MKW Chapter 1025


Chapter 1025  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“What would be the point lying to you.”

Liu Yi points at the sky and says, “Qin Imperial Palace is above and will descend at any moment. Right now, the peace in the six realms is nothing but a momentary illusion.”

“Qin Imperial Palace is the enemy of everyone.”

Wu Meiniang says, “If what you say is real, I shall ally with you to deal with Qin Imperial Palace.”

Liu Yi asked Wu Meiniang, “How do you know that I am not a person of Qin Imperial Palace?”

“This concubine is an expert at observing people.”

Wu Meiniang says, “Although you make people, not like you, you still have principles and are worthy of trusting.”

“Should I be happy that you gave me such a high appraisal?”

“That are not important. The important thing is that right now; this concubine is out.”

Wu Meiniang extends her arms and takes a deep breath, “The outside air…cough, why is it so pungent!”

“Cough…” Liu Yi cannot help but cough, “Right now is no longer like a thousand-years in the past. Environmental pollution is quite serious.”


Wu Meiniang waved her hand, “This ignorant mass! How dare they destroy my imperial family’s precious air! Looks like it is time for this concubine to unify the world again!”


Liu Yi hurriedly stopped Wu Meiniang; what the heck. You have just been released, and you already wish to unify the world!

Sealing her up was right! Damnit. Don’t tell me that I just released an exceptional monster?

“Right now is no longer the past! Don’t play this move!”

“Everything has already been warped. That is why this concubine’s figure shall correct everything.”

“What you plan to do will make society reverse.”

Liu Yi says, “Come, come, come. Let me tell you. I released you to let you live leisurely, not to you destroy society!”

“Go on and talk.”

Wu Meiniang asked, “I am a demon. You should like to kill demons. right?”

“I am not that kind of uptight cultivator. That is why you do not need to worry about that.”

Liu Yi says, “But if you violate my bottom line, it will be hard to say.”

“Since you are the person who released me, I will agree to a condition of yours.”

Wu Meiniang says, “Say your condition.”

“Very simple.”

Liu Yi raises a finger, “Don’t affect the original course of this world. From today onwards, you are no longer Wu Meiniang.”

“Not Wu Meiniang? Then who am I?”

“Change your name. Use the identity of a new woman to reenter society.”

“New woman?”

Wu Meiniang thinks for a bit, “This…is not bad.”

“Of course, Wu Meiniang is already a discarded antique.”

Liu Yi says, “Right now, you have come to this society, you need to keep step.”

With that, he sees the short that she is wearing that wraps around a pair of white legs, which makes people salivate.

How does this look like Wu Meiniang? This is simply a real office beauty!

Damn. Wu Meiniang’s qualification is too good. Why don’t I invite her back to my company to be a female secretary?

What the, this seems to be too dangerous. With her behavior, perhaps one day she might overthrow me and be the female boss!

It is still better to let her play around on her own.

“Okay, this concubine can agree to this point of yours. This concubine does not wish to be an empress any more. This era should not have an empress.”

Wu Meiniang seems to think of something, thus changes her tune.

Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief; she finally changed her tune, damn! This was not easy!

If she wished to be an empress, this world would be in a mess!

With Ma Yixuan and Emperor Qin along, with Wu Meiniang….damnit, how can humanity still live!

“This concubine has decided to be a commerce queen!”

Wu Meiniang, with one leg stepping on top of the car roof with a high-heel shoe, makes Liu Yi feel that it is a bit dazzling.

Especially that faintly discernible black place under that short skirt that makes Liu Yi unable to shift his eyes.

Wu Meiniang suddenly asked, “Does it look good?”


Liu Yi suddenly could not breathe. Damn it. This woman’s charm still has not been removed!

In her core, she is still a demoness! Her natural instincts are hard to change!

Liu Yi suddenly recalls that this Wu Meiniang is not that Wu Meiniang in history but a demonized Wu Meiniang.

It seems like I am also not that much different. Liu Yi as well as a two-faced Liu Yi.

Damn it. Can a senior monk come and seal away that other side of me!

Tang Xuanzang quickly come and seal me!

It is a pity that he had become a Buddha. Perhaps he will not be able to help me. When I see him, it seems like I need to help the women of Womanland to beat him up!

Alas, who let this brother become Chen Shimei! Chen Shimei followed the princess while he followed Buddha!

“It is nothing. If you want to look, then look. There is nothing that cannot be seen.”

Wu Meiniang suddenly extends her hand and gently caress Liu Yi’s face, “Furthermore, if it is you…this concubine can consider using my actual body to serve you…”

“Don’t fool around with me. I will fall for it!”

