MKW Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Although Ma Yixuan had obtained a part of Liu Yi’s soul, even if she dies, she would not be able to imagine that in Liu Yi’s body. 

A pure and silly Liu Yi and a two-faced Liu Yi.

Although these two personalities fused together, later on, the two-faced side still hides a part deep inside Liu Yi’s soul, waiting for Liu Yi’s ego-personality to weaken or crumble, then let this side flourish and spread before maturing and appearing!

Right now, the two-faced side has t emerged again and took over Liu Yi’s main personality and helped him deal with the matter that he is unable to deal with.

Right now, Ma Yixuan is in some trouble as she did not expect that Liu Yi would turn like this, making her unable to grasp the situation!

Liu Yi’s fire-god spear lands on the ice sculpture, and the enormous devil ice sculpture explodes into pieces!

Ma Yixuan vomits out blood. Although the devil can strengthen her, at the same time, it is also her weak spot. If the devil is heavily injured, she will also suffer a huge rebound!

“You…you are not Liu Yi. Who are you!”

Ma Yixuan pushes Liu Yi away and stares at him in vigilance.

“I am Liu Yi; Liu Yi is also me.”

Liu Yi keeps his hands inside his windbreaker as he smiles merrily at Ma Yixuan, who is alarmed, “During senior high, you kept thinking that I am very weak and a loser. That is why you couldn’t be bothered to take notice of me and be together with that hooligan. But you were wrong. Actually, every single person’s body hides a very scary beast. There will be a day when the person whom you despise might swallow you up.”

“What is the point saying this now? If you were impressive, I would have been yours.”

Ma Yixuan does not believe in what Liu Yi is saying, “Stepping on this path was our fate! Although I do not wish to admit Liu Yi, you indeed are my destined enemy!”

“Not necessarily so.” Liu Yi chuckles, “Because I do not take you seriously.”

“You are seeking death!”

Ma Yixuan is angered and directly takes off her cloak. After this, her hands turn scarlet, and claws at Liu Yi!

This is the Soul-Sucking Blood Claw that Ma Yixuan had cultivated! The blood claw has formidable might, and most importantly, it can suck the enemies’ blood and absorb the opponent’s soul to weaken them and strengthen herself!

This is a very scary evil skill, and Ma Yixuan is using it to deal with Liu Yi!

Liu Yi’s eyes suddenly flash a trace of light like he had seen through the ability of the blood claw. His Monarch Armour covers his entire body and allows Ma Yixuan’s blood claw to land on his armor as she wishes.

As the Monarch Armour was clawed, a long row of sparks and deep claw marks were left behind.

“Go, die!”

Ma Yixuan strengthens the might of the blood claw again and claws at Liu Yi’s head.

“It is still your previous hands that were nicer to look at.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he tilts his head to the side and brushed by Ma Yixuan’s claw. While dodging it, he raises his knee and knees Ma Yixuan in her stomach, causing her to bend her waist and vomit.

“The flaws in your attack are all too big.”

Liu Yi’s hands are still in his windbreaker’s pocket as he says, “If you wish to fight, you are too weak.”

Liu Yi’s combat experience is too abundant. But he does not possess genuine fighting brains. The two-faced Liu Yi, on the contrary, is a fighting genius as well as cultivating genius!

It can be said that his combat strength cannot be mentioned against the normal Liu Yi!

That is why fighting Ma Yixuan is as simple as eating rice!

“Why would it be like this…”

Ma Yixuan wipes away her spit as she bears with her pain and straightens her waist while looking at Liu Yi, who is smiling.

“Just…who are you?”

“As I said, I am Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi is still smiling as he says, “ I am that wild beast that is hidden inside. It is you who allowed me out.”

“I…released the wild beast inside Liu Yi’s body?”

Ma Yixuan is still stunned. She does not believe in what she had just heard, nor does she dare to believe in her defeat.

“I do not believe it!”

She suddenly shouts as her hands and legs turn blood red!

At this moment, Ma Yixuan had transformed into a beast-like appearance as she speedily leaps at Liu Yi while letting out four blood lights!

“Alas, silly woman.”

Liu Yi sighs, “Looks like I can only let you wake up.”

With that, Liu Yi’s eyes suddenly light up with golden light as he hits out a palm!

Desolate Flames!

At this moment, Ma Yixuan had arrived in front of him. Her claws still had yet to touch his body when her shoulder had already received this palm!

It is like Liu Yi had calculated the time and position precisely to the finest detail!

Ma Yixuan was sent flying away like a cannonball and smashed into the ice layer.

The ice layer cracks with Ma Yixuan being embedded within.

Blood seeps out of her mouth, and it appears like her injuries are not light.

