MKW Chapter 1008

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Chapter 1008  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“What is the matter, Yuzheng?”

Liu Yi knows that Wang Yuzheng would not casually give him a call. Most of the time, they would use QQ or SMS to communicate with each other. Sometimes, they would send each other WeChat and the likes. After all, Wang Yuzheng is becoming more and more famous. Thus she became even busier with work. Right now, she has a lot of advertisements making her schedule very intense. That is why the two of them had not met each other for a long time.

Perhaps she had some problems, which is why she called me.

“Husband…where are you…”

Liu Yi seems to hear the sound of crying within Wang Yuzheng’s voice, making him anxious.

“I am outside. What happened to you? Why are you crying? Who bullied you?”.


Wang Yuzheng denies flatly from the other side, “It is just that I missed you and wished to hear your voice….”

This lass! She can’t even hide her thoughts!

Liu Yi knows that it is not that simple, but he is also not stupid. He understood that he would not be able to get the answer from her now, so he coaxed Wang Yuzheng, “Baby, wait till your schedule comes free; I will accompany you overseas to play, okay?”

For stars to live like a normal person, they can only go overseas.

Wang Yuzheng is currently very famous in Asia. But her fame is inferior in Europe. Therefore the company has recently arranged a few movie roles for her and is planning to let her progress into Hollywood.

“Mm…, I still need to memorize the lines. Let’s chat later. I miss you, -kiss-…”

Wang Yuzheng hangs up.

Liu Yi immediately calls Wang Yuzheng’s manager and asks, “Where are you right now?”

The manager knows Liu Yi’s identity and says respectfully, “Boss, right now, we are in South Korea, Seoul, filming a movie.”

Korea’s entertainment industry is flourishing, and during recent years its movie industry has also advanced by leaps and bounds, producing numerous Hollywood-grade movies.

“What happened?”

Liu Yi questions, “Yuzheng sounded quite unhappy when she was speaking with me.”

“A situation happened…it lead to the South Korean side regarding Yuzheng as not having any good prospects. It seems like they also want to change her role.”


Change roles? Wang Yuzheng is considered a famous person domestically! When she went to South Korea, she is being mistreated? How can this be so?

“Why? Tell me the reason!”

“How about this boss. I’ll send you a few news links. After you see them, you will understand.”

With that, the manager hangs up the call, and within moments, a few links are sent to Liu Yi’s email.

Liu Yi summons Little Jade’s electronic screen and starts opening those links.

Instantly a series of news that angers him appears. News like Wang Yuzheng, who came from China, and Kim Sung-do are in love with each other, the two of them are hand in hand as they tour Myeongdong together, falling in love with each other during the filming of the movie!

Kim Sung-do is a famous South Korean male actor. He looks very handsome and is very stylish. He is the ideal boyfriend of 90% of the women in South Korea. Thus his popularity in South Korea is roaring, and almost no one can be compared to him.

For this movie, he is the first male lead.

While Wang Yuzheng, for some unknown reason, suddenly has so many scandals with him. Furthermore, in the comments below, several of the fans who attack are mostly Kim Sung-do’s fans. Right now, all of them have become Wang Yuzheng’s anti-fans, and most of their comments are malicious.

Liu Yi continues to read on, and some people are scolding, ‘Ugly woman from China quickly scram from South Korea!’, ‘Don’t seduce our Sung-do Oppa! Scram back to China!’.

The anti-fans attacks are very scary. A lot of performing artists in South Korea whose suicide can be found due to them being unable to endure the comments from the anti-fans.

Liu Yi says in his heart, Yuzheng is not that weak but being shamed like this, it is likely that she is unhappy.

No wonder she would give me a call. Looks like she is finding it difficult to bear.

{Immortal Fox sister, Meng Xi, let’s make a trip overseas.}

Liu Yi does not wish to tarry. After dealing with Little Black, now he has the mood to go to other places to visit.

Lin Tong is slightly worried, {Will it be okay? How is your current condition?}

With Little Black gone, it is equivalent to Liu Yi losing half of his life.

{It is not a problem. I feel very good.}

Although Liu Yi’s face is still pale, he feels comfortable in his heart.

The only worries that he still has is that without Little Black, Black Devil King would not be born again, right?

Why do I feel like I had done something, but the footsteps of history will not be stopped? No matter what, Murong Die and the girls cannot die! I must stop all of these.

{Fine, this miss and Meng Xi can protect you.}

Right now, Lin Tong is also very powerful. She feels that with her around, it will not be a problem to protect Liu Yi’s safety.

{Then I shall have to rely on Immortal Fox sister.}

Liu Yi finally tells the truth, {Actually, my current strength has greatly dropped. I am only left with the strength of a single sun jade. If I wish to recover, I will need a month.}

The loss of killing Little Black is very huge to Liu Yi. At a minimum, his strength has temporarily declined. But this loss of strength can be slowly recovered with time.

