MKW Chapter 1037


Chapter 1037  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

Liu Yi is worried that Luo Ying will be in danger; thus, he ordered Yang Qiuhong, who had already transformed into Monarch Armour, {Senior Yan, I shall leave it to you!}

Yang Qiuhong replies with her cute voice making Liu Yi feel relief, {Leave it to me, kid.}

Wearing Monarch Armour, Luo Ying is controlled by the black armor and leaps into the sky.

“Ah! What is going on?”

Luo Ying rides the clouds and flies into the sky.

“Lass, don’t be afraid. I will not let you die.”

A woman’s voice rings out beside Luo Ying’s ear, scaring her into screaming.

“There is a ghost!”

“Ghost your sister!”

Yan Qiuhong rolls her eye, “I am Liu Yi’s spirit beast, and was ordered to protect you.”

“Ahh…ah, that thing landed!”

Luo Ying points while that skeleton that carries a bit of green has already landed on the ground.

In a split second, it is like a small size nuclear warhead had exploded in Houhai! A black mushroom cloud rushes up the sky! Large numbers of buildings turn into nothingness as the radiation spreads out in all directions! While Liu Yi was also rocked out and tumbled in the sky before landing on the ground.

“What the fuck!”

Liu Yi climbed up to his feet as dust covered his face. His fur coat is also covered with a lot of dust. The originally white fox coat had now turned black.

But Liu Yi waved his hand, and the dust-covered fox coat immediately disappeared and instantly turned back into a spotless white coat.

Black-eye in the sky laughs none-stop.

“Hahaha! Hahaha! Do you see this?! Do you see this?! This is my strength! With this kind of strength, I can easily kill you!”

With that, he waves his sword and starts gathering a nuclear skeleton again.


Liu Yi cannot help but curse. This fucking skeleton is too savage. It is like a small nuke!

If he released it a few more times, even if it did not explode Houhai off the map, these nuclear warheads shall strangle the life of Houhai!

Numerous fishes flip over in the sea. Perhaps it is due to the radiation.

“Small companion, come.”

Unexpectedly Black-eye did not immediately release the skeleton. Instead, he summons the numerous fishes in the water.

These fishes are not ordinary carp but enormous four-legged fish. These four-legged fish have grown a blood mouth that is filled with fangs. They spread open the fins on their back like small wings which assist the fish in flying.

Very swiftly, the fish arrive in front of Liu Yi and attempt to bite him.

“I’ll turn all of you into roasted fish.”

The foxfire in Liu Yi’s hand suddenly expands and instantly forms an enormous fireball over six meters in diameter, which he tosses over.

This fox fire hits the school of fish and burns all of them into ashes.

As for the remaining weird fishes that survive, they bite Liu Yi. Due to Liu Yi having God Race Undying Body, those parts that were bitten swiftly heal up.

But being bitten like this is still uncomfortable.

“Since you all have died, don’t continue to haunt anymore!”

Seeing these fishes had already been infected by the radiation, Liu Yi swings out a few sword flowers with his other hand that is holding Charm Fox Sword.

All of the flesh from the weird fishes immediately falls off, leaving behind only the fish bones.

“Motherfucker! What is this sword! Too weird!”

He wishes to curse as this situation had way exceeded his anticipations. Black-eye had clearly been killed by me, but he has revived. So be it if he survived, he actually took out such a weird black sword to take revenge and killed so many innocent people!

I must lure him out of Houhai; otherwise, even more, people will die.

{Senior Yan, follow me!}

With that, Liu Yi tossed Charm Fox Sword into the air. He runs forward a few steps before leaping up and jumps on top of Charm Fox Sword, before flying into the sky.

Yan Qiuhong controls the armor and flies after Liu Yi.

“Hehehe, where are you escaping to!”

Black-eye immediately chases after them, following close behind them.

“Eat my sword!” shouted Black-eye as another black skeleton was created by Demonic Spirit and tossed over.

That black skeleton is very swift and instantly chases up to Luo Ying.

“Illusion extermination!”

Liu Yi immediately turns around and uses Illusion Extermination at that black skeleton.

The black skeleton behind Luo Ying immediately exploded as a shockwave spread out, sending Luo Ying flying away.

Liu Yi hurriedly chases behind her and stabilizes Luo Ying before bringing her to fly far away.

The nuclear explosion was very powerful. Luckily Liu Yi had grabbed Luo Ying tightly and embraced her; otherwise, she might be affected.

“Looks like this armor of yours is rather sturdy.”

Black-eye laughs, “Who knows if your armor is more formidable or my sword is more formidable! Let’s compete!”

With that, Black-eye raises his sword as black light gathers on it.

The surrounding clouds were scattered away and seemed to fear the power of this sword!

“Fuck, this sword is really demonic!”

Liu Yi pursues his brows, and by this time, Black-eye had already waved it and tosses the nuclear skeleton out, which rushes at them.

