MKW Chapter 1027


Chapter 1027  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Let this Daoist show you a true Daoist technique!”

As the Daoist speaks, he took out a handful of yellow papermen and tossed them.

These papermen were immediately blown in front of Liu Yi. They then transform into two meters tall golden armored generals. All of them wave their ranseur and stabs at Liu Yi.

[TL: ranseur is a three tip two edge spear.]

“You do have some cool toys.”

Liu Yi smiles, “But I do not really like it. If I spoil it, you will not be angry, right?”

“If you have this ability.”

The Daoist sneers, “I am only afraid that the one who will be broken is you.”

While they are conversing, the golden armored generals had arrived in front of Liu Yi as their ranseur was already in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi extended a finger and tapped the point of the ranseur.

The ranseur in the hands of the golden armored general at the forefront instantly left its hands. The ranseur instantly flies out and stabs into the tree by the side, piercing through the thick three.

At the same time, Liu Yi’s fist punches the chest of that golden armored general. With that, the golden armored general was smashed, turning into golden smoke and turned into a shattered paperman.

Liu Yi extends his hand and grabs his Sky Splitting Golden Spear!

He grabs the spear and sweeps it out in a circle, sending a few golden armored generals flying away.

The golden armored generals light up with red lightning and turn those golden armored generals into dust.

“What a powerful treasure!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s spear, the daoist’s eyes brighten up.

“Looks like today this Daoist did not come for nothing. I will gain such a good treasure!”

“Oh my, you do have good eyes.”

Liu Yi smiles and raises his spear, “If you want it, then come and take it.”

“Good! Watch my Five Thunder Mantra!”

The artist draws a charm in his palm as he uses the ground shrinking technique to move forward and appears in front of Liu Yi. The charm that he had drawn on his palm slaps on Liu Yi’s chest.

If this Five Thunder Mantra hits a person’s body, that person would be turned into ash by lightning.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this old man is indeed sinister!

Luckily he had met me. If it was other people, perhaps they might be turned into corpses.

Liu Yi did not dodge and let that old man hit him on his chest.

A green smoke emerges from Liu Yi’s chest while Liu Yi is perfectly fine.

“What is going on. Did it fail?”

The Daoist did not expect that his Five Lightning Mantra would be ineffective. Could it be that I was too anxious in drawing and drew it wrongly?

The Daoist withdraws his palm and redraws the Five Lightning Mantra again before slapping it at Liu Yi’s chest.

Yet another cloud of green smoke emerges while Liu Yi smiles merrily as he looks at the Daoist.

“Strange, how is it failing?”

The Daoist stares at his hand in puzzlement.

Liu Yi smiles and asks, “Have you heard of the God Race Undying Body?”

“What is that?”

The Daoist is at a loss. He knows a lot of Daoist techniques and the likes, but his understanding of the other matters of the cultivation world is very little.

It is likely that during his entire life, he had never seen the God Race. Of course, other than Liu Yi.

“Go to hell to learn.”

As Liu Yi speaks, a black light flashed across his eyes.

His golden attire disappears and is instantly dyed black.

He is now wearing a black leather shirt and black leather pants while wearing riding boots.

Liu Yi’s hair had also turn back to black, but it is not because he released his Spirit Beast Possessing Body but changed from Sky Supporting Pillar to Vacuum Cleaner, which is the Sky Swallowing Turtle.

Sky Swallowing Turtle has dark powers that possess 999 different transformations.

Liu Yi stomps on the ground, and instantly, a stele drops from the sky and smashes the Daoist into the ground.

This stone stele is 5 meters tall with black skeletons carved on it, making it look very strange.

Being smashed by this kind of heavy stele, a Daoist will not be able to live through it.

“During your next lifetime, don’t be a Daoist priest.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he claps his hands, and that enormous stele scatters.

But a shocking scene appeared. That does that was smashed into minced meat climbs back out from the ground.

His skin turned black like a clay figure that was kneaded from clay.

In front of his chest is a Yin Bagua, which is absorbing the surrounding yin qi.

“You used an evil technique to refine yourself into a Jiang Shi?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “Furthermore, it also suppressed your three immortal souls and preserves your intelligence from extinguishing. Interesting.”

The artist who had transformed into a Jiang shi says fiercely, “You… forced me to this step!”

“Oh my. Such a pity. It seems like it is only a fur Jiang shi.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Looks like your evolution was not high enough. If it was a flying Jiang shi, perhaps you might have a chance to fight.”

“Hehehe…do you think that this is my endpoint?”

The Daoist Jiang shi laughs bizarrely before extending his hand and beckons in front of him.

Instantly the sophora coffin behind him flies over. The coffin flies high up into the air as the fur Jiang shi inside stands up.

