MKW Chapter 1043


Chapter 1043 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“At this moment, you are rather modest.”

Wu Meiniang rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, making him very comfortable.

Luo Ying tugs Liu Yi’s arm and asks with some jealousy, “Who is she?”

“She is a major character.”

Liu Yi looks at Wu Meiniang in front of him with some kind of vigor that is hard to suppress. He also finds it hard to imagine that he would get to know this woman from legends.

“Major character? Which major character?”

Luo Ying looks at the woman wearing office attire and is unable to guess through her. She is rather beautiful. Could she be a big celebrity?

But how is it possible for me not to know of such a beautiful celebrity…gosh, so annoying. Who is she!

“Little brother, come.”

Wu Meiniang beckons Wang Ran over.

Wang Ran walks over in a daze as Wu Meiniang took a step back, leaving behind a similar-looking beautiful woman.

That beautiful woman waves her hand an enormous white bed appears there. Wang Ran climbs into it, and the beauty pulls down the drapery, and the big bed starts shaking.

“What the heck, you are using this move again!”

Liu Yi looks at Wu Meiniang in astonishment.

“What is bad about that? It is the best method to deal with men.”

Wu Meiniang smiles, and that smile makes Liu Yi slightly dazzled. This woman is too impressive. She is an exceptional source of calamity that damaged the country and caused suffering to the people!

Whoever falls in love with this woman is truly miserable. But whoever can obtain the heart of this woman will explode the heavens!

But who can subdue Wu Meiniang?

While having sex with Wu Meiniang’s clone, Wang Ran’s vitality was consumed away bit by bit.

This dreamland is no longer as steady as the many parts of the surrounding start to fall apart.

Liu Yi holds Luo Ying’s hand to prevent her from falling down the cracks on the crumbling ground.

“Hold on to me tightly. Don’t fall down.”


Luo Ying hugs Liu Yi’s waist tightly as she closes her eyes, entrusting herself to him.

“Go out. Leave this place to me.”

Wu Meiniang waves her hand, and Liu Yi immediately senses his body tremble before he instantly returns to that soft velvet bed in reality.

He is currently sitting crossed-legged together with Luo Ying, who had her legs wrapped around with. Their lower body is joined together with their hands linked together.


Luo Ying also returns back to reality. She blinks her eyes and following which her face turns red!

“Can…can you explain what is going on?”

Luo Ying’s voice is slightly soft and also a bit apprehensive.

“Cough…if I say it was to save you, would you believe me?”

“Do you think that I would believe it?”

Luo Ying rolls her eyes with a doubtful expression.

“It is the truth! I swear with your breasts!” Liu Yi makes a solemn vow, “If I say any lies, then your breasts shall shrink!”

“What the heck! For what reason?!!!!”

Luo Ying scolds with her slight accent, “Why shrink my breasts! So evil!!!”

“Your breasts will never shrink!”

Liu Yi laughs, “That is why I did not lie to you. I was saving you.”

“Fine. I will give you an opportunity to explain.”

Luo Ying takes a deep breath and says in her heart, now that we are already like this, I must listen to what he has to say.

“You were locked into the dreamland by that fatty. For me to save you, I could only do it through the merging of our bodies. By carrying out dual cultivation, I then entered your mental world…which is also your dreamland, to save you.”


“Why would I lie to you.”

Liu Yi raises his hand, “I swear if it was not to save you, I would not offend you.”

“Why do I feel uncomfortable…” Luo Ying pouts, “Am I really that unattractive to you?”

“Not at all…it is not like what you are thinking.”

Liu Yi hurriedly comforts the slightly disappointed Luo Ying, “Actually, you are really good and attract the affection of people.”

“Attract others’ affection, but I why am unable to attract your affection?”

Liu Yi becomes silent.

“Tell me! Speak!”

Luo Ying demands an answer making Liu Yi sigh. Just as he is about to speak, Luo Ying covers her ears, “I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen!”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “Do you think that you are acting in Chiung Yao’s drama? Actually, there is no need for me to explain. Let me tell you about my situation.”

He takes a deep breath and says, “Firstly, my life is at a precarious state, and who knows when I might suddenly die. Secondly, I already have a lot of women. Can you accept this?”


Luo Ying blanks out momentarily as she did not expect that she would hear this kind of reply.

Only now did she understand why her daddy told her that she cannot like this man. Alas, it is still daddy who has foresight.

But Luo Ying feels that she is still young. It is rare for her to like a person so much and can have a period of strong love.

“Can you still accept me?” Asked Liu Yi once more, “We…”

Luo Ying suddenly extends a finger and presses it lightly against Liu Yi’s lip and says, “No matter what happens in the future, no matter if we will still be together, for the next few days we will be together in Jingdu. For these few days, please let us be a pair of lovers, okay?”

