MKW Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

This bone spear is like white lightning and instantly appears in front of the golden man.

The golden man seems to not place the bone spear in his eyes and only casually slaps out with a hand like slapping a housefly.

But when the bone spear touches his palm, it suddenly explodes!

Rows of bony outgrowth emerge from the golden man’s body. This golden man is unable to take this kind of power and topples over from the explosion. He smashes into a huge line of palace walls behind him.

“That is why I say you cannot look down on me.”

Liu Yi keeps away the devil before flying into the Qin Imperial Palace Hall.

But at this moment, an eye-catching golden light suddenly lights up!

It is like a small sun is placed in front of Liu Yi, shining its radiance over a thousand miles making people unable to open their eyes!

Liu Yi also closes his eyes subconsciously. After the light shines for over half a minute, it slowly dissipates.

But after it dissipates, Liu Yi realizes that there is no palace in front of him.

“You run rather quickly!”

Liu Yi is somewhat unhappy, “To think I let you guys make a fool of me. Hmph, just wait !”

With that, he closes his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he had turned back to his normal self.

“Damn it…”

Liu Yi takes two deep breaths before looking at his own hands.

“I actually…become that way again…”

Although the two-faced side of him can settle a lot of problems, Liu Yi does not like this and always feel that that is not him; thus is very unhappy!

Will I start to have a split personality if this goes on? I cannot become like that!

“Immortal Fox sister…Meng Xi, do the two of you think that I am sick?”

Liu Yi stands above the clouds, and his current situation is not very good.

“Benefactor, this servant feels that there is nothing bad.”

Meng Xi jumps down from Liu Yi’s hair. Transforming back to her human form, she says her view, “The benefactor from earlier…was simply too handsome…”

While Meng Xi is saying this, her eyes are filled with stars.

Liu Yi starts sweating. The two-faced side of me is very handsome? It…indeed is the case…

Liu Yi suddenly starts to feel jealous of the other him.

“Damn it…why am I unable to appear tyrannical, strong, and awesome…”

“Big idiot, you don’t even know that?”

Lin Tong also flies out and rolls her eyes at Liu Yi before saying, “This is because you have restraint while the other you does not. Naturally, he will be a lot stronger!”

“Is that really the case?”

Liu Yi does not really believe in what she just said. Restraints and the likes…are the reason that encumbers me?

“Of course!”

Lin Tong says seriously, “Think about it. Back then, when Sun Wukong wreaked havoc in Heaven, how impressive was he? But later on, during the journey, while protecting Tang Seng on the journey to India on a quest for Buddhist scriptures, he became incapable and was always being bullied! Why is that so? Because Sun Wukong’s heart had an extra burden.”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “But wasn’t Tang Seng, a very powerful expert?”

“That’s right. But Tang Seng has a shortcoming, and that is he would not take the life of a living creature!”

Lin Tong curls up her lips, “He had never hit a monster, and sometimes when he met a pitiful demon, he took the initiative to cut his own flesh to feed them. In such a case, would Sun Wukong not be vexed? Could he bring out all of his strength?”

What the…this is quite a new matter!

“Wait till I meet Tang Seng; I’ll let him cut off some flesh to feed me as well!”

Liu Yi suddenly had a strange thought, “After eating Tang Seng’s flesh, I might never grow old, and perhaps, I might also be able to strengthen my cultivation!”

“That brother is the reincarnation of Golden Cicada. Eating him will definitely strengthen your cultivation!”

Lin Tong says, like it is a matter of fact, “That is the reason why you are not stronger than the other you, because you have too many things that you are unable to let go. These things became your burden. If there comes a day when you can give up everything and only think of yourself, then you can be as strong as him!”

“I would rather not!”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Perhaps only by having yourself in your heart can you be powerful, but I feel that if you wish to protect a person, you will become stronger for them!”

“What you say has some justification, but the latter is harder.”

Lin Tong sighs, “As for the specifics, you will have to slowly ponder. I feel that you still have potential within your body that can be developed!”

“I hope that is the case. I almost managed to catch up with the Qin Imperial Palace.”

Although he got replaced by the two-faced side of him, Liu Yi still retains the memories.

“That’s right. But Qin Imperial Palace is too crafty. They only appeared for a brief moment before running away. Right now, this group of people should be fearful of you.”

“Let’s not talk about them. Even I fear the other Liu Yi greatly.”

Liu Yi ridicules himself before saying, “Ma Yixuan has escaped as well. I’ll release Bai Xiaowei.”

With that, he flies down through the cloud layer and arrives above the frozen sea surface.

Liu Yi’s cultivation is very deep. And along with Heaven Dragon Mausoleum’s assistance, if it is not Liu Yi’s real intention, it will take at least over a hundred years for others to try to melt it.

That glazed pagoda is in the middle of the frozen sea, making it very eye-catching.

Liu Yi lands on the frozen ice standing in front of the pagoda, looking at motionless Bai Xiaowei, who is sealed inside.

