MKW Chapter 1021


Chapter 1021  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Worry your head!”

Luo Ying crosses her legs and says coquettishly, “Stop looking at me anymore! So hateful!”

Liu Yi is very gloomy; what is going on now?

What is the problem with this girl? Or was she dropped on her head when she was young?

The latter option seems to be the most probable! Cannot. I must think of a method to check.

“Luo Ying stops messing around. Let me take a look at you.”

Luo Ying shouts, “Who wants you to look! Turn around and stop looking at me!”

“If I don’t look at you, how would I know if something happened to you?”

Liu Yi also becomes anxious; could this lass really be possessed?

He hurriedly draws Fuxi Palace Hall’s exorcise incantation with his hands and throws it out.

A row of red words appears in the car. Although the words cannot be seen clearly, they seem to be traditional characters but carry majestic power.

This power hits Luo Ying’s body, making her scream.

After she screams, she screams again as she clenches her legs tightly together.

“The evil spirit should be chased out now!”

Liu Yi turns on his Truth Eyes, and his pupils turn golden. This way, he will be able to see through everything.

But Luo Ying still sits there perfectly fine without any demon or monsters or the like within her body.

She picks up her bag and tosses it at Liu Yi.

“Pervert! Go, die!”


After Liu Yi receives the bag, he says, “Are you for real? I am worried about you, but you throw things are me?!”

“Who wants your concern!”

“You are my objective to protect!”

“Who wants to be your objective to protect…wu…”

Luo Ying suddenly stops talking as her face turns red while her legs start grinding against each other harder.

Liu Yi becomes curious. What is the matter?

Could it be that she has grown worms below? Damn, could it be the poison gu that the Miao people are experts in?

This technique is very vicious. Which bastard does such things! Cannot. This kind of gu poison must be immediately removed! Otherwise, Luo Ying’s lower body…ah, I mean, her lower body’s happiness will be finished!

“Luo Ying! Just what is the matter with you? Say it!”

Liu Yi questions, “Don’t be afraid. Other than some matters, I will help you with the rest.”

“You, you, you will not be able to help me!”

Luo Ying is as anxious as a cat on hot bricks. Her face is red, as her voice carries anxiousness.

“I beg you, stop bothering me!”

“Luo Ying, what is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi feels that it is strange while Luo Jun is still sleeping deeply by the side, not caring about his daughter.

“I, I am fine…”

Luo Ying shakes her head, “I am really fine…busy yourself with your own things…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, how can I be busy with my own things now that you are like this!

He stretches his hand towards Luo Ying to pull her over, but Luo Ying bats away his hand with a red face.

“Liu Yi, why are you so bothersome…I already said that I don’t need you to care, understand!”

“Stop saying these useless things. I will care about this matter!”

With that, Liu Yi grabs hold of Luo Ying’s arm.

Luo Ying trembles faintly before grabbing hold of Liu Yi’s hand tightly as she keeps shaking her head, “You, stop touching me…I will not be able to take it…”

“What is the matter with you? Tell me .”

Luo Ying’s voice becomes as soft as an ant. “You, you stretch your ear over…”


With that, Liu Yi transforms into a fire and instantly appears seated beside Luo Ying.


With Liu Yi being so abrupt, Luo Ying’s pee, which she had held in for so long, nearly got frightened out.

She is very gloomy. I should not have drunk so much water earlier. In the end, right now I wish to go to the toilet…how vexing.

I am too lacking…how can I have a urinary urgency…

“What is the matter. Say it.”

Liu Yi asks, “Did someone plant a gu in you, and a bug is in your lower body that is why it is so itchy?”

“Get lost…what nonsense are you saying…”

Luo Ying pushes Liu Yi lightly, “It is not that…”

“Then what is the matter?”

Luo Ying’s voice is very soft as she mutters beside Liu Yi’s ear, “I…I wish to pee…”

When Liu Yi heard this, he nearly sprayed blood.

What the, I was worried for nothing!

But this girl is too shy. If she wishes to pee, she just has to say it. Why be afraid?

“Xiao Wu, stop the car. I need to use the toilet.”

Liu Yi knows that she is very shy and is embarrassed to make the entire convoy stop to let her use the toilet.

The soldier asks, “Everyone stop?”

“Let the rest of the cars drive on. With me around, there is no need for them to wait for me.”


The convoy’s formation is originally one row of armored cars in front and a row of armored cars behind with a motorcade defending the sides.

While now, this Hummer stops by the side while the other cars continue to drive on.

On the highway, there is no village ahead and no inn behind. There is only this single lone Hummer stopped there.

Luo Ying squeezes her legs together and alights the car with Liu Yi standing by the side.

Luo Ying clenches her teeth but stares at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi urges, “Go on and do your business.”


Luo Ying rolls her eyes, “Where do I go and do it…I will be seen by other people!”

Liu Yi points at the Hummer and says, “Hahahaha, isn’t there this car blocking.”

