MKW Chapter 1031


Chapter 1031  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi and Luo Ying sit together and eat. They had ordered a full table of crayfish, letting Luo Ying eat very happily.

Luo Ying eats until her mouth is a bit swollen from the spiciness. As she eats, she pants with all her might. But she still persevered to eat, making Liu Yi dumbstruck.

“It is so spicy, and you are still eating? Do you want me to order some soda for you?”

“I don’t want it!”

Luo Ying fan herself as she says, “What is the point of drinking soda while eating spicy food! Wait for me to finish, then I’ll drink!”

“Then wipe your mouth. Your face is covered with chili!”

Liu Yi passes a paper towel to Luo Ying.

Luo Ying looks at Liu Yi curiously and asks, “Why are you suddenly so nice towards me?”

Liu Yi says, “I am respecting you as a masculine woman!”

An anger Luo Ying slaps him with her hand.

“Hateful, arent you meant to coax people happy?”

“Hahaha, if you continue to eat, the boss will be so happy that he will die. Lady, what is your stomach made of? This is already 50 crayfish, and I did not eat a single one. Everything was eaten by you.”

“It is delicious!”

Luo Ying says, “Although there is also crayfish at our side, there is nothing like this…it is delicious to eat. Why are you not eating?”

“In front of a heroic woman, I feel that I have no face to open my mouth.”

Liu Yi waves it off, “I simply cannot out eat you, so I would rather not disgrace myself.”

“Get lost! Why do you keep being mean to me!”

Luo Ying finally cannot take it and drinks some soda before wiping her mouth.

The beauty’s face is slightly red from the spiciness, making her look very alluring.

A handsome guy who is eating crayfish with a woman stares at her blankly when seeing Luo Ying.

The handsome guy says to the woman, “You go back first.”

“What? Didn’t we say that we were going to the pub to play…”

The woman is surprised and does not know why the handsome guy is chasing her away.

“I’m no longer in the mood.”

The handsome guy waved his hand, “Take a cab back home. I shall not send you back.”

The woman has no choice. She can only turn around and walk out of the restaurant. The handsome guy smiles faintly before walking over to Liu Yi’s table and sits down.

“Beauty, let’s get to know each other. I am called An Xiaomo.”

“Oh. Nice to meet you…”

Luo Ying thought that he was Liu Yi’s friend; thus, she shook hands with that handsome guy politely.

Liu Yi looks at him and realizes that his attire is branded and he should be from a rich family.

Although most of the restaurants on Basket Street are cheap, when it is night, a lot of rich people like to bring their mistresses and the likes over here to eat.

The handsome guy is condescending as he waves Liu Yi away and says, “You can leave now. This is the money for your cab.”

With that, he took out two hundred dollars and slapped it in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi laughs, “The fare for a cab is not so much.”

“You can take the rest to spend.”

After the rich guy finished with Liu Yi, he looks back to Luo Ying, “Beauty, I still do not know your name? Please tell me.”

“Who are you? Why should I tell you.”

Seeing that this guy is not Liu Yi’s friend, Luo Ying frowns, “Please leave and do not disturb us.”

Liu Yi is slightly astonished as he did not expect that she would have such a powerful side to her.

I thought that she was a soft woman, so this was quite a surprise to me.

“It doesn’t matter if you do not know who I am. After we become familiar with one another, you will know.”

An Xiaomo laughs and places his Porsche car keys on the table, “It is boring eating here. Why don’t we go to some other place to play? How about Sanlitun? I have a number of brothers there; how about I bring you over to get to know them?”

Liu Yi shakes his head, haiz, eating in the middle of the night and result in meeting this person. How unlucky.

“Not interested; if you are lonely, then go and beat your meat.”

This sentence of Luo Ying is unyielding, almost making Liu Yi applaud for her.

Indeed she is Luo Jun’s daughter. She is, indeed, unordinary.

“Beauty, give face.”

“Really! I was eating happily. Why should I give you face! Am I familiar with you?”

Luo Ying keeps suffocating that rich guy, An Xiaomo, and finally causes him to become angry. He slaps the table and scolds, “Fuck you, stinky prostitute! Who do you think you are! In Jingdu, no one dares to speak to me like this!”

Luo Ying seems to be slightly afraid and lean towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi tilts his head and looks at An Xiaomo and says, “Oh? So you are impressive?”

“Ha, of course! Go and ask about who I, An Xiaomo, am! Me liking her is giving her face!”

“Brother, let me ask you a question.”

“Fuck, hurry, and say your nonsense! Is it because you find the money too little?”

The rich man’s breath is full of alcohol smell making Liu Yi feel that he had drunk quite a bit earlier. Otherwise, he would not speak so arrogantly.

Some people who drank too much would speak a lot, while others would fall asleep after drinking too much. There is another kind that becomes arrogant after drinking so much.

Most of the rich people in Jingdu are low-profile. Because this place is too big with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. None of them dare be too high-profile as they are afraid of provoking someone whom they should not provoke.

Jingdu has too many rich second-generation people as well as difficult to deal with children of officials and even Red Fourth Gen! These are people who can walk sideways in Jingdu and not someone whom a rich man’s son would dare to casually provoke.

