MKW Chapter 1032


Chapter 1032  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji

The gangsters who were arrogant were frightened when they saw Wang Erhuo walking in.

Some of the choppers in the gangster’s hand dropped onto the ground with a -dang-

Those who hang on the streets, how many of them would not recognize Wang Erhuo? Although Red Scarf Army had basically dominated China, only Jingdu this place had always been Dagger Society, which was the dominating gang. But everyone knows in their heart that the boss of Dagger Society Wang Erhuo and Red Scarf Army’s Commanding Officer are best friends. The two of them are basically wearing the same pants; thus, in Jingdu, the two gangs had always been living together in harmony. Sometimes, they might even help each other.

After Wang Erhuo walks in, he directly looks at Liu Yi and laughs, “Brother Liu, which one is my sworn brother? Or is it that you missed me too much thus made a reason to drag me over to eat crayfish with you!”

“I was missing you. But the sworn brother matter is also indeed true.”

Liu Yi points at An Xiaomo, who is trembling, “Look, he is the one.”

An Xiaomo is about to pee in his pants from fright, as he woke up from his drunkenness.

Damnit, what father says is right. Jingdu indeed has hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Not anyone can be provoked! How is it that a casual person that I provoked on Basket Street is the fucking brother of Wang Erhuo! This is too fucking unlucky! Did I not look at the yellow calendar when I left the house today?!

Wang Erhuo looks at the trembling An Xiaomo, who is trembling there, and asks, “Who the fuck are you?”

“Brother, brother Erhuo…”

An Xiaomo is unable to speak and feels like his tongue is in a knot. Although his family is rich, it cannot be compared to Wang Erhuo. Wang Erhuo is a Red Fourth Gen and is a person whose hand covers Jingdu. As long as Wang Erhuo gave the world, An Xiaomo shall disappear from the face of the earth.

Thinking of this, An Xiaomo immediately kneels down and says to Wang Erhuo and Liu Yi, “Two bosses. I, I was wrong…”

The gangster wearing lip piercing behind him raises his chopper and says, “Brother Xiaomo, why are you kneeling! They only have one person. Let us chop them to death! Look how many of us are here!”

While he is speaking, a few of those gangsters who do not fear death raises their choppers and prepare for a huge fight.

“You, you calm down!”

An Xiaomo hurriedly stops his underling, “This is Brother Erhuo!”

“Like I care which brother he is!”

That gangster shouts, “Under our blades, there are only ghosts! As long as we kill him, Dagger Society will collapse!”

“You are crazy! You are really crazy!”

“Hahaha, I feel that the opportunity has come!”

That brother shouts, “It should be our turn to create a new era!”

With that, he raises his chopper and walks towards Wang Erhuo.

“I like your character.”

Wang Erhou looks at the guy walking towards him with a chopper without any fear on his face.

The gangster laughs sinisterly, “Wait till I chop you to death, then you will be even happier.”

“Brother Liu, you will not watch me get chopped to death, right?”

“Of course. After all, your death has no benefits to me.”

Liu Yi winks at Wang Erhuo before picking up a chopstick and tosses it out.

That chopstick stabs through the hand of that gangster who is holding a chopper and nails it to the wall far behind while being stained with blood.

That gangster immediately holds his hand as he screams. He kneels onto the ground while wailing, “My hand, my hand!”

The rest of the gangsters shouts, “Quick! Chop them to death!”

At this moment, the door was pushed open again as numerous people rush in holding clubs in their hands and started smashing those gangsters onto the ground.

The surrounding people start exclaiming while Wang Erhuo and Liu Yi pay no attention to this familiar sight as they sit down together and start drinking.

Wang Erhuo asks Liu Yi, “Us brothers have not drunk together for a long time. Where did you run to recently?”

“Alas, I was running all over the place.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I am different from you. I have lots of matters to do. With a word from the higher-ups, I have to come and go as they will.”

“Well, who asked you to be our China’s Law Enforcer.”

Wang Erhuo smirks and raises his bottle of alcohol and says, “You don’t know how many ladies worship you! A few days ago, I got to know of a good sister. She was so crazy about you that she is like a Mara. She kept bothering me daily to get your signature! Later you must give me one.”

Liu Yi smiles vaguely, “God, sister. That sounds rather wicked.”

“Hey, thinking it sexually is right. That girl’s bed skill is very impressive! Do you want me to introduce her to you some other day and have you give her a try personally?”


Luo Ying, by the side cough, and only then did Wang Erhuo see this beautiful Jinwan girl.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. I did not notice this beautiful girl. This is your wife?”

This question from Wang Erhuo instantly causes Luo Ying’s face to turn red.

“Get lost! Who is your sister-in-law! Hatefully!”

“Ah, so she is also a person from Jinwan!”

Hearing the soft Jinwan accent, Wang Erhuo laughs and says, “Brother Liu, you are quite capable! You went far to pick up this girl!”

“Stop messing around. This one is the target of my protection, Luo Ying.”

Liu Yi hurriedly explains, “My task is to protect her safety.”

Wang Erhuo raises his eyebrow and asks Liu Yi, “Only a target to protect?”

