MKW Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000  [Title below]

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“Is it nice to look at?”

Who is Lin Tong? She is a fox who has cultivated for over a thousand years! If it was other girls, having their tights stared at by men, they might be bashful. But to Lin Tong, it is nothing and only proof that her charm is great.

Especially her charm that can make Liu Yi hard to endure, it simply is planted in Lin Tong’s bosom. Hehe, I am going to make this guy infatuated with me. This way, he will not forget me.

Although she is not against him finding other girls, Lin Tong is still worried. With more women appearing by his side, the space left for me in his heart will become less.

It is a pity that I cannot have sex with him. Otherwise, with the charm technique that I had cultivated, I might make him unable to stop himself, hmph!

Lin Tong’s question, ‘Is it nice to look at?’, makes Liu Yi somewhat embarrassed. While at this moment, Lin Tong changes the directions of her crossed legs like she wants to let Liu Yi have an easier time looking. The scenery under the skirt can be faintly discernible, making Liu Yi wish to salivate.

Damn it…Immortal Fox sister can really charm people! This lure cannot be any clearer!

I am a normal man! What if I was really charmed by her and something really happened and I sucked Immortal Fox sister dry? That would be bad!

“Cough cough…”

He can only cough and turn his head away, and stop looking at Lin Tong’s alluring figure.

“Hehe, look at your cowardy appearance.”

Lin Tong starts giggling, “Where did your usual enthusiasm go? Could it be that you are afraid that I’ll eat you up?”

“More like I am afraid that I’ll eat you up.”

Liu Yi says, “At that time, you might lose your life!”

“So you can still be concerned about me. I am very happy.”

Lin Tong felt a warmth in his heart, “As long as you can show me more concern, even if I am no longer around one day, I will be at ease.”

“How can you say such things!”

Liu Yi frowns, “That is too ominous. You must accompany me forever.”

“I will.”

Lin Tong nods her head, and Liu Yi walks over before hugging up Lin Tong and places her on his lap.

Lin Tong obediently sits on Liu Yi’s lap and hugs his neck with both hands. The two of them snuggle up against each other, neither of them speaking as they enjoy the comfort and sweets that they give each other.

Lin Tong is considered as the first woman that Liu Yi truly likes. Ma Yixuan is not counted as Liu Yi was blind back then.

Especially when Lin Tong does not care about her own safety and runs into hell to die together with Liu Yi, Liu Yi knows that he will no longer be able to leave this beautiful little fox.

Smelling Lin Tong’s fragrance, Liu Yi is slightly emotional, and subconsciously asks, “Can I kiss you?”

“Cannot!” Lin Tong resolutely refuses him, “You will suck me dry, but I can kiss you!”

With that, her cherry lips kiss his cheek lightly like a dragonfly touches the water.

This girl has too much of a personality.

But am I willing to be bullied? Of course not!

Just as Liu Yi plans to push Lin Tong down to kiss her, someone knocks on the door.

“Boss, someone is here to meet you.”

From outside comes Sky Supporting Pillar’s voice. His voice is very simple and honest but is very ear-piercing when Liu Yi heard it.

This fellow, he really disturbed me at the wrong time!

Forget it. Saving people is more important. I can slowly train Lin Tong later! But looking at her current appearance, why does she look like she is taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster? Hmph, later, I shall sort her out!

“Let him in!”

Liu Yi waved his hand before tapping the cigarette box, and instantly, a huge number of the cigarettes inside were gone, leaving behind two sticks.

The door to the room is opened as Section Chief Zhang who is holding a briefcase like in the morning, slowly walks in. Seeing that box on the table that is almost out of cigarettes, he subconsciously smiles.

Although it is only for a very brief moment, it was noticed by Liu Yi. So you think that I am hooked already? Who knows who has bitten on whose hook!

Section Chief Zhang asked, somewhat pleased with himself, “How was it, Boss Liu? Is this cigarette nice to smoke?”

“It is indeed nice to smoke.”

Liu Yi touches one of the cigarettes like it is a treasure. He placed it near his nose to smell, “This is a good thing…in this life, this is the first time I had smoked such a good cigarette.”

“Actually, this cigarette is not a big problem. I see that Boss Liu is fated with me. Gifting some more to you is not a problem. “

Liu Yi questions, “Oh? Really? There are no conditions?”

“Boss Liu is oversensitive. How could there be any conditions.”

Section Chief Zhang waves it off, “Talking about conditions and the likes is simply damaging our fate with each other.”

Liu Yi lets out mischievous laughter and says unrestrained, “I do not wish to have any fate with a man. If you are a beauty, that is okay. But it is a pity that you are not.”

Right now, his identity is a nouveau riche; thus, he does not need to be polite.

“Don’t say such things too early.”

Section Chief Zhang suddenly cuts in, “Sometimes, matters can be flexible. Let’s take this cigarette as an example. It is very satisfying, right? But this is nothing. The cigarette that you are smoking can only make you have delusions that you have become immortal. But if you become friends with me, I can let you turn into a real immortal!”