“Then, face the car and pee!”

Luo Ying is angered, “Can you be reliable for one moment…so hateful!”

Liu Yi purposefully teases, “If you do not pee, then you are going to pee your pants.”

“You, you, you! I am going to fight you!”

Luo Ying extends her hand, preparing to hit Liu Yi but realizes that she does not have the strength to exert as all of her strength is used to hold back her pee. The moment she uses her strength, her bladder will lose control, and she might pee!

“Aiyah…I really held it in for so long…if I do not pee, I’m afraid that I might pee my pants, wuwuwu…”

“Okay, okay. I know that you have difficulties. Let me help you for China and Jinwan’s friendship.”

With that, Liu Yi clapped his hands.

With a few sliding sounds, three black walls rise and block the other three sides.

“I have made a temporary toilet. Please use it.”

“Thank you…”

Luo Ying cannot be bothered to be startled with how this toilet is created as she hurried inside.

Very quickly, Liu Yi heard the clear sound of water trickling.

At that moment, a picture appears in Liu Yi’s mind, high mountain running water, Xiao Qiao…

What the hell, why did I think of such an elegant picture? This is unscientific!

How did peeing become art?

After a while, the sound of water flowing gradually softened.

Liu Yi seems to hear Luo Ying wiping something before the sound of her putting on her pants.

Very soon, Luo Ying walks out from behind the black wall, and her flushed cheeks still did not subside.


“Done your head!”

Luo Ying shouts, “Who asks girls that! Why didn’t you ask me if I had peed onto my hands instead?”

“Er, did you pee onto your hand?”


Luo Ying feels that she is about to be driven mad by this guy.

“Okay, okay. I am an idiot. Let’s get in the car.”

With that, Liu Yi pulls open the car door.

The moment he pulls open the car door, Liu Yi instantly turns stiff!

Cold air surges out, slamming onto Liu Yi.

Luo Ying also sensed this surge of aura and subconsciously grabbed her arms.

“So, so cold…”

Lin Tong flies out from Liu Yi’s body and lands on his shoulders, {What a dense demon qi!}

Liu Yi also got a huge shock as he created a shirt and passed it to Luo Ying.

{When you were inside the car, you were suppressing this demon qi. Now that you are not inside, the demon qi has saturated the inside!}

Lin Tong sniffs and says, “This demon qi is really strong. Furthermore, it is very foreign…what kind of demon is this?”

{Strange, where did the demon come from?}

Liu Yi frowns, while Luo Ying, by his side, asks, “Did the insides of the car turn into a fridge? Why did it become like this! Did the driver turn the air conditioner on?”

Luo Ying’s accent is very nice to listen to, making Liu Yi feel very comfortable hearing it. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is not the right time, he would wish to listen to her speak longer.

Liu Yi says, “Sand to the side first. There is a ghost in the car.”

“S ghost? Gods…where, where is it?”

Luo Ying is a bit afraid. After all, she is a girl; thus, she is very afraid of such things.

She shrinks back behind Liu Yi as she looks inside the car.

“Then what about my father? Quickly save him!”

Liu Yi says, “Relax. I will save him.”

He stands on the spot and breathes out a stream of gold fog.

This gold fog flies out and surrounds Luo Jun, who is sleeping and flies a circle.

“Found it.”

A golden light emerges from Liu Yi’s eyes, “It is that drawing.

{Okay, then the remainder shall be left to you!}

Lin Tong blinks her eyes at Liu Yi.

{Watch carefully.}

With that, the gold fog drills into the drawing.

The moment the gold fog enters the painting, and Liu Yi immediately appears in front of an enormous palace.

The palace is constructed in a red style and looks a bit like the style of the Tang Dynasty.

The moment he lands, numerous gorgeously dressed palace maids immediately appear in front of the palace.

The moment these palace maids see Liu Yi, they immediately say, “How dare you trespass the imperial palace! You are audacious!”

“Imperial palace?”

Liu Yi laughs as two golden light flashed across his eyes, “I thought that you were palace maids. So you all are just small demons.”

With that, he puffs a wind at the palace maids.

This wind flew over, and all of the flesh and skin of the palace maids were blown off.

In a blink of an eye, these palace maids had all turned into white bones.

Liu Yi smiles and asks, “Now, you all don’t have your beautiful skins.”

“Damn it. This person has cultivation!”

“Cannot let him enter! Kill him!”

The skeletons start shouting as they start tossing bone spears at Liu Yi.

“Although I only have a single sun jade left, don’t you think that using these moves on me is looking down?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand as he uses Moon Dream Sutra.

Perhaps the Heavenly Court will not be able to sense me using my qi in the painting?

All of the bone spears start going back and pierce through the body of those skeletons.

The skeletons start struggling, but their bodies were nailed onto the ground, making them unable to move.

A skeleton shouts, “Who, who are you!”

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Chapter 1021   [Ancient painting]

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