MKW Chapter 1024


Chapter 1024  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi’s consciousness returns to his body in a blink of an eye.

Luo Jun is still asleep, but Liu Yi knows that his soul had returned. But, he is too weak; thus, he needs to sleep to recover his essence.

Liu Yi looks at the ancient painting in Luo Jun’s hand, and for a moment, he becomes slightly dazed.

Luo Ying asks, “What are you being dazed for?”

“Nothing. Go in first.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he took the ancient painting from Luo Jun’s hands. Although he had spent so much time in that painting, it is but a flash in reality.

Seeing Liu Yi taking away the painting that she gave her father, Luo Ying instantly asked in suspicions, “Ah, that is the painting that I gifted my father. What are you doing?”

“This painting is a demonic painting.”

Liu Yi says sincerely, “If your father holds onto it, it will continue to consume his vitality if you do not let me take it away.”

This scared Luo Ying, “Don’t, you take it!”

Luo Ying did not expect that such a beautiful ancient painting would actually be a demonic item!

As for demonic stuff, this kind of specialized thing is best in Liu Yi’s hand!

“Then I shall be impolite and keep it.”

Liu Yi takes the painting before turning around and leaps onto the roof of the car.

“Xiao Wu, start the car and chase after the car fleet.”


The soldier nods his head and steps on the gas pedal.

The Hummer immediately surges out like a bison while Liu Yi sits stably on top.

Liu Yi is holding the ancient painting in his hand as he attempts to sense the continuously flowing dense demon qi in it.

The demon qi that Wu Meiniang left behind is still very powerful. Back then, she relied on the turmoil chambers of imperial concubines to become the empress?

But at the same time, Liu Yi can also sense a faint Buddhist qi from the painting. This Buddhist qi is like a chain, locking this painting firmly.

The Hummer swiftly caught up with the fleet in front and was protected once more in the center of the fleet.

Liu Yi crosses his legs as he revolves his cultivation.


The points at the ancient painting and uses Moon Dream Sutra.

This ancient painting immediately starts unfurling and spreads out completely in front of Liu Yi.

The painting seems to have some slight scorch marks. This was caused by Liu Yi when he used scarlet blood devil flames earlier.

But that palace is still beautiful, while the woman inside the palace is also as enchanting and full of sex appeal.

“Wu Meiniang, after being sealed inside for over a thousand years, let me release me!”

With that, a golden sun emerges from behind Liu Yi’s back.

This sun releases golden light, and although there is only one of them, it is still as eye-catching as before.

Dense Buddhist qi is released from within the golden sun, and Liu Yi is going to rely on this Buddhist qi to unlock the Buddhist qi in the ancient painting!

He releases his Buddhist qi and instills it into the painting.

While at this moment, the ancient painting starts trembling violently and following which a circle of golden light erupts out.

Because of this golden light, all of the cars in the fleet start flying up.

No matter if it is the armored cars or jeeps, all of them rise into the sky and floats there.

“Ahhh, what is going on?”

“Are the terrorists attacking again?”

The soldiers start to become nervous.

Luo Ying also grabs the handrail of the car tightly as she looks out of the window in panic.

But she did not see anything because Liu Yi is sitting on top of her car roof.

Liu Yi also raises his brows and says, “Looks like the one who sealed this ancient painting was an impressive senior monk. To actually repel my strength.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he forms a Buddhist seal and shouts at the golden light released by the ancient painting, “Release!”

The Buddhist light forms a seal and hits the ancient painting, and rows of golden chains immediately appear on top of the ancient painting.

“Quite tenacious.”

Liu Yi creases his brows lightly, {Immortal Fox sister, lend me your strength.}

Lin Tong nods her head and land on Liu Yi in her fox form.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi is wearing a white fox skin cloak. This cloak is very long, and the hem reaches Liu Yi’s knee. The white fur makes Liu Yi look even more like some noble prince.

Between his brows appears the imprint of a fox.

Lin Tong completely possesses him, making Liu Yi obtain 100% of her strength.

Liu Yi is holding Charm Fox Sword in his right hand and slashes the sword at the chains.

Charm Fox Sword slashes the chain causing an eye-catching golden light to erupt out.

Liu Yi senses a powerful surge of force spreads over, which jolts his Charm Fox Sword.

While a bald monk’s figure flies out from inside with his hand placed together while chanting Buddhist scriptures.

His body is completely formed from the golden light, and it is an illusion that that monk left behind back then.

Liu Yi is very familiar with the figure of this person. What the heck, isn’t this Tang Seng, Tang Xuanzang?

During Wu Zetian’s period, didn’t he already go to the west to gather scriptures and become a buddha? How was it possible for him to seal Wu Zetian?

Could it be that he left behind a dharma image in the human world?

That is possible. Although Tang Xuanzang had become a buddha, he insisted on bringing the Buddhist scriptures back to the Tang Dynasty. After returning back to the Tang Dynasty, if he became Buddha, then who will preach about the Buddhist scriptures?

Damn it; this fellow knows to pass down the scriptures but not to go back to Womanland to have a quick look at the Queen of Womanland?

