MKW Chapter 1028


Chapter 1028  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi slapped his forehead!

What the fuck, I seem to have created a huge mistake!

Scarlet blood devil flames were originally extremely demonic in nature. Not only will it not refine that flying Jiang shi, it instead helped him out!

After absorbing scarlet blood devil flames, it jumps out of the five-phase Jiang shi and evolves a fire attribute! Fucking hell, this time I played myself big!

“Hehehe…thank you for your flame.”

The Daoist Jiang shi smiles as red flames drip out from his mouth, “It was delicious, and furthermore, it allowed me to gain an unprecedented strength…”

As he speaks, he waves his hand, and a stream of flames flies out and burns the forest by the side into ashes.

“Fine then. Looks like I cannot play with you anymore.”

Liu Yi finally becomes serious as a purple flood dragon imprint appears between his brows.

He is now wearing a deep purple cloak, which flutters along with the wind.

At the same time, black lightning starts swimming around his body, letting out crackling sounds appearing to be very powerful.

When one of the soldiers see this scene from far away, he cannot help but exclaims, “What the fuck. Why does it feel like it is a Super Saiyan 2!”

At this moment, Liu Yi’s hair appears slightly purple. He is currently merged with Pikachu, which is Sky Flipping Flood Dragon.

Sky Flipping Flood Dragon was an expert in lightning. Later on, he was granted some Nine Yin Demon Qi from Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun. This turned his lightning from purple to black.

Nine Yin Demon Lightning. This kind of scary lightning severs vitality.

“You think that your Five Lightning Mantra is very powerful?”

Liu Yi’s voice carries a trace of killing intent, “Right now, I shall show real lightning!”

With that, he started drawing the Five Lightning Exploding Peak seal!

That Daoist Jiang shi seems to sense that something is wrong. He roars as his surging flames cover his entire body and charges at Liu Yi.

“He should be given to this concubine to handle!”

At this moment, a cloud of white smoke flies out from the ancient painting on Liu Yi’s back!

This smoke instantly descends between the two of them and transforms into the appearance of Wu Meiniang.

Wu Meiniang is also very impressive. She swings her sleeve, and that sleeve coils around the Daoist Jiang shi, trapping him firmly.

“To dare make use of this concubine, you are seeking death!”

As Wu Meiniang speaks, her figure transforms into an enormous smoke.

This smoke takes the shape of a skeleton and instantly blows towards that Daoist Jiang shi!

After which, the Daoist Jiang shi’s body continuously falls apart, changing into pieces of ash, starting to collapse and fall apart.

“What the heck…”

Seeing this, Liu Yi is dumbstruck as he thinks, fucking hell, this is the first time I’ve witness Wu Meiniang’s strength.

It is too fucking awesome. No matter what, this Daoist Jiang shi has copper skin and iron bones. He was destroyed in a blink of an eye.

Fucking hell, what is this strength? In the past, I never saw it before. Could it be that it is some certain demonic technique?

“Hmph, he deserves to have this ending.”

Wu Meiniang recondenses her body and steps on the ground that is covered with ashes.

A wind blew by, and the ashes of the Daoist Jiang shi were blown away.

Gosh…this is the legendary turning into dust!

Liu Yi looks at Wu Meiniang’s beautiful figure again and cannot help but shiver.

This woman is too savage.

To hide from the hunt of Heavenly Court, I cannot use Nine Yang God Qi, and I cannot use Moon Dream Sutra, which is very sullen!

Wu Meiniang says, “Okay. This guy has been rid of. This concubine is going back inside to recover my strength. Your body is releasing a powerful force that is very helpful to this concubine. This concubine shall not leave you and will wait untill my strength has recovered more.”

“What. You are treating me as free wifi that you can freeload?”

Liu Yi is now gloomy. Didn’t I only know Nine Yang God Qi? Why do so many people like to freeload from me?

Right now, Anqi is inside my body, recovering. I don’t even know what stage this little angel will evolve into.

Wu Meiniang cannot help but ask, “What is wi-fi?”

“You need to cram on some common sense!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out his handphone and passes to Wu Meiniang, “Research inside. This thing can go online. I believe with your intelligence and wisdom; you will swiftly study and understand it. Go update your skills and knowledge!”

“This concubine roughly understands your meaning.”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, “Then this concubine shall go and study now. Thank you.”

“What is the point in an oral reward.”

“Then come in, and this concubine will use my body to reward you.”

“I, I think that oral reward is better.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. I cannot do anything about this Wu Meiniang. She is both powerful and lacking moral integrity. She is like an undefeated existence.

He tidied up a bit and returned back to the car.


As a vocational soldier, although Xiao Wu is shocked by what he sees, he still quickly recovers his tranquility and continues to let the entire fleet to drive on.

