MKW Chapter 1017


Chapter 1017  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“What you say is true.”

Luo Jun looks at his watch again, “We have flown for almost two hours.”


Liu Yi subconsciously looks at the seat by his side. That brother who went to the toilet earlier still has not returned.

“Put on your seat belt.”

Liu Yi is aware that things are not too encouraging, “There might have been an accident.”


Luo Jun did not utter a word but secures his seat belt.

At this moment, the plane suddenly shakes ferociously, causing numerous people on the plane to fall. One of the stewardesses falls into Liu Yi’s lap from the shaking and hurriedly apologizes to Liu Yi immediately.

“Sorry, sorry, sir!”

She is in a fluster, but the airplane still has not returned to flying stably. Thus the stewardess can only sit on Liu Yi’s leg, unable to get up.

While due to a shake, Luo Ying woke up and rubbed her eyes.

“What is going on…”

When she opens her eyes, she realizes that Liu Yi, who is beside her, is hugging a beautiful stewardess in his arms.

“What the…you can also pick up girls while taking a flight…how impressive!”

“Who is picking up girls!”

Liu Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh, “Sit obediently and don’t move. It is likely that something has gone wrong.”

At this moment, the airplane once again stabilizes, and the stewardess also stood up with a red face.

Liu Yi let Little Jade determine the location of the airplane and realize that their position is not in China’s territory but flying towards Africa.

Liu Yi lowers his voice and says, “Our plane has been hijacked.”


The father and daughter both got shocked as they stared in disbelief at Liu Yi.

“The plane got hijacked?”

“Yes. But don’t be worried. With me around, even if the plane collapses, nothing will happen to the two of you.”

“Do you think that you are a god?”

Luo Ying is very nervous. Right now, they are flying in the sky, and if accidents happen, they would fall down! It is 350 human lives!

I am also still young! I do not wish to die an untimely death!

“I am not a god.”

Liu Yi looks in the direction of the cockpit, “But I am almost no different from one.”

“Stop talking big! Quickly tell us what we should do now!”

Luo Ying tugs Liu Yi’s arm and asks, “Why did they hijack the plane?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Naturally, it is because they do not wish for Mr. Luo to meet with my higher-ups. But they must dream on.”

“Talking big again.”

Luo Jun is rather calm as he says to his daughter, “Xiao Ying, don’t talk back! I believe that this young friend naturally has his own method!”

Luo Ying pouts and looks at her father in dissatisfaction. “Understood, daddy. You are not leaning against me.”

Liu Yi says, “Believe in your dad. With me around, I will ensure your safety.”

While he is speaking, a few men suddenly stand up in the cabin. They are all wearing black sunglasses as well as holding pistols.

A stewardess asks, “Who are you?”

One of the hijackers immediately pulled the trigger of his gun and shot that stewardess in the shoulder.

The stewardess immediately gets thrown back by the force of the bullet and falls onto the ground as blood sprays out.


“It’s a gun! It’s a gun!”

The passengers were horrified and start screaming in fear.

“Everyone calm down. It is all right.”

The guy in the windbreaker from earlier walks back and claps his hand, and says, “As long as you guys remain quiet, We will not kill you guys. But if you are not quiet, I will not be polite.”

Luo Ying is badly frightened and says softly to Liu Yi, “Gods…how did they bring a gun!”

“Among them, one of them should possess a kind of spatial ability.” Liu Yi has already figured out what is going on, “He used it to hide the guns.”

“Ability user?”

Luo Ying had seen people with superpowers. Hearing what Liu Yi said, she understood.

“Wuwuwuwu. Like what I expected. I should have let daddy bring a fighter along. Wuwuwu…”

“Xiao Ying, calm down.”

Luo Jun pats his daughter’s hand.

“But daddy…I am scared…”

Luo Ying grabs her father’s arm while trembling.

“Mr. Luo.”

The guy in windbreaker says to Luo Jun, “I have heard of you, and we have finally met each other today. My name is Yin Hong.”

That guy introduces himself first, “I am a member of Jinwan Independence Group. You should have heard of me, right?”

“Yin Hong? So it is you!”

Luo Jun’s gaze turns severe, “You could have just found me alone. Why did you implicate so many innocent people?”

“This is not your own matter.”

Yin Hong laughs, “Didn’t you chain the entire Jinwan onto your war chariot?”

“The two shores unifying is an irresistible trend!”

Luo Jun frowns and says, “This action is nothing other than a mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

“This mantis is very bad!”

Yin Hong shrugs his shoulders before pointing at the surrounding people, “With so many hostages, I believe that some of your ideology should also start to change.”

Luo Jun understood his thoughts immediately, “You wish to rely on them to discuss terms with the higher-ups?”

“Haha, of course. If I do not show them, those people from China will not be obedient.”

