MKW Chapter 1035


Chapter 1035  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

Liu Yi’s voice carries a kind of magic power that enters the ears of everyone.

While his song’s melody is very graceful, which brings about smoothing to the grieving heart embellishing the entire bar’s atmosphere.

A lot of people no longer speak as they listen to the song and start to be infatuated.

Some girls even start crying as they listen to the song that Liu Yi calls <First Love>, like they recall the time of their first love.

Luo Ying also sits there blankly as her eyes become slightly moist. She did not expect that Liu Yi could sing so well. This fellow seems to be a decathlon…what is there that he does not know? Daddy, what you say is right…I seem to have started to like him…hey, I should not be like this. I will not be able to get the heart of a man like him…

That depressed brother nearly became stunned, hearing his singing. He only regains back his awareness after a while. After which, he kept giving that waiter a look.

But that waiter is standing there with a blank look, not moving at all, and is captivated by the song.

The depressed brother has no choice but to walk over personally and plans to unplug the microphone. But the waiter extended his hand and stopped his hand.

The waiter’s gaze has some beseechment making the Depressed brother greatly shocked. Could it be that he also listened until he was enchanted? It is just a song. Is there a need to be so exaggerated?

To embarrass Liu Yi, the depressed brother pushes the waiter away and unplugs the microphone.

With a buzz, the microphone went dead. Everyone immediately becomes angered as they look towards the depressed brother and start scolding.

“Fucking hell to dare to unplug the microphone?”

“Do you wish to die? To disturb us from listening to the song?”

Some of the girls, who are very fierce, toss their alcohol at him.

The depressed brother is badly frightened as he did not expect that he would receive such a huge backlash from him pulling the plug of the microphone! They were like mad people!

Luo Ying also has the urge to rush over to snatch the microphone plug!

Liu Yi only smiles as he continues to play the melody on the keyboard before starting to sing. Although he no longer had a microphone, his voice still enters the ear of everyone. The next moment, everyone calms down again as they continue to listen to Liu Yi singing while lost in thoughts.

After finishing the song, Liu Yi bows towards the people below the stage before returning the keyboard back to the stunned girl and prepares to go back to his seat.

The people below suddenly start creating a commotion.

“Sing another song!”

“We still want to listen!”

“I’ll give a hundred! Sing another song!”

“What is a hundred! I’ll give a thousand! Sing another song, please!”

“Fucking hell, I’ll give ten thousand! I want to listen to Eighteen Touches!”

Below the stage is a great mess. Luo Ying, who had sobered up, blanks out.

While the boss of the bar had run over and held Liu Yi’s hand while saying, “Sir, come inside our bar to sing! I’ll give you 3 times…no. I give you ten times the price!”

Liu Yi hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Sorry, I do not lack money. I was only singing for fun.”

“Alas, how regretful…”

The bar boss is sullen. Before leaving, he slips his card to Liu Yi, “Sir, whichever day you become bankrupt, you must come to this place of ours to sing!”


Liu Yi does not know how to react. He does not know if he should be angry or grateful.

Liu Yi no longer sings anymore; thus, the bar must seek for the depressed brother to save the show. But he had just sung a short verse when he was chased down by the angered guest.

“Is that called singing!”

“Get down from the stage!”

The depressed brother can only slip away while the two girls went up to continue to save the show.

In contrast, beauties can appease people better. The crowd below immediately calms down slightly.

While Luo Ying gives Liu Yi a thumbs up, “Impressive, I didn’t expect that you could sing so well! Is there anything you cant do?”

“Hahaha…it’s only so-so. My singing standards are very ordinary.”

“That is ordinary?” Luo Ying says, “Listen to the voice of those people earlier. In the future, if you have no money, you can come here to sell your voice to become rich?! Furthermore…there is also someone who was willing to spend ten thousand to hear you sing…so impressive…”

“This proves that we have lots of rich people here…”

“Strange…didn’t they say that there were a lot of people in China who couldn’t even afford to eat Tea Leaf Egg…”

Luo Ying touches her cheek and says, “Why is it that when I am here, I realize that the standard of the spending of the people here is very high.”

“Can’t even afford to eat Tea Leaf Egg?”

Liu Yi blanks out. What is this saying? Tea Leaf Egg, sounds super cheap.

“A few days ago, I heard the professor at our place say it…he says that a lot of people in China cannot afford to eat Tea Leaf Egg and those who can eat it are the rich people…”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Later, when we go back, I shall buy ten trucks of tea leaf eggs and push them everywhere we go to showcase that I am a rich person!”

“Aiyah, really. I got lied to by that damn professor!”

Luo Ying scowl miserably, “In the future, I shall no longer randomly believe that kind of program!”

“If you wish to get to know a country, you must first take a trip to the country.”

Liu Yi says, “Gossip cannot be believed in. You can only believe what we see personally.”

“What you say is right…”

Luo Ying nods her head, “Wait till everything is over; I want to play in this place properly! You must accompany me!”

