MKW Chapter 1036


Chapter 1036  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“Mr. Black-eye, you cannot enter here…”

Before the guard can finish, his heart got crushed as he collapses onto the ground while bleeding from his seven apertures.

Black-eye walks over and kicks open the door before walking in.

In the center of the room is a black sword.

This sword is called, ‘Demonic Spirit, ’ which sounds like it has some saga to it. It is a high tech sword that was created by Jinwan with science and technology. The entire sword is manufactured using alloy, and the nucleus inside is nuclear energy. Furthermore, after the sword was created, it was handed over to a Great Daoist Master of Jinwan to nurture the sword.

This Great Daoist Master uses 7, 7, 49 days and 9, 9, 81 virgin women’s virginity to nurture this sword in a ruined place.

After nurturing this sword, that Great Master vomited blood and died as this sword was too sinister!

It is rumored that there is no owner who can control it. Whoever uses it will squander their luck and die tragically!

Later on, Jinwan secretly transports this sword to China to attempt to insert it into the dragon vein in China to sever China’s Dragon Qi to cause China to fall into a decline.

But the Dragon Vein is protected very tightly. It is too difficult to silently insert this Demonic Spirit into the dragon vein.

That is why this sword was first kept hidden in one of the organization’s company’s offices to wait for the right time. Unexpectedly before the time had come, Black-eye came.

Black-eye walks into the hidden room and pulls out the Demonic Spirit.

Demonic Spirit trembles faintly, releasing a kind of power that makes Black-eye shudder.

Following which Black-eye’s pupils turn red as a demonic qi emerges from his body.

“Hehehe…that’s right, it is this strength…”

He raises the Demonic Spirit in his hand up and laughs, “You are also getting excited…you wish to consume people? Hahaha…good. Right now, I shall bring you to find an expert and let you have a taste of his flesh and blood!”

Demonic Spirit trembles slightly like it is replying to Black-eye.

“Let’s go!”

With that, Black-eye waves the sword.

Instantly the building was sliced into two, and Black-eye jumps out and flies into the sky, chasing after the aura that Liu Yi left behind.


At this moment, Luo Ying is strolling among the crowd in a confused state of mind. Houhai is very big, furthermore other than Houhai, there is also Qianhai; thus, this place makes people dazzled.

As Luo Ying walks, she is muttering in her heart. Hmph, damn, Liu Yi. Stinky Liu Yi. Only know how to look at other girls! They are cute but aren’t I also cute! What kind of eyes do men from china have! Aren’t I even more beautiful?! Hmph! Why did Liu Yi keep avoiding me! Could it be that I am that hateful?!

But in Jinwan, there are so many boys who wanted to pursue me!

Luo Ying originally walked out due to her momentary anger and did not expect that she would become lost. She looks around and realizes that everything in the surroundings looks almost the same, and she can no longer find the way back!

Most importantly, she did not bring her handphone out; thus, she can’t contact Liu Yi!

Luo Ying looks at the crowd that surrounds her and starts to panic.

What, what should I do…Liu Yi, Liu Yi, where are you! I am no longer angry now! Quickly come out!

At this moment, a hand is placed on Luo Ying’s shoulder. Luo Ying becomes delighted and thinks that it is Liu Yi and immediately turns around.

“Liu Yi! You came and found me!”

The moment she turns around, Luo Ying’s expression immediately stiffens. As that hand does not belong to Liu Yi and is clearly a stranger with dyed blond hair.

“Hey, girl. So late at night, it is boring to play on your own in this place. Let’s go. Let brother bring you to sing and drink.”

Luo Ying pushes away that man and shouts, “Let go of me!”

“Hey, you are also a Jinwan girl! Not bad!”

A few men step forward and surround Luo Ying in the center.

“Our luck tonight is not bad. To actually meet a Jinwan girl. Let brother pamper you! Oh my, your breasts are also not small. Come, let big brother help you check if they are real or not!”

As the blond hair guy speaks, he extends his hand towards Luo Ying’s chest and grabs.

Luo Ying screamed, but her voice was submerged by the noise from the bars.

At this moment, a guy split the crowd and walks over. He kicks that blond hair and kicks him into the Houhai water.

The splash is very high, shocking the people by the side.

What the fuck?!

How did this brother enter the water?

Luo Ying covers her mouth in shock as he looks at that guy’s back view and nearly cries. He came. This is really great…

Liu Yi points at Luo Ying behind him with his thumb, “Apologies, this girl is mine, you guys have found the wrong person.”

Luo Ying pouts as she says in her heart, who is your girl! Hmph! But seeing that you are saving me, I shall not bicker with you this time! Hmph!

“Fuck, are you seeking death!”

A few of the guys immediately become angered; this fellow actually dares to take action!

Even if it is under the foot of the son of heaven, there will still be people who dare to create trouble.

One of the guys pulled out a dagger and stabbed it towards Liu Yi.

The dagger is slightly short. Even if it stabs into a person, as long as it did not stab into a vital part, it will not cause any big injury.

But it is enough to scare people!

