MKW Chapter 1010

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Chapter 1010  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

When Kim Sung-do picks up the call, his expression undergoes changes.

“What? Go and serve the army? What are you joking about? Why do you want to make to go and serve the army now?!”

The company that is managing Kim Sung-do is calling him to demand him to go to serve in the army, which makes Kim Sung-do about to fall apart!

I am a popular actor! Serving in the army is equivalent to the termination of my beautiful dream and the start of a nightmare! That is why a lot of male performing artists will delay serving in the army for as long as possible. Because the moment they serve in the army, it will be a huge blow to their star career. For example, the South Korea big hit solo male singer, Kim Jongkook, for two years, there was only the voice of a single man on the stage, and that is Kim Jongkook! Afterward, he went to serve in the army, and when he returned back, he had fallen to variety show performing arts, until he joined the Running Man did he recover a bit of his past popularity. But it cannot be compared to those past years. 

That is why right now, the company is sending Kim Sung-do to serve the army is either to put him in cold storage or to destroy him!

No matter which one it is, it is not something that Kim Sung-do can accept!

“This is the decision of the company. You must accept it.”

The managing company has always been coaxing Kim Sung-do. This time, they greatly change their attitude and coldly hang up the call.

It is very simple. Liu Yi gave them the chance to enter China’s market. Earlier, Liu Yi put out a promise to the managing company to vigorously train the performing artist under their banner and assist them in entering China’s market. Liu Yi is not worried about a Korean Wave because China’s market is too big. The small Korean Wave will not dominate China’s market.

Tossing out such a huge slice of cake, how would Kim Sung-do’s company not be moved. China’s market is truly too huge. Although South Korea’s entertainment industry is flourishing, its market is extremely small. It has always been the dream of all South Korea managing companies to enter China’s Market!

For this dream, giving up Kim Sung-do, who would sooner or later pass his prime, is nothing! After all, this man is only a flower vase. His actions and the likes are very ordinary. When everyone is weary of his esthetics, his popularity will start to go downhill.

Kim Sung-do is stunned. He did not expect that his career, which has just begun to blossom, is going to wither now.

Everything is because of this man in front of me?

Who is he? Why does he have such power!

“Whoever dares to provoke you is going against me.”

Liu Yi gently caresses Wang Yuzheng’s head and says, “Remember. No one can bully you.”


Wang Yuzheng nods her head while the gaze of the surrounding people towards her changes.

This girl is too fortunate! To actually win the affection of this kind of man! This China man is handsome, classy as well as possess tremendous fortunes. He is simply the Prince Charming in the eyes of all women!

In comparison, what does Kim Sung-do count as? How is it possible for Wang Yuzheng and Kim Sung-do to have any scandal! With such a man liking her, what does Kim Sung-do count as! A flower vase!

Numerous girls look at Wang Yuzheng enviously. Wang Yuzheng herself is also very happy as she leans into Liu Yi’s embrace, unwilling to get up.

While Liu Yi fired the director and the first male lead and made the producer go and find a new director as well as a new first male lead.

“For now, the cast and crew shall temporarily have a rest.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “I’m inviting the whole crew to have a meal.”

With that, he snapped his fingers and instructed his assistance, “Go to the best restaurant in this area and send over a meal.”


The assistant is very professional and immediately goes as he is ordered.

Very quickly, dining cars are driven over, and restaurant waiters get off and start bringing out sumptuous food.

South Korea’s banquet is seriously not cheap. Especially their meat, which is very expensive. South Korea is an island, and there are very few places that raise pigs, cows, and goats. They are also carrying out local protectionism; thus, they seldom import foreign meat to impact their own country’s market.

This leads to the meat in the country being very expensive. It is very extravagant for an ordinary household to eat barbecue.

The cast and crew sit together while some waiters serve them barbecue. The delicious meat aroma makes a lot of them salivate.

“Thank you, Boss Liu, for treating us!”

“Liu Yi Oppa is very handsome!”

A lot of people express their thanks to Liu Yi, and some girls directly confess to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi only smiles and greets them before leading Wang Yuzheng to the side to eat.

The director and Kim Sung-do slip away. Perhaps this matter will be spread out very soon, making the two of them being mocked by lots of people.

After being led to the side by Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng swallows her saliva while looking at the fragrant barbecue and says, “I am also hungry…I also want to eat…”

Liu Yi winks at Wang Yuzheng, “You cannot eat with them.”

Wang Yuzheng pouts as she asks, “What pills are you selling in your calabash now? Why are you making it so mysterious…”

“You will know very soon, my princess.”

With that, Liu Yi claps his hands.

Several beautiful waitresses immediately walk over from the side, holding a plate of delicious food.

Two waiters carry over a table and place it in front of the two of them. After which someone places chairs for them while others place down candles and tableware.

