MKW Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Li Heqiang?”

Ma Yixuan did not expect this. When did Liu Yi become interested in Li Heqiang?

“What is the matter? Could it be that after not meeting for a while, your sexual orientation changed?”

“Whether I like men or women is my own matter.”

Liu Yi is very unhappy that he is mocked by this woman.

“Where is Li Heqiang, I do not have time to accompany you.”

“I hate this tone of yours the most!”

Ma Yixuan snorts, “Who do you think you are? The emissary of justice? Stop joking! In this world, the one who is the strongest is the one who is righteous! Law and the like are drawn up by the winner!”

“I am only protecting the justice in my heart.”

Liu Yi sighs, “While you are walking on the path to achieving your ambitions.”

“That’s right! What about it?”

Ma Yixuan’s life view had been warped, “I will become the queen of everyone and step on all of the men in the world! At that time, all men will be part of my harem, and whoever I want dead will be dead! I will be the supreme queen; I will be a god!”

Liu Yi satirized, “Wake up. The stop to Shanghai has arrived!”

“Stop saying these useless words!”

Ma Yixuan is unhappy, “Do you think that saying these words will stop me? Liu Yi, so be it if you did not come here. Today since you have come, this place shall be your grave! Didn’t you want to find Li Heqiang, good, let me satisfy your dying wish!”

With that, she claps her hand and shouts, “Li Heqiang! Come out and receive the guest!”

What the, why do I feel like what she says is fishy?

Liu Yi is very gloomy, but he did not flare up as he crosses his arms while waiting for Li Heqiang to come out.

“Lord Founder, I am here.”

Li Heqiang flies out from the ship and lands on the deck.

“Who dares to be arrogant in my Solo Sect’s territory! As long as Lord Founder gives the order, I, Li Heqiang, shall be at your beck and call to cripple that person!”

“There is indeed this person.”

Ma Yixuan points at Liu Yi, “It is him. It is time for you to render service to repay the kindness of Solo Sect.”

Li Heqiang immediately raises his head and looks at Liu Yi, who is in the sky. He is going to fight with great fanfare to let Ma Yixuan have a sit up and take notice of him.

But seeing that the person in the sky is none other than his arch-enemy Liu Yi, he nearly falls off the deck into the sea in fear.

What the fuck! Are you serious? Why is it that fellow?

Li Heqiang stands with fear shrouding his heart while his legs tremble.

This fucker is not a human! He is a monster! Why did he run over to the Solo Sect?

Ma Yixuan says, “Li Heqiang attack. He shall be left to you; kill him.”

Li Heqiang curses in his heart, fuck! Who is going to kill who! If I could kill this fellow, would I be in my current straits?!

“Okay, leave, leave him to me!”

At this crucial moment, Li Heqiang can only brace himself and says, “For Solo Sect! For Founder Ma!”

With that, he raises his hand as an enormous dragon suddenly flies out and charges at Liu Yi,

Liu Yi did not have any intention of dodging. Right now, this enormous dragon still has not fused together with Bai Xiaowei; thus, he plans to take this opportunity to get rid of it!

Firegod Sword appears in his left hand as he uses the Wine Sword Technique, “A person needs to enjoy his life, do not let gold and empty cup face the moon.”

A black crescent moon shoots out and chops the enormous dragon into two! The fishy rain of blood crashes onto the ground, staining the sea red.

Taking advantage of this, Li Heqiang had already flown far away along with the wind.

“Wish to escape?”

So he plans to run away?

But Liu Yi did not plan to let him off.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, Liu Yi grabs hold of Li Heqiang and captures him pressing him against the deck!

Li Heqiang crashes onto the deck, unable to move.

“For every grievance, someone is responsible, for every debt, there is a debtor.”

Being pressed down there, Li Heqiang is unable to escape and can only shout in panic, “For so many years, it has always been Liu Haisheng who incited me to deal with you! Now that Liu Haisheng has died, you should not be looking for me!”

“I will not kill you.”

Liu Yi is controlling Li Heqiang while Ma Yixuan did not bother in this matter like she is watching the show by the side.

Thus Liu Yi is free to do as he wishes. He says with a threat lacing his words, “But you have stolen a person who does not belong to you. If you do not take her out, the next second, you will become a corpse.”

“You, you are talking about Bai Xiaowei?”

Li Heqiang is astonished. Now that Liu Yi has displayed his strength, he definitely has numerous women by his side! He still remembered Bai Xiaowei? Why?!

Bai Xiaowei is currently fusing together with eastern and western dragons with a secret technique! After fusing together, Bai Xiaowei’s strength will greatly increase while I will also become a powerful summoner!

But this secret technique still needs several more years to be completed…if I call out Bai Xiaowei at this time, all of my efforts will be wasted!

“Bai Xiaowei… she…”

Li Heqiang is hesitating and does not wish to hand her over. She is my everything!

“It is also possible for you to not hand her over.”

Liu Yi smiles, and Li Heqiang instantly becomes delighted, “Really?”