Perhaps ordinary people would feel fear in their hearts when they see this dagger. But Liu Yi only slaps out with his right hand on that guy’s wrist.

That guy’s wrist immediately bents around, and the dagger stabs into his own shoulder, causing him to scream in pain and kneels on the ground.

Someone noticed it and exclaimed in horror, “This, this fellow seems to know some kungfu!”

“What are you afraid of, attack together and kill him!”

One of the other guys immediately charges forward. Liu Yi takes a step forward and slaps out a palm on his stomach.

That guy came fast and left even faster. Almost in a blink of an eye, he was sent flying away by Liu Yi and crashed through a tree, and fell into the water.

The blond guy had just surfaced, and before he was able to breathe, he was smashed back into the water.

The people-watching by the side were all stunned. What the heck is with this strength! He must have trained in kungfu!

The remaining people do not dare to take action as they escape in fear. The steel plate is too hard and is not something that they can deal with; thus, they choose to run while they can! If they cannot escape, they will enter the water!

In this weather, Houhai’s water will be slightly chilly!

Before Luo Ying can thank Liu Yi, people start shouting from the shore of Houhai.

“There, there is a monster!”

“Save, save me!”

The north side becomes in disorder as the crowd starts escaping in all directions.

Liu Yi subconsciously looks over, and his eyes instantly widen.

What the fuck, what a huge mosquito!

An enormous mosquito is flying towards them from the sky. It is a meter long, and that bloodsucking tube is almost half a meter long! If it is used to suck human blood, it would suck a living human dry!

“My gosh! Such a huge mosquito! Disgusting!”

Luo Ying is so badly frightened that she hides behind Liu Yi.

While Little Jade’s warning also ring out, {Master, this biological creature carries radiation energy!}

A creature that transformed after being radiated? Damn it. Could it be that Houhai has some radiation source? Impossible!

The mosquito did not reply to Liu Yi and instantly appeared in front of him.

“Washing Machine. Come out and help!”

Liu Yi raises his right leg, and his body instantly merges with the water qilin. A qilin imprint appears between his brows as his hair turns aqua blue and coils up like it had been permed. Among them, a few strands of hair are silver-white in color, making his hair look like a wave.

His attire also turns into blue cowboy attire, making him look like he has spiritual influences.

Liu Yi waves his hand as a water wave suddenly flies out from the sea and crashed into the enormous mosquito.


Liu Yi clenches his right hand, and the enormous mosquito was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture and falls onto the ground and scatters into pieces.

“Damn it! Where did it come from? A man-made monster?”

Liu Yi activates his Black and White word as he looks around the surrounding wanting to find the enemy.

“Hehehe….indeed you are the man that I fancy. You indeed have some skills.”

The familiar voice causes Liu Yi to frown instantly.

“It’s you? Didn’t you die?”

While he is speaking, Liu Yi presses his hand on Luo Ying.

Black armor immediately covers her body, turning her into Ironman.

Monarch Armour will protect Luo Ying, and it is more effective than Sky Flipping Seal.

“I have indeed taken a trip around Yama, but the gods still do not wish to let me die.”

Black-eye lands on top of a lamppost on Houhai as he smiles merrily at Liu Yi below him. “Looks like the gods wish for me to kill you.”

“I feel that gods might wish for you to die another time!”

Liu Yi snorts coldly as his hand trembles. A stream of water rises from Houhai and instantly forms a thick water dragon and charges up towards Black-eye on the lamppost attempting to bite him!

Black-eye does not care. He blocks with the black sword in his hand. A black barrier forms and blocks that water dragon.

The water dragon instantly froze as a half meter thick ice merged the lamppost together and the sea surface. But Black-eye is safe and sound.

“Oh. Looks like you have found a decent toy.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he had already changed his form.

He undoes the merge with his spirit beast and decides to merge with the strongest Immortal Fox Sister.

A white fox coat covers his body. Charm Fox Sword appears in his hand while blue foxfire gathers in the palm of his other hand.

“The speed of you changing your clothes is rather fast.” Black-eye smiles, “I hope that your speed of changing into burial clothes is even faster!”

With that, he swings the black sword at Liu Yi!

An enormous black skeleton immediately flies towards Liu Yi!

{Warning! Warning!}

Little Jade immediately start blaring with alarm, {The radiation level on the skeleton is very high! Please Be careful!}

Radiation level?

Liu Yi is slightly startled. That sword. Could it be like a nuclear weapon?

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Chapter 1036   [Radiation sword?]

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  1. Ok wtf, made of nuclear material, does the author not even understand the most basic definitions of nuclear energy, at first i thought it ment the sword had something like a uranium core, but no its making power, so somehow a pole of metal is undergoing nuclear fusion or fission as well as somehow directly turning it into energy that the sword can use. And the even said it was made and at least some kind of functional with just science before magically blessed, this is simply retarded, nuclear power is far from a single stage process and also consumes materials that need to be replenished. A bar of metal doing all the processes of a power plant is just dumb.
    Also wtf liu yi,a creature is radioactive and you freeze and shatter it spreading its bits all over a highly populated area. Good job spreading poison and making it suck to clean up.

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