MKW Chapter 1026


Chapter 1026  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Wang Bing is an armored car driver. He has driven armored cars for three years and always felt very depressed.

Because right now, it is a peaceful era. Thus the armored car is driven to intimidate others. It has never been truly deployed to a favorable position for the use of one’s skills.

This time around, he is finally able to do something exciting. But he did not expect that it is still the same, and the entire journey has nothing to write home about, nor are there any terrorists.

Earlier, he had met a strange golden light which lifted up the car, but Wang Bing knows that this is the work of a Daoist and the likes which is unrelated to the modern time’s!

Alas, it is a pity that I do not know these things. I only know how to drive an armored car.

But at this moment, a guy blocks the road in front of them.

This tall guy is wearing a black gown and has long hair.

He also has a sinister aura, which makes people feel uncomfortable looking at him.

Wang Bing, as the head car slowed down and reported this matter.

But the officer’s intention was to drive on!

Although Wang Bing is a bit unwilling, the responsibility of a soldier is to obey orders.

He once again speeds up and prepares to drive over this guy. At the same time, he is secretly praying in his heart. Dodge, you must dodge!

The armored car rumbles forward, and at this moment, the guy suddenly raises his arms and grabs the front of the armored car.

The armored car is instantly stopped, and some of the wheels in front were lifted up. The wheels behind keep spinning, but the armored car is unable to move forward.

“Gods, what is this a monster?”

At this moment, Wang Bing and the other soldiers in the armored car suddenly see the face of that man clearly!

It is a very horrifying face!

His facial features were scattered and smashed! As if it was stitched up by black threads.

One of the eyes also drops out while the remaining eyelid was sewn together, making him very dreadful.

That guy suddenly roars and raises his hands, lifting up the armored car, and tossed it away!

“You know you need to compensate for ruining my car!”

At this moment, Liu Yi had already jumped out from the Hummer before stepping on top of the thrown away tumbling armored car.

The armored car lands back onto the ground, and the soldiers inside the car let out a breath of relief after escaping alive from death.

One of the soldiers pat his chest and says, “Luckily, Law Enforcer is here!”

“That’s right. Otherwise, we would be dead!”

Wang Bing is also startled and in doubt. What the fuck is that monster. It can even toss an armored car away!

The guy in the black gown did not say anything and roared when he saw Liu Yi.

“Jiang Shi?”

Liu Yi pursues his brows, “Furthermore, it is also a Fur Jiang Shi. Impressive!”

Jiang Shi is separated into three grades. The first grade is Purple Jiang Shi, which is the most ordinary Jiang shi. During this grade, the Jiang shi is very weak and fear fire. As the corpse qi in it strengthens, the purple qi within the body also becomes more and more serious. Along with the increase of grade, it is separated into White Jiang Shi and Black Jiang Shi. After which, the second grade is Fur Jiang Shi. During this grade, the Jiang shi will grow a layer of hair on its body, which will protect the Jiang shi’s body. This layer of hair is very solid. Fur Jiang Shi have copper skin and iron bones. It is also unafraid of water or fire, impervious to swords or spears. It is also possible for powerful Fur Jiang Shi to not fear the magic tools of cultivators!

[TL: white Jiang shi is weaker than black Jiang shi.]

The final grade is the Flying Jiang Shi. Jiang shi normally will have difficulty moving around as its knee cannot bend. That is why it can only hop around to move about. While Flying Jiang Shi has made up for this shortcoming. It allows the Jiang shi to move about with ease and can even fly! Furthermore, Jiang shi of this grade can cultivate some powerful corpse qi magic!

The Flying Jiang Shi is not the limit of Jiang shi. If it increases its grade once more, it will become a ba!

It is also the drought demon in folklore! Legends say that the moment this grade of Jiang shi appears, there will be a desert for a thousand miles!

The reason why it is called a drought demon is that wherever they go, that place will have a drought.

Drought demons do not fear gods or buddha. Their existence can be described with a word, awesome!

This guy in front is a Fur Jiang Shi with copper skin and iron bones. It also has extraordinary strength that is why it can disdain that armored car.

To ordinary humans as well as some weaker cultivators, this kind of fur Jiang shi is an undefeatable existence. Unless they are cultivators who are specialized in killing monsters and the likes, they can only hide if they meet a fur Jiang shi.

But to Liu Yi, it is super easy.

Liu Yi crouches on the car roof and says to the fur Jiang shi below, “Little Baby, tell uncle where your master is hiding?”

The fur Jiang shi roars instead.

“Fine then. Looks like you do not understand what I am saying.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, and at this moment, the fur Jiang shi suddenly jumped up and lands on the car roof, creating a dent on the armored car.

Liu Yi says, “Hey, your master needs to compensate!”

It is a pity that the fur Jiang shi does not understand what he is saying. The Jiang shi waves both claws at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi extends his right hand and blocks the Jiang shi’s attack.