“I have come to release you.”

With that, Liu Yi placed his palm on the pagoda and prepared to open this ice seal.

At this moment, Lin Tong reminds him, {Slow down!}

Liu Yi asks curiously, {What is the matter, Immortal Fox sister? Something happened?}

{No. I am just worried about some matters.}

Lin Tong explains, {Ma Yixuan is still not dead. If you release Bai Xiaowei right now, then I fear that the fog qi real body within her body might also awaken. At that time, Bai Xiaowei will fall into Ma Yixuan’s control again! I’m afraid that her life will be hard to preserve!}


Liu Yi becomes silent for a while. What Lin Tong said is indeed true.

{Then what should I do…}

{Let’s maintain it like this for now.}

Lin Tong proposed, {It is not too late to release ice pagoda’s seal after Ma Yixuan has died.}

Liu Yi sank into silence. In the future, I sealed Bai Xiaowei.

In this era, in the end, I still sealed her! There is no difference between this and the future!

Once again, Liu Yi sensed fate’s sneering at him! Motherfucker! Is there no other choice? Could it be that Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die, and Wang Lele are destined to die? No, definitely cannot!

“I must confront fate to the end!”

Liu Yi turned heartless. Time does not wait for anyone, and I must deal with some matters to no longer have worries about future consequences!

“Little Black, come out!”

Liu Yi waves his hand, and a formation appears as Bone Monarch walks out from the formation, looking very majestic.

This Bone Monarch is very obedient as stands in front of Liu Yi, waiting for his orders.

Looking at him, Liu Yi sighs with deep sorrow in his heart. This thing is my avatar. A part of me that is inseparable. But right now, for Murong Die and the rest of the girl’s safety, don’t mention giving away half my life; even if I give up my entire life, I am also willing!

{Big Idiot, what are you doing?}

Lin Tong faintly sensed that something is not right.

{Doing something that I should have done. To make matters end before they start.}

With that, he started chanting some scriptures.

Golden Buddhist characters start floating in front of him and surround his body.

{You are mad!}

Lin Tong feels that dealing with this matter in this manner is too grave!

{This is your natal pet! It can be said that he is you, and you are also him! he is a part of your soul! If you kill him, you will receive a serious injury, and you might even die!}

{If he does not die, Xiao Die and the girls will die.}

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and says, {I allowed that to happen!}

{But you also cannot do such things to yourself!}

Lin Tong becomes more and more worried, {Calm down!}

{Immortal Fox sister, there is no need to advise me anymore. I have already decided!}

Liu Yi says, {Furthermore, I am already prepared to cut my soul! Every single part of my soul will be hidden! This way, relying on Ghost Puppet, I am undying!}

Ghost Puppet is simply heaven-defying! And Liu Yi is prepared to use it.

{Alas, you stubborn big idiot…}

Lin Tong does not have any methods and can only pull Meng Xi to the side to guard him.

With the two beauties by his side guarding him, Liu Yi is at ease.

He gathers the Buddist qi to his right palm before slowly walking towards Little Black.

“Sorry, Little Black. It is me who created you, and it is also me who must eliminate you.”

Liu Yi’s voices are filled with bitter grief, “Actually, I had always regarded you as my child. But you had already deviated from the norms. Right now, I can only let you die. In your next life, remember to choose a more reliable master.”

What surprised Liu Yi is that Little Black actually cackles his mouth twice like he is saying ‘even in my next life, I also wish that you are my master.’

Their feelings are connected, which makes Liu Yi wish to cry at this moment.

But he restrains it as he resolutely slaps his palm on Little Black’s skull.

Little Black’s body immediately disintegrates into pieces and scatters.

In the past, when these bones were broken, they will recombine, and it is even possible for them to become even stronger. But today, without the support from Liu Yi’s qi, along with his palm that is filled with Buddhist qi, it causes Little Black to immediately fall apart, and it is likely that not a single bone will be left behind.


Just as Liu Yi consoles, he suddenly senses an acute pain in his solar plexus.

It is like he is going to vomit. This feeling is truly unbearable.

Seeing Liu Yi squatting there with a pale face, Lin Tong hurried forward and asked, “Big Idiot, are you okay?”

{Benefactor seems to have a heart problem.}

Meng Xi immediately sees through Liu Yi’s condition, {Although benefactor’s pet has died, it affected benefactor slightly. But most of benefactor’s sickness comes from the heart. It is likely that he is unable to accept the fact that his three most loved women had died by Little Black.}

Lin Tong sighs, {That’s right, it is heartache…hopefully that he will walk out of it soon.}

She has some worries in her heart. After all, Liu Yi’s strength is too high, and a slight change affects everything else.

After Liu Yi destroyed Little Black, he became very weak. He prepares to go back and rest for a while before going to look for his daughter. Unexpectedly at this moment, Wang Yuzheng suddenly gave him a call.
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Chapter 1007   [Heart problems need to be treated with heart medicine.]

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