MKW Chapter 1033


Chapter 1033  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

“What the fuck!”

Wang Erhuo got a huge shock as he hurriedly turns the steering wheel, making the Jeep turn to the left rapidly.

But a white longsword suddenly falls from the sky and nails down on the car hood, piercing through the car and nailed it firmly to the ground.

The windscreen of the car completely shatters!

Liu Yi subconsciously scolds, “Damn it! I borrowed this car!”

The figure of a man lands in front of the car, holding the sword with one hand while his other hand is holding a pistol. He crouches on the car hood as he looks into the car.

“Miss Luo, I am here to pick you up.”

The one who came is none other Black-eye.

Liu Yi takes a look, and the sword that he is holding is one of the 100+ Taiji swords on Taobao, which is making a fool of oneself.

“Damn it, who the hell are you!”

Wang Erhuo suddenly pulls out a pistol as well and shoots at Black-eye.

While Black-eye only tilts his head slightly to the side and dodges this bullet.

“Apologies, I also have a gun as well.”

With that, he raised the pistol in his hand and points at Wang Erhuo, and was about to pull the trigger.

“Brother Erhuo, sorry.”

Liu Yi extends his hand and points at Wang Erhuo before pulling with holy power.

Wang Erhuo’s body instantly knocks open the car door and flies to the side, landing far away.

This way, he would be safe.

At the same time, Liu Yi tosses out Sky Flipping Seal to protect Luo Ying.


Black-eye give Liu Yi a few more looks, “So you are the person who is protecting her?”

Liu Yi says very bashfully, “Oh my, to think that you saw through this. I am embarrassed.”

“Then I am sorry as you are going to die here.”

As Black-eye speaks, he points the pistol at Liu Yi and pulls the trigger multiple times.

Liu Yi extends out his hand and grabs all of the bullets.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Sorry that I did not die.”

“Interesting. Too interesting!”

Black-eye becomes excited, “Indeed, you are a very interesting opponent!”

“Oh my, I am sorry as I do not find you interesting.”

Liu Yi says, “Furthermore, we are in a hurry to go and listen to music. Why don’t you move aside and let us pass?”

“Let us play.”

Black-eye suddenly points his hand, and Luo Ying and clenches his hand.

Luo Ying, who is originally protected by Sky Flipping Seal, suddenly jolted, and her face turns pale white. She holds her chest as sweat covers her entire face.

“What is going on!”

Liu Yi does not know what kind of technique this is to disregard his Sky Flipping Seal!

{It is a superpower!}

Immortal Fox sister Lin Tong suddenly says to Liu Yi, {This superpower can disregard your Sky Flipping Seal and directly affect Luo Ying’s body! No, it is affecting Luo Ying’s heart!}

Liu Yi touches Luo Ying’s arm and asks, “Luo Ying, are you okay?!”


Luo Ying did not say anything and only continued to sweat.

“Her heart is under my control.”

Black-eye laughs, “As long as I think of it, her heart will be shredded!”

Liu Yi’s gaze turns cold as he says with the threat, “Then I guarantee that your brain will also turn into shreds as well!”

Black-eye provokes Liu Yi, “If you wish to let her live on, then come and play with this lord!”

Almost in a split second, Black-eye was sent flying away. He is like traveling through space and flies far away from the car and crashes into a parked car far away.

Black-eye feels that his chest is in incomparable pain, and a few of his ribs are broken.


He vomits blood.

In his sight, Liu Yi slowly walked over from far away.

His fists are clenched, and every step is very heavy. Every time he stepped on the ground, a deep hole was immediately left on the ground.

One footprint is burning with flames, while the other is frozen with ice.

Black-eye thought that he is hallucinating and cannot help but mutters, “Cough…could he be a devil god…”

“You have provoked the wrong person.”

Liu Yi pressed his fist against Black-eye’s jaw. At this moment, Black-eye’s entire body is sitting in the hole of the car. Because his bones were broken, he is unable to stand up.

“Wish to make to play with you? Sure! I shall fulfill you!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he revolves the power from Sky Supporting Pillar and smashes a fist on Balck-eye’s right arm.

The flesh exploded, and that arm of Black-eye turned into meat and blood, staining half of the car red!


Black-eye scream as it is too fucking painful!

This guy exploded my arm! Fuck!

“I want to kill you!” Shouted Black-eye as he raises his other hand suddenly and grasps while pointing at Liu Yi’s chest!

He plans to use his superpower to crush Liu Yi’s heart!

But at that instant, he feels like he is grabbing a piece of steel and is unable to move it!


Black-eye finally feels that something is wrong.

“You have found the wrong opponent!”

Liu Yi shouts as he punches Black-eye on his jaw!

A squall instantly rises! Black-eye’s body was instantly sent flying away as his body instantly flies thousands of miles away into the sky.

At that, instantly, he flies into the sky; Black-eye seems to have seen a grim reaper in the sky standing above him.