Liu Yi hurriedly extends his hand and says, “I am a man without much self-control!”

“But from what I see, your self-control is rather firm.”

Wu Meiniang says, “You are the first to resist the charm skill from the painting.”

“That…I have very strong resistance against charm techniques.”

Liu Yi laughs.

Lin Tong is of the Charm Fox Race. As well as Bai Jie who are both powerful charm foxes.

Although Wu Meiniang’s charm technique is very powerful, most of it does not affect me.

“But what this concubine says is real.”

Wu Meiniang winks at Liu Yi, “If you want, this concubine will climb into your bed!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Your majesty empress is formidable and imperious!”

Liu Yi gives a thumbs up, “But I do not wish to have sex. I only wish to know who sold you to Luo Ying.”

“This concubine does not know.”

Wu Meiniang shrugs her shoulders, “Actually, this concubine was later sealed within a Daoist temple by a Daoist priest. I was sealed inside there for over a hundred years. Later around 50 years ago, the Daoist temple was destroyed for an unknown reason; thus, this concubine started wandering outside. During this period of time, thus concubine had changed through countless owners. Of course, most of them become this concubine’s nourishment until a Daoist priest found this concubine and sold this concubine to the young lady.”

“Daoist priest…”

Liu Yi purse his brows, “Which sect could it be?”

“It shouldn’t be a Daoist priest from China. It is more like Jinwan’s Daoist priest.”

Wu Meiniang thinks for a bit before saying, “Because I heard some of the Jinwan’s accent.”

“So that is the case.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “If that is the case, we are fine now. That Jinwan’s Daoist priest probably will come soon.”

“It is best if he comes.”

Wu Meiniang smiles coldly, “To dare to make use of this concubine. He is sick of living! This concubine is planning to look for him to settle!”

“Sure. At that time, I will not stop you.”

Liu Yi laughs as he says in his heart, I found myself a free bodyguard.

“Let me stay in the painting to cultivate. I have just freed myself; thus, I have not adapted to it yet.”

As Wu Meiniang speaks, she transforms into a cloud of smoke and re-enters the ancient painting.

Liu Yi is rather helpless and can only hang the painting on his back before leaping back into the car through the opened window.

Seeing Liu Yi finally coming back, Luo Ying immediately asks, “What did you go and do above the car?”

“I went up to appreciate this ancient painting.”

Liu Yi laughed and did not explain much, “Later on, there might be a fight. You better be prepared. Later on, I will use a treasure to protect you.”

“Ahhh, why is it that China would have so many dangers!”

“It’s to be expected.”

Hearing Luo Ying’s shout of anger, Liu Yi smiles and replies, “Because, your father touched a portion of the extremists. That is why so many people wish to harm him.”

“Too hateful!”

Luo Ying is wronged as she pouts, “If I had known earlier, I would have advised daddy not to come to China…this place is so scary.”

“The scary ones are not us but people from your nation.”

Liu Yi comforts, “But relax. With me around, you will not be in danger.”


“Nonsense. Otherwise, how did you come here!”

Liu Yi glares at her, “Remember. In China, I am considered as one of the best experts. Unless it is experts of my standard, why would I be afraid? As for the others, I do not even care about them.”

Unless it is people like the Great God Sect Sect Leader, otherwise Liu Yi indeed will not be afraid of other people.

But a minor Jinwan will not be able to invite such an impressive existence.

At this moment, he had changed back to his normal attire to prevent scaring Luo Ying and make her think that he is filming a horror movie flick.

“Okay, then. Then I, for the time being, shall believe in you and place my and my daddy’s lives in your hands.”

Luo Ying looks at Liu Yi and is already starting to believe him.

Indeed if it was not for him, daddy and I would have died on the plane. Furthermore, that strange painting. To think that there are so many people who wish to kill daddy. They even use so many strange methods! So hateful!

The fleet of cars continues to drive on, and after a while, Xiao Wu, by Liu Yi’s side, says, “Sir, the people in front say that someone is blocking the fleet.”

Liu Yi asks, “Someone is blocking the fleet? How many people.”

Xiao Wu replies, “One. But he is wearing a big black gown with a sinister aura, looking very strange.”

Liu Yi subconsciously frowns, “Tell the armored cars in front to drive on!”


The soldier got a shock as he did not expect that his officer would give such a cruel order!

Liu Yi already sensed that something was wrong and gave the order, “Listen to me. Run him down. I’ll take responsibility if anything happens!”

“As you order.”

Soldiers naturally obey orders. With Liu Yi’s orders, the soldier immediately transmits Liu Yi’s order to the platoon in front.

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Chapter 1025   [Run him down]

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