MKW Chapter 1020


Chapter 1020  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Cheng Wenhang suddenly finds Liu Yi and told him that he is going to face heaven punishment.

Liu Yi question, “What heaven punishment?”

“Your matter has already been reported to the Heavenly Court.”

Cheng Wenhang calculates with his fingers and says, “Back then did you beat up two-door gods?”

“Yes. That happened.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “The two-door gods were looking for a spanking. It cannot be blamed on me.”

“Although the two-door gods are nothing. You should have killed them!”

A trace of seriousness flashes across Cheng Wenhang’s eyes, “They reported you to the Heavenly Court!”

“Didn’t Heavenly Court never bother about these matters?”

Liu Yi says, “The last time those Dragon Kings reported my matter to Heavenly Court, they did not pay attention to it.”

“For ordinary matters, they do not pay attention to them.”

Cheng Wenhang says, “But what they reported is the matter that you using the Moon Dream Sutra!”

“What about it?”

“Moon Dream Sutra is the technique used by Qin Imperial Palace!”

Cheng Wenhang reminds, “Do you know what Qin Imperial Palace signifies to Heavenly Court? It signifies a nightmare! The previous time Qin Imperial Palace appeared, they nearly destroyed the Heavenly Court. That is why people who use Moon Dream Sutra will become first-class wanted criminals of the Heavenly Court!”

“So, that is the case.”

Liu Yi understands what is going on and says, “No wonder Heavenly Court attaches importance to me. Looks like they treated me as a person from Qin Imperial Palace. Alas. Why did this group of fellows come to look for me instead of the real Qin Imperial Palace.”

Cheng Wenhang says, “I have calculated your 8 characters. During this lifetime of yours, you are destined to face numerous calamities.”

“What senior uncle says is right.”

Liu Yi nods his head and mutters in his heart; for now, I cannot become enemies with this old man. Right now, my cultivation had fallen to a single sun jade. It is enough to bully Yin Hong but against Gui Tongtian…isn’t that seeking my own death!

For my current plan, I must endure it. It will not be too late to endure it until my cultivation has recovered, then kill him.

But it is not the time to do it now.

“That is why junior nephew, you must be low profile and not create any more trouble. It is likely that Heavenly Court had already started to send their people to look for you, so you must not act recklessly. Just now, I sensed you, so I came here to remind you.”

“Thank you, senior uncle.”

Liu Yi smirks in his heart. The reason why Cheng Wenhang does this is too obvious. It is for his own good.

After all, the vessel that he wants is either Little Black or me. But no matter which one it is, as long as something happens to me, he will not have anything.

That is why, before he completes his ambitions, he wants to protect me.

Oh my. I obtained a free bodyguard.

“Junior nephew, I am here to remind you to be careful. Unless it is the last resort, please do not use your qi at all, understand?”

“Understood. Thank you for your warning.”

Liu Yi politely thanked him, and Cheng Wenhang laughed, “Good, good. You still have matters to do, right? Senior uncle shall not disturb you anymore. Goodbye.”


With that Cheng, Wenhang transforms into a paper person and falls onto the ground.

Liu Yi’s heart is moved. Good fellow. This old man did not come with his actual body; instead, he used a Taoist substitute.

Looks like this old man is still holding back a hand. Damn it. He is indeed, crafty!

At this moment, the surrounding barrier starts to undo, Luo Jun, and the rest start moving.

Liu Yi invites the pair out of the airport and watches them board a Hummer.

This kind of Hummer that is used by the military is very sturdy. Even if a guided missile explodes on it, it will not be able to damage the body of the Hummer.

As a personal bodyguard naturally, Liu Yi sits in the front passenger seat.

The one driving the car is a young soldier. From the looks of it, he is around 20 years old.

The young soldier occasionally stealthily shoots a glance at the rearview mirror at the gorgeously dressed Luo Ying. When Liu Yi sees this, he smirks in his heart.

Looks like he is around the age of liking girls. After all, soldiers are also human.

At this moment, Luo Ying is holding a drawing in her hand and looking around.

“Daddy, look at this painting. Do you think that it is beautiful?”

Luo Jun creases her brows slightly, “Painting? Why did I not remember you buying a painting?”

The painting is a red palace and inside the palace seems to have a woman.

Luo Jun looks at the appearance of the woman, and it seems to be so beautiful that she does not seem to be a beauty of the human world.

“When I am strolling through the airport’s shopping center, I bought it from a shop.”

Luo Ying says, “I saw that this painting is rather antique. Doesn’t daddy like antiques? Thus I bought it as a gift to daddy.”

“Good daughter!”

Luo Jun is very happy. After receiving the painting, he takes a close look. Liu Yi sees from the rearview mirror that his gaze seems to be slightly crazy.

Oh my. Looks like he is a collector who really likes antique. But these people always have some tendency, I guess.

Liu Yi did not take it seriously and merely concentrated all of his attention on the surrounding movements.

Although they had returned back to China’s territory, it is better to be careful.

Those Jinwan freedom fighters make Liu Yi understand just how crazy they can be.

Who knows what things this group of people do. Perhaps they might blow up something again.