Luo Ying’s ears also straighten up. Liu Yi can see it clearly and sigh in his heart before saying, “That’s right, only a target to protect.”

Luo Ying’s expression turn slightly dim while Liu Yi says sorry secretly. But this is also for the better of the future. There must not be any feelings between each other, and it must be smothered as soon as possible.

“And you still brought her here.”

Wang Erhuo did not ask deeper; instead, he asked another matter, “There are so many people here, and it is also very messy. Are you not afraid that something would happen?”

“Like the saying, the major figure hides in the city.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “The place with more people is actually even safer.”

“What you say also has some points of reasons.”

Wang Erhuo nods his head. Seeing the ancient painting behind Liu Yi’s back, he becomes curious again, “What is the matter. Do you recently start to like peddling in ancient paintings? Let me have a look. I love to collect these.”

While he was speaking, he had already taken off the ancient painting from Liu Yi’s back and unfurled it to have a look.

The moment he sees it, his gaze immediately turns blank.

“Hey! You cannot look at this!”

Liu Yi pushes away Wang Erhuo before rolling up the ancient painting and place it back on his back.

He says in his heart, what the heck. After unsealing it, this painting of Wu Meiniang’s demon qi became even stronger. Wang Erhuo only took a glance and nearly had his soul sucked into it.

“This painting…is strange…”

Wang Erhuo is a very smart person and immediately determines it. Just now, my condition was fishy.

“That’s right. It is a demonic painting.”

Liu Yi says, “If an ordinary person looks at it, their soul will fly away and scatter.”

It is consumed by Wu Meiniang. After all, who let Wu Meiniang be a demon. Her human side has already been peeled off.

“Then hurry and keep it away!”

Hearing this, Wang Erhuo is frightened and withdraws his gaze from the painting, “You really have huge courage to bring this kind of painting.”

“Hahaha, of course!”

Liu Yi laughs, “Otherwise, I would not feel relief placing it in any other place.”

If another guy met it, Liu Yi does not dare to guarantee that Wu Meiniang would not suck away their soul.

Wang Erhuo claps his hands and says, “Okay then. Let’s not eat this. Let’s go. Let me bring you to Houhai to play.”

Luo Ying cannot help but ask, “What place is Houhai?”

“It is a place to play in Jingdu.”

Wang Erhuo laughs, “Miss Luo, right. Perhaps you had never gone there before; let me bring you over to play.”

“Oh? Is it to go and look at the sea?”

“Hahaha, it is not. It is to drink.”

Wang Erhuo winks at Luo Ying, “That place has a lot of good alcohol.”


Luo Ying gives Liu Yi a provoking look, “How is your alcohol capacity?”

Liu Yi smiles and says to Luo Ying, “More than you.”

“Tsk, I do not believe you. Let’s complete!”

Luo Ying destroys her image and raises her middle finger, “If I lose, I shall do a striptease for you!”

“Wow, I appreciate this girl!” Wang Erhuo slaps his tights and says, “Brother, if you do not chase her, then I shall do it!”

Liu Yi hurriedly pressed his shoulder, “Other girls are okay but not this one.”

“Why? What is it? Are you unwilling?”

While Wang Erhuo is asking this, Luo Ying lowers her head to eat the crayfish and pretends that she did not hear it.

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Not that. It is because you cannot afford to pick up this girl. This is a person whom the high-ups instructed me to protect. Brother Erhuo, think about it. What kind of person is worthy to ask me to go and protect?”

“I understand now.”

Wang Erhuo is indeed a formidable person who can meet gains or losses with equanimity.

He stands up and says magnanimously, “Then drinking is still not a problem. The place is opened by my brothers, so there is not a problem.”

Luo Ying raises her small fist and says, “Good. Let’s go!”

“Sure. Today I shall accompany you to wherever you wish to go.”

“That is what you say!”

“That’s right. It is indeed what I said.” Admitted Liu Yi.

“Then, I shall go to the toilet.”

“This…it is best if you go on your own…”

“Tsk, not keeping your words.”

Luo Ying stands up in delight, “Let’s go!”

“Aren’t you going to the toilet?”

“I was teasing you one. Let’s go!”


Wang Erhuo laughs by the side, and the three of them walk out of Hu Da, and no one dares to block them.

“Let’s go. Take my car over.”

Liu Yi tosses the car keys to Wang Erhuo, “You drive.”

“Oh! I like this car. But, it is a bit cheap.”

Wang Erhuo walks over to the car and says, “Some other day, I will give you a Cayenne to drive.”

“Forget it. I usually do not drive.”

Liu Yi waved it off, “Furthermore, that car is too high-profile.”

“The world of the rich…”

By the side, Luo Ying curls her lips. The three of them get on the car with Liu Yi and Luo Ying sitting in the back row.

Taking advantage of the dim light of the night, they drove towards Workers Stadium.

Jingdu usually has very blocked up roads. But during the night, the roads become very unimpeded.

“It is very close; we will arrive soon.”

Just as Wang Erhuo finished, suddenly a -boom- rings out.

Following which a truck in front of them suddenly loses control and starts crashing towards them.

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