MKW Chapter 1016


Chapter 1016  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“This is a major power.” As Luo Jun flips the newspaper, he says, “The two shores uniting is the general trend, and no one can interfere with it. Furthermore, back then, I left Fujian, and now, I am somewhat homesick.”

The girl cannot help but ask, “Is China so interesting?”

Luo Jun recalls his memories of that time and says, “China was a very scary place. But at this present time, it is a good place. This time, we are in a hurry to go; thus, we will not have time to have fun. Wait for the next time, and I will bring you to have fun in China and let you see the scenery.”

“That’s great, daddy. But why are the Chinese people still not here yet?”

The girl seems to be anxious while Luo Jun looks at his watch.

“It is about time. They should be here soon.”

While they are speaking, three figures walk over from the crowd.

Among them, two of them are comparatively distinct. Their four limbs are developed and muscular. With a single glance, they immediately appear unordinary.

While between the two of them is a very young youngster. He is wearing a form-fitting woolen garment as well as sneakers like he is here to play.

“Chairman Luo?”

The youngster walks over directly and stretches out his right hand towards Luo Jun, “I am the special commissioner from China; I am called Liu Yi.”

“Special Commissioner Liu, you have finally arrived.”

Luo Jun shakes hands with Liu Yi, “If you didn’t come soon, I, would start to be worried.”

“How can I let you be worried? Wouldn’t my China’s side throw away their face?”

“How can you put it like that. I am looking forward to cooperating with China.”

“We are also the same.”

The two of them exchange a few conventional greetings, and their relationship becomes slightly more harmonious.

“Chairman Luo, we can board the plane now.”

One of the special force members looked at his watch, “It is almost time.”

The girl asks, “Are we taking a private plane?”

Liu Yi feels that her voice is very nice and gives her a few more glances.

This girl looks not bad, and her voice is quite soft. I remember from the information I received that she is Luo Jun’s daughter Luo Ying.

Liu Yi replies politely, “Apologies, what we are taking this time is not a private plane. As this is a secret task, we cannot use private planes because it will easily become the target of the enemy. We are taking a large passenger plane and mixing along with the ordinary people.”

Luo Ying points at the two special force members and asks, “Ordinary people? With these two muscle heads around, how are we going to look like ordinary people?”

“Ah. For the two of them, they will leave first. I alone will be your bodyguard.”

“You alone? Are you capable enough?”

Luo Ying is slightly worried. Such an important matter, and China only sent a single person over? This… feels unreliable!

Or could it be that China’s side does not place any importance on my daddy; thus, it will not be a problem if something happened?

No matter which option it is, both feel very unpleasant!

“I alone am enough.”

When Liu Yi says this, he is filled with confidence.

“Chairman Luo, please follow me.”

“Cannot. My dad cannot follow you!”

 Luo Ying blocks them with her outstretched hand, “It is too dangerous. You are not that worthy of trust!”

“Xiao Ying!”

Before Liu Yi can reply, Luo Jun speaks first, “Stop making noise and don’t quarrel. Be obedient and follow us.”

“Daddy!” Luo Ying is slightly wronged, “I am only worried about your safety!”

“I believe that this young brother will be able to guarantee my safety.”

The reason why Luo Jun says such things is because he realizes that the gaze of two soldier-like fellows towards Liu Yi is filled with worship and not disdain.

This shows that he did not rely on his family background to climb up to his rank but relied on his strength to walk to this position.

Furthermore, he believes that China would attach importance to this matter. Unless they no longer wish for unification anymore.

Just solely on this point, it is impossible!

“Chairman Luo, this way, please.”

Liu Yi feels that this Chairman Luo has the material to become a major protagonist while that young lady is also quite adorable.

Especially her accent, which makes Liu Yi feel comfortable listening to it. While seeing that her father had already decided, Luo Ying can only obediently follow him.

The large passenger plane that the two of them are taking is flying from Jinwan to China. So as to not attract the attention of other people, even their seat is in the ordinary commercial seat.

“We have to wrong, Mr. Luo.”

When they reached the crowd of people, Liu Yi no longer calls Luo Jun, chairman.

A satisfied look flashes across Luo Jun’s eyes while he says in his heart, this youngster is indeed quick-witted.

“No worries. It is quite good already.”

Luo Jun laughs, “I had thought that we would have to take a boat and secretly sail over.”

“Mr. Luo must be joking.”

Liu Yi looks at the beautiful stewardess inspecting tickets of the passengers, “Actually, as long as I am around, even if we openly take a presidential aircraft, it will not be a problem. But the higher-ups are cautious; thus, I can only do as instructed.”


Hearing what Liu Yi said, Luo Jun gives Liu Yi a few more glances while saying in his heart; this youngster is arrogant.

Is it frivolous of a junior, or does he really have such power?

Luo Ying says impolitely, “Continue to boast! Don’t even know what you are working as. Talking with such a big tone!”

“When we arrive in China, you will know.”

Liu Yi is not that anxious to reveal his identity as he winks at her.

Luo Ying snorts, and clearly, she feels that Liu Yi is mystifying on purpose.

