying clothes anymore.”

Luo Ying, who wishes to drag Liu Yi around the shopping mall to buy clothes, suddenly no longer has the mood when she sees this news.

She clenches her fist, “So many people actually died…what the hell is the government doing!”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “I remember…that ex-boyfriend of yours, seems to be studying in that colleague, right?”

Luo Ying pauses for a while, “Your right…”

Liu Yi lowers his newspaper and asks, “Are you not going to give him a call to ask?”

“Forget it…I am not going to call…”

Luo Ying shakes her head, “Although I no longer like him…I still hope that he is fine.”

“This matter appears to be weird.”

Liu Yi creases his brows, “How could a gas explosion kill so many people. How weird!”

“Forget it. Send me to the place where they are signing the agreement.”

Luo Ying says, “Why don’t we go to meet my daddy.”

Today is the day where Luo Jun and the higher-ups of China are going to sign the trade agreement. As long as this trade agreement is signed, China and Jinwan will form an economic circle where neither can separate from each other. After this agreement is signed, the return will be imminent.

“Sure. Let me send you back.”

Liu Yi also no longer has the mood to window shop. She and Luo Ying walk out of the coffee shop and sit in a Hummer which the military arranged for them and start driving towards the hall where the agreement signing is held.

Jingdu would convene a number of important conferences or receive some important people. Every time this happens, Jingdu would close off the roads, closing some of the more important major roads, not allowing other cars to travel on them.

Right now, the entire Luoyang Street is completely closed off, and the cars on the roads are all military cars that guard this street strictly.

Liu Yi drove their car in. Because they had passed the blockade, they can drive unimpeded.

Luo Ying looks at the neat street outside of the car window and cannot help but mutter, “Wow…I keep feeling that it is very scary.”

“Of course. Today can be considered as a historical day.”

Liu Yi smiles, “You can also be considered as a person who witnessed history.”

“But two days ago, didn’t they already sign an agreement?”

“That is another one. Its significance is different from this one.”

Liu Yi also does not know much about politics; thus, he can only explain, “Anyways after the signing, your people will be China people. In the international sense, you will no longer be Jinwan people.”

Luo Ying is unable to understand this matter, “Is this good or bad?”

“Is it good or bad, after several tens of years, we will know.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Right now, I am unable to give you an accurate answer. But I am proud that I am a China person. I hope that you will be as well.”

“I’ll try.”

Luo Ying nods without really understanding it.

After the car drove in front of the meeting hall, Liu Yi got out of the car; he has changed into a handsome military attire.

Luo Ying followed by his side, keeping close to him. The two of them walk into the conference hall, and inside, Luo Jun and the higher-ups are still in discussion. Looks like they still have not signed the agreement yet.


Colonel Ni Weibo, who had once met Liu Yi, is standing inside the hall. Seeing Liu Yi, he immediately salutes him.

“Brother Weibo, long time no see.”

Liu Yi also returns the salute while Ni Weibo immediately smiles awkwardly, “This name…please call me Xiao Ni.”

“How can I do that! After all, you are older than me, brother Weibo!”

Liu Yi laughs while Ni Weibo also laughs long with tacit mutual understanding.

Luo Ying, who is standing by the side, does not understand it as she watches the two of them laugh, “What are the two of you laughing about?”

“Hahaha, it is the secret of men.”


Luo Ying raises a middle finger while Liu Yi hurriedly presses down her hand and says, “My big miss. This is not a place for you to mess around. Pay attention to your identity!”

“Ah, right…I forgot about it. It is all because of you…”

Luo Ying reproaches Liu Yi while he feels that he is wrongly accused! But since she is a girl…so be it if I am wronged slightly…

Liu Yi has a temper, but he feels that the bad temper of a man should not be vented on the women beside him. When a woman is nice to you, it is because she hopes for you to love her dearly. Liu Yi is unable to understand those men who feel that a man should use violence towards women, shouting at women to scare them when they do not listen to them, and beat them to make them obedient.

Beat women? What kind of ability is that?

Using your strength to subdue your enemy is an ability! Using strength to subdue your own woman, what kind of ability is that? That is what a man without ability would do!

“Okay, okay. It is all my fault. Later I will treat you to a meal as an apology, okay?”

“I…want to watch a movie as well!”

Luo Ying bargained with him. Liu Yi agrees to it as he feels that it is also advantageous to him.

The two of them are in agreement while the meeting room’s scene is still chatting in full swing.

Ni Weibo stands there with a calm expression.