“It is not a matter of money. I wish to learn from you who is the one backing this area?”

“What the, is there a need to fucking ask? Of course, it is Brother Erhuo!”

An Xiaomo says, “Let me tell you, you better be careful. Me and Brother Erhuo are sworn, brothers! If you make me unhappy, Brother Erhuo will make you unhappy!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi nods his head before taking out his handphone and makes a call.

“Brother Erhuo. There is a brother here who says that he is your sworn brother. Why did you not tell me? Come over here to have a drink with us, so that we can get to know each other.”

“When the hell did I have a sworn brother.”

Wang Erhuo is baffled, “Where are you? I’ll come and find you.”

“Basket Street, Hu Da. Come over.”

“Oh, I am over at Workers Stadium. I will be over very quickly!”

After Liu Yi hangs up, the handsome guy stare blankly for a while before saying, “Fuck! Who are you scaring! How could you know Brother Erhuo?”

Liu Yi says, “Brother, wake up from your drunkenness. Jingdu is not a place where you can be arrogant.”

“Mother fucker! Who the fuck are to taking to!”

The rich guy becomes angered, “Do you believe I won’t break your bones!”

“Come and try this small, preserved egg.”

Liu Yi ignores that guy and passes a small preserved egg and place it on Luo Ying’s plate.

Luo Ying knows of Liu Yi’s ability and eats the preserved egg with a clear conscience while not taking that rich guy seriously.

This finally angered the rich guy as he immediately pulls out his Apple 5S and makes a phone call, “Fuck this, Er Zi, bring people over to Hu Da, I want to beat up a person!”

He hangs up and glares at Liu Yi fiercely, “Kid, if I do not break your leg today, I shall follow your surname!”

Liu Yi seems to be unable to hear An Xiaomo as he asks Luo Ying, “Is it delicious? Do you want to eat more?”

“You should also eat one as well.”

Luo Ying also treats that person like he does not exist and helps Liu Yi peel open a crayfish and stuffs it into his mouth.

“It is delicious right, hehe. Bring me out to eat more, during these few days!”

“Understood Greedy Cat.”

An Xiaomo is so angered that his lungs are about to explode. Since young till now, this is the first time he had been disregarded by others in this manner which makes his mood bad!!

“Boss, another 20 crayfish! Give me the 5 dollar ones!”

Liu Yi does not care about An Xiaomo’s mood. Today the reason why he came out is to let Luo Ying vent.

Very soon, the door of Hu Da was pushed open as a group of gangsters with dyed hair rushes in.

The rest of the people in the restaurant quickly dodge them to avoid being affected.

The boss of the shop also hurried forward and said, “Friends, let us talk…”

“Fuck you, scram to the side!”

A gangster with a lip piercing kicks that boss before walking over to An Xiaomo’s side.

“Brother Xiaomo, who dares to provoke you. Say it, and we shall kill him!”

Seeing these brothers, An Xiaomo starts laughing, “Hahaha, you guys came at the right time! Do you see this? These are my brothers. Beating you guys to death is nothing!”

“This place is Jingdu !”

Luo Ying is slightly surprised, “Under the food of the Son of Heaven, above the root of Imperial City, how can you beat people?”

“The public security in this place is still not bad.” Liu Yi says, “As long as you call the police, they will be here within three minutes.”

“Who dares to call the police!” One of the gangsters holding a chopper shout, “I will fucking chop him to death!”

China people’s mentality is to enjoy watching the bustling scene but not to meddle with other people’s business. The problem is not coming after them; thus, none of them took out their handphones and called the police.

“Do you see this, in this place, I have the final say.”

An Xiaomo laughs in delight, “Girl, there is still time for you to follow me and leave. Otherwise, you will be covered with blood later!”

“I am not worried about him.” Luo Ying points at Liu Yi, “I am only worried about you.”

“What is there for me to be worried about. Girl, I will only give you this chance. Are you leaving with me!”

“So hateful. Why is it so difficult when I only wish to eat some crayfish.”

Luo Ying says unhappily, “This kind of conduct of yours reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Why do you all like to mingle around the gangs? Can’t you go and find a proper job?”

“Fuck this! Chop that man up and bring that woman away!” Shouted An Xiaomo, and those gangsters behind immediately charge up.

Liu Yi does not seem to be afraid as he sits there calmly and says, “Everyone, why is there a need to be so anxious. My people still have not arrived.”

“Why should I fucking care who your people are! Let me chop you first; then we’ll talk!”

“Hey, there is no need to be so anxious!”

An Xiaomo raises his hand and stops them, “I want to see what kind of person you invited !”

Liu Yi smirks; since this brother is courting disaster, then I cannot be blamed.

“Sure, do you want to eat some crayfish first?”

“Stop trying to worm your way into being friends with me! I’ll give you ten minutes. If your people still have not arrived, I shall chop you first!”

Liu Yi looks at his time, “Should be almost time. Their quick.”

While they are speaking with each other, the door was once again pushed open by someone as Wang Erhuo walks in energetically.

“Where is my sworn brother! Quickly, let me have a look!”

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Chapter 1031   [Become sworn brothers]

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