MKW Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Of course, Won Bin does not think that Liu Yi is out to kill him. Everything is only moving according to the script. It is just that he did not expect that a man who had never acted before would be able to perform these moves so brilliantly!

Looks like this guy really knows martial arts!

Playing a fighting scene with this guy ought to be comfortable!

Won Bin stretches out his hands as he takes a step forward while following what is written on the script and pats Liu Yi’s leg.

How is it possible for an ordinary person to go against Liu Yi’s strength? But right now, Liu Yi is acting; thus, he cooperates along with Won Bin and withdraws his leg, according to Won Bin’s force.

The two of them ice skate as their hands strike each other, letting out thumping sound.

Just like this, they fight over ten rounds before Liu Yi suddenly changes his pattern and skates away as a dagger drops out from his pocket and slides into his palm.

Liu Yi’s other hand made a holding pistol action and aimed at Won Bin’s girlfriend, who is far away and does a firing action.

Won Bin turns pale with fright and hurriedly skates over to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi turns around and nimbly slides through the crowd of people, dodging Won Bin’s pursuit.

The two of them slide after each other, shuttling through the ice rink.

The beautiful pursuit scene makes the director slap the table and shout with praise.

After being unable to catch up for a while, Won Bin starts to feel anxious. He suddenly has a brilliant thought and suddenly changes his direction and bumps into Liu Yi from another direction. Liu Yi seems to be unable to dodge him coming from that direction and speed.

But at this moment, Liu Yi leaps up lightly as he steps on the handrail with both legs. His ice skate blades press down on the slender handrail and continue to slide forward.

“Is…is this for real?”

The director and the rest of the crew were dumbstruck. There are no other special tools or tricks, and Liu Yi can step on the handrail to slide?

Even professional athletes would not be able to do this!

Won Bin is also stunned as the script did not go like this!

Liu Yi instantly arrives in front of Won Bin’s girlfriend while Yoo Eunhui, who is acting as a pure girlfriend, is also stunned.

While at this moment, Liu Yi raises his dagger and cuts off a section of Yoo Eunhui’s long hair and grasps it in his hand.

He then jumps out of the ice rink, holding that section of hair. Looking at Won Bin, he raises the hair to his nose and smells it before turning around and leaps out of the window behind him.

Only then did Won Bin regain his awareness and immediately ran over to the window but realizes that Liu Yi’s figure can no longer be seen anymore.


With this scene ending, the director excitedly waved his hand.

This is the first time that he has shot such a vigorous scene so smoothly.

The director is super happy while Liu Yi nervously walks over from the side.

“I did not make a mistake, right? Did I break away from the script too much during the later part?”

“No, no, no. It was like an act of god!”

The director says excitedly, “You are a natural martial arts actor!”


Liu Yi did not feel that way, but back then, he had gone through professional acting training in Dragon Group. Thus he is okay with simple acting.

The director becomes excited about shooting the scene and pulls him along to take several other scenes. Very swiftly, Liu Yi becomes famous among the crew and swiftly exceeds Won Bin as numerous other actors seek him for a signature.

Since Liu Yi assumes that he would not reveal his face, he calmly signs for them.

The remaining scenes were also shot very smoothly until the scene, which makes Liu Yi rather awkward.

“For this scene, the second male lead small forcefully rape the first female lead who had temporarily lost her sight! Prepare and start!”

The director shouts his order making Liu Yi awkward.

Wang Yuzheng is still standing by the side. How can I go and ‘rape’ the first female lead?

Although the rape fails, I don’t feel comfortable doing it!

But Wang Yuzheng gave Liu Yi an encouraging gaze making Liu Yi even more gloomy. Sweat, is this considered as being ordered to pick up girls?

Forget it. This is the so-called exposing oneself for the arts.

The setting also changed into a rather narrow and small but warm room.

This is Yoo Eunhui’s bedroom, and right now, Yoo Eunhui has temporarily lost her sight due to surgery. She is lying in the house. Hearing someone entering, she mistakenly thought that that person is her boyfriend; thus, she continued to lie in bed looking charming and gentle.

Liu Yi opens the window and jumps in, and walks to Yoo Eunhui’s bedside with light steps.

Yoo Eunhui is wearing a small white garment as well as sexy leopard pattern panties. Her fair legs attracted the gaze of people.

The movie is indeed, impressive. Yoo Eunhui did not wear a bra, and two small dots can be faintly seen. This makes Liu Yi stretch out his hand and gestures in front of her chest.

Seemingly like she hears something, Yoo Eunhui asks, “You’ve come back?”

Liu Yi did not say anything and only stretched out his hand and lightly fondled Yoo Eunhui’s chest.

Yoo Eunhui lets out a soft cry like she enjoys it.

Liu Yi feels wicked in his heart. What the fuck, shooting a movie is indeed sacrificing oneself. I am really touching her! Yoo Eunhui’s chest is not small, and right now, her nipples have become stiff. Looks like she is getting aroused!

He does not have any other choice and continues to follow the script.

If he does not follow it and act wrongly, they will need to reshoot the scene. To finish it in one take, he can only clench his teeth and continue on.