“My cultivation strength is already at realm crosser.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “ But the mental state of the other me is not firm. While for the current me, no matter if it is mental or cultivation, both are at the realm crosser level. Ma Yixuan, you have no chance.”

“Realm crosser…”

Ma Yixuan nearly crushes her teeth from clenching her jaw too tightly. Why is it that every time this guy appears, he humiliates me!

What is there even more damned than this matter? Nothing!

“Since that is the case, then there is only one move left!”

With that, Ma Yixuan climbs out from the ice layer and looks at Liu Yi in the sky.

“I shall use this move to kill you.”

With that, she forms seals with both hands. Her fingers move like a dancing butterfly.

The surrounding dead or still surviving believers all explode as red blood scatters!

Streams of blood start gathering in front of Ma Yixuan and finally stop in front of the formation that she had formed.

A scarlet blood ball is constantly rolling as it becomes bigger and expands!

Sensing the evil of this technique, Liu Yi says, “What a sinister technique. For this technique, you sacrificed the life of so many innocent people; you are indeed a vicious woman. A beauty being too vicious will lower your points.”

“There is no need for you to care!”

Ma Yixuan becomes even more certain that this man is not Liu Yi. He did not even blink when so many innocent people died!

But no matter who he is, at this moment, he shall die under my killing move!

This blood ball that had already expanded over 4 meters suddenly compressed rapidly and became the size of a fingernail!

Although it is such a small drop, Liu Yi can sense the horrifying strength!

“Blood Kill!”

With Ma Yixuan shout, the blood pearl leaves her formation and flies towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi creases his brows as he waves his hands. The two halves of the ship fly up and block between him and the blood pearl. The blood pearl instantly pierces through the two ships causing the ship to crumble and turn into a large pool of watery blood.

Such a sinister technique! How did Ma Yixuan learn this!

Liu Yi feels that this move can neither be blocked nor dodged!

If it was the normal version of Liu Yi, perhaps he might be at a loss. But the two-faced Liu Yi only smiles. He then stretches out his hand and throws out a palm into the air!

“Coloured Glass!”

-cracking sound-

A black hole was instantly created, and the blood pearl flies perfectly into it, disappearing.

Ma Yixuan was stupefied and did not react.

“That move is indeed very powerful.”

Liu Yi still gave a positive evaluation, “But it is not invincible. It still has a lot of flaws.”

“I am unwilling!”

Ma Yixuan is very resentful. She did not expect that all of her moves were unable to deal with Liu Yi. He is like an undefeatable battle god making her unable to know where to start from and gave her a feeling of powerlessness!

At this moment, Liu Yi’s figure is like an enormous person while she is like an ant!

“Enough, die in peace.”

With that, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and summons six fire-god swords.

God Sword Protecting Body!

Liu Yi prepares to use this move to kill Ma Yixuan!

“Solo Sect shall end here today as well. Your ambitions shall also end. From today onwards, there will be no Ma Yixuan.”

With that, Liu Yi waves his hand, and the six fire-god swords instantly shoot towards Ma Yixuan.

“I don’t want to!”

Ma Yixuan tosses out thousands of blood swords at the six fire-god swords.

But God Sword Protection is too powerful, and those blood swords instantly break when coming in contact leaving behind watery blood.

“I do not wish to die!”

Looking at the God Sword Protecting Body that had arrived in front of her, Ma Yixuan’s eyes are filled with intense unwillingness.

At this moment, a moonbeam suddenly shoots down from the sky, shining on Ma Yixuan.

In a blink of an eye, Ma Yixuan disappears along with the moonlight!

“Where are you going!”

Liu Yi glares. Someone dared to snatch someone from me!

He chases in the direction of the moonlight, disappearing from his original position!

Within moments, Liu Yi is several thousand meters in the sky as an enormous palace appears above the clouds. It has golden bricks and jade tiles looking very majestic and luxurious. Clearly, this is the Qin Imperial Palace that Emperor Qin had constructed!

“Qin Imperial Palace?”

Liu Yi laughs, “Hahaha, now there is no need for me to look for you!”

An enormous devil flies out from behind his back, holding a fire god spear in its hand. The fire-god spear instantly turns golden black before turning into a pale white bone spear!

“Who dares to charge into my Qin Imperial Palace!”

An enormous golden man suddenly stands up from the cloud. He is over a hundred meters tall, looking very majestic.

This made Liu Yi recall that Emperor Qin had created numerous soldiers to create 12 Golden Men! This should be one of the 12 golden men!


The golden man did not say any nonsense and raised his enormous palm and slaps out at Liu Yi.

“For toys, there is no need to be so exaggerated.”

With that, the devil behind Liu Yi tosses out the bone spears!
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Chapter 1006   [12 Golden Men]

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