MKW Chapter 1022


Chapter 1022  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“I am only passing by.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “But you guys have captured my guest.”

“He is here to snatch his majesty!”

The skeletons scream, “We cannot let him snatch his majesty away!”

The skeletons instantly become fanatic, and Liu Yi cannot help but shake his head.

“How boring. Let me represent the moon to annihilate you.”

With that, Liu Yi extended his hand and drew a traditional character in front of him.

When he hits out this word, all of the skeletons turn sluggish and stop, motionless.

Their bodies were all sealed by this sealing spell. Although Liu Yi’s strength is not like before, it is still very easy for him to deal with these demons.


After Liu Yi controls these skeletons, he then enters the red palace.

The skeletons can only watch and worry helplessly, but they are unable to stop him.

Liu Yi’s strength is not what they can block.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi is already inside the palace.

From the inside of the palace comes a surge of qi as well as the sound of sex.

Liu Yi does not need to guess. Using his toes, he can think that this is what some guys and girls like to do the most!

What the fuck, I need to help Luo Ying go to the toilet. But her father ran inside the painting to enjoy himself!

Lin Tong says to Liu Yi, {What an impressive demon painting!}

Although she did not enter the painting with Liu Yi, she can see what Liu Yi sees using a secret technique.

{This demon painting has a very powerful charm against males. It sucks their essence through having sex with the souls of a male.}

Liu Yi nods his head, {It is a demonic item. It cannot be left alone.}

{This demon is very powerful. You must be careful.}

Lin Tong reminds, {Being able to construct such a meticulous small world in this painting; it is actually a demon who achieved a high realm!}

{A small thousand world?}

Hearing this, Liu Yi instantly understand in his heart, {So it is like the small world in the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum?}

{That’s right. It is that kind.}

Lin Tong nods her head, {This not only needs strength, but it also needs one to know the natural law. You see, although you possess the cultivation of a realm crosser, you are unable to create your own small world. The Heaven Dragon mausoleum that you possess is an inheritance that Heaven Dragon King left for you.}

{That’s right. I do not know how to create a small thousand world.}

Liu Yi shakes his head, {Looks like this demon is indeed strange. I must be careful.}

With that, he continued walking forward while shouting, “Mr. Luo, where are you?”

Around the surroundings are white curtains, which should be the smokescreen that was purposefully created by that demon.

As Liu Yi is inside the opponent’s small world, he is unable to use his truth eyes to see through the owner’s illusion; thus, he can only run around like a headless fly.

Only the sound of sex continues uninterrupted in his ears.

This old man is still playing rather happily!

Liu Yi closes his eyes as he listens to this sound while saying, “Demon. If you are tactful, then swiftly let go of my people. Otherwise, don’t blame me for stabbing a hole in your small world!”

“This concubine’s small world is very big.”

The other party finally speaks, and her voice carries a kind of undispellable charm. “If you wish to destroy it, I’m afraid that you will need a long, thick, and hard cudgel!”

What the fuck!

Liu Yi nearly vomited blood. This female demon has impressive mouth skills!

She lacks any moral principles or lower limit!

Liu Yi feels that this kind of woman is the hardest to deal with!

High realm and no moral integrity, it looks like this fight will be hard…

Liu Yi sighs and says, “Just what demon are you. Why do you want to take action on him?”

The voice laughs charmingly, “Hehehe, this little brother. It was unintentional, so naturally, I will not choose my target. You should not look for me but find that person who is doing it deliberately.”

“Doing it deliberately?”

Liu Yi instantly understands. Perhaps what this sister is talking about is the person behind the scene.

After all, this painting does not have legs, and the key point is who sold it to Luo Ying!

If I find that person, I will beat him to death!

“That’s right. It is indeed that person. But seeing how charming this young brother looks, this concubine can accompany you to play.”

With that, the heavy curtain in front of Liu Yi suddenly rises, and a surge of white smoke flies out.

This smoke swiftly transforms into the figure of a woman. She is very charming, like a demoness embracing Liu Yi and moving close to Liu Yi’s face.

“Come, love me.”

The girl’s voice is like a small hammer striking Liu Yi’s heart, making him move.


Although he had learned to be a little two-faced, Liu Yi’s character is still excessively upright and plainspoken.

He shouts, and the soundwave scatters that woman.

A cloud of smoke disperse on the spot and swiftly gathers together.

This time it is no longer a single beauty but a number of them.

These girls surround Liu Yi as they caress his body.

“Come…let’s enjoy it together.”

“Use your body to pierce me!”

“I wish to be loved by you!”

