MKW Chapter 1030


Chapter 1030  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi hurriedly withdrew his gaze and calmed down his emotions.

Every single girl is tender, beautiful, and alluring roses. Luo Ying is also not an exception. Especially since she is a beauty. And right now, she is a beauty that has just bathed; thus, this killing power is not low!

She still has that fragrance on her body, which is tickling Liu Yi’s nose, making him have the desire to commit a sin.

Cannot. I cannot let anything happen between her and me…I simply have too many love debts already!

Liu Yi secretly pinches himself, sobering his consciousness to prevent himself from creating any debt.

Luo Ying raises her head to see a pink panty on Liu Yi’s shoulder and immediately exclaims as she asks, “Hey! Why is my panty on your shoulder?”


Liu Yi hurriedly removed that panty; what the, why did I not see this!

“This is a misunderstanding!”


Luo Ying snatches over the panties before saying angrily, “Who would believe you!”

“I am wrongly accused!”

Liu Yi feels that Dou E is not as wronged as him, “Your own suitcase is packed like an explosive bag! How can you blame me when your panty flies out on its own!”

“How would it be so! The panty just landed on your shoulder? Why don’t you say that my bra landed on your head!”

“You’re right! That indeed happened!”

Liu Yi hurriedly nods his head, “ I took it off!”

“Be quiet!”

Luo Ying does not believe what Liu Yi says, “As a man and seeing how impressive you are fighting, why do you not dare to say the truth now! Since you took it, then say it. You are a man, so I can understand why you took my panty. Why do you not dare admit it!”

The way she says it with devoted righteousness that inspires reverence makes Liu Yi wish to vomit blood.

Damn it. If I had known, I would have recorded it down! But who would expect that such a thing would happen!

“Hmph, I look down on you.”

“Damn it. You still dare to be furious!”

Liu Yi glares, “That’s right. It is me who took it. Not only did I take your panty, but I also want to molest you!”

“If you have the ability, then come!”

Luo Ying does not believe that Liu Yi would dare to do it. After all, she is Luo Jun’s daughter, and a bodyguard from China should not dare to do so.

But what Luo Ying does not know is that Liu Yi is not only a small bodyguard. He is also the Law Enforcer who possesses supreme privilege.


Liu Yi extended his hand and pressed Luo Ying against the bathroom glass, and sticks his face in front of Luo Ying.

Liu Yi has thick eyebrows and big eyes, looking like the standard china’s handsome guy. While Luo Ying is a fair beauty with red lips. When the two of them stick so closely to one another, momentarily, it causes both sides to be quiet.

I don’t know who is the one who said it before, when a man and woman look each other in the eye, if they can look at each other for over ten seconds, both sides will form favorable impressions for each other.

Luo Ying had a favorable impression of Liu Yi. Looking at each other from such a close distance, both sides have an even better favorable impression of each other.

Luo Ying’s fragrance from her body entered Liu Yi’s nose. It is like a virus that erodes his reasoning.

While numerous thoughts flash across Luo Ying’s mind, this man, is like a drug. His aura makes people get addicted to him.

How nice would it be if I had a man like him by my side as my boyfriend…perhaps it would be very safe, I guess…He is really awesome and worthy of relying on. It seems like his position in China is not low as well…alas, for this kind of guy, the number of women chasing after him will be numerous!

It is a pity that daddy says…I cannot like him…so hateful…

Why is his face getting closer and closer to me…don’t tell me…that he wants to kiss me…

Luo Ying wishes to reject but does not have the strength to reject him.

Forget it…just a kiss…should be fine …

Just as their lips were about to touch each other, Luo Ying’s handphone rings again.

The two of them got a fright, and Luo Ying pushed Liu Yi away lightly.

Liu Yi says in his heart, Damn…this time, it is not my handphone but other people’s.

“I, I’ll go and pick up the call…”

Luo Ying is like a startled deer and runs away in a panic. She ignores her damp hair and picks up the call.

Liu Yi leans against the bathroom door as a faint smile appears on his face.

This girl is rather cute.

Luo Ying just picked up the call and immediately regretted it afterward.

“I was bathing; that is why I did not pick up the call.”

She seems to be explaining something as she walks towards the balcony like she is afraid that Liu Yi would hear.

But what kind of hearing does Liu Yi have. With such a short distance, how can he not hear what she says?

Not only does he hear what Luo Ying is saying, but he is also able to hear the other party from the phone.

On the other side of the phone is the voice of a man with the same accent Luo Ying.

“Why are you like this. I have called several times, you know?”

Luo Ying’s tone is very impatient, “I already said that it was not on purpose!”

The other party is very unhappy, “You are not giving me face.”

“Why would I need to care about your face?”

Luo Ying seems to also be very unhappy, “The two of us have already broken up.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, So it is her former boyfriend. No wonder she didn’t want to pick up the phone call.

“I did not agree! That is your own wishful thinking!”

“How can you be like this! Since I said that we broke up, we are done! Don’t you already have other girlfriends? Why are you still looking for me!”

