MKW Chapter 1041


Chapter 1041  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“What the!”

Hearing what Wu Meiniang says, Liu Yi cannot help but widen his eyes, “You also know this? Are you progesterone?”

Wu Meiniang does not understand this professional terminology, “What is progesterone?”

She then curls her lips and says, “In the imperial palace, stopping menstruating was very common. Otherwise, when you finally manage to get the opportunity where the Emperor comes and shows special favor to you, you are menstruating, wouldn’t it be a wasted opportunity?”

Liu Yi choked on his saliva. Fucking hell, this sounds like the case!

“Must, must we dual cultivate?”

Liu Yi still feels that this method is inappropriate, “Are there other methods?”

“Of course.”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, making Liu Yi slightly surprised, “What is it! Quickly tell me!”

“Kill her.”

As Wu Meiniang says it, the fingernails on her right hand become longer and sharper as they lightly rest on Luo Ying’s fair neck. As long as she exerts a bit of strength, this nail will stab through her neck and slice through her main artery.

“Slow down!”

Liu Yi hurriedly stopped Wu Meiniang’s hand, “Let’s talk about it!”

“Hmph, Liu Yi, this concubine is only helping you because we are allies. Don’t be choosy!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Your Majesty unites the world! Your imperial kindness is vast and mighty!”

Liu Yi cups his hands together and acts like he is temporarily obeying her.

“Hmph, that’s more like it.”

Wu Meiniang’s complexion relaxes slightly, and she says, “Liu Yi, don’t feel that this concubine is being tyrannical. This concubine is only doing it for your own good. You will come across these matters in the future. If you become restricted due to this kind of fixed framework, it is possible for you to lose some important people in the future.”

“What you say is right.”

Liu Yi acknowledged what Wu Meiniang says, “It is me who is obsessed with other matters. Meiniang, let us start. You help Luo Ying stop her menstruation first.”

“It is inconvenient if you see.”

Wu Meiniang extended her hand, and a stream of smoke flew out and wrapped around Luo Ying and sent her to the bathroom, “After it is done, this concubine will bring her back. You should also adjust your own cultivation properly. When I return, we shall start the dual cultivation. Whether or not we can save this lady shall depend on you.”

With that, she flies into the bathroom together with Luo Ying.

The sound of water quickly came while Liu Yi says in his heart, does this Meiniang wish to bathe and change her clothes? Fine then, she makes it seem like a very holy matter!

Liu Yi sits down crossed legged and cannot help but says, {Immortal Fox Sister…why do I feel like I am about to become a stud horse.}

“Benefactor, you are violating a peach blossom!”

Lin Tong jumps out as she stands on the bedside cabinet and looks at Liu Yi with a grin as she says, “You better obediently do it! It is not like this miss will be jealous.”

“But this…is not something that Luo Ying is willing.”

 Liu Yi sighs, “It keeps giving me a feeling of taking advantage of other’s difficulties.”

“You are doing it to save her.” Lin Tong enlightens Liu Yi, “Don’t forget. If you do not do so, she will die! Would you rather have sex with her or watch her die?”

“I…would choose to have sex with her, I guess…”

Liu Yi says, “I would rather be shameless!”

Liu Yi keeps feeling that having sex should be something that both sides must be willing. Having sex in this kind of situation is not in accordance with his views. But to save Luo Ying, he can only do so! Although he possesses powerful strength, he is not that proficient regarding the magic of the mental aspect; thus, he must listen to Wu Meiniang.

At this moment, Liu Yi senses the room door being pushed open. A beautiful woman covered in a bathrobe walks in.

Liu Yi raises his head to look and blanks out.

“Luo Ying? No, it is Meiniang!”

“That’s right; it is this concubine.”

Wu Meiniang is currently possessing Luo Ying. She leans against the door as she throws coquettish glances at Liu Yi, “This body…wu, is a bit weak.”

Liu Yi hurriedly asks, “Why did you possess her? It will not cause any harm to Luo Ying, right?!”

“What are you worried about. This concubine would not harm her.”

Wu Meiniang rolls her eyes, “Furthermore, if this concubine does not possess her, how would the two of you dual cultivate? Could it be that you are interested in fucking an unconscious person?”

“Not interested! But…wouldn’t this be equivalent to the two of us having sex…”

Wu Meiniang is very smart and immediately understood what Liu Yi meant.

“So what about that. After all, this concubine owes you quite a bit. Other than Li Zhi, it is most probably you whom I am willing to take the initiative to present my body and mind.”

“Li Zhi?” Liu Yi is slightly curious, “Is it Emperor Taizong, Li Shimin?”

“Power and wealth transaction.”

Wu Meiniang sneers, “Even in this current era, it should be called by a fashionable kind of term, unspoken rules, right? Talking about that, it is about the same where both sides each take what they need.”

“I suddenly sympathize with you.”

“This concubine does not need your sympathy.”

Wu Meiniang says, “Didn’t this concubine finally become the supreme Empress? Although a man can be called a king for a period of time, they have a very fatal weak point!”

With that, she gives Liu Yi a look, “You possess this weak point as well!”

“Yes, yes, my empress, can we start now?”

Liu Yi is not here to listen to her mocking him. Saving Luo Ying is the most important.

“Can’t wait to have sex with this lady’s body?”