These girls cry out tenderly as they attempt to destroy Liu Yi’s mental state.

“Demoness, do you think that this will be effective against me?”

Liu Yi’s mental state is very stable. Most importantly, these girls are nothing to him.

If it was other ordinary people, they would not be able to take it.

But beauties and the likes, Liu Yi had seen too many!

For beautiful ones, there is Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng. For sexy ones, there is Wang Lele; for breathtaking ones, there is Ai Ling…

With so many girls, Liu Yi’s heart had long been filled. Thus, this kind of small illusion is ineffective to him!

Liu Yi’s right hand creates a Fuxi Palace Hall’s amulet that symbolizes exorcism and hits it out.

A white light scatters and flies all over the place before attacking the surrounding and turn all of the girls into dust.

“Your mental state is a lot stronger than the other men that this concubine has seen.”

Yet another cloud of smoke gathers in front of Liu Yi, but this time, a real body condenses in front of Liu Yi.

The girl in front of him is wearing a qipao, which is embroidered with a vivid and lifelike golden phoenix.

Her build is tall, and her figure is also very alluring. Her face is can be said that it is remarkable in the human world. Liu Yi has to admit that she is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen.

Even Ai Ling cannot be compared to her.

Because this woman possesses a kind of aura that other girls do not have.

Damn it. Who is this woman?

Looks like she is no ordinary character!

“You are not an ordinary woman.” Liu Yi asked, “Who are you?”

“Wish to know my name?”

The woman smiles, “There is no harm in telling you. Perhaps this concubine’s name is no longer known.”

“Go on and say it. Perhaps I might know it.”

“This concubine’s name is Wu Zhao.”


Liu Yi feels that this name is both a little unfamiliar but is a little familiar as well.

“Oh…perhaps this name is not that well known by other people. I have another name, which is Wu Zetian. You can also call me Wu Meiniang.”

Liu Yi’s eyes widen big. What the fuck! It can’t be her, right? Wu Meiniang?

Damn it! Are you for real!

The woman I meet in the painting is actually…Wu Zetian, Wu Meiniang?

Can you be even more impressive!

Could it be that you have heard of my name?”

Wu Meiniang strangely looks interested.

“Not only have I heard it before, but I have heard it too much!”

Liu Yi says, “Back when you died, you established a blank stele. All of us know of this matter.”

“That was another me.”

Wu Meiniang only smiles bitterly, “Back then, I used a charm technique to charm the harem. But the moment I became the empress, I regretted and started to believe in buddha. I felt that seduction was a sin! That is why I found a senior monk and let that senior monk use a special spell and forcefully peel out the demonic side of me and seal it in this painting.”

When Liu Yi heard this, he was stunned. What the heck, this is like a myth!

I am able to meet Wu Meiniang; furthermore, it is the evil side of Wu Meiniang!

Liu Yi suddenly is a bit unwilling to kill her. After all, she is a major person that he once worshiped!

Being able to meet Wu Zetian is truly fortunate.

But Liu Yi suddenly widens his eyes.

“Wait, then who is Luo Jun having sex with, wouldn’t it be Wu Meiniang?”

“You are talking about that, man?”

Wu Meiniang smiles, “That is nothing but a substitute body that I created. This concubine’s charm technique is very impressive.”

What the fuck…using a substitute and she is can make Luo Jun lose himself within until he is unable to extricate himself. Too impressive.

“To want to obtain this concubine’s body, it is not something that an ordinary person can do.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, that is true. You are a person who has become the empress.

“Wu Meiniang, meeting each other is fate. Can you give me face and let go of him?”

“This is not possible.”

Wu Meiniang blinks her eyes, “How can I let go of the prey that has fallen in my hands?”

“Then you are forcing me.

Liu Yi’s frowns deepened as his hands clenched into a fist.

“Your strength is nothing.”

Wu Meiniang does not fear Liu Yi, “This concubine can easily deal with you.”

With that, a cloud of smoke suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi and transforms into an enormous hand that grabs hold of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was raised into the air, and the palm nearly crushed his body.

“The current you is a dish in this concubine’s hand.”

Wu Meiniang smiles, “As long as this concubine moves my finger, your life will be gone.”

“That might not be true.”

Liu Yi also winks at Wu Meiniang, “Don’t be too surprised!”

With that, Liu Yi’s figure suddenly disappears within Wu Meiniang’s smoke hand, and clouds of gold fog start gathering behind Wu Meiniang and transform into a two meters tall giant. He then extends a hand and picks up, Wu Meiniang.

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Chapter 1022   [Woman from the legend]

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