MKW Chapter 1042


Chapter 1042 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

Since ancient times, there is a saying in China, which is Yin Yang Mutual Exchange. Yin and yang can only be mutually interwoven together; by mutually fusing with one another, could they be continuously strengthened.

There is a saying. The entire world is formed from the accumulation between Yin and yang. Yin and yang create all living beings!

While dual cultivation is also the fastest kind of method for all kinds of progress. Right now, when Liu Yi enters Luo Ying, their aura is blended together by Wu Meiniang, who is possessing Luo Ying. At this moment, it starts to let Liu Yi’s cultivation be promoted. He senses that his third sun jade is also starting to be replenished. Indeed dual cultivation is heaven-defying, especially when it is the woman’s first time.

The amount of Origin Yin that can be obtained is the most during the first time. Wu Meiniang’s cultivation base, along with Luo Ying’s Origin Yin, is allowing Liu Yi to obtain a huge advantage.

Liu Yi’s eyes start to emit golden radiance, which is super eye-catching, like two small suns.

“Liu Yi, we are about to start now!”

Wu Meiniang suddenly spread open her fingers and links them with Liu Yi’s fingers, “Prepare to enter Luo Ying’s dreamland!”


Liu Yi nods his head and shuts his eyes.

Immediately his consciousness jolted and was sucked into Luo Ying’s mental world.

Everyone’s mental world is a small thousand world! Who knows what Luo Ying’s world looks like?

Liu Yi opens his eyes and notices that he came to a place that looks like a school.

In the distance are a few teaching blocks, while in front is a shaded pathway.

A few students are holding their books as they walk by him while speaking in Jinwan’s accent.

The heck, did I come to Luo Ying’s university?

“Meiniang, where are you?”

Liu Yi started searching for Wu Meiniang, but no one replied to him. When some students walk past him, they give him a weird look.

Damn it, why did I lose Wu Meiniang after entering Luo Ying’s dreamland! This matter is very thorny! After all, I am not proficient in being a guest in someone else mental world.

Furthermore, now that we are in another person’s mental world, Immortal Fox Sister is unable to follow me. From now on, everything shall depend on me.

But this is Luo Ying’s university campus. That means that her real self should be inside.

Liu Yi finds a female student walking by and asks, “Student, may I ask you…do you know Luo Ying?”

That girl gives Liu Yi a slightly surprised look before pointing at one of the school buildings.

“Thank you.”

Liu Yi says in his heart; this is Luo Ying’s mental world that means that everyone is created by her, so they will know where she is.

Since it is other people’s territory, Liu Yi is unable to fly in this place. His strength had also been lowered to his weakest point, so he can only choose to walk over.


“Luo Ying, wait for this young master to bring you away from here!”

Wang Ran was originally an ordinary otaku. Every day other than playing games, he plays games. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are only instant noodles.

Because he does not exercise nor go out of his house, Wang Ran’s bodyweight rapidly increases. By the time he is in his 30s, he is 120kg. When he is forced to go downstairs, he has difficulties walking two steps. Thus Wang Ran moves around even less and stays at home daily playing games while eating instant noodles.

Wang Ran thought that he would live his life in this manner forever; unexpectedly, one day, he got to know a goddess online.

This goddess’s photo was very beautiful and pure. He got to know of her while playing games. Wang Ran helped the goddess grind equipment and fought the boss numerous times, and that goddess even married him in the game. Unexpectedly one day, a rich guy entered the game and gifted the goddess two RMB equipment, and got the goddess into his bed.

Wang Ran is discouraged and prepares to commit suicide by electrocuting himself. The end result is unexpected as not only did he not die from the electrocution; it stimulated his consciousness and gave him the ability to enter other people’s dreamland. The moment Wang Ran obtained this ability, he immediately entered the dreamland of the goddess and rich man, making the goddess send herself to his bed while making the rich guy wire ten million into his own bank account.

Because of this ability, Wang Ran became watched attentively by the Fist Group. This time he is here to control Luo Ying and turn her into his puppet! Fist Group’s Daoist Jin and Black-eye have both failed; thus, Wang Ran was their final trump card.


“Luo Ying, stop messing around and quickly leave with me!”

Luo Ying’s ex-boyfriend, who is wearing a hurdles singlet, extends his hand as he burst into her classroom and grabs her preparing to pull her out.

“Ah Bo, what are you doing!”

Luo Ying wishes to struggle but is unable to struggle free and was pulled outside by her ex-boyfriend.

She only manages to shake off her ex-boyfriend after they had reached the corridor.

He says angrily, “Luo Ying, why are you like this! What, you wish to dump me?”

“We have broken up already!”

Luo Ying says very angrily, “Stop coming to bother me and leave some good impression of yourself!”

“Want to break up? Impossible!”

Her ex-boyfriend grabs hold of her and attempt to kiss her. Luo Ying struggle with all his might but is unable to struggle free.