“Which evildoer dares to touch my painting!”

Tang Xuanzang no longer has any ability to think and is berating in accordance with his subconscious mind.

“There is no need for an illusion to show off!”

Liu Yi sneers, “I don’t have time to accompany you to chat. Get out of the way.”

“Amithaba! Evildoer die!”

Tang Xuanzang did not say anything else and started taking action.

A golden Buddhist seal is hit over onto Liu Yi.

This technique hits Liu Yi and explodes with golden radiance.

Liu Yi says in his heart; luckily, I had cultivated God Race Undying Body and have resistance against magic. Otherwise, I might have been heavily injured and vomit blood.

“What a powerful evildoer!”

Realizing that his attack did not have any effect, Tang Xuanzang is unwilling to forgive as he moves forward with both hands carrying golden light and slaps out at Liu Yi’s temple.

What the fuck, Striking opponent’s ears with both fist!

Liu Yi says in his heart, the illusion that this Tripitaka left behind is so thorny. Don’t look down on me!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as grabs Charm Fox Sword with his left hand and swipes the sword blade with his right hand.

In a blink of an eye, Charm Fox Sword lights up with eye-catching golden light!

Buddhist Qi fighting against Buddhist Qi. Let’s see if your dharma is stronger!

He retreated a step and hooked forward with Charm Fox Sword.

Tang Xuanzang’s both hands hit the golden Charm Fox Sword!

Charm Fox Sword immediately erupts with golden light and batters against Tang Xuanzang’s dharma.

The eye-catching golden light spreads out in all directions and send those floating cars flying to the sides.

The strength of the two of them seems to be equal.

But due to the collision of strength, Tripitaka’s illusion’s arms were jolted open. While Liu Yi takes a step forward instead and stabs his sword between the eyebrows of the illusion.

This illusion immediately disappears completely. After being killed by Liu Yi with Charm FoxSword, it was absorbed by Liu Yi’s Demon Sword Technique!

Powerful Buddhist Qi enters Liu Yi’s body and nearly mends Liu Yi’s Buddhist qi!

Demon Sword Technique is indeed heaven-defying. It actually allows me to recover one sun jade worth of cultivation.

Right now, Liu Yi’s cultivation has been restored back to two sun jades.

If this goes on, recovering back to six sun jade is just around the corner.

The surrounding cars also start landing on the ground, and Liu Yi says loudly, “Everything is fine now. Continue to drive forward!”


These people take Liu Yi as their leader. Hearing his order, the fleet continues to drive onwards.

While a cloud of white smoke suddenly flies out from the ancient painting and circles Liu Yi.

This smoke revolves around a circle and finally flies up, rushing into the clouds!

Liu Yi did not panic as he stood on top of the car roof with his arms crossed. After waiting for less than three minutes, the cloud of smoke descends again and falls in front of Liu Yi as a female figure slowly walks out from within.

Wu Meiniang stands in front of Liu Yi in her imperial court dress and swings her long sleeves, “This concubine finally came out…”

“Welcome to the year 2013.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says to Wu Meiniang, “But your clothes are outdated.”

“Oh? Then how about now?”

As Wu Meiniang speaks, she spins a circle.

White smoke circles her body, and following which a woman wearing grey office lady attire appear in front of Liu Yi.

What the fuck, Wu Meiniang’s figure, temperament along with this office lady attire is perfect!

“How do you know of this kind of attire?”

“Although this concubine was inside the ancient painting, it does not mean that this concubine is cut off from the rest of the world.”

Wu Meiniang smiles and says, “Those people who go in and out of the ancient painting bring news.”


Liu Yi gives a thumbs-up, “Despite you loving inside the ancient painting, you still did not forget to learn the modern era’s scientific knowledge. You are a model of women!”

Wu Meiniang raises her brows and asks, “What, you are also looking down on us women?”

“I don’t dare to!”

Liu Yi hurriedly shakes his hand, “I respect women the most! Not to mention, we no longer value males more and attach less importance to females. Our current era is different. Male and females are the same now, and women can also rise to the apex now!”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, “I know. This society has improved. This concubine is consoled.”

Liu Yi sighs. “This kind of world might no longer exist soon.”

“Oh? Why do you say so?”

Wu Meiniang does not understand the meaning of Liu Yi’s sentence.

Liu Yi asks, “Does Meiniang know of Qin Imperial Palace?”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, “Of course. Back then, it was the number one Dynasty back then! Emperor Qin was this concubine’s idol.”

Of all people to worship, you worshiped Emperor Qin.

Liu Yi asks, “Qin Imperial Palace will be reviving soon. What are you worshiping for?”

Wu Meiniang immediately shakes her head, “Revive? That is impossible. Qin Imperial Palace had long ago been finished. During my era, it was already finished.”

“Time has passed, right?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Even you can leave the seal, how is it impossible for Qin Imperial Palace to revive?”

Wu Meiniang’s expression finally changes.

“What you real?”

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Chapter 1024   [I’m Wu Meiniang]

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