MKW Chapter 1011

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Chapter 1011  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Yoo Eunhui feels that no matter if it is appearance or temperament, she is better than Wang Yuzheng!

Although that woman has a pretty face, how can she be compared to me, who has gone through plastic surgery? I removed some of the defects on my face!

She is only a bit more popular than me, sings slightly better, and also knows how to play guitar. But what is the use of these? For a woman, as long as their face is pretty, it is enough!

As long as one has a face, one will be liked by other people and can fish men! Yoo Eunhui enters the entertainment circle to seek a man who is suitable for herself. Today, she had finally found a suitable golden turtle!

In South Korea, even if a chaebol is wealthy, they cannot be compared to the nouveau riche from China! The upper layer society of South Korea is aware of it. A lot of people thought that South Korean people love their country, but it is not the case. The ones who love the country are forever the middle and lower-class people. While to the upper-class people in South Korea, benefits are everything. They do not love the country, as one might imagine.

As long as they are wealthy, they will think of methods to go and earn it. While the girls who are trying their best to squeeze into the upper class are also the same. Even if it is a Chinese nouveau riche, they will think of methods to sell themselves to marry them!

China’s rich and powerful are the real rich and powerful!

Yoo Eunhui holds the wine glass as she walks over. When she is about to reach Liu Yi’s side, she pretends that her high-heel sprained her leg and deliberately throws herself into Liu Yi’s embrace.

Liu Yi, who was fully focused on talking with Wang Yuzheng, suddenly senses a fragrant wind coming over. He turns around to see a beautiful woman falling towards him. Liu Yi creases his brows slightly before kicking the chair by the side. The chair shifted forward slightly and moved under Yoo Eunhui’s butt, making her sit down firmly on the chair.


Yoo Eunhui realized that the chair by chance shifted over and disturbed her plan, causing her to exclaim.

Despite his romantic couple’s world being disturbed, Liu Yi still asks politely, “Hello, are you ok?”

“Yes, nice to meet you. I am the first female lead of this movie, Yoo Eunhui. May I get to know you?”

Yoo Eunhui reacts swiftly. Since her first plan did not work, she changes to another plan and confidently stretches her right hand towards Liu Yi.

She stretches her fair hand over, and it is not expecting Liu Yi to refuse. It is the same as the saying, don’t hit a smiling face.

Liu Yi can only shake hands with her. But one must say that her hand is rather soft.

Wang Yuzheng continues to sit calmly by the side and eat her steak without getting angry. To her, it would be strange if no one stepped forward to provoke Liu Yi. For a man like Liu Yi, he is the ideal golden turtle in the hearts of women.

But it is a pity as Liu Yi likes women with inner qualities. For a woman like Yoo Eunhui, who only has a face but not brains, Liu Yi will not be interested in her.

While Yoo Eunhui does not know this point. She thought that all of the men in the world are creatures who think with their lower body.

She stretches out her pinkie and scratches Liu Yi’s palm. 

Sensing her intent, Liu Yi frowns slightly.

Fine then. Looks like she is here to seduce me.

If it was in the past, Liu Yi would not believe it if such a beautiful goddess level beauty would try to seduce him.

But now, it is different. What is his current identity? A nouveau riche. Who knows how many women are waiting to send themselves into his embrace!

Back then, there was a gold-digger who said this on some program; she would rather cry inside a BMW car than laugh on top of a bicycle.

Although this sentence is unpleasant to hear, it reflected reality. The goddess that you like for a long time might already be fucked into black fungus by some son from a rich family. But Liu Yi is no longer a loser. That is why he loathes this kind of superficial woman.

Even if Yoo Eunhui is prettier, in Liu Yi’s eyes, she will become ugly.

Rouge and powder human skeleton are this to him.

“Apologies, if there is nothing, I still want to continue having dinner with my girlfriend.”

Liu Yi remains calm and collected as he withdraws his hand, and courteously asks her to leave.

This makes Yoo Eunhui shocked. This guy did not fall for me? Is he gay? Impossible! Clearly, he is treating Wang Yuzheng as a girlfriend; how can he be gay! Could it be that he is monogamous? What a joke! How would this kind of man be monogamous!

There is only one conclusion, and that is, he is testing me by putting on airs.


Although she is uncomfortable in her heart, Yoo Eunhui continues to smile as she says with traces of feeling wronged, “Don’t be like this. After all, I am a girl. Please give me some face.”

Liu Yi continues to speak courteously, “Miss Eunhui. I am delighted that I can cooperate with you to shoot this movie. If you have anything that you need, you can raise it with the producer. But right now, I wish to enjoy my candlelight dinner with my girlfriend. If you have any other matters, let’s talk again later.”

Fuck! This guy is too shameless!

Yoo Eunhui has an urge to bite her own, but she does not dare to offend this kind of wealthy person and can only smile and say, “That I shall not disturb you. This is my room number. I am not very familiar with many parts of the movie. I hope that you can teach me. If you have time at night, please give me your instructions.”

