MKW Chapter 1018


Chapter 1018  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Luo Jun frowns and scolds, “Lunatic!”

“You are wrong. I am not a lunatic. It is you guys who are the lunatics!”

“Only I still love my motherland!”

Yin Hong shouted proudly, “Jinwan is everything! I am willing to sacrifice myself for it!”

“Your thinking is twisted.”

Liu Yi cannot help but remind him, “You are not patriotic but an extremist. If you come after us on your own, I might admire you as a man. But in the end, you use innocent lives on this plane to threaten us. I only feel that you are a coward. Nothing but a coward.”

“What do you know! This is all a plan! A stratagem! Understand?”

Yin Hong sneers, “Using these people to achieve the independence of Jinwan; their lives will not be sacrificed in vain! Jinwan will forever remember their contribution!”

“You are indeed a lunatic.”

Liu Yi sighs, “You cannot be left alive. It is better that you go down to hell to carry out your plan.”

With that, he raises his palm while Yin Hong raises his pistol aiming at Liu Yi’s head.

“Fuck this! I want to see if your hand is faster or my gun is faster!”

Yin Hong mocks, “Didn’t you possess superpowers? Superpowers are complete nonsense in front of bullets!”

“Yin Hong, calm down!”

Seeing Yin Hong’s manner, Luo Jun earnestly and well-meaningly advises, “Don’t be persisting in going about things the wrong way. Right now, Jinwan cannot separate from China. The moment we separate, our economy will collapse! if you wish to let Jinwan continue to prosper, we must return to China!”


 Yin Hong does not believe Luo Jun, “Even without China, we still have the support of other countries!”

Luo Jun frowns, “But they are not in Asia, understand? How are they able to help us?”

“If our nation is gone, so what is the point of us being prosperous?”

“Nation? What position does Jinwan have in the international?”

Luo Jun laughs bitterly, “Which country respects our Jinwan?”

“Why do they not respect us?”

Yin Hong defends, “Look at how simple it is for our country to obtain a visa from another country. When our people go overseas for tourism, so many countries waive off visa requirements for us and easily allow us to enter. Then look at China. How much effort is needed to obtain a visa, and basically, no countries are visa-exempt for them. This shows that our Jinwan is even stronger than China!”

“You wish to fight for independence?”

Liu Yi cannot help but laugh, “If a small person who lacks the strength to truss a chicken goes to your home, would you be afraid of him? If a courageous and strong big fellow went to your home, would you be on guard against them? To not even know such simple logic, you are simply an idiot.”

“Damn it! I am going to kill you!”

Yin Hong explodes in anger and pulls the trigger.

A bullet shoots towards Liu Yi while Luo Ying exclaims in shock.

While Liu Yi only stretched out a hand. Like a miracle, he grabs the bullet within his hand.

“Come on. We are all adults.”

Liu Yi grabs the bullet under Yin Hong’s shocked gaze and says, “Why use these methods? This is too funny. Have you seen any superhumans fear bullets? To me, this kind of thing is a toy .”

“Damn it!”

Yin Hong gave those hijackers behind him a look. They immediately reacted and started shooting at Liu Yi with their pistols at the same time.

For a while within the cabin is the sound of shots being fired mixed with the screams of some passengers.

While Liu Yi stands there with his arms crossed.

When the bullets arrive in front of him, they would slow down and float in place, like they were frozen.

“How, how can this be!”

Seeing this scene, Yin Hong is stupefied.

What is this fucking situation! Why is this happening!

“So powerful…”

Luo Ying is also very shocked. So this guy is powerful!

China is truly awesome. To send such a person!

To not even fear bullets. Is this guy superhuman?

Right now, Liu Yi is using Holy power. With Anna residing in his body, his holy power is slowly growing.

In the past, using holy power to move an ashtray used a lot of effort, and now he can block bullets.

Yin Hong lets out a weird shout, “Monster. You are a monster!”

“Those who are extras can leave this place.”

With that, Liu Yi extends his hand to the side and pulls.

The door to the cabin is instantly pulled open, and Yin Hong and his people are pulled out.

“Apologies, I did not give you guys the opportunity to explode the engine.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders before closing the cabin door again.


Luo Jun gives a thumbs up and praises Liu Yi.

“Indeed, an expert sent by China. You are indeed not an ordinary person.”

“Actually, I am just an ordinary person.”

Liu Yi sits back down and smiles modestly at the Luo Family father and daughter.

“The remaining journey should be more relaxing.”

Luo Ying asks, “Can…can you teach me?”

“Of course not.” Liu Yi laughs, “Do you think that this is a language or math, something that you can learn if you want to.”

“You…make others look forward to it for nothing.”