The Daoist Jiang shi flickers behind him and open his bloody mouth and bites the fur Jiang shi on its neck!

What he is sucking is not blood but corpse qi!

Liu Yi senses the Daoist Jiang shi’s strength increasing, and in a blink of an eye, his originally clay-like skin becomes loose and also starts to have traces of redness.


Black clouds cover the sky, and instantly the black clouds start to form a black whirlpool.

Liu Yi got a huge shock. While at this moment, black smoke kept descending and was sucked into the nose of the Daoist Jiang shi.

“He evolved into a flying Jiang shi?”

Seeing the surrounding trees that are slowly wilting, and the plants within the surrounding ten meters start to become barren, Liu Yi already understands what is going on.

“Not bad. Looks like you have some abilities.”

The Daoist Jiang shi roars, “It is all because you forced me to this step!”

A black shockwave spread out.

“This Daoist wants your blood!”

“No can do.”

Liu Yi says, “I am already a God Race which is of a higher stage than a Jiang shi. You cannot be compared to me.”

“Boasting shamelessly!”

The Daoist Jiang shi roars and leaps over, instantly landing in front of Liu Yi.

“Your jumping strength became stronger.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he grabs a black iron rod and jabs the Daoist Jiang shi.

The iron rod extends its length, and in a blink of an eye, it becomes a meter thick and several tens of meters long and crashes into the Daoist Jiang shi’s body.

Although the Daoist Jiang shi has copper skin and iron bones, being smashed by this kind of huge strength sent him flying away. He smashes through a row of trees and finally lands back onto the highway.

The Daoist Jiang shi did not expect that after evolving into a flying Jiang shi, he would still be hit flying away and became angered.

He looks around, and when he sees the car fleet by the side, a smile appears.

“They shall be buried along with you!”

With that, he breathes out a mouthful of black smoke at the car fleet!

Liu Yi immediately frowns. This black smoke is filled with corpse qi, and if those soldiers were infected by it, it is likely for them to become horrifying blood-drinking Jiang shi!

“Don’t think about it!”

Liu Yi roars and swings his hand down.

Instantly an enormous black vacuum cleaner lands in front of the car fleet. That vacuum cleaner’s mouth is the size of a tank.

“It seems it is time to purify the air.”

Liu Yi stomps on the power switch, and instantly the vacuum cleaner lets out an intense suction force, sucking the black smoke inside it! It was then refined by Liu Yi’s intense fire!

“What kind of strange technique is this!”

The Daoist Jiang shi frowns and feels that Liu Yi is too thorny.

Liu Yi cannot help but ridicule him, “You know too little and dare to provoke China. You are a mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

“Hmph, Jinwan is an independent existence!”

The Daoist Jiang shi says coldly, “Whoever wishes to unify is the enemy of my Jinwan Yin Talisman Faction!”

“Yin Talisman Faction? Why not Yin Woman Faction!” Liu Yi’s lips curl up, “Why did you all call yourself such a lousy mane.”

“You dare!”

This fellow dares to humiliate my sect!

When the Daoist Jiang shi hears this, he instantly becomes angered. As a flying Jiang shi, it is not a problem for him to fly.

He flies up into the sky and claws at Liu Yi’s face.

“The one seeking death is you!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points the vacuum cleaner’s mouth at the Daoist Jiang shi.

The Daoist Jiang shi was instantly sucked towards it. He got a huge shock and hurriedly exerted all of his strength, wishing to break free.

He is in front of the vacuum cleaner, so much so that he had pulled out his swimming strokes!

“Get in!”

Liu Yi suddenly appears in front of him and kicks his head.

The Daoist Jiang shi was instantly sucked into the vacuum cleaner. The instant he enters it, Liu Yi changes the shake of the vacuum cleaner and transforms it into a three meters tall pill furnace.

“Let see what we can refine a flying Jiang shi into.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he breathes out scarlet blood devil flames at the pill furnace.

Scarlet devil flames burn underneath the pill furnace, and the entire pill furnace swiftly turns red from the heat.

The Daoist Jiang shi is reckoned to be tormented inside as the pill furnace keeps trembling.

“Be refined.”

Liu Yi is not anxious as he sits cross-legged there. A huge meter big fan appears in his hands, and he uses it to fan the flames beneath the pill furnace.

The flames become smaller and roaring as the trembling frequency of the pill furnace becomes less and less.

After five minutes, the entire pill furnace finally calms down.

Liu Yi claps his hand, and the pill furnace completely disappears.

A black man stands in front of him, not moving.

“It was not refined?”

Liu Yi faintly senses that something is wrong.

At this moment, that black man suddenly opens his eyes and reveals red pupils.

Scarlet blood devil flames start burning on his body.

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Chapter 1027   [Mistake in concocting pills]

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