MKW Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Hearing Lin Tong’s encouragement, Liu Yi gained more strength in his heart.

That enormous ship falls down, and there are still a number of people on board. Ma Yixuan is indeed vicious. The people whom she was protecting earlier are now used to attack me.

The crescent moon between Liu Yi’s brow lets out a silver light, and he pushes Moon Dream Sutra to the extremes. The enormous ship is floating above Liu Yi’s forehead, and he is using his hands to hold it there, not letting it fall.


“Save us!”

All kinds of screams and begging can be heard from the ship, and all of them are frightened.

The immortal techniques that they had learned are now useless. Since it cannot save themselves, it is useless.

What immortal technique. At this moment, they feel like it is nonsense!

While Liu Yi is controlling the enormous ship, Ma Yixuan controls the devil to toss the other half of the ship over.


Liu Yi curses nonstop in his heart and splits out a hand, and uses Moon Dream Sutra to control that other half of the ship as well!

Using two hands to control two halves of a ship! Luckily Liu Yi had cultivated 300 years in Asura Realm; otherwise, based on the old him, he would not be able to resist this pressure.

Ma Yixuan’s improvement is truly too quick. Soul-Sucking Technique is too heaven-defying.

Who knows how many souls had she absorbed?

“Take a look at how wretch the current you are.”

Ma Yixuan smiles as she looks at Liu Yi and says, “The current you is still lacking. I am becoming more and more disappointed with you.”

“Regarding this point, I am stronger than you.”

Liu Yi laughs, “From the beginning, I did not have any expectations of you.”

“You still have a hard mouth?”

Ma Yixuan sneers, “Soon, you will lose that hard mouth!”

With that, the devil stood up, holding two spears, and stabbed them at Liu Yi.


With that, his avatar emerges behind him, holding Monarch Shield blocking the two spears.

The spears collide against the Monarch Shield, creating sparks.

The red sparks flew all over the place like red fireworks blossoming in the sky, looking very beautiful.

The devil attacking tempo with both spears is very swift as it continues to attack continuously in two and threes.

Liu Yi’s avatar’s six hands are holding the Monarch Shield blocking the attacks from the devil. For a while, it does not have any methods to attack back!

“I want to see how you are going to become a savior.”

With that, Ma Yixuan pointed at the sky.

Rows of blood-red longswords appear in the sky, pointing at the innocent believers on the ship.

“Ma Yixuan! You are crazy!”

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi starts to feel alarmed.

In order to win against me, Ma Yixuan’s methods are becoming more unacceptable!

“Even if I can tolerate you, god is unable to tolerate you!”

Red lights shoot out from Liu Yi’s eyes.

“Hahaha, Liu Yi, didn’t you call yourself a Savior? Today I shall let you know just how incompetent and useless person you are!”

With that Ma Yixuan wave, her hand and those blood-red swords start falling down like rain.

“Little Black!”

Liu Yi suddenly roars. The Skeleton Monarch, which had always been silent inside of Liu Yi, immediately flies out from his body.

Currently, Little Black no longer has its soul anymore and is only a puppet that is controlled by Liu Yi.

He jumps into the sky with both palms gathering white ice and slaps them together.

The ice scatters out in all directions and forms a protective membrane covering the top of the sea surface.

When the falling sword rain collides into this ice protective membrane, they become an ice sculpture and freeze!

“This Mysterious Ice Qi can freeze space-time?”

Seeing this, Ma Yixuan became alarmed. The sword rain is frozen in the air.

“Indeed, you slightly amazed me. But it is not enough.”

With that, Ma Yixuan points her right hand at Little Black and grabs.

Little Black, who is in midair, was crushed into pieces, and broken bones fell down.

This is…Moon Dream Sutra!

Liu Yi got a huge shock! This is fucking unreasonable! Ma Yixuan has learned this as well?!

The sword rain that was frozen in the air breaks out of Little Black’s control and starts falling again.

“Didn’t you wish to be a savior? Today I shall let you know what you are!”

The moment Ma Yixuan speaks, one of the blood swords has already stabbed through the young girl who was praying and nailed her onto the deck.

The young girl kneels there with wide-open eyes as she bleeds from her seven apertures as she died with a grievance.

“Ma Yixuan!”

Liu Yi roars so loudly that it is world-shaking!

“Hahaha, do you see this? You are not a savior! You cannot save anyone!”

While she is speaking, several blood swords stab through those believers and claim their lives.

Section Chief Zhang, the missionary, not a single one, is excluded, and all of them had turned into ghosts under Ma Yixuan’s sword.

Earlier, they were still worshiping their founder, and the next second, she had turned into a Yama that reaps their lives.

People are screaming, wailing in anguishment, crying bitterly.

