MKW Chapter 10

Chapter 10 [Call me Lei Feng]

[TL: Lei Feng is made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Party by propaganda from 1963 onwards in China.]


Liu Yi indeed has a fear of heights!

From young, as long as he looked down from high up, he will start feeling faint.

This time around is also the same.

Just now he is very courageous when climbing up the tree but now coming down, with just a look. He feels like everything in front of him had turned dark and is going to vomit from a headache.

So, so scary…

Like they say climbing up a mountain is easy but going down is hard…

This saying is also usable for climbing a tree ah…

Liu Yi feels like he is unable to do it anymore.

{Oi, oi, oi stop trying to make this lady happy! You are a person who is going to cultivate already how can you still be afraid of heights…oi, oi what are you doing! Why are you letting go of your hand! Quickly grab tightly ah! Liu Yi!}

Floating by Liu Yi’s side, Lin Tong who can only be seen by him starts crying out.

Liu Yi is finally unable to take it as his arms turn soft and he starts falling from nearly 5 meters.

Even when he is falling down his right hand is holding the string of the balloon tightly.

At that moment Liu Yi suddenly feels like the time seems to have slowed down.

His mind starts thinking of a lot, a lot of matters.

From when he was young he did not like to do homework and his teacher often looks for his parents, resulting in him getting beaten on the butt when he returns home.

As well as the first time Ma Yixuan move over to the top of their house, the appearance of her wearing a pretty yellow skirt as she walks into his sight.

It is said that when a person is about to die he would see what happened to him before his death.

Is it that I am really going to die?

Damn it! I don’t want ah!

I am still a virgin, if I die just like this isn’t it a pity!

Which earth god can come and protect me Liu Yi ah!

As long as I am able to survive, I will definitely burn incense and worship you!

But it seems like there is no God or Buddha who is willing to answers a professing to devotion only when in trouble.

But there is a pretty fox demon who is not willing to let Liu Yi die.

{Idiot! Fool! You still need this miss to save you! Wuwuwu my pitiful magic powers…}

The fox demon cries in heart pain as she revolves around Liu Yi’s falling body and swiftly spins.

Instantly a white light that cannot be seen by naked eyes appear on Liu Yi’s back.

His body crashes onto the ground as the loli cries out in shock.

Dust flies up as the withering leaves of the tree are blown into the air.

“Big brother, big brother! Are you fine? Don’t scare Xiao Ying ah!”

The loli starts crying from fear.

I was so high up. How could I still be alive after falling down!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth. Although it is painful from the fall, but there is no major injury.

It seems like just now there is something cushioning me which luckily saved me from falling to death!

Liu Yi rubs his butt and stands up under the shocked gaze of the loli before passing over her balloon.

“Big brother is fine. Oh here is your balloon. This time around you must hold on to it properly.”


The loli looks at Liu Yi with admiration.

“Big brother you are really a superman. You are still fine after falling from so high up…”

“Still okay. Still okay. Big brother has learned the Iron Butt technique.”

Liu Yi thinks, most probably it should be Lin Tong that little fox who saved me.

But why did she not make any sound?

Is she sulking at me?

“Thank you big brother! Big brother you are so powerful, how about I introduce my older sister to you?!”

The loli blinks as she looks at Liu Yi in expectation.

“If you become Xiao Ying’s brother-in-law, you will definitely be able to protect Xiao Ying!”

“Errr…I think it best to forget it….big brother is going to be late for class! I’ll be leaving first! You wait here obediently for your mother!”

Liu Yi suddenly recalled about his class as his heart shivered.

I was really going to be finished back then.

It is said that if you do not die after a disaster, you will get fortunes, but why do I keep getting unlucky….

Someone is possessing me?

Cannot be ah…the one in my right hand is a little fox immortal ah!

Even though her temperament is somewhat big, but she should be a good fox immortal right….

Otherwise, she would not have saved me twice.

“Okay then…then big brother, what is your name?”

“I am Lei Feng.”

Liu Yi says as he proudly puffs out his chest.

“Ehh…big brother you are so lame…”

“Xiao Ying!”

At this moment from the other side of the park comes the voice’s of a girl.

“Ah! Mama is calling for me. I’m going to find Mama!”

The loli waves goodbye to Liu Yi, “Big brother you must remember my name ah. I am called Liu Ying!”

She bounces away.

This loli ah is indeed very cute.

Don’t know how would her older sister look like…perhaps, she be very pretty…

Maybe knowing her might not be so bad…

Coughs, coughs. I’m thinking too much, it is best if I hurry to school!

Liu Yi immediately turns around and prepare to run again but this time around he realized that no matter how he tries, he is unable to get back that boiling blood feeling.

What is the matter? Is it that Lin Tong is no longer willing to lend me her immortal qi?

Liu Yi immediately asks, “Immortal fox beauty? Immortal Fox sister? What is the matter? Are you really angry at me?”

But Lin Tong seems to have completely disappeared, her charming and alluring voice did not appear again.

“Fine then…looks like she really does not wish to bother about me anymore…”

Liu Yi shakes his head and slowly walks toward his school, since I am already late then so be it. There is no need to hurry anymore.

At this moment from his right hand come a weak and almost inaudible voice, {This…idiot…}


Chapter 10 [Call me Lei Feng!]


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