MKW Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Wang Yuzheng looks at the messy bed and lightly tilts her head.

“The opportunity is over there.”

The director adds another sentence, “You must treasure it.”

“I understand, director!”

Wang Yuzheng strides over with her long slender legs to the side of the bed. The director swallows his saliva and intends to take off his trousers and take a bath.

But swiftly, the scene stupefied him. Because when Wang Yuzheng walks over to the bed, she did not bashfully undress or the like. Instead, she starts carefully straightening out the bed that the director did not. 

Very swiftly, the bed became straightened. The quilt was also folded nicely as its earlier messy appearance is gone.

The director is stunned seeing this while Wang Yuzheng turns around and says bashfully, “Director, everything is tidied up…”

“Are you joking! Who wanted you to straighten the bed!”

The director suddenly does not know what to say and can only get mad. Are you for real? My intentions are very clear, and she still does not understand?!

Is this woman pretending to be confused, or does she not understand? This is too much!

“Do you want this role or not!”

The director is very angry, and the consequences are very grave. The pitiful Wang Yuzheng still does not understand what is going on. Could it be that I did not fix it adequately?

“Director, of course, I want this role.”

Wang Yuzheng says pitifully, “I’ve practiced for this role for a long time. The company also put in much effort to help me obtain this opportunity. If I fail, I will feel very sad as well as feel like I have let down the company.”

“If that is the case, you should understand what I mean!”

The director feels like his anger is ignited.

Wang Yuzheng felt especially wronged, “Director…I, I do not understand…”

“I want you to sleep with me. Do you understand now?”

This is the first time he has put it so frankly.


 Only then did Wang Yuzheng react as her expression turns slightly pale.

To think that I had thought that this director was not bad. So he is also this kind of person!

“What is the matter? Not happy?”

Looking at Wang Yuzheng’s expression, the director sneers, “Do you think that you are popular in South Korea? A big star? Let me tell you the truth. Right now, your popularity in South Korea has fallen into the gutters. Only I can save you, understand? If it was other directors, they would have fired you!”

Wang Yuzheng does not know what to say, and that director thought that Wang Yuzheng was moved. He continues and says, “If you properly service me, I will let you have your role as the second female lead!”

“Apologies, I am no longer acting.”

The director thought that Wang Yuzheng was either going to take off her clothes or say that she will go back and consider for a few days before obediently following his instructions. Unexpectedly, she resolutely rejected him!


With that, she pushes open the door and walks out.

The director stares blankly before shouting angrily, “Wretch! Idiot! Do you think you are a big shot? If you don’t want to act, there are numerous others who are willing!”

Wang Yuzheng is very indignant. Thinking of how she has been wronged, she becomes even unhappier.

She almost subconsciously gets off the RV and turns around before raising her leg and kicks the RV.

Wang Yuzheng is wearing 5cm high-heeled shoes, and this kick creates a hole in the RV!


She also did not expect such serious aftermath and covered her mouth in shock.

“Crazy woman! What did you do!”

When the director heard the noise, he jumped off the car. Seeing the additional hole in his RV, he is instantly in heartache. 

“Are you mad! You damn woman! There is only one of these vehicles in South Korea! Take a look at what you have done!”

The director’s shouting attracted the attention of numerous people. Seeing that there are so many people, Wang Yuzheng, who was somewhat cowardly, summons her courage and says loudly, “This is your payback for insulting women!”

“Who, who insulted women!”

The director denies flatly, “Your crazy! What nonsense are you saying!”

When the handsome Kim Sung-do sees this, he puts his hands into his pockets as he walks over under the gaze of a group of women.

When the director sees so many people coming over, he thinks rapidly and says loudly, “After you knew that you are no longer can be the second female lead, you came and tried to seduce me! Hmph, you still wish to sleep with me to get this role? Let me tell you; I am not that kind of person! You can forget about it!”

Wang Yuzheng nearly cries from anger while the surrounding people start pointing and start saying all kinds of malicious words, making her very upset to death.

But she does not know how to defend herself, and the director had already made bogus accusations against her, splashing her with dirty water. Originally her reputation was quite bad with rumors of her seducing Kim Sung-do and the likes. Right now, it is even harder for her to clear her name.

Kim Sung-do, who is standing by the side, shrugs his shoulders and says to the surrounding women, “I knew that she was that kind of woman.”

At this moment, Wang Yuzheng wishes to cry.

The surrounding people start denouncing her, say all kinds of unpleasant things about her, and these unceasingly stab into her ears.

“How did this kind of woman become the second female lead?”

“Tsk, not only did she seduce our Sung-do Oppa, but she also wanted to seduce the director. Willing to do anything to become famous!”

“China’s actresses don’t have any limits!”

