MKW Chapter 1038


Chapter 1038  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“Nine tails?”

Black-eye frowns lightly, “Strength increased by nine times?”

“Like it?”

Liu Yi moved his tails, “I feel that they are rather beautiful.”

“No matter how beautiful they are, they will all turn into dust!” Black-eye says directly, “I will utterly destroy you! Die!”

With that, his black sword released an eye-catching radiance.

“This sword is not used like this.”

Liu Yi suddenly appears in front of him as he presses a hand on his wrist that is holding the sword, “You are defiling this sword.”

Black-eye feels like his wrist cannot exert strength while the radiance emitting from the sword disappears as well.

“Damn it!”

He immediately stretched out his other hand as he attempted to push Liu Yi’s hand away.

But at this moment, he feels his wrist turn cold! Liu Yi uses his strength and forcibly crushed his wrist!

Sinister Spirit fell and was grabbed by Liu Yi.

“Do you think that you can control Sinister Spirit?”

Not only is Black-eye unafraid, but he also laughs loudly as well, “Sinister Spirit can only be used by people who are truly sinister!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi laughs instead, “Isn’t that just nice.”

While they are speaking with each other, Sinister Spirit emits black light, which surrounds and whirls around Liu Yi’s body.

“Hahaha, do you see this? Right now, you are being consumed by Sinister Spirit!”

Very soon, Black-eye is unable to laugh.

He realizes that not only is Liu Yi perfectly fine, but those black lights are also slowly being sucked in by him.

An enormous black skeleton emerges behind Liu Yi’s back like it is part of his power!

“How, how is this possible!”

Seeing Liu Yi standing there safe and sound while holding Sinister Spirit in his hand and a demon image appearing behind his back, Black-eye is completely stunned.

“Sinister Spirit Sword…Sinister Spirit Sword accepted you!”

“It is rather obedient.”

Liu Yi laughs, “This kind of demonic sword indeed fits me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand, and Sinister Spirit Sword flies out like a bullet and hits Black-eye far away. With an exploding sound, Black-eye’s body exploded until not even dregs were left! The might of the nuclear weapon simply cannot be described!

At the same time, a sinister power emerges from the sword and swallows Black-eye’s soul!

“Not bad!”

Liu Yi snaps his fingers, and Sinister Spirit Sword flies back to him immediately. It calms down like an obedient hound of Liu Yi’s.

“Good boy. In the future, you shall be my pet.”

Liu Yi extends his hand and caresses the Sinister Spirit Sword.

“But right now, you are still not impressive. Do you sense the sin in this world? With me as the medium, absorb more of the evil qi of this world!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he places a finger on the blade of the Sinister Spirit Sword.

At this instant, all of the sins of this world seem to be absorbed by Liu Yi! All of the evil qi gathers from all directions and funnels into Sinister Spirit Sword!

An enormous demon image reappears in the sky as it keeps roaring continuously like it is in great pain and hunger.

While one of Liu Yi’s eyes turned black like it was influenced by the evil qi.

That demon image screams more and more miserably as cracks start emerging on the blade of Sinister Spirit Sword!

Finally, the blade of the Sinister Spirit Sword shatters and falls into pieces!

While a black light sword is held in Liu Yi’s hand.

“This is better.”

Liu Yi says, “None of those impurities must be retained. Evil qi is your real body. You are the sins of this world!”

The black light forms into a substance and regathers into a black sword. The sword edge is like a black glazed roof tile, sparkling, translucent, and pure, carrying a kind of strange aura.

“Come, my precious.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he opens his right hand.

Sinister Spirit Sword lets out a delighted cry before shrinking until it is palm size and imprinted on Liu Yi’s palm.

“Nod bad.”

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction, while at this moment, Luo Ying finally has the opportunity to speak up.

“That…are we fine now?”

Liu Yi turns around to see a girl wearing the black Monarch Armour.

He waves his hand, and Monarch Armour’s helmet immediately disappears, revealing Luo Ying’s pretty face.

“It is a beauty I see.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I didn’t expect that my luck with women was so good.”

“Why do I feel that you…are acting strange…”

Luo Ying feels that something is strange.

“No, no, no. You will realize that; actually, you like me more.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he appears in front of Luo Ying as he grabs her neck with a hand. He sticks his face close as an intense male aura basically surges into her face.

Luo Ying is stunned momentarily. She spotted Liu Yi’s golden pupil, and in that split second, she nearly sank into it!

Luo Ying cannot help but feel rueful. The charm of this man is very powerful…it attracted my soul just like this….

I must admit that at this instant, I was really captivated by him…daddy, how should I not fall for this guy…he is so filled with charm…

Daddy…can you teach your daughter what I should do now?