Just as she was about to be kissed, a guy walks over from the side and kicks her ex-boyfriend, sending him flying.

“Ah! Liu Yi!”

When Luo Ying sees this guy who walks over, she is very delighted.

Liu Yi says coolly with his hands in his pocket, “Scram! Don’t let me see you again!”

Her ex-boyfriend does not even dare to say anything and scrambles to his feet and ran off.

Luo Ying holds Liu Yi’s hand and asks in delight, “Why are you like this!”

Liu Yi moves closer to her. Placing his lips against her ear, he says, “Because I am unable to leave you.”

Luo Ying instantly feels limp and numb all over her body as honey drips down in her heart.

Liu Yi finally confessed to me. This is really great…

“Let’s find a quieter place.”

Liu Yi suddenly holds Luo Ying’s arm and pulls her while running to a classroom that does not have anyone inside.

“What, what do you want…”

Before Luo Ying can react, Liu Yi pressed her against the window ledge with her legs split apart, making Luo Ying feel very shy.

Am…am I going to become his person today….

Daddy, you say that I cannot like him, but in the end, I still fell into his hands so quickly…

Daughter…is too disappointing …

At this moment, the door to the classroom was suddenly kicked open!

Following which, another Liu Yi walks in and shouts, “Luo Ying, don’t fall for it. That person is not me!”


Luo Ying got a huge shock as she stared at the two Liu Yi’s in front of her and was shocked.

She rubs her eyes with all her might and thinks that she has vision problems. How come two Liu Yi’s appear?!

While the Liu Yi in front of Luo Ying becomes vigilant and asks, “Who are you, why did you pretend to be me! Explain yourself! What kind of demon are you!”

“You ask me? On the contrary, I want to ask you who you are.” Liu Yi says, “To enter the dreamland of other people. You are quite impressive.”

“You dare to frame me instead?”

“Less nonsense, quickly release Luo Ying!”

“It should be you who should scram! You imitation!”

The two Liu Yi start quarreling while Luo Ying feels that her head is getting big.

“Gods, which is the real Liu Yi!”

Luo Ying feels that she is about to become crazy as she is unable to determine who is the real Liu Yi.

“Baby, he is the false one.” The Liu Yi beside Luo Ying says softly, “I will always accompany you by your side. I am the real one.”

“Luo Ying, stop dreaming.”

The other Liu Yi said coldly, “I can never accompany you by your side forever. You are clear about this.”

“Stop saying nonsense. I am what Luo Ying truly wanted.”

“You do not understand Luo Ying, nor do you understand me.”

The Liu Yi standing by the door sneers coldly.

“That’s right.” While Luo Ying finally calms down and pushes away the Liu Yi in front of her. Slowly she moves towards Liu Yi, who is standing by the door. “Although you are a very beautiful dream…I know that the real Liu Yi will not fall for me. In his eyes, I am only a task.”

“You are very smart. I admire you.”

Liu Yi extends his hand and pats Luo Ying on her shoulder.

“I would rather be a bit stupider.”

Although she had chosen the right person, Luo Ying is not very happy. After all, although this is the reality, it is not the one that she really wants.

The fake Liu Yi sighs as he shakes his head and says, “I gave you what you wish for, but you choose to give it up. How pitiful.”

“I feel that the one who is pitiful is you.” Liu Yi sighs, “You can only rely on false dreams to stay alive; there is no one else who is more pitiful than you.”

“What do you know!”

The fake Liu Yi’s expression suddenly turns malevolent. At the same time, it carries a kind of unwillingness as well as resentment and indignation. Following which, he roars, “What do you know about an otaku’s sorrow? Do you understand the feeling when you like a woman, but that woman is only lying to you and likes another person?”

Liu Yi winks and says, “Would you believe it if I say that I understand it better than you?”

The fake Liu Yi shouts, “Rubbish! How is it possible for you to understand my feelings!”

In a blink of an eye, he transforms back to his original appearance, and a fat man stands in front of them. The surrounding scenery starts changing and, in a blink of an eye, changes into the appearance of hell. The surroundings are filled with evil spirits dithering around, scaring Luo Ying into hiding in Liu Yi’s embrace.

“I shall trap all of you in this dreamland! From now on, turn into a living zombie in this dreamland!”

“Apologies, but I’m afraid that everything will not go as you wish.”

Liu Yi claps his hands, “Meiniang, you should come out now. I can sense your aura.”

“Your nose is rather good.”

A stream of smoke lands in the center of the area and transforms into the beautiful appearance of Wu Meiniang.

Wang Ran instantly becomes stunned, looking at her as he stares at Wu Meiniang, unblinking like he is afraid of missing the beauty of Wu Meiniang.

“This belongs to your territory now.”

Liu Yi is very modest as he says, “Mr. Dream Stealer shall be left to you.”

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Chapter 1042   [Your territory, you decide]

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