MKW Chapter 1019


Chapter 1019  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi is a realm crosser expert. How can he be hit by attacks of a human-shaped mecha!

The bullets keep brushing by Liu Yi’s body, unable to hit him.

Very quickly, the mecha runs out of bullets, and the big mecha actually pulls out a laser sword and starts attacking Liu Yi frantically.

Liu Yi reminds them out of goodwill. “This kind of weapon is ineffective towards me.”

But two laser swords are already in front of him, slicing towards the ‘small’ Liu Yi.

Even steel will not obstruct the laser sword.

Liu Yi leans to the side and dodges the laser sword. After this, he flies up past the laser sword and comes in front of the head of the mecha.

He kicks at the shoulder of the mecha.

The mecha’s shoulder immediately burst open. After this, an arm breaks away.

“What! Is this still the strength of a human?”

Yin Hong is badly frightened and nearly peed in his pants.

“You guess?”

Liu Yi extends a hand and grabs the other arm of the mecha and pulls it down.

The other mecha’s arm was forcibly torn off and tossed to the side. It falls hundreds of meters down through the cloud layer.

The pilot in the mecha’s control room curse, “Damn it, this mecha is useless! What to do! ”

“I, I also do not know…”

Yin Hong is also stunned and does not know what to do. This is the first time he had met such a thorny fellow!

Liu Yi’s fist smashes into the chest of the mecha and pulls the pilot out, and tossed him into the sky.

“You, you are a monster!”

“I am not a monster. It is you guys who are.”

Liu Yi replies Yin Hong, “I possess strength, but I have never harmed ordinary people before. While you guys do not have strength but still slaughter the innocent. That is why I am not a monster, but you are.”

“Rubbish! I am only struggling for our cause! Fighting for my nation! I am a great person, a warrior!”

“You are a lunatic!”

Liu Yi flies over to the glass groove and slaps his hand against the groove.

The groove lets out a dull echo but does not move.

Yin Hong, who was worried, stares blankly and starts laughing loudly.

“Hahaha! You are unable to do it! This is reinforced glass! A super-strong reinforced glass! Even guided missiles will not break it! What can you do to me, hahaha!”

Liu Yi did not say anything more and only clenched his right fist.

His fist is pulled to his waist before punching the glass groove fiercely.

The glass immediately shatters and falls.

“Spare, spare me…”

Yin Hong screams as his earlier arrogance is gone. Right now, fear and despair filled his face.

“I will give you a chance.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises Yin Hong up and makes him face the high altitude below.

“You die, and I will send Luo Jun back and make him unable to complete this matter of Jinwan returning. You live, I will send him to China.”

“What else can you do!” Yin Hong laughs weirdly, “The airplane is going to fall! What can you do? Do you think that you are a superhero?”

“Airplane? I could save it anytime I want!”

With that, Liu Yi waved his hand at the falling plane.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, the entire airplane was pulled up and once again flies stably like it was being dragged by someone with their hand.


Yin Hong is truly afraid now as he did not expect that Liu Yi was so powerful.

He is no different from a superhero. How is it possible for a human to do such things!

It is like covering the sky with a single hand!

“That is why right now, you have two options.”

Liu Yi repeated what he said earlier, “Which do you choose? Are you going to sacrifice yourself to fulfill your so-called mission?”

“No, I do not wish to die; I do not wish to die!”

Yin Hong peed in his pants in fear, “Don’t kill me!”

“Looks like you do not have a reason to exist.”

Liu Yi sighs, “Go to hell.”

With that, Liu Yi swings his hand out and tosses him out, letting him fall onto the ground.

Falling down from such an extremely high altitude will kill him. Perhaps nothing might be left behind after he lands on the ground.

Falling down halfway, Yin Hong had already died from fright.

While Liu Yi’s task is not complete yet. He still has other matters that he needs to complete.

The right engine had already been scanned. Liu Yi uses dark power to mend the engine making the entire airplane’s engine as good as before.

“It is done now.”

Liu Yi claps his hands, “Looks like I am also a qualified engineer.”

He transforms back into flames and flies back into the plane.

“You have come back?”

Seeing Liu Yi reappearing by her side, Luo Ying lets out a sigh of relief in her heart.

At this moment, Liu Yi is like her pillar. To let my spirit have a master, this guy is indeed very magical. He seems to have a kind of scary charm that attracts me.

When the plane landed, everyone could not help but cheer.

Hong Kong airport is very big. Liu Yi and the two of them follow closely together.

“Look, daddy, is this cloth pretty?”

In a high-class clothing shop in the airport, Luo Ying is holding a pretty dress in front of her.