Liu Yi cannot help but make idle talk, “You look quite confident in yourself, Brother Weibo.”

“Hahaha, Sir Liu has helped block so many disasters already. Now that we are here, there are no two ways about this matter now.”

Ni Weibo smiles and says softly, “This is our territory; what kind of tricks can those Jinwan independence fighters do?”

“That is hard to say.” Liu Yi reminded, “The closer we are to this moment, the more vigilant we must be. Those Jinwan Independence fighters are very troublesome. I believe that they will not let us pass this threshold so easily.”

“Sir, you are thinking too much!”

Ni Weibo points at the sky, “On the ground are our armored tanks while our fighter jets are also patrolling our sky. No one can enter this place!”

“What if the enemy transforms into my appearance and enters?”

Liu Yi suddenly pointed at himself before pointing at Luo Ying by the side, “Or transform into her appearance?”

Ni Weibo instantly becomes expressionless.

“If the two of us are enemies and take action here, who can block us?”


Ni Weibo does not know how to reply. In his early years, he secretly went to the African continent to be a mercenary and climbed out from the rain of bullets. He had experienced all kinds of battle, but this matter, he has never experienced it before. These should be classified under extraordinary rules of combat!

If that is the case, he would not be able to guard against it!

“This…is not possible, right…”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Liu Yi says, “I know of some killers who are proficient in changing their appearance. I also know of one who is an expert in controlling other people. He can control all of the military men in this place and turn them into slaves. If he controls me, then everyone here will die.”

“If that is the case…then I have no methods.”

Ni Weibo starts to become nervous while Liu Yi pats his shoulders and says with a smile, “Relax. That is why I am here.”

Not only am I here, but all of the Dragon Group members are also here as well including Yuan Zhenyue and the rest.

Liu Yi can sense their auras. Although the auras are not very powerful, they are very familiar.

With them around, this place is tightly protected. Perhaps not even a fly can fly in.

“Today, I had a great time conversing with Mr. Luo.”

One of the high leaders smiles, “Looks like we can pleasantly sign this agreement.”

“Of course.”

Luo Jun is also smiling, “This is both of our people’s expectations as well.”

The leaders from China’s side corrected, “It is China’s people.”

“That’s right. It is all China’s people.”

Blood is thicker than water; everyone is China’s people. Neither wish to be separated like this.

Luo Jun picks up the pen and prepares to sign the agreement.

The reporters by the side also raise their camera, preparing to take pictures. This is most likely the headline for tomorrow!

But at this moment, the ground suddenly start trembling like an earthquake had happened!

“What is going on?” One of the leaders frown, “Could there be an earthquake today?”

“Guard team! What is going on!”

“We…don’t know…”

Ni Weibo is also stunned while at this moment, Liu Yi steps forward and says, “Everyone, please keep calm. Looks like guests have come.”

While he is speaking, the roof of the meeting room suddenly breaks into pieces from the trembling!

The meeting room immediately sinks down quite a bit, and Liu Yi hurriedly removes his qi to protect the remaining construction!

Dark power transforms into pillars that support this broken-down building!

“What is going on!”

“Someone is attacking!”

“Guard team, protect the leaders!”

All of the guard team members raise their weapons and aim in all directions, but they are unable to see where the enemies are!

“This fight belongs to us.”

Liu Yi gives Luo Ying a look and says, “All of you stay in this building and don’t move.”

With that, he leaps into the sky and flies out. At the same time, Sky Flipping Seal was tossed out by him, which shrouded the top of the building.

“Who is this person?”

One of the leaders who does not realize it is Liu Yi frowns and asks, “Can he alone save us? Why don’t we deploy the special forces!”

“He can instantly kill the entire special forces!”

The one who had spoken is none other than Liu Yi’s maternal grandfather. This old man is holding a cigarette in his hand and says mysteriously, “With him around; no one will be able to touch us.”

[TL: well, if he got defeated, basically the whole world is dead anyways]

“Just him alone?”

That leader from earlier clearly does not believe what he said.

As Liu Yi’s maternal grandfather Wang Jianguo smokes, he says calmly, “Of course. That is because he is our Law Enforcer.”

The moment he mentions the two words Law Enforcer, that leader’s gaze starts to have deep veneration for Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi jumped out, he noticed that the clouds in the sky had changed. The originally bright day had, in a blink of an eye, turned into the dark night. A bright moon hangs high up in the sky.

A familiar feeling wraps around his heart.

“This power…is it Qin Imperial Palace?”

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Chapter 1044   [Final attack]

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