At this moment, Luo Jun is already slightly obsessed. He feels that the woman in the painting is especially beautiful.

In the past, Luo Jun loved ancient paintings because he likes to collect them. While right now, he is looking at this painting because of the woman who is simply too beautiful.

This kind of woman, could she really only exist in the painting?

The more Luo Jun looks at it, the more he likes it and the crazier he gets.

He feels like that woman in the painting seems to have come alive.

At this moment, Luo Jun’s gaze suddenly blurred as his surrounding scenery changed.

Originally he should be in the car, but in a blink of an eye, Luo Jun realizes that he is in front of a beautiful red palace.

“Welcome back to the palace, your majesty!”

In front of the palace, entrance stands a number of palace maids who curtsy Luo Jun.

“Your Majesty?”

Luo Jun feels slightly strange; when had I become your majesty?

He lowered his head and took a look, and his clothes are no longer the Chinese tunic suit; instead, it had changed into a luxurious dragon robe.

Luo Jun exclaims in shock, “Why have I become like this?”

The palace maids said simultaneously, “Your Majesty, please return to the palace.”

“Return to the palace?”

Luo Jun subconsciously walks forward a few steps along the reddish-gold carpet until he is inside the red main hall.

Entering the main hall, the smell of incense immediately assail his nose, making Luo Jun take a few deep breaths.

Fragrant, really fragrant! This is the first time I have smelled such an awesome fragrance.

This fragrant should be from a woman’s body.

Luo Jun saw a woman standing in the center of the hall. This woman’s figure is graceful and is wearing a cloud gauze nichang, which is embroidered with a golden phoenix, which signifies nobility.

This woman is very beautiful and somewhat delicate, as well as weak.

At the same time, she also carries a seductiveness that is transmitted into Luo Jun’s heart.

Luo Jun endures the shuddering of his body and looks at the woman as his gaze turns glazed.

“Your Majesty, you finally came back.”

The woman gently hugs Luo Jun’s arm and says softly into his ear, “Your Majesty, this servant has been waiting for a long time…”

“I am back…”

Luo Jun subconsciously holds the woman’s waist.

“Your Majesty, since you came back, don’t leave anymore…this servant has been waiting for you for so long…”

Luo Jun is muddleheaded and says, “I’m not leaving…this time I will not leave…”

“Your Majesty, let us go to bed…”

The woman pulls Luo Jun along and falls onto the bed.

The white drapery falls down and blocks their figure.

Luo Jun had already passed 50, and his capability has become weaker day by day.

It had been a long time since he felt so valiant. His lower body is as hard as steel, like he had recovered back to his fighting strength when he was in his 20s!

This hard lower body of his stabs into the woman, and then he starts to move forward and backward. Along with it, comes the limpid moans of the woman.

Luo Jun exerts himself more and more, and he senses that the woman’s lower body is like it can bite people. It is sucking him tightly, making him unable to take it and wish to shoot.


“Looks like daddy is tired. He has fallen asleep.”

Seeing Luo Jun leaning against the back of the seat while holding that drawing in his hand, Luo Ying starts to feel heartache for her father.

“Recently, my daddy is too tired from work. He is haggard as well as fatigued from this trip. You guys must properly take care of him.”

“Relax. The treatment that the higher-ups had arranged for him is first class.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “I guarantee to not treat the two of you unfairly. Just relax, my rich young miss.”

“Who is a rich young miss!”

Luo Ying curls her lips, “Look at me, where do I look like a rich young miss!”

“Yes, yes, yes, you don’t look like one. You are the plainest and simple.”

Liu Yi laughs.

The car continued to drive forward and soon entered the highway.

The driver reports back, “A5 reporting, everything is regular.”

Liu Yi also senses that everything is normal, but it seems to be too normal.

Those Jinwan independence fighters can really be so tranquil?

After driving for an hour more, the surroundings are still calm.

After hearing the 15th report from the soldier by his side, Liu Yi finally cannot hold back and looks back at Luo Ying, who is sleepy as well, and asks, “Luo Ying don’t you feel that it is too calm?”

But Luo Ying did not speak and only bit her lips as her cheeks turned slightly crimson.

Liu Yi thought that Luo Ying got schemed against and hurriedly asked, “What is the matter with you? Luo Ying? Luo Ying?”


Luo Ying still did not reply and only shook her head.

“Luo Ying, what is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi is worried about Luo Ying’s safety. He turns around and grabs Luo Ying.

Luo Ying keeps shaking her head.

Liu Yi became anxious and shouted loudly, “LUO YING!”

“Ah! What are you screaming for!”

Luo Ying’s face is completely red as she feigns anger coquettishly as she says, “It is not like I am deaf! It is, it is…”

Liu Yi questions, “It is what?”

Luo Ying shakes her head continuously, “It is…that…I don’t wish to say it…”

Liu Yi frowns, “Is something controlling you?”

“No! Not at all! Ah! Can you stop asking!”

Luo Ying is trembling slightly as her legs under her skirt keep rubbing against each other like it is unbearable.

“Cannot. I am worried about your safety!”

“Worry your head…”
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