At this moment, the three of them had already boarded the plane after their ticket was inspected. The business seats are better than the economy seats, and it is not that crowded.

[TL: okay… this business class seats are so cram…]

Liu Yi let Luo Jun sit in the window seat with Luo Ying sitting in the center while he sits at the outermost beside the aisle.

There are a number of people that are going to China from Jinwan. A number of people keep boarding the plane. This is a large passenger plane that can accommodate 350 people.

Before the airplane takes off, Luo Ying, who is sitting, starts to get bored; thus, she starts making a conjecture, “There will not be anyone who will come and mess up this operation of ours, right?”

“This is hard to say.”

Before Luo Jun can speak, Liu Yi explains this question, “In the whole world, nothing is stronger than ventilations. No matter how secure a secret it is, it is very possible for it to be leaked out. If it is absolutely safe, the higher up would not send me to protect you.”

Luo Ying puffs up her cheeks as she looks at Liu Yi, “Why do you always talk so big about everything? I asked you who you are, but you do not tell me.”

“Apologies, it is still not time for me to say.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Sooner or later, you will know. Let’s fly to China first. After all, that place is my territory.”

“I do not know what kind of experts China has.”

Luo Ying mocks, “There are a lot of formidable people. For example, a superpower group that was pushed aside by China and came to Jinwan. There are also a lot of formidable martial experts which are also in Jinwan!”

[TL: all of this makes no sense…isn’t this just telling everyone that you are suspicious…]

“Jinwan indeed retains some of China’s former cultural heritage.”

Liu Yi emphasizes, “But it does not mean that China does not have all these anymore. China’s territory is too big with capable people breeding like flies.”

“How about you? What do you know? Show me something.”

Luo Ying is very curious about Liu Yi. After all, he appears to be around the same age as him; thus, it is hard for her to believe that he is any formidable person.

Liu Yi pretends to be unfathomable and says, “What I know are skills for killing people. So it is not suitable for me to exhibit them.”

“What nonsense! Miser!”

Luo Ying curls her lips while Luo Jun by the side says, “Xiao Ying, stop. Be quiet.”

Being chided by her father, Luo Ying is unhappy and secretly glares at Liu Yi, making him wish to smile.

This Jinwan lass is rather cute.

Looks like this task will not be that boring.

A man wearing a brown windbreaker keeps chatting using his handphone. When the airplane is about to take off, the stewardess comes over to remind him three times before he hangs up the call.

Luo Ying seems to be a girl who cannot hold her tongue. Soon she starts speaking again, “There are always people like that on the plane. It is always them who make the airplane delayed. Alas, taking an airplane is so boring. Cannot use a handphone nor scroll through Facebook…”

“You can sleep.”

Liu Yi gives a rather suitable suggestion.

“Hmph, who is like you, a pig who can sleep when he wishes to!”

Luo Ying raises her small fist and says, “I am an energetic girl! Not someone who wishes to sleep all the time!”

Liu Yi reminds, “Sleep can help improve your appearance.”

“Ah? Really?”

When he mentioned that it could help improve her appearance, the lass’s eyes indeed brighten up immediately.

“Of course.” 

Liu Yi held back his laughter. Indeed she is still a girl. Too easy to coax

“Then, I shall sleep. When we get there, tell me!”

With that, Luo Ying requests for a blanket before reclining against the seat to sleep.

“Alas, who is the real pig. You fell asleep immediately.”

Seeing her sleeping appearance, Liu Yi cannot help but smile.

“We have let you see a joke.”

Luo Yin seems to dote on his daughter a lot. He helps Luo Ying straighten out her blanket as he says, “During this journey, I shall trouble you to take care of us.”

“Hey, don’t mention it.”

Liu Yi says, “Mr. Luo is doing it for the unification of two shores and has put in a lot of effort. These small things are not worth mentioning.”

Luo Jun praises, “Youngster, you are very mature. I appreciate you.”

Liu Yi makes a joke, “Mr. Luo, even if you praise me like this, I will not work under you.”

“Hahaha, you are really humorous.”

Luo Jun laughs, and the two of them chat more.

At this moment, the airplane is slowly driving into the runway, and soon after, it suddenly speeds up and suddenly lifts off.

When the airplane goes up into the sky, the stewardess starts giving out beverages.

Liu Yi feels that the stewardess from Jinwan Aviation is rather pretty. Especially their two long legs, which is in line with his esthetics.

Because the plane has entered a steady flight phase, the toilet light in the airplane turns on again.

The guy wearing a windbreak earlier immediately releases his seatbelt and walks over. He also accidentally knocked into the stewardess.

“Sir, please be careful.”

The stewardess supports that man, and that man apologies politely. After this, he continued forward.

Luo Jun looks at his watch and asks, “How long do we need to fly?”

“Half an hour. We are flying to Hong Kong first, then changing planes to JingDu.”

“Alas, wait until after the unification, then the plane can fly directly to JingDu.”

Luo Jun sighs ruefully, “I have left home for too long.”

At this moment, a passenger by the side mutters, “After flying for so long, why have we not arrived yet?”
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Chapter 1016   [Flying to Jingdu]

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