MKW Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

The group of people is forcing Liu Yi to act, making Liu Yi very gloomy.

I hate matters like driving a duck onto a perch. Furthermore, I have never acted before.

Wang Yuzheng hugs Liu Yi’s arm and says coquettishly, “Just give it a try.”

Wang Yuzheng seldom acts coquettishly, and now that she acts like this, it is indeed deadly.

Liu Yi, who had hardened his heart, is somewhat softened at this moment.

Influencing the worldview as well as the values of a person!

“Come on, give it a try!”

The director is very excited and insists on Liu Yi to try acting.

Liu Yi considers for a while before finally saying, “I can act, but I have a condition. During the shoot, my face cannot be revealed.”

After all, Liu Yi’s identity still needs to be concealed and cannot be exposed in front of everyone. If it got exposed, then he would be on fire. After all, a number of his identities are too conspicuous.

“This is very simple!”

The director waves it off, “After all, you are playing the role of an unfeeling hitman. Let’s give you Ray-ban sunglasses as well as some tattoos on your face; no one will be able to identify you!”


Liu Yi nods his head, making the director happy. He immediately calls the crew over to lead Liu Yi to put on makeup.

Liu Yi is rather exasperated and can only consider himself as a dead person, allowing the makeup artist to do as she wishes to his face.

“Mr. Liu, your physiognomy is indeed rather like a hitman.”

The makeup artist is a 20 years old South Korean beautiful woman who uses Korean to speak to Liu Yi, “Let me put on some more makeup for you, and you should look no different from a real hitman!”

“Young lady. You have watched too many movies.”

Liu Yi chuckles and converses with this young lady, “A real hitman can never look like me.”

The makeup artist is very curious and asks subconsciously, “Ah? Then how should a hitman look?”

“Like that.”

Liu Yi points in a direction, and the makeup artist looks in that direction to see that Liu Yi is pointing at a young worker among the crew.

That worker’s appearance is average and is lacking any selling point. He is a face that cannot be more ordinary.

The makeup artist curiously asked, “Ah? That kind of appearance? Why?”

“Because if they were thrown into the crowd of people, no one would recognize them, allowing them to conceal themselves.”

Liu Yi laughs mischievously as he points at himself, “For a handsome guy like me, I would attract the attention of other people. How can I kill them?”

Hearing Liu Yi’s slightly narcissistic reasoning, the makeup artist laughs secretly as she nods her head.

“What you say makes some sense.”

“It is not some. It is very reasonable.”

Liu Yi emphasizes, “A real killer, hitman or assassin will have an ordinary looking face. For example, that young worker who walked past you earlier, you would not be aware or vigilant against him. But if it was me, you will definitely take note of me, making it hard for me to carry out my assassination.”

“So that is the case. I understand your reasoning.”

The young lady nods her head, “Were you once a hitman before, hehe…”

When she giggles, Liu Yi mutters in his heart, although I have never been a hitman before, I have met a number of them.

That number one assassin on the Assassin Sky List is now working under me!

Hunter is a middle-aged uncle who looks completely harmless. No one will be on guard against this kind of person. By the time you finally understand how scary he is, you are already greeting Yama.

“But I still feel that it is you that is interesting.”

“Of course. This is a movie, after all. For arts, naturally, we shall handle it through arts.”

Liu Yi says it like it is inevitable and right, “Otherwise, if we find an ordinary-looking person to act as a hitman, who would want to watch!”

“Anyways, as long as you are acting as a hitman, I will watch it for sure!”

It seems like this young lady had already become Liu Yi’s fan.

“Good. After all, I am handed over to you; please elaborate as you wish.”

Liu Yi is like breaking the cauldrons and sinking the boats as he speaks, making that young lady giggle.

Despite the fact that she looks young, her technique is not bad. Within moments, a callous looking hitman appears in the mirror.

This man is wearing sunglasses which cover half of his face. His cheeks are tattooed with a scorpion, but it does not look strange. Instead, it gives him a mystical sense of beauty.

He is wearing a black windbreaker, which is like the standard style of a hitman.

Liu Yi cannot help but recall a famous fame, <Hitman: Codename 47> especially <Hitman Absolution>. Back then, he had played it through it several times and enjoyed it a lot. All the infiltrations as well as killing.

Although Hitman 47 is an awesome hitman, he has a fatal shortcoming, which is his bald head. Furthermore, he has a face of murder like he is afraid that no one will not know that he is a hitman.

“Very handsome!”

The young lady took out a book, “Help me sign first that way; it will be worth a lot in the future when you become famous.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and signs his name generously, “It is not a problem for me to sign my name, but I will not become famous.”

“Ah? Why is that so?”

The young girl is very curious.

“Because no one will know who I am. Help me keep it a secret.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he makes a shush sign before leaving.

“Hehe, these rich people’s thoughts are really eccentric.”

The young lady shakes her head while holding the signature.

