MKW Chapter 1015


Chapter 1015  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Female’s ears are sensitive. When Liu Yi kisses it, Wang Yuzheng starts to feel aroused.

She subconsciously hooks her arms around Liu Yi’s neck as she lets out a captivating moan.

This voice makes the blood in Liu Yi to start to boil.

The two of them had already reached a crucial step. Liu Yi slips a hand in Wang Yuzheng’s clothes and grasps a soft dumpling. At the same time, his other hand reaches deep into her skirt towards her most important place.

“That, that place cannot…”

Wang Yuzheng pushes Liu Yi lightly with a hand but without much strength. She is still bashful.

She had already let go of herself a long time ago, preparing to hand everything over to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi also starts to start on his new journey when, at this moment, the phone that Liu Yi places by the side suddenly starts ringing.

Wang Yuzheng says softly, “You, you got a call…”

“Ignore it!”

Right now, Liu Yi is aroused and cannot stop at all.

In the end, the phone keeps ringing incessantly, which affects Liu Yi’s and Wang Yuzheng’s moods.

“I think you should pick it up…”

Wang Yuzheng urges, “After that, let us continue…”

“Damn it. Who is disturbing me!”

Liu Yi hates this phone call but can only answer it.

From the phone came the voice of Yuan Zhenyue, which carried a trace of teasing, “Liu Yi, what are you doing? Is this call from me disturbing your good time?”

What! Now you call me?!

Liu Yi is helpless and knows that Yuan Zhenyue will not call him for nothing; thus, he asks, “Big sister Yuan, tell me what’s the matter. I am busy.”

Yuan Zhenyue continues to mocks, “Is it proper business or a nefarious affair?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, your guess is quite accurate…

“Why do you care about what I am doing. If you have things to say, then hurry and say it! I am busy!”

“Fine then.”

Yuan Zhenyue says, “The reason why I am calling is to ask you for help. This matter was managed by Dragon Group, but right now, we do not have enough manpower. Thus after thinking, I’ve come to look for you. Right, Zhang Meixin also recommended you. Both of us feel that you are the most suitable person.”

Damn it. I just knew that you would look for me for nothing good.

Liu Yi sighs and says, “What is it. Just tell me.”

“Recently, China and Jinwan Nation are discussing the matter of returning. The president that is about to take office is Guomingdang’s Chairman, Luo Jun. Recently Luo Jun wants to come to JingDu to have a private discussion with our high-level leaders. For some unknown reason, this matter is known by outsiders; thus, a number of independent supporters, as well as those who do not wish to see Jinwan return, are sending people to wreck our plans. There is a possibility that Luo Jun’s life might be in danger.”

“You guys want me to go and protect him?”

Liu Yi guessed Yuan Zhenyue’s intentions.

“That’s right. You are smart. That is indeed our intention.”

Yuan Zhenyue laughs, “I already have a plane sent to pick you up. I have obtained news that you are in Seoul, South Korea, right?”

What the fuck. This group’s information is truly effective! I just came to South Korea for a day, and they already knew about it!

“I still need to make a movie in South Korea…”

“What the, you are actually shooting a movie?!”

“I was forced to!”

Mentioning this, Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears.

“After all, the duration for shooting a movie is very long. You are acting as the first male lead?”

“No…second male lead.”

“Isn’t that easy? Let the director shoot the scenes for other people first! You need to hurry back first! The plane will arrive tomorrow morning, and the duration of the task is just 5 days. After 5 days is over, you can go back to your freedom!”

“Fine then. Looks like we can only do it like this.”

“Okay. Wait for the call. Keep your line clear!”

With that, Yuan Zhenyue hangs up.

Liu Yi sighs and tosses the phone to the side. The phone draws an arc in the air before landing stably on top of the table by the side.

Just as he prepares to continue his earlier noble business, Liu Yi lowers his head and realizes that Wang Yuzheng had already fallen asleep.

The lass is hugging Liu Yi’s waist as she sleeps sweetly and is occasionally licking her lips.

Looks like she is very tired from shooting the movie.

Liu Yi hugs Wang Yuzheng and lies down.

Seeing how deeply she is sleeping, Liu Yi does not have the heart to wake her up. Looks like today’s noble business can only end here.

Damn it.

Liu Yi strokes Wang Yuzheng’s hair gently while she subconsciously hugs him tighter.

Liu Yi did not think of other matters. He keeps his thoughts clear and falls into the land of dreams.


“Liu Yi! Save me!”

“Liu Yi!”

“Big Brother Xiao Yi!”

In his dreams, three girls are standing in front of him, stretching their hands towards him like they are seeking his help.

Liu Yi realizes that he is standing high up in the sky, watching all of these. He wishes to help but is unable to do anything!

While at this moment, a black light suddenly descends from the sky and following which, the entire place turns into dust.

The three girls, Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng, and Wang Lele, all disappear among the dust as if they had never appeared.

“Xiao Die! Lele! Yuzheng!”


Liu Yi opened his eyes and realized that it was morning.

Wang Yuzheng had left without him knowing while breakfast was laid out on the table in the room.

“Alas…looks like I slept for a very long time.”

Liu Yi scratches his hair and sits up.

Given that he cannot stay with the cast and crew any longer, Liu Yi sent Wang Yuzheng an SMS and asked her to help him inform the director that he is taking leave.

