MKW Chapter 1039


Chapter 1039  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“But he does not wish to break up with me.”

Luo Ying pouts her lips feeling very wronged as she says, “Last time he also came and threatened me with acid that if I mention breaking up again, he will pour it all over my face. Being threatened scared me!”


Liu Yi pats Luo Ying’s shoulder and says, “Since I have taken this task of yours, I will help you all the way. I will help you settle this scumbag boyfriend.”


Luo Ying is a bit happy, “Having your help is great. It is like there is nothing to worry about anymore.”

“Don’t put it like that. I also have a lot of matters that I cannot settle.”

Liu Yi recalls his pile of messy matters and starts to have a big head.

“If you have anything that you need my help with, just say it, don’t be polite!”

Luo Ying says very magnanimously while Liu Yi swallows his tongue. Why would I have any matter that needs your help!

“So long as you do not stir up more trouble for me.”

Liu Yi’s words make Luo Ying roll her eyes.

It is no longer possible to stay in Houhai; thus, they can only go back to rest.

“Let us go back. As for Houhai’s matter, there should be Dragon Group people who are clearing up the mess.”

With that, Liu Yi grabs Luo Ying’s hand and prepares to fly back to the hotel.

While they are speeding through the sky, Luo Ying cannot help but ask, “Just what is Dragon Group?”

“It is a special agency that protects China!”

Liu Yi casually made an explanation and said without much detail, afraid that she wouldn’t understand.

“Do all of the people have superpowers?”

Luo Ying feels that this Dragon Group should be the same as that Superpower Organization in Jinwan.

“More or less. But it is slightly stronger than that Superpower Organization of yours.”

Dragon Group is actually quite an old organization that has dealt with numerous unconventional cases! I had heard that back then, during the War of Resistance, the Dragon Group had a huge fight against the Yin-yang Master Unit of Japan! But the casualties back then were disastrous; thus, not many people were left.

But the Yin-yang Unit of Japan was also entirely defeated and had to retreat from China.

“Can…can you teach me these abilities?” Luo Ying asks, “Flying about as one wished, I wish to learn it…”

“It is not possible to teach. One must need destiny.”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “It is best for you to honestly be your president’s daughter. Isn’t it good?”

“Hmph, what is the point of being the president’s daughter!”

Unexpectedly Luo Ying pouts and says, “Right now if I leave the house I will always be called out by other people, ‘Oh? Isn’t she the president’s daughter?’! Too unhappy! Right now, I have the urge to be the future president of Jinwan! And then when other people see my father, they will say, ‘Quickly look over there. It is the president’s father!’.”

“Hahaha, I’m afraid that that is impossible to achieve.”

Hearing Luo Ying’s cute thinking, Liu Yi cannot help but laugh.

“Hateful. What is there to laugh about. Why is it impossible?”

“Because we are about to unify. At that time, how can you become the president.”

“What you say is true…then I reckon that it is either the secretary of the provincial Party committee or the governor as the biggest, right? Which one should I be…”

“Go and be a pretty woman!”

“You are saying…I am pretty?”

This sentence of Liu Yi jabs into the bottom of Luo Ying’s heart.

Liu Yi immediately bemoans his wrong words. What a joke! This cannot do. I am only saying this to alleviate that feeling between the two of us.

If Luo Ying really falls for me, I couldn’t explain myself!

“Am I beautiful?” asked Luo Ying again as she waited for Liu Yi’s reply.

If I do not answer this question, it is likely that Luo Ying will ignore me. When a woman asks this kind of question, one must remember to reply.

“Beautiful, you are very beautiful.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, there is nothing false about this. Because Luo Ying is indeed beautiful. Perhaps in Jinwan, there’s a number of people chasing her. She is also the daughter of the president; thus, she will be worshiped by a lot of men!

She had indeed suffered quite a bit coming to China this time. Looks like it is not that nice being the daughter of the president!

“Then why do you not want to date me?”

Luo Ying sighs faintly. When Liu Yi heard this, he pretends that he did not hear it.

Damn it. This girl is about to become Mara. After this task is over, I must stay as far away from her as possible. I must never ever go out with her. Otherwise, sooner or later, something will definitely happen.

Liu Yi lets Little Jade determine their location again, and it is quite close to where they are staying at.

“We will be reaching the hotel soon.”


Luo Ying did not seem to become happy, “Originally we agreed to come out to drink, but in the end, we did not even manage to drink, alas…”

Liu Yi comforts her, “After the matter has ended, I shall accompany you to drink. You can drink as much as you wish to.”

“Hmph, this is a delaying tactic of yours! Who knows if you will still be around after!”

Luo Ying is making Liu Yi feel uncomfortable. It seems like girls have smarts that make people gasp in amazement. She actually guessed my thoughts!

Liu Yi can only change the methods, “Then how about we order some alcohol, and I shall accompany you to drink in the hotel?”

“You better keep your word!”