Liu Yi lowered his head and said, “The ancients say that gorgeous beauties are a feast for the eyes. If I did not have a good taste of you, it would truly be a pity.”

His face gets closer and closer to Luo Ying while Luo Ying’s heartbeat speeds up rapidly.

What, what should I do…

At this moment, Luo Ying has utterly lost her head.

At that moment, just before Liu Yi is about to kiss Luo Ying’s lips, he trembles and stops moving. He then mutters, “Coming out at this moment…fine then, I’ll give it back to you.”

Liu Yi trembles as the golden light in his eye fade away. The long silver hair also slowly pulls back and transforms back into his earlier black short hair.

The black fox coat also sheds its color and turns back to white as the fox fur on it starts emitting a luster.

The nine fox tails were also withdrawn as if they had never appeared before.

Liu Yi pushes away Luo Ying lightly and asks, “You are not injured?”

“Why did you suddenly change…”

Luo Ying feels like Liu Yi seems to have changed into another person at this moment and cannot help but ask, “Do I…make you hate me?”

“Not at all, not at all…”

Liu Yi hurriedly shakes his head. It is not because of Luo Ying…damn it, that black-bellied side of me. Why did it create trouble for me at the crucial moments! He had absorbed too much evil qi earlier!

Liu Yi lowers his head and looks at his right palm. Indeed that black Sinister Spirit Sword’s imprint is very clear. Those who do not know would have thought that Liu Yi had gotten a tattoo on his hand!

Although this sword is very aggressive, if this happens, would it make me appear like a bad person?

“Then why did you suddenly become like that?”

Luo Ying is somewhat apprehensive as she asks, “Is there some parts of my body…that you dislike?”

“There is not. There really is not.”

Liu Yi sighs as he says in his heart, let’s have a frank and open talk with her then, I guess.

“Luo Ying, let’s put it like this. Do you know about dissociative identity disorder?”

“Of course, I know. Who doesn’t know!”

Luo Ying mutters. Are you treating me like a kid? Who wouldn’t know!

“That’s right. Actually, I am a person with dissociative identity disorder!”

Liu Yi roughly explains a bit, “What you had seen earlier was my other personality! That personality is a bit…eh, it doesn’t have any moral principles!”

“I feel that…he is still okay…”

Luo Ying’s face is slightly red, “My academic advisor at Jinwan University is a very renowned psychological doctor. Why don’t I let him take a look at you?”

“Ah, there is no need for that!”

Liu Yi hurriedly waves it off. My situation is too complex. It is not something that a doctor can understand.

“This way…”

Luo Ying lowers her head as she secretly clenches her fist before raising her head and says, “Liu YI…I…I like you…”

Luo Ying’s face is very red as her heartbeat speeds up.

Daddy…daughter failed to live up to your expectations. You must not blame your daughter!

I… do not wish to miss this man…

Hearing this, Liu Yi blanks out slightly. Being confessed to by a girl who is also a Jinwan girl as well, not to mention that he also has a favorable impression of her.

But he cannot accept any more feelings as this is bad for either party! A person only has limited energy and will not be able to deal with so many girls!

His current group of women is enough to make him be under pressure!


After Luo Ying gathers her courage and confesses, her face becomes ugly after not receiving a reply from Liu Yi after a while.

Could it be that I am going to be rejected?

Seeing Luo Ying’s expression, Liu Yi finally sighs and says, “Luo Ying, I have a girlfriend already.”

Luo Ying laughs bitterly, “I…could guess that. How is it possible for a man like you to not have a girlfriend.”

“For a girl like you, it is also impossible for you to not have a boyfriend!”

Liu Yi purposefully led the question in another direction.


Luo Ying’s expression becomes even uglier, “In the past, I indeed had a boyfriend…back then, I also liked him a lot until he utterly disappointed me.”

“Can you tell me about it?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, right now, I must let Luo Ying say everything that she wants to say in her heart. Might as well clear everything up instead of choking it in!

“He is very handsome. Back then, while I was schooling, I liked handsome guys a lot; thus, I chose him. In the beginning, it was rather good. He treated me quite well…but later on, it was basically me who was taking care of him. Once when I had a fever and had to stay at home, he did not come and find me. Instead, he went out to play basketball with his friends.”

Liu Yi says, “Perhaps he might be slightly unattentive. It does not mean that he doesn’t love you.”

“But he still has other women outside.”

Luo Ying laughs, “Furthermore, he also smokes weed and mingles around with his hoodlum friends without improving himself. After graduating from university, all the money that he spent was mine. Once I did not give him money, he hit me. Since that day, I broke up with him.”

What the fuck, hitting your girlfriend?!

Hearing this, Liu Yi cannot help but clap his hands and shout, “What a good break up!”

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Chapter 1038   [What a good breakup!]

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