With that, she stuffs a slip of paper with her room number into Liu Yi’s hand before twisting her hip as she leaves.


Liu Yi calls the producer over before stuffing the slip of paper into the fat producer’s hand, “Miss Yoo Eunhui is still perplexed with some parts of the script. I shall trouble you to go and instruct her at night.”

“Okay, okay, I will definitely do it!”

The producer is very happy. He had wished to fuck Yoo Eunhui for a long time, but it is a pity that Yoo Eunhui’s places her sight too high. This time around, it is a hard to come by opportunity!

The producer eagerly takes the slip of paper while Wang Yuzheng cannot help but laugh at how bad Liu Yi is.

Wang Yuzheng asks, “It is such a rare opportunity. You are giving it up like this? Yoo Eunhui is an emerging young queen.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Her being a queen is related to me. It is not like I am that fickle and will fall in love with a woman immediately.”

“Tsk, saying it so beautifully like you are monogamous.”

“Cough, this dish is not bad. Have a taste!”

Liu Yi places escargot in Wang Yuzheng’s plate and dodges the question. Wang Yuzheng is smart and did not continue chasing for an answer to the question.

“Then how long will you be staying here for?”

“For a few days, I guess.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. Right now, I have nothing to do. Little Black was killed by me, and now I am just waiting for Cheng Wenhang to visit.

I should take this opportunity to accompany my girlfriend and watch her shoot her movie.

“That’s great…let’s settle on it, and pinkie swear!”

Hearing that Liu Yi can accompany her for a few more days, she is very happy and stretches out her pinkie and hooks it with Liu Yi.

Liu Yi laughs in his heart. She is so old, but in certain aspects, she still has the temperament of a young girl who is too cute. If her fans knew about this, wouldn’t they swallow me whole!

“The hotel here no longer has any more room. You, you should stay with me tonight!”

Wang Yuzheng suddenly says with a red face making Liu Yi move.

Can I finally eat this lass! God, thank you all for allowing me, Liu Yi, to have a fresh start..ah no, it is the opportunity to review the husband class!

I will definitely cherish this task that the god gave me!

Wang Yuzheng seems to know what Liu Yi is thinking about. Her face is red as she lowers her head and pretends to eat, but she is unable to cut the steak.

Luckily, she still needs to continue to shoot the movie in a while. With the new director coming, the actor Won Bin and Liu Yi meet each other, alleviating the awkward atmosphere.

Won Bin is the male actor that Liu Yi likes the most among South Korean male actors. This brother is very stylish and handsome. Especially his melancholy expression, which instantly kills everything!

Back then, when Liu Yi watched <<The Man from Nowhere>> that he acted in, he liked him a lot. Right now, he can meet him face to face as well as being respected by him; indeed, money is the king!

Like the saying, mortals wish to be immortals, and after being immortals, everything becomes different.

The movie was a novel that was bought. The storyline is very simple, which is the first male lead, and the first female lead falling in love with each other. After which, when the first female lead becomes aware that the first male lead is a retired hitman, the first male lead’s organization came to capture the first female lead, and the first male lead went to rescue her.

“I feel that for this movie, the bad guy is the highlight.”

The director raised his own opinion, “I wish to properly portray this actor, so we should use a person who knows real martial arts. This way, it can make the fighting scene look lifelike! I want that kind of fist on flesh perception!”

“Fist on flesh…”

Won Bin blushed with shame, “Director, you want me to have the tempo of being beaten to death?”

“Hahaha, how is that possible. I am only chasing after the lifelike perception. Right now, the audience’s requirement for fighting scenes is becoming higher and higher. They like to watch satisfactory violence!”

The new director asked Liu Yi, “ Mr. Liu, what do you think?”

Liu Yi replies, “I feel that this suggestion is not bad. Do you have a person in mind?”


Unexpectedly the director laughs mischievously as he looks at Liu Yi and says, “Mr. Liu, it is not impossible to let me direct this movie. But I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“You acting as the villain.”


Liu Yi got a huge shock. This villain role is a killer, which is especially going to go against the first male lead! Furthermore, he also nearly rapes the first female lead! Is the director having a spasm?

“Mr. Liu, I had heard that you were once from the gangs and knew some martial arts. I like China’s martial arts. Furthermore, those in gangs risk their lives with real weapons! Your image and temperament are not bad and are suitable for this role.”


Liu Yi is hesitating.

Won Bin also recommended, “I also feel that you can give it a try.”

“Give it a try then! We also have a fighting scene, hehe…”

Wang Yuzheng also encourages Liu Yi while Liu Yi is gloomy in his heart, this lass. I also have a failed raping scene as well. Are you stupid!
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Chapter 1011   [You come and act]

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  1. Well at least this should be interesting, hopefully the author lets lui play the villain and doesn’t feel the need to make him the hero of this movie, it sounds like the villain has a lot of screen time and focus anyways so lets hope he doesn’t stupidity hijack the movie.


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