These denouncing voices make Wang Yuzheng feel despair as fear emerges in her heart, making her wish to escape from this place.

At this moment, a warm chest pulls her into his embrace.

Wang Yuzheng got a shock and took a cautious look. The one who is hugging her is none other than Liu Yi, which makes her calm down.

Liu Yi asked, “My princess, did someone bully you?”

Seeing Liu Yi, especially since he is embracing the woman whom he wished to sleep with, the director frowns and asks, “Who are you? This is a filming grounds, not a place whom an outsider can casually enter! Vice-director, where are you? How do you manage this venue!”

At this moment, the vice-director walks over with an awkward expression. He says softly to the director, “Director…this, he is one of the investors…”


The director blinks. Looking at Wang Yuzheng, who is leaning into Liu Yi’s embrace like a little bird relying on him, he is flabbergasted.

Other people still do not know that Liu Yi is an investor. They only see him tenderly embrace Wang Yuzheng and start discussing.

“Who is this guy?”

“He looks rather handsome…”

“Could it be that he is an actor? I have not seen him before…”

Kim Sung-do purses his brows. He is unhappy seeing Liu Yi embracing the girl that he is eyeing.

Kim Sung-do steps forward and says, “Those who are not involved shouldn’t cause trouble in our place. Furthermore, don’t try to paw our actress.”

His appearance is handsome and bright, his shoulders are wide, and his pectoral muscles are developed. His build is also tall and long with long legs making him the long legs oppo in legends.

At this moment, Kim Sung-do is wearing a black shirt with his collar opened very low and wearing black western pants, revealing a very mature as well as wild aura.

With him standing there, he became the focal point attracting the gaze of the surrounding women as well as scream.

“Oppa! Sung-do Oppa!”

“Oppa! We love you!”

Kim Sung-do is very satisfied with this kind of feeling. He is lives for this! Although he had played with a lot of women before, he has never dated before. Because he feels that there is not a single woman who deserves his love with all of his body and mind.

But this girl is different. I like her appearance. But I don’t like her current identity.

Thus Kim Sung-do planned to strike her down to the depths of hell before appearing to save her. That way, she will devote her life to him.

Unexpectedly, halfway through, someone appears!

But I am a male god, Kim Sung-do, who is the idol of millions!

I shall let him know his inferiority and make him scram from Wang Yuzheng’s side!

But at this moment, black Mercedes-Benzs drive over and stop by the side. Two rows of bodyguards in black suits exit the car and part the crowd before walking over and arranges themselves behind Liu Yi.

The producer also walks over. He respectfully wishes to speak with Liu Yi but was chased away by him.

“Don’t disturb me. Can’t you see that I am coaxing my princess?”

“Yes, yes, yes. You do your thing; you do your thing.”

The producer does not dare to disturb Liu Yi and hurriedly retreated to the side.

The people by the side were stunned seeing this. This fellow…seems to have an impressive background. Who is he?

“I heard everything earlier.”

Liu Yi nods his head to one of the workers before saying, “Change the person to shoot this movie. I believe that it will shoot even better.”

“You, you want to fire me?”

The director is alarmed, and for a moment, his train of thoughts is stuck.

He is one of the top directors in South Korea. How many TV shows, movies are fighting over each other to let him go and shoot for them, and he did not even go. Right now, this guy wishes to fire him?

“Your behavior is improper. I do not need you to shoot my movie.”

The biggest investor for this movie is Redstar Conglomerate. Thus Liu Yi has the right to choose the director.

“What are you joking about! Do you think that someone else will help you shoot the movie if you fire me? Youngster, perhaps you are right, but I recommend you to not be too rash. This circle is not as simple as what you think! After offending me, no one will be willing to shoot the movie for you!”

Liu Yi says to the assistant by his side, “Get in touch with Director Han. Let him come and shoot the movie. Tell him that he will be given editing rights as well as much pay as he wants.”


That assistance immediately records it down while the director’s expression turns green. Director Han that Liu Yi mentions is his arch-enemy. His reputation is even bigger than him. Although his temper is somewhat weird, if he can get the director editing rights, it is possible that he will be groveling to film!

Most importantly…as much pay as he likes… these few words are a big hand!

Fucking hell, he is a china person. How come he is so rich!

There are rumors that there are numerous rich people in China, today I have experienced it!

Liu Yi glances at Kim Sung-do and says, “Change the male first lead. Let Won Bin act.”

“Change the first male lead?”

Kim Sung-do smiles weirdly, “I am not the director. My popularity is something that you cannot imagine. Hahaha, you are still lacking if you wish to change me!”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Is that so? I hope that you can continue to smile like that in a while.”

When he finishes speaking, Kim Sung-do’s phone starts ringing.
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Chapter 1009   [Change all of them]

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