Wu Meiniang smiles, “Very good. I like those who are more direct.”

She waves her hand and removes the bathrobe she is wearing, revealing the beautiful body inside.

One must agree that Luo Ying’s figure is not bad. Liu Yi salivates, looking at her figure.

“Revolve your cultivation base. This concubine is coming.”

With that, Wu Meiniang climbs onto the bed, sexily, before sticking out her small tongue and lightly licks Liu Yi’s earlobe.

What the fuck!

Liu Yi’s lower body instantly become like steel. Fucking hell, Meiniang is too provoking! Although Immortal Fox Sister also knows charm techniques, she does not know how to try to please a man! Maybe Bai Jie, her master, knows a bit, but I had never test it out before.

 This lick from Wu Meiniang instantly makes Liu Yi very excited!

Good gosh! Isn’t it dual cultivating, do you really need to have foreplay?

While Wu Meiniang does not care about that, Liu Yi is thinking in his heart as she continues to fully display her excellent ‘skills’!

Wu Meiniang’s tongue licks a circle around Liu Yi’s ear before slowly moving over to Liu Yi’s neck. Her kiss is like a drizzle. A light touch before leaving.

Very quickly, her lips reach his chest. Wu Meiniang controls Luo Ying’s body and uses her tongue to slide around Liu Yi’s chest making his blood boil as his lower body starts to become very aroused.

Damn it…this move of Wu Meiniang makes it difficult to bear! I must continue to maintain control over myself!

While Wu Meiniang still did not end it. She continues to lick downwards, and soon she licks her way to Liu Yi’s belly before her lips wrap around him.


Liu Yi nearly lost control over himself, “Is…is this your dual cultivation process?”

Wu Meiniang is slightly embarrassed as she replies, “Oh? This is the process of serving the emperor. I am a little used to it…You just enjoy it, treat it as a free present.”

With that, Wu Meiniang shakes her butt and continues to lick Liu Yi.

Not only does she know to lick, but she also knows how to suck, which makes Liu Yi have the urge to continue as his hands grab hold of her head.

“Control your Yang Gate!”

Wu Meiniang did not forget to remind him out of good intentions, “Otherwise, if you lose control over your Yang Gate, it will ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.”

“Fuck…why didn’t you say so earlier…”

Liu Yi really nearly lost control. He hurriedly revolves his heart sutra and guards his Yang Gate.

“Stop licking as well! Hurry up with the dual cultivation!”

Sucking Liu Yi, Wu Meiniang asks unclearly, “What’s the matter? You don’t like it?”


“Don’t like it?”

“Like…like it…”

Liu Yi feels like his body is utterly subdued by Wu Meiniang…especially when she is using Luo Ying’s small mouth to do everything…gods…

“This concubine’s lower body is also wet.”

With that, Wu Meiniang hugs Liu Yi’s neck and climbs up, “Let concubine do it!”

With that, she aims properly at Liu Yi’s lower body and sits down!

Liu Yi’s dick is both thick and hard. The moment Wu Meiniang sits down, she nearly cannot take it.

She lets out a cry as her hands clenches Liu Yi tightly, “So, so deep…so big…”

Her charming eyes look at Liu Yi, “I didn’t expect that you are not a silver spear with candle interior…”

[TL: Basically means look good but not good to use.]

“Fuck! Of course, I am not!”

To prove his strength, Liu Yi grabs Wu Meiniang’s waist and stabs in fiercely.


This stab is too deep. Even Wu Meiniang is almost unable to endure it and lets out a moan before leaning on top of Liu Yi.

Slowly, Liu Yi starts his assault and prepares to subdue this Empress Wu Zetian that damaged the country and caused suffering to the people!

She had once subdued the entire Tang Dynasty, and now Liu Yi is here to subdue her!

The presidential suite is playing Frederic Chopin’s music! The sound of their sex just so happens to fit the piano cadence, rising and fall in succession.

Liu Yi finally sensed Wu Meiniang’s impressiveness. Her lower body is like one of the ten famous devices recorded down, which firmly sucks down on his penis, nearly making him cum prematurely! Luckily, back then, Liu Yi had learned some bed techniques from his master Ma Hua; thus, he can control himself with great difficulty!

As Wu Meiniang continue to move up and down, she did not forget to stimulate Liu Yi’s sensitive parts. The tender moans of hers are asking for his life!

This woman…is indeed a demoness!

Liu Yi is finally about to lose control over his Yang Gate, but Wu Meiniang did not forget to remind him, “Guard your Yang Gate. Let us start dual cultivation!”


Liu Yi says in his heart, this woman is too scary. Even at this moment, she did not forget about the serious matter!

Liu Yi immediately revolves his cultivation base to guard his Yang Gate. Although he finds it very hard to bear, he cannot throw away Luo Ying’s life for that!

His palm and Wu Meiniang’s palm pressed against each other as they started to mutually exchange their qi!

Wu Meiniang’s Yin qi and Liu Yi’s Yang qi interweave together like this and form a kind of cycle inside their body, which continuously stimulates the growth of their cultivation. After which, it gains the mental power within their souls. Very soon, their consciousness will merge together as well. At that time, Liu Yi will be able to enter Luo Ying’s dreamland!

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Chapter 1041   [Can only do so]

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