Luckily Law Enforcer is around. Otherwise, we would either be dead or heavily injured.

So Law Enforcer is so important for China! With him around, China has a patron saint!

Luo Ying asked restlessly, “Now…no more enemies will appear, right…”

“That might not be true.”

Liu Yi sighs, “These Jinwan independent fighters will not give up so easily. Perhaps they still have some scary move left.”

Luo Ying suddenly wishes to cry, “Gods…are they done or not…”

“Relax. With me around, there is no need to worry.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Has anyone managed to touch you?”

Of course, for the matter of Old man Luo losing lots of vitality, we shall ignore it!

“That is also true. With you around, daddy and I are at ease…”

Luo Ying pats her chest, “When will we arrive in Jingdou?”

“Not long. Go to sleep. When you wake up, we will have arrived.”

“I…am unable to sleep…”

Luo Ying pouts and says, “After experiencing so many things, how can I fall asleep…”

“Then let me help you.”

With that, Liu Yi snaps his fingers.

A butterfly imprint appears between his brows as he uses Xiao Xai’s illusion technique.

Luo Ying immediately fell into a deep sleep and entered her dreams.

Liu Yi mutters, “To ordinary people, it seems like Xiao Cai’s ability is even more effective.”

Xiao Wu cast an admiring gaze at Liu Yi, and Liu Yi finally obtains some time to rest and closes his eyes.


At this moment, in a secret villa in Jinwan, a man smashes a precious porcelain bowl.

“Daoist Elder Jin failed as well?”

“Trash! Complete trash! Could it be that you guys want to see that old bastard Luo Jun hand our nation to China?”

Standing in front of her is a girl who says to the man respectfully, “Sir, there is still a method left.”

The guy calms down slightly and tidies up his necktie before asking, “What method?”

“Accept the help from our supporters and blow up this matter!”

“Would…wouldn’t this be too much?”

The man asked, “If we do this, Jinwan might become the target of China!”

“Sir. It is time to break the cauldrons and sink the boats.”

A gleam of light flashed across the girl’s eyes, “After tomorrow, Jinwan will no longer exist.”

“What you say is right. We only have one chance!”

The guy nods his head, “But that method shall be retained. We shall use it when there is no choice tomorrow!”

The girl is slightly disappointed, “Then sir, what should we do now?”

“I want the daughter of Luo Jun.”

The guy clenches his fist and says, “Luo Jun treasures his daughter the most. If we can control his daughter, we control him! At the time, he will obediently scram to Jinwan!”

“Yes. Then I shall arrange a person to go and get it done.”

“Let Red-eye handle this matter.”

The guy orders, “After raising him so long, it was not for nothing.”

“Red-eye…seems to be very hard to control.”

The girl says with some difficulty, “It is possible…that he will break away from our control.”

“Hmph, relax. I know his weakness.”

The guy laughs, “This person is also not undefeated. As long as he has this weak point, he shall obey me!”

“Then I shall go and arrange it.”

The girl nods her head and turns around, and leaves.

The guy sits there with a faint smile on his face.

“I, will become the real president of Jinwan.”

The girl walks into a dim prison and follows a prison guard who keeps opening the prison door in front.

Very swiftly, they walk in front of the deepest prison cell. That prison cell is chained up with numerous heavy locks, and the entire cell door is created from aluminum alloy, making it indestructible.

The girl orders, “Open it.”

“But…we cannot guarantee your safety…”

The prison guard says, “At the very least, bring over at least ten armed guards.”

“His danger level is not something ten guards can suppress.”

The girl says, “Open it. He will not dare do anything.”

“Fine then…”

The police guard can only nod his head before pressing the switch on the side.

The firm prison cell’s door slowly opens all around and exposes the prison cell inside.

Inside the prison cell is only a bed. But a television set is hanging above on the ceiling, which is broadcasting a television program.

On the bed sits a young man wearing white prisoner attire. He has long hair and beard stubbles with a silly smile on his face.

His legs are chained with manacles and leg-irons while his hands are wearing specially made manacles that link his hands together.

He is holding a remote control, which is pointed at the TV as he changes the channel and starts watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

“Number 29. Someone is looking for you!”

The police guard unwillingly takes a step into the prison cell while the girl follows behind him.

The instant the two of them enter the prison cell, that man who is giggling while sitting on the bed suddenly appears in front of the police guard and stabs two fingers into the police guard’s eyes. While the police guard screams, he kills him.

After which, he twists his waist as his hand that is stained with blood, grabs the woman by her neck.

Although the woman was choked until her face turned pale, she was smiling.

“If you kill me, the bomb in your heart will also explode.”

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Chapter 1028   [Homicidal maniac]

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