It is not Liu Yi who is pretentious. Such a beauty is indeed the dream of any man. But Liu Yi does not like Yoo Eunhui; furthermore, his girlfriend is watching by the side…fucking hell, why is Wang Yuzheng that lass raising her small fist like she is cheering for me!

Fuck! If she dares to shoot this kind of scene, she will be dead!

In a fit of anger, Liu Yi pinches with more strength making Yoo Eunhui cry out louder.

“That’s right. Continue on like this!”

The director waved his hand excitedly.

“Soft, softer…”

Yoo Eunhui thought that it was her boyfriend, Won Bin; thus, she did not refuse him.

Liu Yi kisses her neck while one of his hands is kneading her breast. While his other hand is moving down between her legs.

Yoo Eunhui becomes excited and thinks, how would I not take the opportunity to take your heart?

She hooks her legs around Liu Yi’s waist, hinting for him to continue.

At the same time, she moans softly into Liu Yi’s ear, making him aroused as well.

For this scene, when Liu Yi leans into Yoo Eunhui, it should let Yoo Eunhui smell the cigarette smell on Liu Yi and wake up with a start.

But Yoo Eunhui did not act out this scene. Instead, she stretches out her hand and hooks them around Liu Yi’s neck like she is encouraging him.

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the fuck, is she doing it for real?

From the position where the crowd cannot see, Yoo Eunhui suddenly lowers his hand and grabs Liu Yi’s pants.

Touching the tent between Liu Yi’s legs, Yoo Eunhui becomes proud of herself in her heart. Hmph, weren’t you acting like a model man earlier? Right now, you still have a reaction.

There is no one who can reject me!

Liu Yi frowns. He knows that he cannot let this continue on. So he goes against the script and says, “You are mine.”

Naturally, the voice of the first and second male leads are different. Yoo Eunhui is startled in her heart but can cry out loudly in alarm according to nature, “Who are you?”

At the same time, she stretches out her hands and pushes Liu Yi.

Liu Yi snorts and is about to leap over when the sound of the door opening comes from outside. Liu Yi stretches out his hand and strikes Yoo Eunhui’s neck, causing her to faint. He then carries her up and leaps out from the window.

This scene has finally ended, and Liu Yi lets out a long sigh of relief.

Fucking hell, this kind of situation is too stimulating. It is simply a pretense that turns into reality!

The director is applauding by the side, and Wang Yuzheng also steps up to him and tells Liu Yi that he acted very well.

Liu Yi grabs hold of Wang Yuzheng and warns her seriously, “In the future, you are not allowed to act in this kind of scene, do you understand?”

“Understood. I will not act!”

Wang Yuzheng cannot help but cover her mouth and giggles like she is laughing at Liu Yi’s pettiness.

Liu Yi says in his heart, I’m fine being petty. After all, I will not allow her to act in this kind of scene. I will not be able to take it.

Wang Yuzheng is also not an idiot. She became a star to raise her position in Liu Yi’s heart. Not to make him dislike her.

Sex scenes, kissing scenes, and the likes shall be rejected if she can reject them! If you cannot reject them, then she shall not act! This is Wang Yuzheng’s doctrine! 

While apart from this, the only person who is regretful is Yoo Eunhui. She sits by the side as she stares at Liu Yi with hidden bitterness. Why did this guy not take the opportunity to take some advantage? Could it be that he is not interested in me?

How is that possible? How could there be this kind of man in this world?

[TL: seems like she had forgotten about gays.]

Liu Yi’s rejection makes Yoo Eunhui very disappointed, but Liu Yi does not care about this kind of matter.

By the time they had finally finished shooting all of today’s scenes, it was already deep in the night. He shamelessly went into Wang Yuzheng’s hotel room.

Sitting inside the room, Wang Yuzheng asks softly, “That…I, we can bathe…”

“Sure, let’s take a bath together.”

Liu Yi nods his head before standing up. He took off his shirt, revealing his fit upper body.


Wang Yuzheng cannot help but exclaim. Although she has dated Liu Yi for a long time, the two of them had not done that thing before. She is also a very traditional and obedient girl. Seeing how daring Liu Yi is, she becomes flustered and cover her eyes,

Liu Yi laughs loudly. I like to tease Wang Yuzheng. She is too cute.

Wang Yuzheng asked miserably, “I, I’ll take a bath first…”

“Sure, you bathe first.”

Knowing that she still has not opened up, Liu Yi did not make things difficult for her and approved of it.

Wang Yuzheng is like she had been given amnesty and escaped into the bathroom like a startled doe, leaving Liu Yi outside laughing.

I like Wang Yuzheng’s cuteness. Tonight, I shall eat her up!

“Don’t you come in!”

Although Wang Yuzheng says this, she did not lock the bathroom door. Clearly, she is trusting Liu Yi.

Liu Yi also did not take advantage of it. After all, sooner or later, she will be his, so he does not mind this short wait. Being too anxious for sex might upset Wang Yuzheng.

From the bathroom comes the sound of water pattering, making Liu Yi indulge in fantasy as he listens to it.

At this moment, someone knocks on the door. Liu Yi feels curious. In the middle of the night, who would knock on my door?
[TL: any guesses?]
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Chapter 1013   [Midnight visitor]

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