MKW Chapter 1034


Chapter 1034  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

A rich guy who is driving his newly bought Lamborghini says to the beauty by his side, “Sha Nuo, put on your safety belt. We are going to speed up!”

Beside the Lamborghini are a number of luxurious sports cars. Clearly, this is a racing competition.

Jingdu has this group of rich men who like to have a car race daily.

“This new car of mine is installed with four nitro devices. When speeding up, no one will be a match for it, hahaha!”

While the rich man is speaking, he presses the nitro button, and the exhaust immediately erupts with blue flames, which pushes the entire car forward in a rush!

Very quickly, this Lamborghini had thrown the rest of the cars far behind it. That mixed-beauty Sha Nuo is excited as she claps her hands happily as she says, “It is too fast. This car is really impressive!”

The rich guy is full of confidence as he says, “Hahaha, of course. There will not be anyone who can overtake this darling car of mine!”

At this moment, there seems to be the sound of a horse galloping coming from the side.

Sha Nuo looks out of the window, and her jaw drops from shock.

“Some, someone overtook us…”

“Who, what car can overtake me?”

“It, it’s a horse…”


The rich man looked to the right and was instantly flabbergasted.

As he watches a big white horse galloping vigorously with its hoof, carrying a stream of white light as it gallops in front on the right.

“What the fuck! Are you for real?”

The rich guy rubs his eyes with all his might and realizes that that white horse still exists.

“What is this joke! How can a horse outrun my Lamborghini!”

The rich guy steps on the gas ferociously, preparing to overtake the white horse.

But the white horse ran faster and faster. The Lamborghini was soon left behind and can no longer be seen.

The rich guy knows that there is no hope in catching up and swallows his saliva before saying, “Damn it…I d must be dreaming…”

The mixed-blood beauty is also stunned as well, “We are both dreaming…”

While Luo Ying is the one who is really feeling like she is dreaming. She is riding on top of Liu Yi, who has transformed into a white horse as he gallops as fast as lightning. Almost in a blink of an eye, he had already galloped to their destination.

“Princess, we have arrived.”

Liu Yi bends his wait and kneels on the ground, letting Luo Ying dismount. He did not appear in a place where there is a lot of people; instead, he first went to a corner so as to not attract the attention of the people in Houhai.

After dismounting, Luo Ying is still slightly stunned as she asks, “Are, are you Sun Wukong?”

Hearing what Luo Ying says, Liu Yi, cannot help but laugh, “Hahaha, how could that be, I was not born from a rock! This is only a type of magic from China. It is even more mystical than the 72 transformations.”

72 transformation only has 72 different changes, while my Fog Mist Real Body has endless variation and is very profound.

“The number of things that I can transform into is even more than that Monkey Sun!”

“Ah? Really?”

Luo Ying claps her hand, excitedly, “Then can you transform into Jay Chou? I admire him a lot! Transform into him and take a photo with me! My friends will envy me a lot!”

Liu Yi’s facial muscles twitches, this lass’s request is too ball-breaking!

“Transforming needs a huge amount of magic power!” Liu Yi does not wish to change to another person and take a photo together with him; thus, he makes up with an excuse, “Right now my magic powers is not enough thus I cannot transform anymore. Let’s go. Now that we have arrived in Houhai, let’s find a place to play.”

“Then then…then when you have recovered your magic powers, can you transform and show me?”


Liu Yi agreed to it first before leading Luo Ying and walk out from the small alley. They follow along Yandai Byway and walk into Houhai.

The sides of this street are interesting and appealing old buildings of Jingdu. Tiles and bricks houses as well as those red gates, all of them attracted Luo Ying’s attention.

By the sides of the street are also hawkers and peddlers, as well as numerous snacks from Jinwan, which makes Luo Ying excited.

“Look, this place has a lot of snacks from my nation!”

“That’s right. Jinwan’s culinary delicacies are more well-received by the women in China.”


This point makes Luo Ying feel surprised.

“That’s right. When I was in university, when I went out to eat with my friends, I liked these snacks the most.”

Recalling this, Liu Yi cannot help but misrepresent slightly, “Especially during that time I enjoyed eating peanut smoothies. It was super delicious.”

“In the future, when you come to Jinwan, I shall bring you to eat delicious food.”

Luo Ying subconsciously hugs Liu Yi’s arm and leans against him tightly as they walk among the crowd.

Liu Yi can clearly feel the softness of Luo Ying’s chest. Doesn’t she know of some taboo…no matter what? I am a man…

Walking deeper through Yandai Byway is Houhai. When night falls, the constructs floating on Houhai’s water surface start to light up with every color under the sun, making it very beautiful, like a fantasy.

Luo Ying cannot help but mutters, “This place is so beautiful…”

“This place was a very famous street in the past,” said Liu Yi as he pointed forward.

Luo Ying looks over there to see a street that is covered with red lights.

“Eh…that…could it be the legendary red-light district…”

“Hahaha, what red light district. That place is full of bars. Let’s go; I’ll bring you over to play.”

Carrying an ancient painting on his back, Liu Yi brings Luo Ying and walks towards the bars.

“Handsome guy and beauty. Come in to have a drink!”

“Do come in to listen to the songs; there is no minimum spending!”

