MKW Chapter 1014


Chapter 1014  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi opens the room door, and unexpectedly the one outside is none other than Yoo Eunhui.

At this moment, Yoo Eunhui is drunk. She looks at Liu Yi in a hazy before scolding in Korean.

“Damn guy…you, you are indeed here!”

Liu Yi sweat. Why did she run here? Could it be that she ran over here to sober up deep in the middle of the night?

“You found the wrong room.”

With that, Liu Yi prepares to close the door.

Yoo Eunhui suddenly charges into the room with a sudden surge of strength. She then hugs Liu Yi and kisses him on the lips.

Momentarily Liu Yi is stupefied. Fuck, I got a kiss forced on me!

But the person who forced a kiss on me is not the partner that I like! Especially this woman’s mouth still carries traces of smoke.

Liu Yi pushes Yoo Eunhui away before saying, “Miss Yoo, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

“What do you mean!”

Yoo Eunhui becomes angry as she borrows strength from her drunkenness and shouts, “You only have some money! Do you think that you can trample on my dignity just because of that?”


Liu Yi also does not know what to say. He only does not like Yoo Eunhui and does not have any intention of trampling over other people’s dignity.

“If that is the case, then trample over me all you wish!”

Yoo Eunhui had let it go, causing Liu Yi to be dumbstruck, hearing what she said. What the fuck?Where is your integrity? Your boundary? This woman disregards everything to rise in ranks!

“I know that you have money and are not an ordinary man. No worries, I can accept it. Even if you have another woman, I can accept it as well!”

Yoo Eunhui gets right to the point and says, “My family’s background is very clean. You can marry me, and it does not matter to me how many women you have outside!”

“Are you having a transaction with me?”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he ruminates while looking at this woman who thinks that she is very smart.

“That’s right. You can put it like that.”

Yoo Eunhui nods her head, “For a man like you, marrying a star of my level is considered as a kind of status. After you marry me, we shall do our own thing and shall not interfere with each other. Wouldn’t this be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction?”

“I do appreciate your courage, to tell the truth.” Liu Yi says, “But, I’m afraid that you have found the wrong target. I already have a person whom I like, and I will not marry a person whom I do not like.”

“Come on. Neither of us are kids!” Yoo Eunhui feels that it is very laughable and says, “For a person of your status, how can you only marry the woman whom you like? Don’t be childish .”

“I feel that you are mistaken.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Everything that I possess is not related to my family. All of these were earned by me through my hard work. My parents are only ordinary workers.”

“You are joking!”

Yoo Eunhui does not believe him. Not relying on parents to obtain such enormous fortunes? How is that possible? South Korea’s upper society layer has been saturated. The entire upper layer is firmly occupied by those few families making the lower layer unable to squeeze themselves up to the upper layer.

China’s circumstances seem to be slightly better, but without relying on one family to create such a huge business empire that can even influence South Korea, how is that possible?

A legend? Aren’t all of them fiction?

“That is why I will only choose to marry the person I like. As for your thoughts of marrying a person whom you don’t like, that really immature. Don’t disturb me. I still need to rest.”

Liu Yi sent her off.

“You, you are too much!”

Yoo Eunhui feels that she no longer has any face anymore, “Since that is the case, then I will be your lover, your mistress, anything will do!”

“Why is there a need for you to do this?”

Liu Yi is flabbergasted, hearing what she said. Just what does she want?

“Aren’t you famous now? Why must you insist on being related to me?”

“Because I am a woman!”

Yoo Eunhui says directly, “Perhaps I am still famous now, but sooner or later, I will grow old. The moment my beauty no longer exists, I will no longer continue to be famous. That is why I must think of a path of retreat for myself!”

“You feel that I will be your path for a retreat?”

“Of course. You match my standards! You look good, and your figure is good. That is why I decided to rely on you.”

“You have schemed wrongly. I don’t feel anything for you.”

Liu Yi rejects straightforwardly.

Yoo Eunhui frowns and bites her lips. She suddenly takes off her qipao and reveals her exquisite body.

“What the fuck! What are you doing!”

My own woman is still in the bathroom bathing. Why is this woman stripping!

Are you for real? Could it be that I am lucky with women? Wrong, it is not me who is getting lucky with women! It is my RMB that is getting lucky with women!

“I already decided. Today don’t you think of chasing me away without justifying yourself! The woman you like is inside, right? Do you think that you can explain yourself if she sees the two of us like this?”


“If I scream, do you think that you can explain it to her?”


Liu Yi suddenly lowers his voice and reveals a trace of killing intent.

This time he is truly angered. This woman has made him annoyed!

“Right now, you have stepped on my bottom line!”

“What, what do you want to do?”

Yoo Eunhui, who was immensely pleased with herself, suddenly feels a chill as sweat covers her back.

How did this man…become so scary in a blink of an eye.