“Luo Ying, be careful!”

Liu Yi is worried that Luo Ying cannot take it. He flashes in front of Luo Ying and brandishes Charm Fox Sword, using it to block this skeleton bomb!

The intense explosion jolted Liu Yi several tens of meters away. His entire body is burnt black while his flesh slowly recovers.

Most of the fox coat was burnt away and is also slowly restoring back to normal.

“You still haven’t died.”

Black-eye is slightly astonished, “Are you a cockroach?”

“This sentence should be sent to you.”

Liu Yi’s sentence cannot help but carry killing intent, “Furthermore, let me tell you unfortunate news. You have provoked me.”

“So what?”

Black-eye laughs and says, “Right now, I no longer fear you, hahaha!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi clenches his fists, and the fox imprint between his brows becomes clearer and clearer!

A white fox tail suddenly flies out behind him! At that instant, Black-eye sensed his opponent become much stronger!

What is this situation? After growing another tail, his strength increased?

While the tail behind Liu Yi is still growing, after a while, another two tails grew out, and there are a total of three tails. All of them were over a meter long and furry and looked very real.

His strength increased by three times!

“Interesting. Just by growing a few tails, you can become so formidable? Eat my sword!”

As Black-sword speaks, he points the black sword in his hand into the sky.

Densely packed, numerous head-sized skeletons fly out and instantly fill the sky and fly towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises his right hand and summons out the foxfire.

A group of foxfire floats up. After which, they gather together into a clump before expanding.

From the fox-fire flies out numerous blue fire foxes which leaps out and crash into the skeletons.

Every time they strike a skeleton, an explosion will occur, triggering intense rounds of explosions.

During those explosions, a gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as he tosses out Charm Fox Sword.

Charm Fox Sword transforms into rainbow light and instantly pierce through Black-eye’s chest!

A huge hole was cut open in the stomach of Black-eye, and his internal organs were all twisted into pieces.

After receiving such a grave heavy injury, he is likely not able to survive.

While at this moment, the hole on his chest actually slowly starts to heal bit by bit. It is like Liu Yi’s God Race Undying Body, where his flesh body can recover completely.

“This is…the ability of the Ghost Infant?”

Sensing the changes, Liu Yi cannot help but frown.

“How is it? My body is very wonderful!”

Black-eye laughs as he touches his healed chest, “Right now, no one can kill me. I am undying!”

“You are dreaming!”

Liu Yi knows the weak point of Ghost Infant. As long as he attacks their souls, it is a done deal.

He immediately gathers his qi to use a soul destruction technique and prepares to send out a palm filled with soul destruction power to destroy Black-eye’s soul!

“It is my turn now!”

Black-eye raises his Sinister Spirit and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi. He then chops with his sword at Liu Yi!

Other than radiation, the sword also carries horrifying evil qi!

Liu Yi immediately waves his Charm Fox Sword to block this sword.

The two swords clash against each other, letting out a sharp clashing sound of metal.

Sinister Spirit releases an intense evil aura that seeps deep into Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi’s gaze slowly becomes slightly black as his pupil releases a golden light.

“Go and die!”

Black-eye prepares to create a nuclear bomb and destroy both of them while he slowly recovers himself again!


A black fireball rushes up the sky, and it is like a firework exploding in the sky, making it very beautiful.

Luo Ying, by the side, is alarmed when she noticed that their bodies were all split up and in pieces after the fire is gone. Liu Yi is only left with his upper body, while Black-eye is only left with a single eye.

But the scattered flesh in the sky are continuously gathering back towards their respective bodies, and swiftly their bodies come together.

Very quickly, Liu Yi’s body is recondensed back as a naked man stands in the sky. He is tall and sturdy, and all of the muscles on his body are perfect.

Seeing this scene, Luo Ying is slightly mesmerized. Her heartbeat cannot help but speed up.

Damn it. When did I become such a love-struck fool….it is not like I have never seen a muscled man…but, the muscles on his body are not that exaggerated. Instead, all of his muscles were like they had been meticulously sculptured into perfection.

After Liu Yi’s flesh body is restored, he is instantly covered with a fox coat.

While Black-eye opposite him also restored his body swiftly as well, and within moments, he had completely restored his body.

But his clothes were not restored. A skinny naked man stands in the sky holding a black sword in his hand, making him look as weird as one can imagine.

“Hehehe…I indeed am undying…but why are you still alive?”

“That sword of yours seems to be very interesting.”

Liu Yi’s fox coat turns black in color as his hair turns silver and his pupils golden.

The evil qi that entered his body, causing the other side of Liu Yi to awaken.

“Of course, it is interesting. When you die under the blade of this sword, it will be even more interesting!”

Black-eye laughs weirdly while Liu Yi laughs along as well as nine black fox tails emerge behind him.

“Then let us play.”

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Chapter 1037   [Strange sword]

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