Along the street, are some handsome guys in black attire soliciting. At this moment, Wang Erhuo still has not arrived, so Liu Yi pulls Luo Ying and casually enters a booth outside of a bar and sits down on the red sofa.

“Two black beers.”

Because it is not the bar that Wang Erhuo wants to introduce to him, that is why Liu Yi causally ordered two cups of beer and listened to the singer together with Luo Ying.

Jingdu has a lot of singers involved with music or ones that have dreams of becoming musicians who come to the bars in Houhai doing night gigs. At this moment, the one on the stage is a somewhat gloomy male singer who is wearing black attire. He is hugging a guitar as he faces the microphone as he sings and plays.

What he is singing are songs that can frequently be heard repeatedly, making Liu Yi shake his head.

Luo Ying drank the black beer and felt that it was rather delicious. Raising her head to see Liu Yi shakes his head, she cannot help but ask, “What’s the matter. Do you not like it?”

Liu Yi explains, “Nothing. He sang it quite decently. If he can sing the song that I wrote, it will be even better.”

Although he came to this place to listen to music, he also plans to find some people for his entertainment company in the passing.

Along with Redstar Entertainment, under Liu Yi’s banner becoming bigger and bigger, it is unable to keep up with expansion as they had only signed a contract with a single performing artist, Wang Yuzheng.

If Redstar Entertainment wishes to continue to develop, they need to sign with some new talents.

But these singers are not what Liu Yi wants.

Although Luo Ying does not mind what Liu Yi says, a man who is drinking by the side immediately becomes unhappy.

“Hey, what are you saying! Since you say that he is bad at singing, why don’t you go up and sing!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders; gosh, look at my luck. It seems like I had provoked the singer’s friend.

With that man shouting so loudly, it instantly attracted the attention of a lot of people.

He seemed to have drunk a bit too much and grabbed hold of Liu Yi, not letting go.

“If you have the ability, go up and sing yourself! Don’t sit here, gloomy! Weren’t you afraid when you were speaking earlier!”

Hearing his buddy shouting, the singer on the stage immediately put down the guitar and ask, “Da Bing, what is the matter?”

“This kid says that your singing is bad!”

That guy scolds, “If you have the ability, then go and sing!”

“Sure, I’ll sing.”

Liu Yi stood up and dusted his clothing before walking up the stage. Before he left, he left behind a sentence, “Next time before you speak, remember you wash your mouth first.”


That guy wished to cause trouble but was held back by some of the male waiters in the bar.

Those can open a bar in Houhai have some background. Which one of them would let a drunk person create trouble?

Liu Yi had already replaced that singer and sat on that high stool.

Liu Yi asked, “Who can lend me their guitar?”

That singer sneers and retreats. Clearly, he does not wish to lend his to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is rather helpless and asks again, “A keyboard will work as well.”

A girl who is rather pretty suddenly says, “Please use mine.”

Liu Yi looks over to the voice to see two girls standing in the corner. They are dressed up in the same style. White blouse with a black necktie as well as black jeans.

Hearing their words, that male singer immediately says coldly, “He Xue, you no longer want to sing in this place?”

Looks like this depressed brother has some status in this place. He instantly causes the girls who want to lend their keyboards to me to hesitate.

“What’s the matter. Do not dare to let me sing?”

Liu Yi immediately adopted psychological methods to force him to give in.

“I, Wang Lei, have been singing here for ten years! Why would I be afraid of you? What a joke! Lend it to him.”

That depressed brother waves his hand, and that girl lets out a breath of relief before lending her keyboard to Liu Yi. Liu Yi nods his head towards the girl, gratefully.

But before he starts singing, he did not forget to mock that depressed brother, “Singing in this place for ten years and still not becoming famous, what is there to be arrogant about.”


The depressed brother wishes to become angry but recalling that this place is not the place where he can be impudent, he forcefully holds back.

Aren’t you arrogant! Wait till you start singing; I shall embarrass you!

The depressed brother gives the waiter behind him a look, and that waiter immediately nods his head before walking over to the microphone power source.

The depressed brother sneers in his heart. In a bit, while you are singing, let’s see if you do not embarrass yourself when your microphone is unplugged!

{Little Jade, help me calibrate my pitch.}

Liu Yi orders Little Jade to help him control his pitch. His voice is not bad, but it is a pity that he is tone-deaf, which makes him the butt of the joke of others. But after having Little Jade, when Liu Yi starts speaking, he becomes an adequate Adonis!

He chose a song that Wang Yuzheng still has not released. As he plays the keyboard, he starts singing.

“Years hurried past; we had previously walked past. Time is like water, do they still remember…”

Like the saying, when experts take action, people will immediately become aware!

Liu Yi had only sung a single sentence, and a lot of people were stunned. Especially those singers who are doing the night gigs, all of them were dumbstruck.

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Chapter 1034   [Expert taking action]

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  1. Um, kind of a dick move to yuzheng here, its a song she wrote and hasn’t yet released, to release it before her isnt ok, there will likely be those recordings and uploading, all it takes is one and suddenly it will look like yuzheng stole the song. Also why does he know the song at all. He hasnt been spending time with her while she practiced it, she was focused on a movie when he briefly went to her, so she likly isnt even practicing in a studio for a while, so he couldn’t learn it from recordings. Her practicing would have to be on her own do to being out of countryand companys focusing on her acting. unless she sent it early to him he just shouldn’t know it.


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