“There are only four days left.” Liu Yi says, “Can you accept this kind of fiery love?”

“Temporary lovers seem to be rather good.”

Seeing how Luo Ying is smiling lightly with a bit of seriousness, Liu Yi does not know what to say.

“Then, you can’t even promise me this?”

“Of course, I can.” Liu Yi nods his head, “As long as you don’t regret it.”

“Why would I want to regret?”

Luo Ying smiles, “A person’s life is so short. When I am old lying on a rocking chair, I believe I will laugh recalling this fiery love with you when I was younger.”

“Okay. Since you put it like this, if I continue to be unreasonable, then I will be even inferior to a girl.”

“You are inferior to a girl!”

Luo Ying snorts, “To take advantage of me when I was unconscious to do this to me!”

“What the fuck! I clearly explained it!”

“Like I care! After all these few days, you must treat me properly! Otherwise, I will not let you off even if I become a ghost!”

“Sure, sure. Then before you become a ghost, let us first do something enjoyable!”

With that, Liu Yi pushes Luo Ying down onto the bed. Luo Ying lets out a startled cry before her mouth was blocked by Liu Yi’s mouth.

Her first time had already been taken by Liu Yi. Now, all of her body and heart shall be given to him.

Just as Liu Yi and Luo Ying are having sex, the Heavenly Court is also busy with their work.


A general holding a three-pointed double-edge spear in silver armor with a red cape draped over his shoulders says severely as he stands in front of the Southern Heavenly Gates, “Several days have already passed; why have you still not found him!”

The gatekeeper standing by the side replies apprehensively, “Lord, we are still seeking. We will definitely find him!”

This silver general is none other than Erlang Shen, Yang Jian. 

This set of bright silver armor and three-pointed double-edge spear; his hat which had three mountain and phoenix flying; his boots that are lined with cloth of gold and socks that is coiled with dragons, make him as majestic as one can imagine 


Yang Jian rap his three-pointed double-edge spear on the ground and ask emotionlessly, “How many days have we been searching? Jade Emperor is asking about this matter.”

The left door god hurried replies, “Milord, we have been trying our best to search! But….we do not know what technique that kid is using that hides him from our thousand-miles eyes!”


Erlang Shen sneers, “Looks like he is afraid. That is why he does not dare to use his own techniques and hides in a secret place.”

“Could it be that he knows that the Heavenly Court is watching him?”

The other door god cannot help but ask, “Who is the one who leaked out the news?”

“It does not matter.”

Erlang Shen says arrogantly, “His hiding proves a point; he is afraid. I am not interested in this kind of coward. Continue to search. When we find him, it will be his death date.”

“But…what if he continues to hide?”

“Then send people down to search!” Erlang Shen snorts, “Find a few immortals with exquisite cultivation and send them down to find him! I do not believe that he cannot be found!”

The gatekeeper of Southern Heavenly Gates cups his hand and says respectfully, “We shall do as lord instructed!”

“Good. Continue to search. Don’t disappoint Heavenly Court.”

When Erlang Shen finished, he stomps his feet and disappears in front of them.


Not only the Heavenly Court, but there is also another place which is fretting over Liu Yi’s matter.


Wang Jinen pushes everything on the table onto the ground scattering them.

He shouts in anger, “Even the Dream Demon had failed! Could it be that we are going to watch our country become someone else’s?”

“Dear, don’t worry.”

A flirtatious woman is gently caressing Wang Jinen’s cheek, “We still have a final trump card.”

“What, what trump card?”

“That agreement.”

As the flirtatious woman speaks, she unfolds a piece of bamboo slip and places it in front of Wang Jinen.

“As long as you sign this agreement, someone will come and help you.”

“Really?” Wang Jinen’s gaze flickers with franticness.

“Of course.”

The flirtatious woman nods her head, “But don’t forget to offer three thousand souls.”

“Very simple.”

Wang Jinen’s eyes turn frantically, “As long as I blow up a college, this agreement will be fulfilled!”


The woman smiles, “Then for the remaining matter, I shall leave it to you. Come sign the agreement.”


Wang Jinen immediately signs his own name. A smile appears on that woman’s face as she keeps the bamboo slip and twists her hips as she walks out.

Wang Jinen had already opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but he does not know that when the woman walks out, a beam of moonlight suddenly descends from the sky and sucks her into the sky.

The woman came in front of an enormous palace. She smiles as she walks in, and her appearance slowly changes, and soon she turns into that appearance that Liu Yi cannot be more familiar with.

She walks in front of a statue in the palace and kneels down. She says incomparably devotedly, 

“My Emperor. The matter is handled. We are not waiting for the offering of souls, and our army will enter Jingdu and start a massacre!”

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Chapter 1043   [Temporary lovers]

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