MKW Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001  [Title below]

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Like he had sensed Liu Yi’s scorching gaze, Section Chief Zhang coughs and says, “This car is quite practical. We support China’s products!”

Good fellow. To even use the words Support China products, what is there that cannot be used!

Liu Yi wishes to give him a thumbs up. Solo Sect indeed has talent.

“Boss Liu, have a seat first.”

Section Chief Zhang is very embarrassed as he helps him open the door, letting Liu Yi and Lin Tong have a seat.

Lin Tong continues to maintain her missy attitude and continues to grumble, “Really. How can a person sit in this kind of spoilt car!”

“Baby. Bear with it. Later I will give you a Cayenne!”

Liu Yi pats Lin Tong’s butt as he smiles merrily and says, making Lin Tong roll her eyes.

This fellow is taking advantage! Hmph, later, I shall deal with him!

Lin Tong and Liu Yi squeeze into the car with some worries that this Chery QQ will not startup. But the car did not disappoint them. With a shake, the car suddenly drives forward and speeds on the road.

“Section Chief Zhang, ah. Don’t drive this broken car anymore. Later I’ll gift you a BMW.”

Liu Yi acts like a nouveau riche, squandering money like dirt.

Section Chief Zhang is excited, but he pushes it down, “Thank you, Boss Liu, for your good intention. But if you really have money, why don’t you donate it to the sect. All of us are like brothers and sisters. No matter how good a person lives, that is only egoism!”

Liu Yi blushes with shame, oh my, to even bring up ideology. How exaggerated. Looks like the internal members are preaching the ideology of a utopia.

But it is because of this reason, that they could expand so quickly. But because they had inducted too many impoverished ordinary people, the sect is fucking poor.

That is why these people’s eyes land on me. Demanding a ‘contribution’ from a wealthy individual is the Way of the King!

Money is forever in the hands of a minority of people. This matter is a constant truth.

The car continues to drive on, and when it is going very fast, it will tremble. It causes Liu Yi to tremble in fear, afraid that if he is not careful, this car will fall apart.

The car continues to pulsate as it drives on. It finally stopped in front of a dock.

“May the two of you come with me.”

Section Chief Zhang waves his hand as a partner of his pulls a small boat over and leads them up the boat.

Looks like this Solo Sect’s gathering place is either on an island or on a boat.

“Still need to take a boat?” Lin Tong says with dissatisfaction, “I hate water the most! My shoes will get wet!”

“If it becomes dirty, I’ll buy a new one for you later.”

Liu Yi keeps displaying his nouveau riche attitude while Section Chief Zhang comforts, “May the two of you bear with it a bit. We will reach it very quickly. It is right in front.”

The boat sways as it drives out. After driving out for a while, there is indeed a small island. This small lake isle is not very big with a few 5 stories tall buildings spread out like a small scale living area.

The boat drives up to the bank, and suddenly the view changes. The originally small isle instantly turns into a completely different place. The lake water is clear and crystalline while they are no longer standing on top of the isle. Instead, they are on top of an enormous ship.

“What…what is going on?”

Liu Yi pretends to be startled like he does not understand what is going on.

Lin Tong, by the side, also acts excellently. She looks around in astonishment before touching the ship like all of this was not real.

“Hahahaha, this is immortal techniques!”

At this moment, Section Chief Zhang is truly delighted. After all, his Chery QQ earlier let him down in front of this rich guy earlier.

“What a mystical immortal technique! Let me meet this master who set up this immortal technique! I want to join the religion!”

Nouveau Riche all wish to pursue immortality. Who does not wish to have wealth and live forever?

Since ancient times, Emperors all wish to pursue immortality. Because their power and wealth overturn the sky, they wish to live forever. If it was a beggar, living forever is meaningless. To that beggar, he is merely living day by day.

“Well said, well said. Our Law Enforcer is passing down doctrines to us. Boss Liu can also come and have a listen.”

With that, Section Chief Zhang leads them onboard the ship and to a rather large room inside.

Several tens of Solo Sect disciples are sitting inside, with each of them wearing a white robe with a pious face.

A man who appears to be clergy is standing at the front, imparting the doctrine to these people.

“Brothers and sisters, today we gather here to listen to the directives of god together!”

Liu Yi pulls Lin Tong to sit down with him. The way this brother speaks is rather decent. Looks like Solo Sect also knows how to carry out brainwashing education and turn people into scary believers.

The concept of religion sometimes is very vague. Saying it well will turn it into religion, while if said unwell, it might turn into terrorism.

A lot of terrorism is bound together with religion and exploits the zealotry of people who carry out frightening actions.

Actually, Solo Sect is almost the same. Right now, this religion is controlled by Ma Yixuan, and she is preserving it to achieve her own private aim.

As for what Ma Yixuan wishes to do, it is clear. She wishes to become the queen that conquers the six realms! 