Liu Yi pretends to be interested, “You are joking?”

“How could that be?”

Section Chief Zhang smiles mysteriously, “We are no longer kids. Why would we joke about it? This is our unique technique that can only be taught to kindred-spirit friends of my religion.”

As Section Chief Zhang speaks, he stretches out two fingers before suddenly emitting out a circle of golden light, which makes him appear like he is a real immortal 

Liu Yi smirks in his heart; this kid acts quite well! To want to try and trick me with a minor smokescreen formation?

But Liu Yi still pretends to be very shocked as he and Lin Tong give each other a quick glance.

“Too mystical…what is this, an immortal technique?”

“That’s right. It is an immortal technique!”

Section Chief Zhang nods his head and says, “As long as you learn this immortal technique, it is possible for you to never die or grow old!”

“I, I wish to learn!”

Lin Tong immediately shouts, “I wish to never grow old and never die! I wish to stay young forever!”

Liu Yi immediately displayed his nouveau riche’s temper and shouted, “You shut up first!”

Lin Tong pouts and obediently sits by the side; let’s see how I deal with you later!

Right now, Liu Yi is addicted to acting as he asks, “It must not have been easy for you to obtain this immortal technique. Why are you willing to teach me?”

“Because we are like-minded people.”

Section Chief Zhang smiles, “But like you know, this is an immortal technique; thus, I cannot teach it to you for nothing. You must join my Solo Sect and become one of our believers first!”

“Solo Sect? I have never heard of it.”

“This is an ancient sect that is chasing after immortality!”

Section Chief Zhang says, filled with courage of his conviction, “Any disciple in my sect can cultivate this immortal technique and will someday become a Daoist immortal!”

“So mystical?”

“Believe or not, wouldn’t you know if you Boss Liu take a trip along with me?”

“You….let me consider first…”

Liu Yi’s expression is slightly hurried as he sits there hesitating.

“Come on, what is there to hesitate about!”

Lin Tong scoots over to Liu Yi’s side and pushes him, “This is the opportunity to become immortal ….look at the amount of money you have earned, if you die, who will spend it?”


Liu Yi seems to be slightly moved.

“How about you come over to our place to take a look first.”

Section Chief Zhang says patiently, “After looking at our sect, you will like us. We are a big family that is filled with love. Everyone gathering together is cultivating, so that one day, we will have the opportunity to understand heaven and gain immortality and live as long as heaven and earth!”

His words are filled with provocation, and if it is an ordinary person, he might be moved by his words.

Liu Yi also pretends to be slightly moved. He clenches his teeth and says, “Okay, let’s go over to your place and take a look first then! Prepare the car!”

Sky Supporting Pillar replies, “Understood boss!” and starts walking away.

“Let’s sit my ”

Liu Yi pats Section Chief Zhang’s arm and says, “I have a bottle of precious red wine in my car. Let’s have a good drink!”

“It is late now.” Section Chief Zhang says, “It is not safe to take your car. Let’s take mine.”

“As long as you do not sell me, sitting in anyone’s car is fine.”

Liu Yi deliberately mocks, making Section Chief Zhang laughs loudly, “Boss Liu is too humorous. Both of us are like-minded brothers, and in the future, we might be family; how is it possible that I will sell you!”

“Okay. I’ll believe in you. Let’s go.”

Liu Yi picks up his coat and follows Section Chief Zhang out of the room while Lin Tong hurriedly chases behind them.

Section Chief Zhang withdraws his smile and secretly uses his handphone to send out an SMS.

‘Big fish has taken the bait. Heading to fishing grounds now.’

This SMS content was surreptitiously seen by Liu Yi, who then laughed in his heart. I am a big fish? No, no, no. I am the fisherman. The real big fish is going to appear soon.

“What type of car is Section Chief Zhang driving?”

As they go down, Liu Yi asks curiously, “With Section Chief Zhang’s status, at the very least, you must be driving an Audi A6, right?”

“Not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning.”

Section Chief Zhang smiles embarrassedly before leading Liu Yi out of the hotel.

Hearing the aggressive engine sound of a Hummer SUV, Liu Yi exclaims, “Oh my! This is a good car! I also have one in my garage, but I hardly drive it. After all, I don’t feel like driving the car myself!”

“No, no, no…the one behind is mine…”

Section Chief Zhang’s face turns red as he walks behind the Hummer and drives a two-seater mini red Chery out.

Good fellow. Looks like this Solo Sect is poor!

Liu Yi starts blushing with shame. Originally I thought that at the very least, he would be driving a Santana; I didn’t expect that he would be driving something that is on an even lower-end brand! Ma Yixuan, who is managing this Solo Sect, is so fucking poor; wouldn’t she be sniveling? It is weird that she did not go and bang a very wealthy person to solve her problems.

Looks like this time, I adapted to hit their fancy

Doesn’t Solo Sect lack money? Then I shall send them money. Let’s see if they still want it!

Chapter 1000   [Poor religion]

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