MKW Chapter 1004

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Chapter 1004  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Just how powerful is Liu Yi’s palm?

If he hits out a palm with full strength, he can destroy New York City!

With the addition of attribute qi, this formidable power is magnified by several times!

The sea would not freeze, but it is because the seawater contains salt as well as other substances that greatly increases the density of the seawater, making it not easy to be frozen.

But when Liu Yi hits out this palm, the entire sea surface freezes into thick layers of ice as the sea surface instantly turns into an ice surface, stretching as far as one can see until it cannot be seen.

“Is, is this a god?”

That young girl started crying from fear. Growing up so big, she had never seen such a horrifying strength!

I thought that founder Ma was already very impressive, but even if it is her, it is impossible for her to do this, right?!

While the rest of the people were still perplexed, they saw the sea surface being frozen as well as the enormous ship being frozen on top of the sea surface; they kneel down and start worshiping him.

“God. This is the strength of god!”

“God has saved us!”

Liu Yi shakes his head, not knowing what to say.

“Do you see this? Humans are all stupid ones. They need a real god to guide them!”

Ma Yixuan smiles, “While I am that god!”

“You are still too far away from being a god.”

Liu Yi says, “Wait till you have broken through into a realm crosser of the six realms and enter the real nine layers of heaven; you would then realize just how enormous the world is.”

“I don’t care about that. I want to first step on the human realm underneath me!”

Ma Yixuan sways her high heels and says, “At that time, you shall also be the slave under my feet!”

“Are you stupid? Wake up.”

Liu Yi feels that she is too crazy. After being disturbed by my soul for so long, she can still maintain her enormous ambitions.

But Liu Yi suddenly thought of a problem. My soul is also not pure. Within my soul hides an evil side! Usually, this evil side is being suppressed and unable to show itself. But at Ma Yixuan’s side, the final benevolent side had been eliminated and what is left behind is only the evil!

Liu Yi is unable to imagine his evil side. That is too scary! 

Back then, before I had even fused with her soul, the evil side was almost unequaled! 

Even right now, Liu Yi still faintly feels that that evil side did not completely disappear and seems to still be hidden in someplace, waiting for his righteous side to be exhausted before coming out and replacing himself.

That is why Liu Yi knows that his real strength is not only this minor. Good and evil are different. Like the saying, becoming a devil takes a morning while it takes a millennium to cultivate into an immortal! The devil qi that he had accumulated, the dark side is countless of times stronger than his righteous side! That is why everything a part of his strength is hidden away. But the moment it erupts, the consequences are too horrible to contemplate.

“Since that is the case, then let’s have a battle.”

A black golden sun appears between Liu Yi’s brow while his strength starts surging up.

“To be honest old classmate, I do not really want to be your opponent.”

Ma Yixuan points at Bai Xiaowei in Liu Yi’s embrace, “Let’s leave it to this girl.”

With that, the devil that was frozen in the sea surface suddenly transforms into a golden mist, and one strand surges out and surges into Bai Xiaowei’s nose.

Bai Xiaowei, who was lifeless, suddenly opens her eyes as her eyes let out golden light. After which her body erupts with golden light and jolts Liu Yi away.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he says in his heart, this power is too familiar. Clearly, it is fog qi true body that is formed from devil qi!

Damn it! Ma Yixuan even learned this! This is even crazier than Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun’s mimicking ability! Because Zhang Yunyun is only mimicking the appearance without the soul! But Ma Yixuan had grasped my ability entirely, which is damn crazy!

Liu Yi himself is also unclear. To what degree did she grasp my ability? How many of my abilities were in that consumed portion?

Bai Xiaowei is controlled by Ma Yixuan’s golden fog. She seems to disregard everything as she attacks madly! Liu Yi feels that Ma Yixuan is basically treating Bai Xiaowei as a puppet! Bai Xiaowei can attack as she wishes, but he cannot injure her!

Damn it! This simply is asking for my life!

[TL: I have no idea what the author is trying to do…just kill that damn woman, and be done with it. Not like Bai Xiaowei can catch up to his speed…]

Bai Xiaowei waves two golden shortswords and attacks Liu Yi’s belly.

“Xiaowei, calm down!”

Liu Yi continuously slaps out his palms. He gathers God’s Race Undying Body’s strength around his palm and blocks the sharp shortswords.

Bai Xiaowei’s attacks are becoming more and more fanatic, and in the end, she even opens her mouth to bite Liu Yi’s shoulder!

Damn it…

Liu Yi senses that his shoulder is turning numb. Looks like Bai Xiaowei had used her teeth to send Ma Yixuan’s fog qi into his shoulder.

This fog qi starts wreaking havoc in Liu Yi’s body. And Liu Yi immediately assigned his own fog qi to combat against Ma Yixuan’s fog qi. Fighting against Bai Xiaowei outside while fighting against Ma Yixuan’s fog qi in his body, he is simply battling on both sides!