The Fur Jiang Shi has extraordinary strength. Liu Yi, a human, should be sent flying away by his attack.

But Liu Yi stands there relying on his single right arm to block both arms of the Fur Jiang Shi.

The fur Jiang shi seems to be resentful and adjusts it’s attacking method. Both its arms grab hold of Liu Yi as it bites at Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi stretches a finger and taps on the forehead of the fur Jiang shi, blocking his head from continuing to attack.

Liu Yi says, “Don’t be intimate with me. Your mouth is stinky!”

The fur Jiang shi keeps roaring as its head keeps struggling to wish to press down.

But Liu Yi only relies on a single finger and easily block his head from attacking.

No matter how strong the fur Jiang shi is, it cannot be compared to Liu Yi, who had merged with Sky Supporting Pillar.

Sky Supporting Pillar is a diamond ape. It is known for its great strength; furthermore, it had been cultivating within Liu Yi’s body. Right now, it had already achieved the Heaven Realm. Although Liu Yi’s own strength had only recovered back to two sun jades, with the help from Sky Supporting Pillar, it had returned back to Heaven Realm.

At this moment, there is a diamond imprint between Liu Yi’s brows. He is wearing a golden leather jacket with a black shirt inside. He is also wearing golden leather pants as well as black combat boots.

This kind of style is caused by Sky Supporting Pillar merging with him.

Even Liu Yi’s hair had also turned golden like Super Saiyan.

“If you got injured, I don’t know if your owner would feel heartache.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he presses a hand on the Jiang shi’s head while his other hand grabs the fur Jiang shi’s right arm and then tears it off.

The fur Jiang shi’s arm was instantly torn off as black corpse qi erupts out.

Liu Yi pinches his nose while the fur Jiang shi roars and jumps down.

Jiang shi would not sense pain, but it is still angered from losing an arm.

Its single-arm slaps out on an armored car by the side, and that armored car instantly flies towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi extends his hands and grabs that armored car. After stabilizing it, he places it down on the ground.

While the fur Jiang shi keeps moving forward. At the same time, it keeps slapping armored cars and Hummers towards Liu Yi.

“What the, it really knows how to make use of its surroundings!”

Liu Yi keeps catching those cars before placing them back.

After all, there are people inside the car; thus, nothing must happen!

“That’s enough!”

Liu Yi stomps his feet and kicks the fur Jiang shi’s neck.

The fur Jiang shi instantly turns into a cannonball and flies out. After which, it crashes into the wild forest by the side and smashes through a whole row of trees.

“Today, you are out of luck to meet me. Let me take care of you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he leaps into the sky like a superhuman and jumps over several tens of meters away, and lands in front of the fur Jiang shi.

The fur Jiang shi suddenly leaps up and opens its fangs, trying to bite Liu Yi.

“As I said, you are not allowed to be intimate.”

Liu Yi raises his leg and does an ax kick at the head of the fur Jiang shi.

The Jiang Shi was kicked into the ground creating a huge hole.

“For dealing with you t, it is better to use Dharma as well as Daoist spells.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he extends his hand and grabs a golden pewter staff.

“Let’s use Dharma then. Although you no longer have an immortal soul and are only left with a human soul, I can still transcend you.”

The so-called ghost is only left with three immortal souls. It no longer has a spirit; that is why it turned into a ghost.

As for the so-called Jiang shi, the flesh body trapped the seven mortal forms and does not have the three immortal souls. It moves about in accordance with its own desire.

During this time, it is no different from wild beasts.

With that, Liu Yi grabs that pewter staff that is covered with a Buddhist aura and is about to smash down on the head of the fur Jiang shi.

At this moment, the fur Jiang shi’s body suddenly disappears in front of him.

“Five ghosts teleportation technique?”

Liu Yi raises his brows. He raises his head and looks faraway.

The fur Jiang shi was teleported over before being kept into a sophora coffin.

Chains are winded around the coffin, and it is also sealed with several amulets.

“Finally, willing to come out?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Since you came out, why don’t we meet?”

“I didn’t expect that there is such an expert in China.”

A guy wearing black Daoist attire suddenly descends and steps on top of the sophora coffin.

This guy is around his 50s, but his hair is already completely white. His skin is also starting to wrinkle. Those who do not know would have thought that he is already an old man in his 80s.

“Looks like you have borrowed too much power.”

Liu Yi is well aware that this old man is borrowing power from heaven and earth.

Although borrowing power can lead to a temporary strengthening of oneself, it will cause one to lose lifespan.

As time passes, naturally, one will grow old.

“It is a pity that you are too young and is not this daoist’s opponent.”

Liu Yi smiles and asks, “Aiyah, I feel that you are too old. With your old body, how can you defeat me?”

“Arrogant kid.”

The Daoist priest sneers, “Let this Daoist show you a true Daoist technique!”

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Chapter 1026   [A daoist priest]

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