{You idiot…}

Lin Tong feels some heartache, for his women; this fellow always disregards his life!

But, the reason why I like him so much seems to be due to this point…

Alas, a guy who makes people both love and hate…

“Let’s go! It’s time to set off!”

Although his cultivation strength has temporarily fallen to a single sun jade, it is not a problem for him to use the Imperial Sword Technique. Stepping on Firegod Sword, Liu Yi follows the direction that Little Jade gives and flies towards South Korea.


After Wang Yuzheng hangs up the call, she raises her head and looks at herself in the mirror.

“Wang Yuzheng, you must do it! Fight!”

She raises her fist towards the girl in the mirror and makes an encouraging gesture.

At this moment, a girl sticks her head in out from outside and says to Wang Yuzheng, who is standing within the toilet, “Yuzheng, the director is looking for you. Hurry up and come over!”

The girl is speaking in Korean. But prior to this, Wang Yuzheng had already studied the Korean language. Her studies had been good, and now after her water spirit body has been activated, she has become a lot smarter. She only needs a month to study the Korean language. Although she is still slightly shaky with complex terms, it is not a problem for simple dialogue.

“Thank you. I’ll go over at once.”

Wang Yuzheng gratefully nods her head at the girl before wiping away her tears. After doing a simple repair of her makeup, she walks out.

Outside is a very huge outdoor film studio, and the director is sitting inside his RV.

Perhaps this director is very rich. This price for this RV is at least 3 to 4 million RMB.

Although Wang Yuzheng can buy it if she relies on Liu Yi’s assets, her character is quite arrogant and does not wish to rely on a man to survive.

I must become a big celebrity that is known by everyone! Only then can I deserve Liu Yi!

Wang Yuzheng had long ago made up her own mind. Thus she can invest in more effort.

She knocks on the door, and from inside comes the director’s voice, “Come in!”

Wang Yuzheng pulls open the car door and walks in.

The facilities inside of the RV are also very luxurious as well. The director is sitting on the sofa listening to the music of a cello.

This director is slightly famous in South Korea and has made quite a number of A-list actors famous. There are hearsays that many female stars are fighting to get into his movies. Redstar Company had paid a number of prices to get Wang Yuzheng the opportunity to be the second female lead.

Although it is the second female lead, the people from Redstar Company feel that the parts that this role play is very important and its position is even better. Furthermore, after the shoot, it might be even more received than the female first lead. After getting this role, Wang Yuzheng will be able to enter South Korea’s movie market. Afterward, they can use it as a platform to go into Hollywood.

But if Wang Yuzheng’s role was changed away, she would waste this precious opportunity.


Wang Yuzheng is wearing a black and white matching princess skirt; thus, she does not know where to sit. She can only feebly make a greeting first.

“You have come?”

The director glances at Wang Yuzheng as a trace of avaricious flashes across his eyes.

Being in the entertainment circles for a long time, this is the first time he had seen such a fresh and pure girl. Most importantly is that she is a naturally beautiful woman. Furthermore, from the looks of it, she is a virgin!

Kim Sung-do is the same as me and fancies this girl. We had also made a private bet on who will be able to fuck her first.

Haha, but I am the director of this movie. My rights are more than Kim Sung-do! Wouldn’t it be easy to fuck this girl?

After a lot of matters are the unspoken rules of the entertainment circles, hehehe….

Although the director had these thoughts, he did not express it clearly.

He sits there and points beside him.

“Come, sit, and chat. There is no need to be so nervous.”


Wang Yuzheng sits down on the sofa, but she still maintains some distance from the director.

This makes the director uncomfortable. You have already come inside here, and you still do not understand the intention?

“Your current situation is too big. The cast and crew are very disappointed with you.”

The director straightforwardly lays down the harsh medicine. He taps the iPad on the side and on the screen is the most recent news, and it is a scandal between Wang Yuzheng and the first male lead Kim Sung-do.

Wang Yuzhang explains in a flurry, “Apologies director, this is a scandal. Sung-do and I do not have such relations!”

“What is there to explain?”

The director pretends to be furious, “I do not care about what relationship the two of you have! What I am concerned about is the box office! The box office!”

He raps the table with his finger, “The two of you creating this kind of scandal is causing Kim Sung-do’s fans to launch a comprehensive attack on you! If we continue to use you as the female second lead, our box office will be affected!”

“Sorry, sorry…I will pay attention to it in the future…”

Wang Yuzheng can only keep apologizing, hoping that it can make the director calm down.

“This role is very important to me. Please give me an opportunity, director…”


The director suddenly smiles, “You’re still young, and it is easy for you to make mistakes. It is not like I cannot give you a chance, but you need to grasp the opportunity yourself.”

With that, the director points at the slightly messy bed by the side.
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Chapter 1008   [Grasp the opportunity]

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