“Did I…provoke the wrong person…”

Black-eye’s body slowly starts falling apart and turns into blood and flesh, which starts falling to the ground like rain.

At this moment, a whirlpool suddenly appears in the sky as a demon arm shoots out and grab Black-eye’s soul.

At the same time, the demon tosses out a strange sludge and stuffs Black-eye’s soul into it.

That sludge immediately starts changing and takes the shape of Black-eye’s body!

“I, I revived?”

Black-eye floats in the air while that demon’s arm disappears completely.

He is pleasantly surprised as he looks at his hands. Moving them a bit, he realized that it is not an illusion!

“Looks like God wants me to continue to live on, hehehe….”

Black-eye laughs. He exercises his body while looking down at the same time.

His gaze lands thousands of miles away and looks at that man below. At that instant, he shivers.

“Looks like to defeat you, I need some items…”

As Black-eye speaks, he looks far away, “Do you wish to come out to exercise a bit, my baby?”

Thinking about this, he turns around and flies in that direction.


Liu Yi adjusted his mood before returning back to the car.

At this moment, the car cannot be spoiled anymore. The engine was stabbed through by the sword, and the jeep is now scrapped.

Luo Ying is full of confidence towards Liu Yi. Seeing him walking back, she subconsciously asks, “Is it settled?”

Liu Yi gives Luo Ying the OK sign.

At this moment, Wang Erhuo had climbed back to his feet and walked back. He is leaning against the car with a lit cigarette and says, “My gosh. Following you is too exciting!”

Liu Yi, who is walking over, asks, “Are you afraid?”

“If I’m afraid, then my surname is not Wang!”

Wang Erhuo grins, “Back then, my grandfather was the general that was at war against Chaoxian. He also disrupted an entire row of US soldiers on his own! In the past, he always says that I was a coward. I reckon that today he will sit up and take notice of my performance!”

With that, he passes a cigarette to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not reject it and took it, and Wang Erhuo moved over to help him light it up.

He glanced at Luo Ying, who was sitting in the car, “Who is that girl?”

“Luo Jun’s daughter.”

Liu Yi feels that he is still not comfortable smoking; thus, he tosses it on the ground and extinguishes it.

Seeing this, Wang Erhuo felt heartache. His lip twitches as he says, “Damn! It is a special product, and you threw it away!”

He is even more astonished in his heart. He is shocked by Luo Ying’s identity and even more shocked by Liu Yi’s task. This time he is not only protecting Luo Ying; he is protecting the future of Jinwan and China.

Wang Erhuo felt deep veneration for Liu Yi. Law Enforcer is indeed Law Enforcer. If China does not have a Law Enforcer, what is to be done.

“Hey, the two of you! There is a woman here, and you guys are still smoking!”

Luo Ying raps the car door unhappily, “Come and drive the car! Aren’t we going to the pub?”

“Big miss. This car cannot be driven a.” Liu Yi pats the car, “The engine is destroyed.”

“Then what do we do? Transform into a horse and carry me there then.”

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi smiles as he looks at Luo Ying, “If I transform into a horse and carry you, what about you?”

Luo Ying pouts and says, “Tsk, you think you are Sun Wukong! If you can transform into a horse and carry me over, I shall kiss you.”

“What the, can the two of you stop joking around!”

Wang Erhuo cannot watch this anymore and says, “I shall make a call and let my brothers drive a car over to pick us up!”

“You wait for the car then. Me and Luo Ying shall go ahead first.”

With that, Liu Yi turns on the spot as golden qi wraps around his body.

In a blink of an eye, a big golden horse walks out from the light. The golden light on its body swiftly disappears, and all of its hair turns snow white, making it look very beautiful.

If there is a horn growing on top of its head, people might think that he is a unicorn.

“So beautiful…”

Seeing this, Luo Ying is slightly dazzled. This is the first time she had seen such a beautiful horse.

Is, is this really Liu Yi who transformed?

Could, could he be Sun Wukong?

Wang Erhuo is also utterly stunned. What the fuck, he can really transform as he wishes?! What else can he transform into!

That snow-white horse opens its mouth and says human words, “My princess, please mount.”

With that, the snow-white horse bends its leg and kneels on the ground.

“Come, coming…”

Luo Ying stops staring blankly and walks over in shock. Holding Liu Yi’s neck, she supports herself on Liu Yi’s neck and mounted.

“Let’s go.”

Liu Yi lightly takes a few steps forward, and following which, he strides forward with his sturdy four limbs and starts galloping on the road.

This horse gallops very gracefully, fast and nimble like a white wind. Luo Ying hugs Liu Yi’s neck tightly to prevent herself from falling off.

“What the fuck…today I must have dreamed too much…”

Wang Erhuo rubs his eyes, and at this moment, a taxi drove over, and Wang Erhuo hurriedly flagged it down.

“Brother, where are we heading?”

“Quick, quickly go and catch up to the…horse in front…”

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Chapter 1033   [Come and ride me]

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