MKW Chapter 1040


Chapter 1040  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“You know, us from being born to die, we must experience the process of growing old, falling sick and dying.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he releases a stream of flame. That flame transforms into the appearance of an infant and starts crawling on the ground. After a while, it starts to stand up and slowly grows until it becomes a young fit man. After that, it transforms into an old man which needs the help of a walking stick. Finally, it disappeared.

“That’s right…everyone needs to experience all of these…this is the rule of nature…”

Luo Ying sighs and seems to be avoiding the topic of death.

“Right. Cultivating is going against and breaking this rule!”

Liu Yi says, “Cultivators use some sutras and absorb the power of heaven and earth to strengthen their own bodies and souls. Finally, they break this rule and become a supreme immortal.”

“Immortal? Are there really immortals? Are immortals very powerful?”

Luo Ying cannot help but become curious.

“Immortals can move mountains and seas.”

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, when my strength is at my peak, I can indeed do this. But now, it is difficult.

“I also wish to cultivate…”

Recalling Liu Yi’s appearance earlier when fighting, Luo Ying starts to long for it.

“If you have fate, you can cultivate.”

Liu Yi did not say things into a deadlock, “But if your immortal fate did not arrive, then you will never step into the gates of cultivation.”

“So hateful…who knows if I have the immortal fate or not!”

Luo Ying pout feeling very dissatisfied.

“Perhaps you might have.”

Liu Yi hurriedly comforts her, “Take a look at me. In the past, I was only an ordinary high school student, but now, aren’t I also cultivating?”

“How did you start cultivating? Tell me, tell me!”

Luo Ying is like a curious kid as she starts pestering him, “Damn…this…”

Liu Yi also does not know how to reply. As for me starting cultivating this matter was a coincidence! If it was not for Immortal Fox Sister wanting to attempt to consume the vitality of human for the first time, if it was not for me boarding that bus, if it was not for me butting into that matter…perhaps, I would still be an ordinary high school student. After which, after graduation, I would go and find a job and start my bitter ordinary life.

My future seemed to be decided just like this.

Luo Ying smiles and says, “If one day I can cultivate, I will come and protect you!”

Her small face is slightly red, like she had drunk a bit too much.

All western alcohol is slow in acting up, and red wine is also the same. Although she had drunk bravely earlier, right now, she is starting to be unable to take it.

“Sure, sure. I am looking forward to that day.”

Liu Yi knows that when someone drinks too much, you just say okay to that person. Otherwise, you can forget about peace.

“Hmph, that is more like it!”

Luo Ying smiles, “Wu…my head is very heavy…I need to sleep…”

“Sure, I help you to rest.”

With that, Liu Yi went to help Luo Ying up. He held her by her waist like a kid.

Luo Ying pats Liu Yi unhappily, “Don’t be like this…uncomfortable…I want you to hug me!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll hug you.”

Liu Yi has no choice but to place Luo Ying down before carrying her in a princess carry and walk towards the bedroom.

Luo Ying shouts, “I wish to listen to a song!”

Liu Yi can only nod his head and snaps his finger.

The music immediately started playing in the bedroom, playing a smooth piano tune.

Luo Ying’s expression seems to be very comfortable. She is like an obedient kitten curled up in Liu Yi’s embrace enjoying Liu Yi’s hug.

But this journey is short. Liu Yi finished it within a few large steps.

Liu Yi wants to place Luo Ying down on the bed, but she hugs Liu Yi’s neck tightly, not willing to let go.

“Hey, hey. Get on the bed!”

Liu Yi pats her butt and says, “It is time to get down!”

“Hehe…you also want to bed me?…”

Luo Ying’s charming eyes look at Liu Yi, making him embarrassed.

“Fuck, quickly sober up! Who wants to bed you! It is you who needs to go now!”

“Really…how am I supposed to go to bed…”

Luo Ying puffs her cheeks, unhappily, “Do I make you hate me…”

“Of course not. You make others like you a lot.”


“Of course!”

“Hehe, as I expected!”

“Then are you an obedient child?”

“Of course, I am!”

“Then will you be okay?”


Liu Yi keeps coaxing Luo Ying like she is a kid. Only then is Luo Ying willing to be placed down on the soft velvet bed. But her hands are still holding his neck, unwilling to let go.

“You sleep together with me!”

“My goodness, gracious! Big miss, I cannot sleep with you!”

“Why! You disdain me!”

“No…male and female need to keep distance!”

“Hehe, don’t be afraid…My great aunt came today, so it does not matter.”

The fuck….

Hearing this news, Liu Yi does not know if he should be happy or upset.

But I can only smell her fragrance and not any scent of blood? Did her great aunt really come?

Before Liu Yi can understand, Luo Ying had already taken the initiative to take off her jeans, exposing her black leopard pattern panties.