Perhaps she can fight against Emperor Qin. The two of them are ambitious and are not comfortable if they do not become the boss of the entire world!

“The immortal technique that god passed to us lets us break free from sickness, suffering, impoverishment, and become Daoist Immortals. That is why we must revolve around the side of god and become the most loyal people of God who are also loyal guardians of god.”

With that, the missionary extends his hands out and places them together. His thumb pressed against his forehead before, in an incomparable pious manner, he takes the lead and starts reciting the religious scriptures.

“God, rescue us and bestow upon us strength, bestow upon us courage!”

“God, rescue us and bestow upon us strength, bestow upon us courage…”

The people below him also chant along. Each of them are pious, making Liu Yi feel that this place is a very awesome religion. Evil cult develops very fast indeed, enticing the thoughts of people, making them believe in it very frantically.

Liu Yi noticed that there is also a 13-year-old young girl among the group of people who also have an expression of worship and her voice is very zealotry.

Ma Yixuan this woman…is too scary! She is too lacking of integrity as well!

To lure a young girl in as well! Is she trying to ruin our motherland’s future flowers?

Recalling how Ma Yixuan was tricked into the Great God Sect, it seems like it was during her Senior High. It is also because of that; Ma Yixuan has stepped into the road of no return. Could it be that she wishes to let history repeat?

Liu Yi cannot take it and walk over before asking the young girl, “What god do you believe in?”

“The one I believe in is our Founder, our noble, true god!”

The young girl is incomparably pious as she says, “She bestows upon our strength and will also lead us into a new world!”

“New world?”

When Liu Yi heard this, he became distracted.

“That’s right. We are on the eve of entering a new world.”

The missionary says loudly, “Furthermore, it was created by our own hands!”

“A new world created by us?”

The more Liu Yi listens to this, the more afraid he becomes. What is Ma Yixuan imparting to these believers?!

“That’s right. A new world that is filled with love!”

Section Chief Zhang also cannot take it and walks over and pats Liu Yi’s shoulder before saying, “In this new world, everyone will be millionaires, all of us will live blissfully. In that place, we will no longer have oppression, no more inequality. All of us will live happily!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Liu Yi cannot help but laugh loudly. He sits down and crosses his legs, and stretches out his arm.

Lin Tong is very smart and immediately sits down by Liu Yi’s side, letting Liu Yi embrace her shoulder.

At the same time, she took out a cigar before lighting it up. After taking two puffs, she placed it in Liu Yi’s mouth.

“I am living very well, eating well, wearing well, and the women I play with are even better.”

Liu Yi puffs out a smoke ring before narrowing his eyes and says, “Why would I want to be equal with all of you?”

“Hahaha, what you say is wrong!”

The missionary laughs heartily, “Although you have money now, when can you spend it, how long will it last? Even if you can persevere, you can at most live up to a hundred years old. After a hundred years, everything will become from earth to earth, from dust to dust. And will no longer belong to you. While we are different. We are immortals and can live even longer! At that instant, when your soul enters hell, we will still continue to enjoy our lives!”

What he said makes Liu Yi taciturn. But he understands and is only putting on a show, that’s all.

“Can live forever as well as live comfortably; I feel that it is quite good.”

By the side, Lin Tong says, “What do you think?”

“Hmm, this…”

Liu Yi appears to be hesitating while Section Chief Zhang beams as he steps forward and says, “Boss Liu, I know that you are still hesitating in your heart. How about this, cultivate a little bit and experience the mythical immortal technique. How about it?”

“Oh? You can do that?”

Liu Yi is truly curious. What sutra is this Solo Sect teaching?

What good things can Liu Haisheng leave behind?

This makes Liu Yi puzzled.

“Come, come, come. Let me teach you a segment of simple mnemonic chants. Remember it, then use this pill to assist your cultivation, and you will feel the existence of the immortal technique!”

The missionary hands over a pill and gently places it in front of Liu Yi.

{Analysising medicine!}

Little Jade starts scanning the pill before starting to analyze it. Very swiftly, the result appears in front of Liu Yi’s eyes. How is this a pill! It is a type of Gu insect! Looks like Ma Yixuan wishes to use this thing to control her believers. The moment she meets a believer who does not listen to her, she will kill that person!

Big stick policy! How ruthless!

Ma Yixuan is indeed vicious and merciless as expected. She is unhesitating. 

Liu Yi feels a little bit itchy in his heart, being her enemy.

Receiving the pill, he did not hesitate and stuffed it in his mouth. The split second the pill enters his mouth, he uses his qi to completely disintegrate the pill.

Fucking gu insect. Let me turn you into nothingness!

The missionary and the rest seem to not know that the pill is created from gu insects as Liu Yi did not see this point in their memories.

With that, he starts mulling over this Solo Sect’s sutra. What is exceptional about this sutra!

At this moment, Lin Tong exclaims, “Oh?”

Chapter 1001   [Solo Sect’s headquarters]

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