Yin Hong smiles malevolently, “Jinwan is forever an independent nation!”

At this moment, Liu Yi finally speaks up. “You are wrong. China is a complete nation. This move of yours will not succeed.”

“Who are you?”

Yin Hong looks at Liu Yi and frowns lightly, “Since you are by Luo Jun’s side, you are the bodyguard that the higher up sent to protect him?”

“You are rather smart.”

Liu Yi smiles, “To think that you guessed right.”

“Don’t try to act mysterious.”

Yin Hong pulls out his pistol and points at Liu Yi’s forehead, “Tell me how many people you have in this plane! Be quick! My patience is limited!”

“Don’t shoot. I will speak.”

Liu Yi points at himself, “There is only me.”

“Are you teasing me?”

Yin Jong’s gaze turned cold, “I admire your courage. To dare to make this kind of joke even when you are facing the muzzle of a gun.”

“Why are you like this. I am telling the truth!”

“Damn it! I think you are sick of living!”

One of the hijackers by the side impatiently uses the butt of the pistol to whip at Liu Yi’s forehead.

Liu Yi’s face was smashed to the side as he licked his lips.

Luo Ying by the side exclaims before shouting, “How, how can you hit people!”

“Hey, young lass. Not only will we hit people, but we will also kill people.”

The hijacker laughs. He then noticed Luo Ying’s beauty and cannot help but stretch his hand towards her chest.

“What are you doing!”

Luo Ying hugs her chest in fright while the hijacker laughs sinisterly, “Little lass, growing such a pair of lovely breasts, isn’t it because you wish for me to grab it!”

“Don’t touch my daughter!”

Luo Jun becomes angered, “Just come at me!”

“Looks like you treasure your daughter.”

Yin Hong laughs loudly, “Come, let us play with our beautiful lass.”

The hijacker stretches out his hand again, wishing to take advantage of Luo Ying.

At this moment, Liu Yi raises his hand and grabs his wrist.

“Yin Hong, seeing that you are so smart, let me ask you a question.”

With Liu Yi holding that hijacker’s wrist, the hijacker feels like his wrist is being bound by iron, unable to move.

“What question?”

Yin Hong faintly senses that something is wrong.

“Why did the higher-ups only send me, for such an important mission?”


“The reason is this.”

With that, Liu Yi pushes out with his hand and sends that hijacker flying out.

That hijacker crashes through the cabin of the plane, instantly creating a large hole in the cabin roof.

The plane is in the sky, and an intense suction force instantly arises. A lot of people who did not have time to put on their seat belts were nearly sucked out.

While Liu Yi waves his hand and dark energy is generated and mends the hole in the plane back to normal.

“What, what is this…”

Yin Hong and those hijackers were badly frightened. Is he human! He is a monster!

Luo Jun’s gaze towards Liu Yi changes and has an additional reverence.

“Take advantage that my mood is good, hurry, and let the plane fly back. Otherwise, when some time passes, I will be unhappy. If I am unhappy, you guys shall tragically die.”

“Don’t you scare me! Do you think that we did not think about superpower soldiers?”

Yin Hong roars, “Terry, come over and kill him!”


A blond foreigner stands up and aims his hand at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s chair suddenly disappears as he stands there on the spot. He blinks his eyes, “Oh my. Why did my chair go?”


Terry is even more shocked as he says with rough Chinese, “Why are you still here?”

Liu Yi suddenly realizes, “So you are that person who possesses the spatial power. But your power is too weak.”

“Damn it. Could it be that my ability failed?”

Terry points his hand at Liu Yi again, attempting to teleport him away again.

Liu Yi stretches his hand towards a hijacker by the side and instantly pulls that hijacker over in front of him, blocking Terry’s sight.

The unlucky hijacker was instantly teleported away by the spatial ability and disappeared from the plane.

“Mental ability?”

Sensing Liu Yi’s ability, Terry got a shock.

“This is not mental ability.”

Liu Yi shakes his finger, “It is a killing technique.”

With that, Liu Yi leaps forward and appears in front of Terry. He then stretched out a hand and grabs him by his head, and slams his head against the side of the cabin.

Terry immediately fainted, making Yin Hong stunned.

“Oh my. I am sorry. It is quite embarrassing that I am unable to hold back.”

Yin Hong clenches his teeth, “Looks like my eyes have failed to not identify you! Looks like you are one of the top experts that China sent!”

“So embarrassing. You’ve seen through it again.”

Liu Yi covers his face and pretends to be bashful.

Yin Hong nearly vomits out blood, fuck; this guy is too much of a scammer!

He is embarrassed? Bullshit.

“Don’t think that you will resolve this crisis just like this!”

Yin Hong shouts, “I had already attached bombs to the engine of this plane! If you do not agree to my request, I shall make this plane fall!”
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Chapter 1017   [Hijacked?]

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