Two smooth white legs appear in Liu Yi’s eyes, making him swallow his saliva.

Good god, could you be more spontaneous?!

But Liu Yi can see a bit of white trace between the small crack of her panties. Looks like she is not lying. She is having her menstrual period.

Luo Ying orders, “Undress and accompany me to sleep!”

Liu Yi expressed his protest, “Hey! This request is too much!”

“Right now, you are my bodyguard! You must accept my order!”

After drinking too much, Luo Ying’s mind became better.

“Right now, I order you to accompany me to sleep!”


“What’s the matter? You do not dare to accompany me to sleep? You are afraid that I will eat you?”

“The one who should be afraid is you. What is there for me to be afraid of?!”

Liu Yi let Little Jade remove his outerwear and change into rather loose pajamas.

“You change your clothing quite quickly…”

Luo Ying started removing her shirt.Taking off the cowboy jacket is very easy, but the shirt is hard to take off. The shirt is stuck on her head.

A pair of full breasts that is wrapped in a black bra as well as that deep ravine appears in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

Seeing this, Liu Yi’s mouth and tongue ran dry. He takes a deep breath. Upon seeing that white sanitary towel inside her panties, he endures the impulse that he should not have and helps Luo Ying remove her shirt.

 “My pajamas…”

Luo Ying points, and Liu Yi immediately hopped off the bed and went to her luggage to take out her cartoon Doraemon pajamas.

When he returned, he was nearly frightened.

As her bra is tossed onto the carpet. She had wrapped her body with the quilt as she lies there on the bed. Her two hair legs are pressing down the quilt showing her butt clearly, which is super captivating!

Damn it, can you not be like this!

Liu Yi passes the pajamas to her, letting her put it on. But Luo Ying pushes it away and says, “Not wearing…very sleepy…I .want to sleep…”

“Then you sleep and have a good dream.”

Liu Yi wishes to bolt, but Luo Ying extends her hand and stops him, “Your not allowed to leave…come in and accompany me…I…am very afraid…”

Thinking about it, Liu Yi feels that it is alright. After all, she had experienced a life or death crisis; it would be strange if she was not afraid. Her courage is quite big. If it were other girls, they would have long become abnormal from fear.

Liu Yi looks at that somewhat wronged face of Luo Ying and cannot help but feel heartache.

He squeezed into the quilt. Luo Ying is like a kitten and leans over into Liu Yi’s embrace. Her light exhalation puffed on Liu Yi’s chest.

Luo Ying’s breathing is rather light, letting Liu Yi feel more and more pity for her. This lass has suffered a lot being the daughter of Luo Jun.

But this cannot be blamed on me. She was merely implicated by her father. If the one protecting them was not me, Luo Ying would have long since died. She is such a young girl, so it is a pity if she died. I don’t know what kind of person her previous boyfriend was. To not cherish such a good woman and two-timing on her! Tsk, tsk. How could there be this kind of man in this world…

Damn…why does it seem like I am scolding myself along as well.

Liu Yi is unwilling to startle Luo Ying awake; thus, he lightly embraces her. Looking at her delicate face, his heartbeat cannot help but speed up.

At this moment, Liu Yi noticed that the faint smile on Luo Ying’s lips suddenly droop down as her brows crease tightly together like she is having a nightmare.

“Liu Yi.”

At this moment, the ancient painting that Liu Yi placed by the side suddenly moved. Following which, Wu Meiniang walks out from the smoke with a somewhat serious expression.

“Meiniang? Why did you come out?”

The moment Wu Meiniang came out, she says, “I’ve sensed a powerful, sinister aura from this lass’s body! She should be controlled by someone in her dreamland! If we do not save her, she will lose her consciousness and become the puppet of that person!”


Hearing this, Liu Yi got a huge shock, “Luo Ying was dragged into the dreamland?”

“That’s right. This situation is very dangerous.”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, “If you still wish to save her, you must take action now.”

Liu Yi says immediately, “Okay, then let us enter her dreamland!”

“Do you think that that place is a market where you can enter as you wish?!”

Wu Meiniang glares at Liu Yi, “Although we had a lot of methods to enter the other party’s dreamland in the past, the prerequisite is…Yin-yang dual cultivation!”


Hearing this, Liu Yi is utterly stunned.

“Are you for real? We need to dual cultivate?”

“Of course. Only when the body and mind are one can we enter the other’s mental world.”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, “The ancient people used this kind of method to enter the mental world of the other party to dual cultivate! The results WERE outstanding!”


Liu Yi made a bitter face, “Let’s not talk about how this is taking advantage of her difficulties; let’s talk about now…Luo Ying’s great aunt has come!”


Wu Meiniang looks at Luo Ying, who is lying in bed, and says, “This concubine has a method to stop it.”

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Chapter 1040  [Manpower]

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