“Of course.”

With that, Liu Yi stretches out a finger as a fire-god sword descends from the sky and lands by Li Heqiang’s face and stabs through his ear into the deck of the ship.

Fucking hell!

At that moment, Li Heqiang nearly peed in fear. Do you need to make it so scary?! If it deviated slightly, my head would be turned into tanghulu!

“Of course, you can choose not to hand it over, but your life will be difficult to preserve.”

“Liu Yi! Why must you snatch away the woman I love!”

Li Heqiang roars in anger with unwillingness in his voice.

“If you love her, you would not have refined her into your summon beast.”

Liu Yi’s voice carries coldness, “Furthermore, you also fused her together with eastern and western dragons. Are you still a human?”

“How, how did you know?”

Li Heqiang turned pale with fright. This is my secret! How does Liu Yi know? Who told him?

“If you do not wish for people to know, then you should not have done it.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist. “If you do not hand over Bai Xiaowei, I guarantee your ending will be miserable!”

“I admit defeat; I’ll hand her over!”

Li Heqian is helpless and can only blow his whistle.

The ground lights up with a black formation as Bai Xiaowei slowly walks out from the center of the formation. Some seal words are engraved on her body. They slowly light up one by one like they are carrying some kind of indescribable power.

“She is yours now!”

Li Heqiang wishes to live with all his might, “Let me off. Let me go.”


Liu Yi nods before lifting his finger, and the fire-god sword immediately flies up.

Li Heqiang sighs, but at this moment, the fire-god sword falls down again and stabs through his heart!

With a -dang-, Li Heqiang is nailed to the deck.

Blood seeps out of his mouth as he stares unwillingly at Liu Yi, who is in the sky, “Didn’t….you say..that…you would…not kill…me…”

“Apologies, I lied.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and anger Li Heqiang into vomiting blood, dying.

After killing Li Heqiang, Liu Yi does not know what the consequences will be. But he must die; otherwise, in the future, Bai Xiaowei can only be sealed in ice for thousands of years.

“Very impressive.”

Ma Yixuan’s voice carries a bit of sarcasm, “You are a huge love saint. To save a girl, you do not hesitate to give your life and charge into the territory of my Solo Sect!”

“Alas, if it is possible. I did not wish to come to this place of yours that is filled with hardship in this lifetime.”

Liu Yi sighs, “But who asked the person whom I was looking for to be here. But now that I have found her, you can continue to enjoy yourselves. We shall leave.”

With that, he hugs up Bai Xiaowei and turns around, preparing to leave.

Unexpectedly, Ma Yixuan shouts, “You still wish to leave after killing a person?” As she blocked Liu Yi.

“What, you hate to part with me?”

“That’s right. I very much hate to part with you. You being alive makes me feel very uncomfortable. Why don’t you hand over your soul to me, and I shall replace you to unify this world? How about it?”

Liu YI pretends to say seriously, “Oh my. How can this do? I only have a single soul; how can I hand it over to you.”

“Liu Yi, don’t act like this. Today among the two of us, only one can leave this place alive! It is a pity that this person is not you.”

“Oh? Regarding this point, my view is different from yours.”

“Then let’s give it a try!”

While Ma Yixuan is speaking, the enormous devil in the seawater suddenly moves.

This devil did not do anything else. It only opens its mouth and aims at Liu Yi.

What is she doing?

Just as Liu Yi is being confused, a black storm suddenly sprays out from the devil’s mouth!

What the fuck! It is a dragon breath!

Looks like after merging with my soul, this devil also controlled a lot of my techniques!

The black storm surges at Liu Yi like it is going to swallow up heaven and earth.

“Pirated dragon breath.”

Liu Yi also opened his mouth and breathed out a dragon breath!

Liu Yi’s dragon breath is formed from fire qi. The red flames roll into a storm and angrily tear away the storm created by the devil.

The two storms collide against each other and tear each other apart. Even the surrounding air also starts trembling!

The seawater underneath is surging continuously. If it was not for the devil holding the ship’s body, the ship would have already sunk into the seawater.

Finally, the devil’s storm became weaker. Liu Yi’s fire dragon breath surges onto its body, causing it to scream in pain as several parts of its body got charred.

“Damn it!”

Ma Yixuan did not expect that her devil would suffer such a huge loss with just a single move making her tooth itch in anger.

“Liu Yi, I did not expect you to be so heartless!”

Ma Yixuan thinks rapidly and suddenly says, “Clearly, it is a fight between you and me, but you must involve so many innocent people!”

With that, Ma Yixuan’s devil let go of its hands, allowing the ship to sink into the seawater.

“Founder! Founder save me!”

“True God protect us.”

Her believers in the ship start rocking as they scream for help with fear in their hearts.

Liu Yi creased his brows, but he had already thought of how he was going to save them.

“Ma Yixuan, I have never changed!”

With that, he slaps out a palm at the seawater below him.
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Chapter 1003   [Hasn’t change]

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