But Ma Yixuan seems to be enjoying their miserable cries. The more miserably the people below are crying out, the happier she gets.

“Liu Yi, do you see this, these people did not need to die!”

Ma Yixuan says loudly, “They were my believers. Although they were living while deceiving others and deceiving themselves, they would not die and could preserve their humble lives to provide me strength. But right now, because of you, they have all died! You, are their killer!”

While Liu Yi, who had always kept his head lowered, suddenly raises his head.

His pupils had turned golden as his hair slowly lengthened and turned silver.

When Ma Yixuan’s and Liu Yi’s gaze meet each other, Ma Yixuan’s heart trembles like she is attracted to Liu Yi’s eyes.

Ma Yixuan adjusted her mentality. Why did this fellow, suddenly turn so…charming?

“Actually, I also acknowledge this point of yours.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he tosses the two halves of the ship to the side.

Those lucky survivors on the ship turn pale with fright. Just as the ship is about to smash onto the ice surface, ice starts emerging on the ship and freezes the surrounding air.

Liu Yi had also just comprehended this technique to freeze time and space.

The devil waves two large spears and stabs them towards Liu Yi, one up and one below.

Liu Yi only smiles as he stretches a hand behind and binds his hair together.

At the same time, he keeps his avatar and wears his Monarch Armour. After which, he stretched out his right hand at the first large spear that was tossed out.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, the large spear immediately makes a u-turn, and with a -dang-, it collides into the spear behind it, and the two spears simultaneously move off its original path and smash into the devil’s face.

After Liu Yi deals with the devil, he waves his hand, and his clothing turns into a silver coat, making him look manly.

At the same time, the ice layer below surges as an enormous ice giant climbs up from the ice layer. It stands there with Liu Yi sitting down on its shoulder.

“It has been so long since I came out.”

Liu Yi creates a small dagger with his dark power and starts peeling his fingernail.

“I have to thank you. If it is not for you, perhaps I would have never come out.”

“I do not understand what you are saying.”

Ma Yixuan does not know what is up with Liu Yi and only feels that he is a bit different.

Liu Yi continued to peel his fingernail, “You do not need to understand. You just need to die.”

“Hmph, deliberately mystifying yourself?”

Ma Yixuan says charmingly as she controls the devil to stand up once more. After which, nine blood-red longswords shoot out from behind the devil. Each of them is over ten meters long and is controlled by the devil with the Imperial Sword Technique and starts shooting towards Liu Yi one by one.

Liu Yi claps his hand and praises, “You are indeed very smart, able to let the devil learn the Imperial Sword Technique. But what you have is merely some small tricks.”

The moment he finished, an enormous blood sword pierces through his body.

Ma Yixuan becomes delighted, “Hahaha, small tricks can kill you as well!”

While Liu Yi’s body turns into pieces of broken ice and lands on the ice giant.

“Like I say, they are merely small tricks.”

Liu Yi’s voice suddenly appears behind Ma Yixuan, making Ma Yixuan feels her blood run cold. When did he appear behind me?

The ice giant suddenly moves and grabs the devil with both hands.

After this, the ice giant opens its mouth and breathes out a large amount of ice at the devil.

When this ice lands on the devil, it swiftly froze the devil’s body. Within moments, a realistic statue appears on the surface of the sea.


Ma Yixuan did not expect that Liu Yi still had this kind of attack. She suddenly starts to feel afraid.

“Do you think that you can freeze my devil like this? You are too naive!”

Ma Yixuan turns around and looks at Liu Yi, who is behind her as she gathers her qi prepares to make the devil break free.

“It is you who is too naive.” As Liu Yi speaks, he grabs a scarlet fire-god spear in his hand.

“If the devil receives an intense attack, it will disappear and needs at least 3 days to reform.”

Liu Yi winks at Ma Yixuan, “Let us see how sturdy your devil is.”

With that, he tossed out the fire-god spear.

That fire god spear transforms into a rainbow of flames as it shoots at the ice sculpture.

“Don’t think of it!”

Ma Yixuan got a huge shock as she hurriedly uses Moon Dream Sutra, wanting to push Firegod Spear aside.

While Liu Yi’s figure suddenly appears by her side in a blink of an eye. At the same time, he stretches out his hand and embraces her waist as his other hand gently grasps her palm.

Liu Yi’s voice carries a trace of magnetism as he whispers into Ma Yixuan’s ear, “Looking at you this close, you look rather beautiful.”

At this moment, Ma Yixuan’s heart falls into the enemy’s hands and no longer controls the Moon Dream Sutra. But she is indeed a fierce and tough woman. She immediately bites her tongue and uses her blood and pain as stimulation to sober herself!

Damn it. When did Liu Yi learn how to use his good looks!
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Chapter 1005   [Emerges again]

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