Liu Yi walks back to the shooting scene, causing a lot of cry of surprise.

A lot of beautiful women stare at Liu Yi and are unable to move their gaze away.!

This hitman is simply too cool and suits Liu Yi’s temperament! The first female lead Yoo Eunhui starts to have amorous feelings as she stares at Him. This kind of man who is both handsome and rich is simply the dream lover of females!

I hope that his ability in bed will also be good. This way, he will be even more perfect, hehe…

This man will not escape from the center of my palm!

Wang Yuzheng claps her hands lightly and compliments by his side, “You are like a real killer now! This role is simply created for you.”

“Nonsense, I am the most honest. Completely harmless!”

Liu Yi defends himself, “Everyone calls me the living Lei Feng!”

“If you are a Living Lei Feng, then I am Guanyin!”

Wang Yuzheng curl her lips, “Look at your murderous looking face!”

“Damn. This is called dashing, not murderous looking!”

“Dashing is dashing but still murderous!”

“Fine, then I shall reluctantly recognize it.”

“Hmph, after getting small advantages, you are now pretending to be obedient!”

The two of them start to flirt with one another while the director cannot endure and moves over to give a thumbs up.

“Beautiful! Simply too beautiful! Mr. Liu, with you a part of this movie, the movie will be a big hit!”

“A single person will not be able to prop up the movie on his own.”

Liu Yi hurriedly waved it off, “The director and script need to be up to mark as well. I have read the script, and it is not a problem. Will it work or not? Will be depending on the standards of your directing, haha.”

If an average person says such things, the director would fly into a terrible rage. But since it is Liu Yi saying it, the director laughs along with him.

“Relax, what is my standard. If the shoot is bad, there is no need for you to give me money!”

“Then it’s a deal!”

Liu Yi hurriedly agreed, damn, inviting this person cost quite a sum of money! Enough to make my heartache!

The director laughs and seems to see through Liu Yi’s thoughts. He is a famous director who did not have any movies which failed in his hands. This time, he will earn this money!

“Come, come. Let’s take the scene of the first male lead and second male lead fighting!”

While Liu Yi is putting on makeup, the director and Won Bin had read the script.

One is a veteran actor, while the other is a director who has produced countless scripts. They master the script very swiftly; furthermore, they immediately have the feel.

Won Bin’s role is a retired hitman who is going to save his abducted girlfriend. Right now, his girlfriend has not been abducted yet. He and the second male lead meet each other for the very first time in an ice rink. The two of them fight with the ice skate blades as their weapon, making the surrounding people who are ice skating unable to see through it. They did it like they are figure skating ordinarily and look very wonderful.

The cast and crew had already set up the ice rink a few days prior. A number of mass actors and actresses are on standby skating on the ice rink.

The video cameras are also prepared, and everything is prepared. All they are waiting for is the two male leads.

Won Bin is pulling his girlfriend as he teaches her how to ice skate. While at this moment, Liu Yi, who is wearing sunglasses, steps into the ice rinks in ice skates.

Liu Yi shakes quite well on ice skates. Back then, he used Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to create ice skates to move about. Thus his standards are the same as those ice skating athletes.

Stepping on his ice skates, he skates nimbly in the rink like a butterfly fluttering. He keeps brushing by the other skaters causing the surrounding people to cry out in surprise as well as worship him.

Seeing this scene, the director asked, “Was he a professional ice skater in the past?”

“This…does not seem to be.”

Liu Yi’s assistant by the side shakes his head.

“Help me tell him that he skates even better than professional ice skaters!”

While they were speaking, Liu Yi had kept his hands inside his windbreaker pocket as he skated towards the first male lead Won Bin.

Won Bin seems to sense that the incoming person has an ill will. He instructed his girlfriend to stand by the side, holding the railing while he frowns as he looks at Liu Yi, who is skating over.

Liu Yi skates to his side and suddenly leaps up lightly. His legs are like a spiral slicing over.

At that instant, Won Bin is somewhat stupefied, but he is indeed an actor with many years of experience. He immediately acted subconsciously to the script and slid a distance away, dodging Liu Yi’s attack.

“Gods! This segment is too impressive!”

The director cannot help but exclaim and give a thumbs up, “It is even better the actions written in the script! Mr. Liu definitely has learned martial arts!”

The crowd also got a shock as their gazes landed on Liu Yi.

Even after his attack fails to connect, Liu Yi is calm as a smile appears on his lips.

The smile is like a hunter toying with its prey as he slides in front of Won Bin again. He places his hand on the ice surface as he raises a leg high up into the air and sweeps a circle on the spot.

The sharp ice skate blade is the best weapon. Liu Yi kicks out with propriety and is just in front of Won Bin’s face. It is both lifelike but unable to harm him.

Standing there, Won Bin is like he is going to be chopped into two in the next moment!
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Chapter 1012   [Fighting on top of ice]

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