Although it might make the director gloomy, there is nothing to be done about this matter. Matters concerning the country are more important than making a movie.

Liu Yi got up to eat breakfast when the bell to his room rang.

“Mr. Liu, we are here to receive you.”

Looks like the people from above have come.

Liu Yi places down the tableware and waves his hand. His clothing instantly turns into a set of grey wool garments.

He waves his hand again, and the door to the room opens on its own.

Two men wearing black suits are standing outside and nodding their heads towards Liu Yi respectfully.

Liu Yi asks, “Where did you guys come from?”

“We are from, from special forces!”

The guy on the right hurriedly reports, but his voice is trembling like he is feeling emotional.

“Calm down. When you are carrying out your mission, you must not involve your emotions.”

Liu Yi pats that brother on his shoulder while the other guy seems to calm down slightly before replying with a smile, “Sir, you don’t know just how legendary your name is in our special forces. That is why, when he met you, he became excited.”

“I am actually an ordinary person. There is no need to be so particular. I will be embarrassed.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Don’t call me, sir. Call me by my name.”

“Yes, sir!”

Liu Yi swears that he is truly depressed.

But these soldiers are stubborn; thus, Liu Yi did not say anymore and walked out with the two of them.

The people inside the special forces are all elites. Liu Yi feels that the two of them are also experts with sturdy and firm muscles that are like stones. Looks like they had undergone devilish training.

Yoo Eunhui had dressed up very beautifully and was preparing to look for Liu Yi to talk to him. This fellow is too evil! To chase me away yesterday night, and in the end, that damn producer had taken advantage of me! But that producer also seems to have been infected with the STD. Alas, I don’t know how I should explain it to him.

Forget it. He deserves to be unlucky! But I must rely on Liu Yi, to climb up to the peak of life. At that time, I can do anything I like!

Yoo Eunhui is unresigned; thus, she comes to look for Liu Yi. Realizing that Liu Yi is about to leave with other people, she becomes anxious and steps forward to grab hold of him and ask him.

“Liu Yi, where are you going?”

To make Liu Yi stay behind, she is preparing to grab hold of his pants.

When the two special forces see this, they instantly become vigilant.

Before Yoo Eunhui can step forward, one of them immediately stretches out his hand and grabs hold of her wrist.

The special force members lack tenderness towards the fairer sex. He immediately pulls Yoo Eunhui’s wrist downwards.

Yoo Eunhui immediately screams in pain, “Ahhh, my hand, my hand!”

“Let go of her.”

Liu Yi does not know what to feel about this as he says in his heart, Yoo Eunhui can be considered as unlucky to actually meet my ‘bodyguards’ by accident!

“Yes, sir.”

Only then did the special force member release Yoo Eunhui while Yoo Eunhui is already crying from pain. She kneads her wrist while looking at Liu Yi with red eyes.

“What, what are you doing. To instruct your bodyguards to hurt me!”

“This cannot be blamed on me. They are ordered to protect me. I advise you to keep your distance from me in the future.”

“You, you are ruthless!”

Yoo Eunhui is very bitter as she glares at Liu Yi. Her expression is like she wants to swallow him up.

“Go and properly be an actress.” Liu Yi says, “Don’t think of other crooked paths. Rely on your own hard work and becoming a famous actress is better than being the lover of a nouveau riche.”

With that, Liu Yi turns around and leaves with the two special forces members.


[TL: I’m hating this part already…]

In Jinwan Airport, a pretty lady wearing a western-style dress holds the hand of a middle-aged man wearing a Chinese tunic suit and asks, “Daddy, are we going to China this time?”

“That’s right. This matter concerns the development of our two nations. I must go.”

The middle-aged man is Luo Jun. He is calm as he says slowly, “That is why no matter how many people wish to stop me, they can never change my intentions. This matter is slightly dangerous, that is why you must stay by my side, that way I can ensure your safety. That is why you must ensure that from now, until we come back from China, you will not leave my side.”

“Understood, daddy.” The girl nods her head obediently, “But why did daddy not bring along a single bodyguard? Wouldn’t it be safe this way?”

“Relax. China sent its expert over.”

Luo Jun smiles, “I heard that this expert is very formidable. With him around, our safety will not be a problem.”

“Tsk, what kind of expert would that person be!”

The girl sneers, “Didn’t daddy’s side have a person with supernatural powers? Why did you not bring him along!”

While Luo Jun reads the newspaper, he says, “I believe China. They wish for us to be united; thus, they will d not let anything happen to me.”

At this moment, he is like an ordinary old man. No one would recognize him as the president of Jinwan.

“Daddy, I do not understand…” The girl says, “We are perfectly fine; why do we want to return back?”

[TL: seriously…I hate these parts and what will appear in the following chapters]
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Chapter 1015   [Two shores]

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  1. Yeah these parts are really hard to stomach. The author has no clue about politics or the states of other countries, he simply thinks China is the best and all want to be like it. Strange really, he seems to be well aware of the shity sides of China and how much it sucks to be lower class. Guess he just thinks everwere is like that, and while to a degree he is right its far less extreme.


    • More than that I guess the author thinks that the upper class it is the oppressor and like Chinese is a communist country it’s go against the rich people that is the “enemy” that is my perception in this case, sorry for my english


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