MKW Chapter 1029


Chapter 1029  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“I do not like being threatened by people.”

The guy squeezed the girl’s neck, “But I also do want to die.”

He loosens the grip on the girl’s neck.

The girl laughs as she looks at the man in front.

“Number 29. You got a task.”

“I do not do any tasks.”

Number 29 sits back down on the bed and starts digging his toe.

The girl asked, full of disgust, “Can’t you have some better entertainment activities?”

Number 29 grins and says, “I don’t mind doing some piston exercises with you.”

The girl winks at him and strokes her hair coquettishly while saying, “I also do not mind but at the very least, after you remove those things that are in the way.”

“Hahaha, I always like this manner of yours.”

Number 29 laughs, “Go on and say it. What task is it?”


The girl looks at her watch, “You still have 9 hours.”

“I am better at murdering.”

Number 29 curls his lips and says, “I am not that good at capturing people. Ohh, perhaps you should go and find those lackeys of Wang Jinen. How about Dali Cheng? He can lift up a truck! You guys will like it.”

The girl says, “Daoist Elder Jin died.”


That man’s expression finally changes as he looks at the girl in shock, “That amazing rod died?”

“Number 29…no, Black-eye. It is better for me to call you in this manner.”

The girl continues to say, “Other than you, there is no one else in the group that can do this task.”

“I always say that the head had raised a group of useless trash, but none of you believed me.”

Black-eye continues to dig his toenails as he says with a sneer, “Now you all know to be anxious, right?”

“No matter what, right now, the head wants you to complete this task. You can have your freedom back.”

“Are you sure?”

But Black-eye laughs as he says, “Not keeping his word is Wang Jinen’s trait. Could it be that after following him for so many years, you still do not understand him? Then I have to suspect your IQ.”

“I am only doing it for your good.”

The girl says, “Could it be that you are not interested in this task? Think about it. The opponent is someone who killed even Daoist Elder Jin.”

“Let me withdraw my suspicion of your IQ.”

Black-eye says, “You are too crafty! You are like a viper!”

“Praising me so much will make me shy. Anyways, you do not have much time left. There are only 8 hours 50 minutes left.” said the beauty while looking at her watch.

Black-eye waves the manacles around his wrists and says, “Then why are you not removing this irksome toy?”

“Here you go. The plane and I are waiting outside for you.”

The beauty tosses a bunch of keys in front of Black-eye before walking off while swaying her butt.

Black-eye glares at her butt a few times before picking up that bunch of keys.



Luo Ying walks into her hotel and exclaims, “This hotel is not bad!”

She originally thought that the hotels in China would be shabby and did not expect that it would be such a gorgeous and high-class place!

“Which era do you think this place is?”

Liu Yi looks at Luo Ying, who had already jumped onto the soft sofa, and smiles. In the past, numerous people thought that China was lagging behind, and later China gave them all a slap. Right now, a lot of Jinwan people also thought that China was behind the times, but they did not know that China’s economy had long tossed Jinwan behind.

“Hey…I do not know that…but this hotel is good…”

“Of course. Every room is a presidential suite.”

Liu Yi placed the room card on Luo Ying’s table, “Your father’s room is next door. The hotel’s dining hall is opened for you guys 24/7. You can go down to eat or ask the attendant to send it up.”

Luo Ying hugs a soft cushion as she subconsciously asks, “Then where are you staying?”

“I will be at the door.”

Liu Yi points at the door and says, “Which also means that I will be personally guarding the two of you, father and daughter, 24/7.”

This hotel is already filled with their people, especially this floor. No one else but their people is staying in any of the rooms on this floor. What they want is omnidirectional protection. This way, if a stranger comes up to this floor, they will immediately be expelled.

After Luo Jun reached this place, he was protected by even more experts. All of the Dragon Group people are here protecting Luo Jun.

While for his daughter, she is even more important. If the enemies capture her, perhaps Luo Jun might yield to them.

That is why the task of protecting Luo Ying is given to Liu Yi.

As for protecting girls, cough, Liu Yi also feels that he is the best at this.

Hearing what Liu Yi says, she finds it a little unexpected, “You will be standing outside?”

Liu Yi pats his chest and says, “Of course. I am very professional.”

But Luo Ying pouts, “I feel that it is weird…I have never experienced such treatment before…why don’t you sit down and chat with me.”

Liu Yi firmly rejects, “Cannot!”

Luo Ying is very astonished, “Ah? Why? You can’t even chat?”

Liu Yi says directly with strong words, “Apologies, I am a bodyguard, not an escort.”

Luo Ying indignantly shouts, “Get lost! An escort is accompanying to drink, accompany to sing, accompany to sleep!”