The set of silver tableware from candlesticks to plate to knife and fork is laid out in front of them.

Wang Yuzheng is very astonished as she covers her mouth as she watches all of these.

Right now, Liu Yi is like a prince, making her feel like she is living like a princess lifestyle.

Seeing the astonishment in Wang Yuzheng’s eyes, Liu Yi mutters in his heart, indeed, having money is good!

“Have a seat, my princess.”

Liu Yi pulls out the chair and gentlemanly let Wang Yuzheng have a seat first. He then sits down, and the waiter by the side immediately walks over, holding a bottle of red wine, and pours out some in their cup in front of them.

“This is a candlelight dinner that belongs to you. Enjoy it, my princess.”

“You only know how to do such things…too wasteful…”

Although Wang Yuzheng is happy, she is like a housewife and pouts cutely while rebuking Liu Yi.

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says, “It is still okay. I am a nouveau riche. I might as well act like one.”

Right now, my Redstar Conglomerate’s profit cannot be calculated. The number in my bank is changing daily, making me unable to count it.

Back then, Redstar was a small gang, and for it to reach this stage, it is simply a legend.

Liu Yi says in his heart; I am being low profile. If I am a bit high profile, I will be one of the top ten bachelors.

A few plates of french western-style food is placed on the table in front of the two of them. This french meal costs over ten thousand. But to Liu Yi, it is a drop in the ocean.

Not to mention a meal, even if he treats Wang Yuzheng in this manner daily, he can afford it.

Wang Yuzheng picks up the fork and knife and says with some excitement, “Okay, I shall be impolite with you!”

“Why are you saying this?”

“Because you are a pig!”

“Damn! You have learned bad! To dare to speak in such a manner to your husband!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pinches Wang Yuzheng’s nose. Wang Yuzheng giggles before slicing a block of the steak and eat with some anxiety.

Looks like she is truly hungry. Perhaps she was busy and did not have time to eat.

This lass. Of all things, she chose to be a star and made herself so exhausted as well as needing to come face to face with so many dark matters of the entertainment industry. If it was not for me protecting her, she would have withdrawn from this circle or wallowed in the mire with those people.

But with her nature, wallowing in the mire with someone will be very difficult…withdrawing is the most likely result.

Liu Yi asks, “Yuzheng, do you wish to be a big star?”

“Of course, I want to!”

Wang Yuzheng nods her head and says very seriously, “This has always been my dream!”

“Then isn’t marrying me and being my housewife good?”

Liu Yi asks charmingly makes Wang Yuzheng blush red and turn coquettish, “Hmph, who wants to be your housewife! You have so many women by your side! It will never be my turn!”

“Hearing what you say is truly awkward.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, even at this moment, you still did not forget to ridicule me. So like you.

“Most importantly is that I am afraid that you are too tired. Furthermore, your nature is also so resolute and is not suitable for the entertainment circle.”

“What is there to be afraid of? After all, you back me!”

Wang Yuzheng is more or less glad, “Those people with bad thoughts will not dare to have any ideas about me.”

“Fine then. I respect your choice.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Don’t make yourself too tired and have enough rest. In the future, if you meet that kind of director or actor and the like, there is no need to be afraid. Just go up and scold them. If something happens, I will help you settle it.”

“Mm…with you around, I feel safe…”

Wang Yuzheng feels warm in her heart. Meeting Liu Yi is the biggest fortune that I have in this lifetime.

She had never regretted meeting him even if he has other girlfriends as well. Perhaps such kind of outstanding man will never only have a single woman by his side. If I wish to have him all to myself, perhaps I will only lose him.

In the past, she had made this mistake before; thus, she will not make it again. She is a smart woman and knows how she should vie for her own position.

“Idiot, meeting you is my fortune.”

Liu Yi stretches his hand over and gently caresses Yuzheng’s head making her feel at ease.

It is at this moment; a beautiful Korean woman walks over towards Liu Yi holding a wine bottle.

This woman is wearing a silver cheongsam with numerous small diamonds sewn into it, making it very dazzling.

Her black hair, big eyes as well as tall figure is simply long, straight black. It is a pity that Liu Yi does not know this south Korean female star; otherwise, he would recognize her.

This woman is the most recent advertisement queen that just started her career. Yoo Eunhui.

As soon as Eunhui saw Liu Yi, she immediately sensed that this man is not ordinary. Being so young as well as possessing such immense wealth, he can be taken as a young and promising man.

But no matter how awesome a man is, he will be defeated in front of a woman.

Yoo Eunhui is confident in herself. After all, she has the face as well as the figure that all men are captivated of!

She wants to make Liu Yi kneel down under her pomegranate!
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Chapter 1010   [Be my housewife]

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