“Did you forget what the director said about me earlier?”

Coldness fills Liu Yi’s eyes, “I made my mark through the underworld. If you provoke me, you must be prepared to lose your life.”

“You, don’t scare me. I am not afraid!”

“You can go and inquire for yourself what kind of person the Commanding Officer of Redstar Conglomerate is.”

Liu Yi picks up the paring knife placed on the table by the side and twirls it. “The Red Scarf Army was established by me personally. If there is a need, you can disappear in front of me, and I guarantee that no one will find you.”

With that, he swings his hand, and the paring knife instantly shoots out from his hand. With a -dang- it brushes by Yoo Eunhui’s ear and stabs into the door behind her.

Yoo Eunhui was so frightened that she nearly peed. This man is not be trifled with.

She cries as she turns around and runs out of the door. She even forgot to wear her clothes. Liu Yi thinks in his heart; after all, this woman seems to be staying next door; thus, it will not be too embarrassing.

Yoo Eunhui ran back to her roon and did not have time to close the door or turn on the light before curling up in the middle of the bed, trembling.

She is frightened, but after thinking for a while, she suddenly understands a problem.

If Liu Yi truly wished to deal with me, perhaps he would have taken action long ago? Why would he say those things?

He is doing it to scare me away! Hateful! That man is too crafty. Looks like to deal with him, I need time and effort! Perhaps I might need to use some small tricks as well!

While Yoo Eunhui is scheming, she suddenly hears the sound of footsteps outside.

Could it be that he has come round to find me?

Yoo Eunhui becomes delighted and covers herself with the quilt as she lies inside, waiting for Liu Yi to take the initiative to drop in.

Hmph, like I said, how could there be a man who can reject me!

Perhaps that guy is regretting sending me away; now, he wishes to sneak in to find me!

After all, I am no longer a virgin. To stay in this industry to my current status, I have slept with countless directors and producers. So what if I sleep with an additional Liu Yi?

But Liu Yi should not know that I have syphilis. In the past, when I slept with a director, who knew that this director had a disease and infected me. I wish to treat it but am unable to eradicate it.

Very quickly, a heavy body presses down on her and raises the bottom of the quilt.

Yoo Eunhui says out of good intentions, “Put on a condom…”

Unexpectedly the other part is too impatient and pushes deep in immediately all the way inside Yoo Eunhui, making her mind blank and forget her remaining words.

The two of them moan and groan as they have sex. For a while, they roll about incessantly.

After three minutes before Yoo Eunhui was able to enjoy herself, the other party had already shot inside of her.

She cannot help but curse in her heart. Fuck, I wondered how fucking strong you are, so you are a quick shot! Hmph, impressive-looking but useless.

She lifts open the quilt and prepares to smoke a cigarette and properly discuss with Liu Yi the following matters.

But when she turned on the bedside lamp, she got a huge shock!

How is this, Liu Yi! Clearly, he is that bald producer!

She asks in shock, “Why, why is it you?”

“Darling, it was comfortable.”

The producer lies on the bed in pleasure as he replies, “I had my wish fulfilled and had a taste of you…hehe, relax. I will not sleep with you for nothing. In the future, if there is an opportunity, I will take care of you!”

Yoo Eunhui does not know to cry or laugh while cursing Liu Yi to death in her heart.

This damn fellow…sooner or later, I shall make him submit!


While the producer and Yoo Eunhui are having sex, Wang Yuzheng had just finished bathing and walked out of the bathroom.

The two of them are speaking intimate words with each other while sitting on the edge of the bed when they suddenly hear the sound of sex coming from next door, causing the atmosphere to instantly become awkward.


For a while, Wang Yuzheng does not know what to say, while Liu Yi cannot take it and smiles.

“Finishing in three minutes. Looks like the producer should strengthen his kidney.”

“Ah? Producer?”

Liu Yi beams and asked, “Nothing, nothing. Dear, it is already deep in the night. We should also sleep, right?”

“It, it is still early…let us chat more…”

Wang Yuzheng hurriedly shakes her head, making Liu Yi smile.

“Don’t be anxious. Everyone has their first time. Come, let me shut off the light.”

Like he is coaxing a kid, Liu Yi offa the lights before slowly embracing Wang Yuzheng and lies down back onto the hotel’s soft bed.

Sensing Liu Yi’s aura, Wang Yuzheng’s breathing cannot help but become heavier.

After dating for so long…am, am I finally going to give myself to him…so be it. After all, sooner or later, I will be his woman. Will there be any difference if it is today or some other day in the future?

At this moment, yelling came from next door again while Liu Yi says in his heart, this producer has quite the character. Looks like I cannot fall behind myself. I should also have a vigorous fight all night long!

Liu Yi’s lips kiss Wang Yuzheng’s earlobe.
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Chapter 1014   [Fighting bravely all night]

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