Luo Ying pouts and grumbles with traces of unwillingness, “But will that Yin Hong really not come back?”

“He was thrown out of the plane. How is it possible for him to return.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Now we are just waiting to go back to China.”

“It’s been tough on you.”

Luo Jiun expresses his thanks, and Liu Yi waves it off. “There is no need for Mr. Luo to be so polite. It is what I should do.”

“Right now, in this era, there are fewer and fewer youngsters who are as modest as you.”

Luo Jun suddenly says, “If Xiao Ying can find a boyfriend like you in the future, I will be more relieved.”

“Daddy! What are you saying?”

Luo Ying is very bashful as she uses her small fist to lightly hammer her father’s arm making Luo Jun laugh nonstop.

A number of stewardesses take turns coming over and stealthily slip a small slip of paper to Liu Yi, and on top of it is their phone numbers.

Luo Ying cannot help but feel a bit jealous and says, “Oh my, our Mr. Liu has received a number of beauties attention. You were in the limelight earlier. Perhaps you have attracted the eyes of a lot of beauties! Doing your task while picking up girls, isn’t it very enjoyable? 

Liu Yi wishes to deny it. But seeing that Luo Jun is sitting by the side, he holds back.

“Perhaps they only wish to be friends. You are thinking too much.”

“Be friends?”

Luo Ying snatches over one of the slips of paper and points at a string of numbers, “To be friends? They even wrote down their three sizes for you!”

“Perhaps this is a new type of method to make friends…”

Liu Yi coughs before glancing at that slip of paper.

“Her figure seems to be not bad…”


Luo Ying immediately crumpled that slip of paper and tossed it to the side, “Don’t look anymore! It will dirty your eyes!”

Liu Yi laughed but did not say anything. His memory is very good. He had remembered that string of phone numbers.

But he will not call after getting off the plane. After all, his heart has been filled with those girls and no longer had a place for any other girls.

Just as everyone thought that everything is peaceful, the airplane suddenly trembled violently and followed which the alarm lights up.

The entire plane started to shake violently and lost control.

Oxygen masks started dropping down, and this signified that the airplane had landed in a dreadful crisis.

“What, what is going on?”

Luo Ying turns pale from fright while Luo Jun grabs the armrest tightly and bite his lips.

Luckily he did not have any heart problems. Otherwise, he would have fainted by now.

“The right engine of the airplane is ruined.”

Through little Jade, Liu Yi understood what was wrong with the plane. Looks like the bomb that was placed on it earlier had exploded.

“What, what are we going to do now…”

“Mother, I do not wish to die!”

The people on the plane are badly frightened as they start screaming.

At this moment, Liu Yi says, “All of you put your seatbelts on. I will be back swiftly.”

With that, Liu Yi suddenly turns into a flame and disappears.

Luo Ying suddenly asks with some suspicion. “Don’t, don’t tell me he ran away!”

“He wouldn’t. He is sent by China, so he won’t.”

“I hope so…other than him; no one can save us…”

Luo Ying is truly frightened. All of her hope now is placed on Liu Yi.

When Liu Yi teleports out of the plane, he looks at it. Indeed the right-wing of the plane is emitting black smoke. It is scrap now.

With this degree of damage, no wonder the plane lost control.

Liu Yi orders his AI, {Little Jade. Give me the structure blueprint of the plane, then recondense dark energy to restore the airplane.}

{Understood, master. Scanning and reconstruction will need some time. During this period of time, I shall rely on master.}


Liu Yi nods his head. Just as he is going to stabilize the airplane, he suddenly purses his brows.

An intense sound of guns being fired attracted Liu Yi’s attention.

He subconsciously moves sideways and dodges those bullets.

Liu Yi looks over, and in front of him, a human shape mecha is flying over. It is roughly 5 meters tall with a metallic texture. It is holding an enormous machine gun in its hand, which is shooting at Liu Yi nonstop.

The hail of bullets sweeps over. Liu Yi steps on a flying sword and dodges all of the bullets.

Within moments the mecha flew in front of Liu Yi, and on the shoulder of the mecha is a glass groove, and inside it is a man.

This man is none other than Yin Hong from earlier.

At this moment, Yin Hong is furious as he uses the loudspeaker of the mech to keep shouting, “I will destroy this plane using this from our supporter! Let’s see how you are going to save them, hahaha!”

Liu Yi frowns and says, “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. Yin Hong, since you seek your own destruction, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Liu Yi uses his qi to amplify his voice; at such height and speed, it transmits into Yin Hong’s ear.

“Damn it! Still being arrogant! Kill him!”

Yin Hong gave the command, and the muzzle points at Liu Yi once more, and bullets started spraying at him.
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Chapter 1018   [Tu Tu Tu]

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