“Dream on!”

Liu Yi laughs, “I am not your lifelong bodyguard! The next time when you come, I will not be your bodyguard!”

“I hate you!”

Luo Yin’s fist hammer on his shoulder and looks at him angrily.

“Hahaha. Next time you come, you will be my friend.”

Liu Yi cannot help but laugh. Teasing this girl is too interesting already.

“Ahhh, hateful! You big scoundrel!”

Luo Ying is really angered. This hateful Liu Yi. Can’t he say something nice to coax me! Hmph, his mouth is so stupid, he could not have a girlfriend!

Just as Liu Yi plans to continue to tease Luo Ying, the singing of the two girls on the stage attracted his attention.

The two girls, one plays the keyboard while the other plays the guitar, sings in chorus together.

“They seem…to be quite good…”

Liu Yi’s gaze falls on the stage, making Luo Ying dissatisfied.

“What’s the matter. Do you like those girls? That’s right. Those two girls are both very cute and sing quite well.”

Liu Yi did not hear the jealousy in Luo Ying’s voice and nods his head, “That’s right. Indeed they are very good.”


Luo Ying snorts.

Liu Yi is thinking in his heart; the image of these two girls are quite good. Their singing is also good as well. If they are properly packaged, they will be popular in China.

Although there are very few two-person groups, it is, after all, the beginning. Wait till they become famous, then let’s try creating groups with even more people.

After the two girls finish, Liu Yi immediately waves them over.

The girl called He Xue is excited as she runs over holding a book as she says, “Senior, sign this, please!”

“The two of you sing quite well.”

Liu Yi magnanimously signs for them.

He Xue is very cheerful as she sits down beside Liu Yi and starts talking endlessly. While the other girl is slightly bashful as she sits by the side and did not even speak. She only listens to He Xue chatting with Liu Yi.

During the conversation, Liu Yi got to know that the other girl’s name is Gu Bai. The two of them established a group which is called SNO, which is also ‘SNOW.’

[TL: He Xue(雪) and Gu Bai(白). Together Bai(白) and Xue(雪) from the word snow]

“So the two of you are actually high school students.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Then the feeling between the two of you must be pretty good.”

“That’s right. Ever since high school, we have loved singing.”

He Xue nods her head, “In university, the two of us also applied for the same university’s music course. But after graduation, we did not sign a contract with any company and came out to run night gigs first.”

Liu Yi asks, “Oh, you wish to become A-rank singers?”

“Of course we wish to. In this line, who does not wish to become famous one day!”

He Xue says, “Like Yang Kun, A’Bao those people, as long as one can become famous, all the sacrifice from before is worth it!”

“If that is the case, how about Redstar Entertainment?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he took out a Redstar Entertainment name card and lightly pushed it to He Xue.


He Xue and her friend were both startled as their eyes stare at that name card without blinking.

Redstar Entertainment’s Chairman!

Are you joking…is, is this real?

We had bitterly persevered till now, the dream that we had always been looking forward to is right in front of us?

“This, this is not a dream, right…”

He Xue tugs Gu Bai by the side, “Quick, Xiao Bai, quickly pinch me!”

Gu Bai is not polite and pinches tightly, making her cry out in pain.

“Ah!!! Pain, pain! It is real!”

“Of course, it is real.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Tomorrow, someone will give the two of you a call. Please work hard and become the new generation’s group singer of my Redstar Entertainment.”

“We, we will work hard!”

He Xue and Gu Bai are both excited while Liu Yi turns his head around and says, “Luo Ying, in the future you can hear them performing in Jinwan…”

Liu Yi’s expression suddenly turned stiff.

Where is Luo Ying?

She was here a moment ago! Furthermore, I did not sense her leaving!

Damn it! With my cultivation falling, did it cause my awareness to become weaker?!

{Meng Xi, did you see what Luo Ying went to?}

{Ah?} Meng Xi also seemed to be startled awake, {Did she leave? She was here earlier!}

{How about you, Immortal Fox Sister. Did you see it?}

{I also did not notice it…but, I can smell her scent.}

Lin Tong’s words allow Liu Yi to become slightly relaxed. Luckily my Immortal Fox Sister is an animal…

While as for me, the moment I become a god race, I had broken away from my demon lineage. Now, I no longer possess that sensitive sense of smell of a demon anymore.

God Race Undying God is even stronger than Demon Race Self-healing ability. Overall, the benefits are bigger than the cons. Otherwise, why would Gui Tongtian rack his brains and schemes to become a god race and obtain the Undying God body!

The only pity is the suffering of my Little Lass!

“Beauties, unfortunately, I cannot accompany you anymore. Please wait for the call.”

Liu Yi says good-bye to this two-person group SNO before following Lin Tong and walks in the direction of Luo Ying.

Luo Ying, you lass! Where did you run off to! It is so dangerous, and you still ran amok! You are making people worried!

Wait till I find her, I will hit her butt as a punishment!

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Chapter 1035   [Where did she run off to!]

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