“It looks good.”

Luo Jun glances at it and replies half-heartedly, making Luo Ying unhappy.

“Really. Every time we buy clothes, you always say this. How boring!”

Liu Yi stands at the entrance of the shop like a door god.

Luo Ying continues to choose the clothing while Luo Jun walks over to the side of his daughter. Seeing how she keeps choosing those gorgeous-looking clothes, he cannot help but ask, “In the past, you didn’t like to dress up…Xiao Ying, what is the matter with you today?”

“Nothing, daddy. Don’t all girls like to buy clothes?”

“But today, you are acting strange.”

Luo Jun subconsciously asks, “Could it be that you like Liu Yi?”

“Ah? Daddy! What nonsense are you saying!”

Luo Ying’s face turns red as she says coquettishly, “So hateful! Stinky, daddy!”

Luo Jun did not loosen his frown; instead, it deepens as he warns, “Xiao Ying. Let me tell you this. You can like anyone, but you cannot like Liu Yi, understand?

Luo Ying no longer cares about her shyness, and subconsciously asks, “Why!”

“Is there still a need to ask?”

Luo Jun warns her, “Who is Liu Yi? He is not an ordinary person. If you like him, it will be a very miserable ending.”

“Who says…there is nothing impressive about him…”

Luo Ying seems to be unhappy as she puffs her cheeks and no longer has the mood to look at the clothes anymore.

“In short, you must not like him, do you understand?”

Luo Ying says angrily, “Daddy is hateful, when did say I like him!”

“It is best that you do not like him. Don’t say that daddy did not warn you.”

After Luo Jun finishes, Liu Yi turns around and says, “It is time. We should leave.”

How sharp is Liu Yi’s ear? He can hear their conversation clearly. He was always listening to it. What Luo Jun says is right. Luo Ying cannot like me as I already have more than enough girls.

“Sir, we are here to receive you.”

Outside is a row of armed soldiers guarding the airport.

After arriving in Hong Kong, they are in China’s territory.

Arriving here, no one will dare to do anything to them.

Liu Yi’s remaining task becomes a lot simpler, and he can toss everything to the army.

The entire airport is basically filled with soldiers as well as people from special forces.

Basically, no terrorist can come and mess around unless they are seeking death.

“Let us go.”

Liu Yi invites them out, and the two of them nod their heads at the same time.

After the two of them walk out of the airport and sees the rows of soldiers, armored cars, Luo Jun laughs, “In my entire lifetime, this is the first time I have seen such an ostentation.”

Luo Ying playfully holds her father’s arm and says with a smile, “This clearly shows that daddy is respected by them!”

“That is not true.” Luo Jun says humorously, “This ostentation is not for me but for China as well as Jinwan.”

Liu Yi gives a thumbs up and says with admiration, “Mr. Luo has great awareness.”

“I’ve let you see a joke.”

While they are speaking, Liu Yi senses a surge of yin wind blowing from the surrounding.

Following which the entire airport hall turned dark as everyone’s movement suddenly slowed down and soon stopped.

Barrier, another barrier!

Liu Yi senses that the person who came seems to be familiar, and he smiles.

“Oh, it is an old friend.”

“To think you actually sensed me.”

A familiar voice appears behind Liu Yi, and he looks back. Indeed the one who came is none other than Cheng Wenhang.

“Oh my, Daoist Cheng, long time no see.”

Liu Yi politely greeted him without any trace of enmity, “Which wind blew Daoist Cheng over to meet me?”

“A hurricane.”

Cheng Wenhang smiles, “You now regard me as an outsider. What is our relationship, your master, and I have an unordinary friendship.”

“That’s true; I can indeed believe in Daoist Cheng. But why did you come here today? I believe that Daoist Cheng is not that bored, right?”

“Junior Nephew is indeed really smart.”

Cheng Wenhang chuckles, “Senior Uncle came this time for your matter.”

Liu Yi questions, “My matter? What matter would I have?”

“Alas, Junior Nephew does not know!”

Cheng Wenhang extends his hand and says, “This poor Daoist has made a divination for you during the past two days and realizes that you have provoked a great catastrophe! Do you understand my junior nephew, calamity looms!”

“What kind of calamity?”

Liu Yi does not feel curious, “I have met a number of calamities already. I am not lacking.”

“This attitude of yours is wrong, my junior nephew!”

Cheng Wenhang hurriedly reminds, “This crisis is very big. This time around…I’m afraid that it is heaven punishment!”

“Heaven Punishment?”

Liu Yi becomes curious, “What heaven punishment? Can senior uncle explain it to me?”
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Chapter 1019   [Heaven Punishment]

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