“What? You understand it quite clearly!” Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Looks like you have done thorough research!”

“Shut up!”

Luo Ying’s fists lightly hammer Liu Yi, “It is you who said it first! Furthermore, how does accompanying me to chat turn you into an escort! Can you not have such immoral thoughts!”

“I did not have immoral thoughts. Fine, what do you wish to chat about?”

Liu Yi sits down on the sofa opposite Luo Ying.

“I want to bath and change my clothes first…”

Luo Ying tugs on the collar of her shirt and says softly with her accent, “After riding in the car for an entire day, I’m covered with sweat and feel uncomfortable.”

With that, she places down the cushion and walks towards the bathroom.

What the!

Liu Yi becomes gloomy. This girl made me stay in the room before going to bathe!

Just how reassured is she about me!

For a girl, letting a man stay in the house before going to the bath is a display of trust! Looks like after saving her a few times, she is starting to trust me?

I am only guarding her; I’m not in charge of her affections!

Luo Ying enters the bathroom. This bathroom’s style is somewhat sentimental. Through the dusky glass, one can vaguely see Luo Ying’s graceful silhouette.

Liu Yi is outside swallowing his saliva as he watches her remove her shirt before starting to take off her underwear underneath.

All of her movements are under Liu Yi’s attentive gaze. Damn it. I cannot look at her anymore. Must not be improper, must not be improper…

But it should not be a problem; after all, I am only looking at the silhouette…

The sound of water falling came from the bathroom.

This girl feels at ease to bathe! Damn it; she is really not treating me like anything!

 While Luo Ying is bathing, a burst of music sounds out. Liu Yi takes a look, and it is from the handphone that Luo Ying places on the table.

On the screen of the phone is a row of numbers without any name.

Without any name, usually, it is two kinds of people. One is someone who the owner is very familiar with and remembers their number into their heart. The other is naturally a stranger.

Liu Yi shouts, “Beauty, your phone is ringing!”

Although there is the sound of water and glass separating them, Liu Yi’s voice can still be heard clearly inside.

“What’s the number?”

Although Luo Ying’s voice is soft, Liu Yi can hear it. He reports back the phone number, and unexpectedly Luo Ying directly shoots, “Ignore it!”

Why does she seem to be very unhappy?

Liu Yi can only continue to sit on the sofa resting with his eyes close, disregarding the handphone that rang several times. I don’t know who is calling. That person is dedicated.

While Liu Yi sits there, he starts indulging in flights of fancy. I don’t know if she can wash her own back. Does she need help with rubbing?

At this moment, Luo Ying speaks again, “Liu Yi, help me get my pajamas!”

Damn, have I become a male servant?!

Liu Yi can only stand up, “Where did you place it?”

“In my suitcase! A pink nightgown with a Doraemon’s image!”

“Wait a moment.”

Liu Yi found the suitcase and pulled it open.

The split-second Liu Yi pulls open the zipper; the suitcase is almost the same as exploding, and a few articles of clothes jump out of the suitcase.

A black bra hangs on top of Liu Yi’s head.

“What the, how many clothes did you bring!”

Liu Yi helplessly removes the bra before stuffing it back into the suitcase.

“When going outside, there are lots of daily products that need to be brought along…”

Luo Ying says, “Quickly find the pajamas!”


Liu Yi replied before continuing to search.

Cosmetic, sanitary towel, PSP…fine then. So be it if she brings these around, but what is going on with this dumbbell?

“Big sister. Why did you bring a dumbbell?”

“I am also working out…hey! Stop flipping around! The pajamas are at the top!”

“I see it!”

Liu Yi picks up the Doraemon pajamas and walks towards the bathroom.

The bathroom door opens slightly as a damp arm extends out and takes the pajamas that Liu Yi passes over.

“You are not allowed to look!”

Luo Ying’s voice came from inside again.

“Damn it. Hurry and change your clothes.”

Liu Yi is very gloomy. She makes people unable to grasp her clearly.

“What are you urging for! Women’s actions are all very slow..”

As Luo Ying speaks, she opens the door as she walks out wearing that pink nightgown.

Her hair is still damp, and she is rubbing it with a towel.

She bends her waist slightly, and her pajamas’ collar is loose; thus, Liu Yi can see the deep ravine within. Damn, although it cannot be seen from her outward appearance, her size seems to be quite big!

The two fair soft flesh appears in front of Liu Yi, delicate and alluring. She bends her waist again, and the curve of her butt can be clearly seen. Because she is not wearing any underwear underneath, Liu Yi can clearly see her butt crack, which is very tempting.

This lass…is the original sin…

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Chapter 1029   [I want to bathe]

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