Unexpectedly Luo Ying actually agrees to it. Liu Yi says in his heart, damn…just how much does she wish to drink! Could it be that she is a wine ghost?

“I want to drink red wine. I don’t want to drink anything else!”

You are also very picky!

“Sure. Then I shall risk my life and accompany this noblewoman to drink!”


Luo Ying raises a middle finger, “So unwilling. Do you know how many men wish to drink with me? The number of them who wish to inebriate me then have sex with me are uncountable!”

Liu Yi blushes with shame. Can you be more restrained when speaking? Looks like she does not regard me as an outsider.

“Yes, yes, yes. I am honored!”


Luo Ying snorts arrogantly while Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat as he says in his heart, finally dealt with this matter.

The two of them hold hands and swiftly fly back into the hotel and enter through the window.

When Luo Ying lands on the ground, the black Monarch Armour covering her body immediately starts undoing itself. Instantly that beautiful woman in leather attire appears in front of Liu Yi.

“So interesting!”

Luo Ying is actually a little excited, “Too fun. I want to do it again! Liu Yi, can you gift me this armor?”

“What… of course not!”

Liu Yi hurriedly said, “You do not have any power; thus, you will not be able to withstand this kind of armor. You are only wearing it because it is borrowing my strength.”

“Hmph, petty!”

Luo Ying pouts, “Could it be that you are not willing to leave behind any memories between the two of us?”

Luo Ying is very gloomy; could it be that only memories will be left, that’s all?

“Enough. Stop thinking about it anymore; let’s drink instead.”

Liu Yi calls the front desk and had them send up two bottles of red wine. Both are ordinary red wine as Liu Yi does not wish to use public money to pig out.

Very soon, the server rushes two bottles of red wine as he walks up to them. He places the red wine in front of the two of them and also professionally open the bottle of red wine before pouring them out into cups.

The server asks, “Do you need any other services?”

“No need. If there is anything else I will call you, thank you.”

The server nods his head before leaving while Luo Ying looks at Liu Yi in astonishment and asks, “Why did you also say thank you to the server? Isn’t it their job?”

“Everyone is equal. This is courtesy.”

Liu Yi says, “If you are the server, you also wish for others to be polite to you as well.”

“What you say is reasonable.”

Luo Ying nods her head, “Tsk, let’s not think about all of these anymore. So troublesome. Come, let’s drink.”

With that, she raises the wine cup in her hand and pours the half cup of red wine into her mouth, and drains it.

Liu Yi is flabbergasted seeing this, “What the…! Are you about to defy heaven?”

“Hmph, my alcohol capacity is very good!”

Luo Ying raises her chin, “It is your turn now. Don’t say that you do not dare to drink!”

“Then you are looking down on me.”

Liu Yi laughs as he raises his wine cup and drinks all of it with one gulp as well.

“Hmph, I thought that you were not that good at drinking. So, you can drink quite well!”

As Luo Ying speaks, she slowly pours another cup of red wine for herself.

Liu Yi’s eyes widen as he says, “Get lost. Who drinks red wine like this!”

Luo Ying gives Liu Yi a provocative look, “What about it? Do you dare to drink?”

“Psychological methods are useless against me.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I am already so old; how is it possible for me to fall for it.”

“How old could you be.”

Luo Ying curls her lips, “You are at most 25. You are not that much older than me, and you say it like you are proud of your age and experience!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, my actual age is over 800 already, but I do not say it otherwise, people would change their way of calling me and call me yeye!

Luo Ying pushes the wine cup over and says, “The one who tells a lie, quickly drink!”

“That, this also needs to be punished with drinking?!”

Liu Yi didn’t expect that she would be so shameless. But seeing her puffing up her cheeks, he has no choice but to pick up the wine cup.

“Let’s take it that I am afraid of you. A salute to you!”

Liu Yi drinks the filled cup of red wine, making Luo Ying slightly astonished.

“Wah, you drank everything again! Your face is also not red! Could it be that all of you with superpowers can’t get drunk?”

“I need to correct this point of yours!”

 Liu Yi raises a finger and says, “I’m not a superpower user but a cultivator.”

“Hmm? Is there a difference?”

“Of course, there is!”

Liu Yi says, “Superpower users are those who possess the special ability, for example, the power of fire.”

With that, he raises a finger in front of Luo Ying, and suddenly, a flame emerges on the fingertip causing Luo Ying, who sees this, to exclaim in shock.

“Or ice.”

Liu Yi extends his finger and touches the red wine cup, and the red wine immediately freezes into ice, and stars start appearing in Luo Ying’s eyes.

“There is also psychokinesis.”

Liu Yi uses his holy powers and extends his hand towards the winecup in front of Luo Ying. That wine cup immediately floated to his hand.

“So mystical!”

Luo Ying cannot help but clap her hands, “Then how about cultivators? What are cultivators?”

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Chapter 1039   [What are cultivators]

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