Liu Yi feels like he is sinking into an arduous battle.

“Ma Yixuan, you are too despicable.”

Liu Yi says in anger, “Aren’t you going to become a queen? Then fight me face to face!”

“I don’t want to.”

Ma Yixuan smiles, “Towards men, one must not get too close to them; otherwise, they will pay no attention to me. I must maintain my mysteriousness that way; you will keep having a fresh feeling for me.”

“Come down for me!”

A moon appears between Liu Yi’s brow. He stretches out his right hand and grabs at Ma Yixuan, who is in the sky.

Ma Yixuan smiles and allows Liu Yi’s Moon Dream Sutra to affect her.

What shocked Liu Yi is that his Moon Dream Sutra is ineffective! Ma Yixuan is still standing there and was not affected by his Moon Dream Sutra.

“In my body contains a part of your soul. Your Moon Dream Sutra ignores me.”

Ma Yixuan points out the shortcoming of Liu Yi’s technique, “It can be said that I am a part of you.”

“Less nonsense!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, since Moon Dream Sutra cannot be used, then let’s use other techniques to kill you!

As he fights the fog qi in his body as well as dealing with Bai Xiaowei’s attack, his golden avatar emerges behind him.

The avatar’s six arms grab hold of a black gold fire-god spear, each aiming at Ma Yixuan in the sky, and tossed them out one by one!

Ma Yixuan did not move.

The enormous devil leaves the frozen sea and stretches out its arms, protecting its owner.

The devil’s body was kept from being destroyed while Ma Yixuan is safe and sound. After all, the devil consumes Ma Yixuan’s qi. As long as Ma Yixuan’s qi is not cut off, the devil can keep reviving.

Bai Xiaowei suddenly twists her body and clasps her legs around Liu Yi’s waist as her two pairs of shortswords stab at Liu Yi’s back.

Liu Yi hurriedly stretches out his hands and grabs hold of Bai Xiaowei’s wrist while Bai Xiaowei opens her mouth and bites at him again.

“Fuck, have you turned into a dog!”

Liu Yi is gloomy as he uses his forehead to block Bai Xiaowei’s forehead.

Their forehead clashes and unlock lovers flirting with each other; it is two experts colliding!

Although Bai Xiaowei’s strength is meager, after being possessed by fog qi, it has been strengthened countless times!

This collision is world-shaking! A huge shock wave spread out, affecting the surrounding! The ice underneath them sinks down by three meters. Luckily Liu Yi’s cultivation is very deep, and the frozen ice layer is very thick, around 10 meters! Otherwise, this ice layer would have been broken!

Bai Xiaowei was sent flying away. Liu Yi is afraid that she might get injured and hurriedly use Moon Dream Sutra to control her body.

This woman’s fate is too tragic! Just after escaping the control of Li Heqiang, in a blink of an eye, she fell into Ma Yixuan’s clutches.

[TL: not to clear myself, but can someone check and let me know, can Liu Yi send a person into the Dragon King Maulesoum without entering it himself? Maybe not. Think he was inside it when he released his Netherworld Soldiers inside.]

“Looks like this puppet is not useful.” Ma Yixuan sighs like she is somewhat regretful, “Why don’t I let her be a bomb. Maybe she might surprise me.”

With that, she prepares to urge her qi to make Bai Xiaowei explode.

[TL: oh so that’s why he cannot ditch her to kill Ma Yixuan…]

Liu Yi is terrified; what the fuck!

During this matter of vital importance, without any other method, Liu Yi can only create a triangle seal aiming at Bai Xiaowei.

“Ice Pagoda!”

A severe ice storm immediately shrouds Bai Xiaowei’s body surging up the sky!

An ice pagoda immediately appears in front of everyone sitting on top of the ice layer.

Liu Yi uses a move and seals all of Bai Xiaowei’s movement, including the fog qi within her!

This pagoda’s effect is to isolate the connection between Bai Xiaowei and Ma Yixuan! The day when he kills Ma Yixuan is the day Bai Xiaowei can be released from Ice Pagoda!

“How intelligent.”

Ma Yixuan claps her hands, “Indeed, the man that I fancy. But, it shall end here. The real big meal is coming.”

With that, the devil suddenly stretches out its arm and grabs the ship before tossing the ship at Liu Yi.

Who dares to claim that they can block such a huge ship along with the additional force behind it?

This thing has a very dense mass like the sky is collapsing as it falls.

“Why do I have a deja vu like you are tossing rubbish.”

As Liu Yi mutters, he releases Moon Dream Sutra and controls the ship.

But the force behind it is too powerful, making Liu Yi feel his arms sink down. As the force surged forth, it forced one of his legs to kneel down and smashed a large part of the ice layer.

This shows how much strength the devil used. It is not something that Liu Yi can resist directly.

By the side, Lin Tong, who is watching all of these, cheers for Liu Yi, {Idiot, work harder! Later I will give you a reward!
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Chapter 1004   [For reward]

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