“Come on; Xiao Le is only playing around with me. I am also not serious. I still like you the best.”

“I am not going to listen to this trick of yours!”

Luo Ying says, “I am not listening anymore! You mingle around with your friends instead!”

With that, she hangs up the phone call.

Very quickly, the phone started ringing again, and Luo Ying immediately took out the battery to turn off the handphone.

After walking back from the balcony, Luo Ying forces out a smile and says to Liu Yi, “The air in Jingdu is not that good.”

Liu Yi asked, “Unhappy?”

“You can tell?”

Luo Ying rubs her face, “I thought I masked it.”

“Ghosts could see through it.”

Liu Yi says, “Do you want me to bring you out for a stroll?”

“Where are we going? I heard that there is a very famous snack street in Jingdu which is very famous for spicy food…”

Liu Yi asks, “Are you talking about Basket Street(Guĭ Jiē)?”

“Right, right. It should be that place, Ghost Realm(Guĭ Jiѐ). It sounds rather frightening.”

Luo Ying appears to be slightly afraid but a bit excited as well.

“No. Not that Ghost(Guĭ) that you are talking about. It is the other Basket(Guĭ).”

As Liu Yi speaks, he wet his finger before writing the character down on the table.

“Oh…so it is this word…hehe, I thought that it was weird. Why is the place for eating called this name?”

“Let’s go. I’ll invite you out to eat lobster.”

“Ah? Is it a big lobster?”

Luo Ying’s eyes light up with little stars.

“No. It is a crayfish.”


“What, do not want to eat?”

“No, no. Wait for me a bit. I go and change my clothes, then go out!”

Luo Ying bounces as she drags her suitcase into the bathroom.


A private airplane slowly slides into the runway as a beauty wearing stewardess attire pulls open the cabin door and says with a smile, “Black-eye. We have reached the location.”

Black-eye slaps the stewardess on her butt before smiling, “I will give you a call.”

With that, he turns around and jumps out of the cabin door, and lands on the ground.

When he lands on the ground, he stares at the moon in the sky and cannot help but stretch his arms out.

“Ahh, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen moonlight. It is a pity. How much better would it be if I murder someone under this moonlight, hehehe…”

With that, his figure slowly disappears into the darkness.


“Big miss, we can get off now.”

Liu Yi stopped the car beside Basket Street and then pulled open the car door.

The two of them came out to eat in the middle of the night; thus, Liu Yi especially borrowed a Jeep Cherokee from the top and drove it out.

Although this car is slightly expensive, it does not look high profile; thus, Liu Yi likes it a lot.

After all, there are lots of SUVs in the military.

Liu Yi did not choose a Hummer as it is too high profile.

He pulls open the car door, and Luo Ying gets off.

At this moment, she is wearing a sapphire blue leather jacket. She is wearing a white body-hugging small shirt inside, making her full C-cup breasts to look even ample and perfectly display her thin waist. 

She is also wearing a jean with perfectly wrap around her plump butts and two long but slim legs.

It seems like due to her Jinwan’s style, Luo Ying is also wearing a leather cowboy hat as well. Manifesting both cuteness as well as a kind of wildness from the west.

When she gets off the car, seeing the row of restaurants on Basket Street under the red light, she cannot help but exclaims, “Wow…why do I feel like it is a red-light district?”

“Cough, you are thinking too much, Miss Luo.”

Liu Yi coughs as he says in his heart, it seems like the first time I came to this place, I also had the same misunderstanding.

“What you do mean by Miss Luo!”

Luo Ying rolls her eyes and says to Liu Yi, “Call me Luo Ying!”

“Understood, Miss Luo.”

“Damn it. You are d doing it on purpose!”

Luo Ying scolds cutely and glares at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi smiles cheekily and says, “I am indeed doing it on purpose. What about it?”

“Hmph, I will y eat ruthlessly and slaughter you!”

“That’s good. There is definitely enough lobster! Don’t mention it. Eat as much as you wish!”

“Repulsive! How is crayfish considered a lobster!”

[TL: just in case, crayfish is 小龙虾, while lobster is 龙虾.]

“Of course. Aren’t all of it lobster…come, this restaurant is not bad. Let us eat here.”

Liu Yi pulls Luo Ying and enters the most famous restaurant in Basket Street. Although it is already midnight, there are still a lot of people here. The table outside is also full of people, and there are still a number of people queuing up waiting for their seats.

Luo Ying asks, “Hmph, this restaurant does not seem to have any more space left, right?”

“It’s okay. Just now, I asked someone to help us queue up.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he presses the concealed intercom on his ear, “Xiao Wu, where to?”

That soldier’s voice replied in Liu Yi’s ear, “The next one will be me! I am inside now!”

“Damn. To send your subordinate to help you queue. you are too shameless!”

“Hey, I am also doing it to invite you out to eat!”

“Fine then, this miss shall forgive you this time.


The two of them walk into the restaurant, and at this moment, Black-eye also walks into the train.

“Hehehe…I sensed your aura…”

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Chapter 1030   [Abuse of power]

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