MKW Chapter 1

Chapter 1 [Help me]

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“If you dare to bother my girlfriend again and I’ll beat you to death!”

Liu Yi is standing at the bus stop as he begins to recall what his grade’s ‘gangster’ boss’s footman said to him after school as he grabs his collar and threatened him. As he thought of it, he starts to have the chills.

At the same time, there was a fiery feeling of pain on his face. He really wanted to find a beauty and smash his face into her bosom.

Why is life so unfair?!

What’s wrong with me liking Ma Yixuan?! I could barely even manage to speak to her at all! Do you really need to threaten me and slap my face?!

Liu Yi touches his face. He looked at his thin and weak body and sighs.

Hiaz! If only I had the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger. No gangster boss would dare mess with me then.

Thinking to here, Liu Yi recalls Ma Yixuan’s beautiful face and her exquisite body and sighs.

Most of the girls in his grade ignore him. Even the internet girls pay no attention to him!

Loser! Am I doomed to be a loser my entire life and live a lonely life?!

Oh dear Heaven! Please give me, Liu Yi, a girl!

Unfortunately, the Heavens appears not to be answering Liu Yi’s call. Instead of a girl, a bus came whistling through. It nearly ran into Liu Yi, scaring him so much that he step backs two steps hurriedly.

“Little rascal, are you trying to die?!”

As the bus door opens, what came forth was the bus driver’s curses at Liu Yi.

At this period of time, there were a lot of people taking public transportation. Before the bus is even able to pull up to the bus stop, a group of people has already swarm towards the bus door, blocking it completely.

Liu Yi sees that the bus is currently fully packed, however as his stomach is rumbling with hunger, he could only join the others in cramming into the bus.

“Little rascal, what are you pushing for!”

An old granny bravely crams herself into the bus as if she wasn’t a granny at all. Liu Yi is pushed aside and steps on someone’s foot.

“Fucking shit! Brat, you trying to die?!”

Liu Yi had stepped on a big baldy. That baldy immediately starts cursing at him, scaring Liu Yi so much that he trembles in fear and immediately begin trying to follow the stream of people up the bus.

Really! Why so fierce?! Aren’t you just a bald head! My school’s guidance director had a final stage of balding hairdo that looked even more fierce than you!

Liu Yi starts to have delusions again. He begins to imagine the scene of him fighting valiantly against the big baldy, beating him till he begged for forgiveness on the ground and finally kicking him out of the bus.

Tsk tsk, that’s what a man should do!

However, after he looked at his arm that had no muscles at all and then looked at the baldy’s shit-lump like muscles, Liu Yi finally decided to give up.

“Get the fuck out of the way! Or else I’ll beat your fucking ass!”

That bald man starts squeezing through the crowd. As the bus is already packed full with people him squeezing through the inside of the bus is like it a bomb that is about to explode. A lot of people are about to complain when they notice the fierce looking baldy and dare not utter a single word.

Nowadays, who would dare cause trouble?

That baldy quickly walked next to a young woman.

Liu Yi’s eyes also follow the baldy.

Suddenly, his breathing sped up.

WOW! Is this girl some sort of celebrity?!

So, so, so, so beautiful!

At that split second, Liu Yi’s eyes pop out.

This woman is very seductive and voluptuous. Her red lips and white teeth.

Her appearance should only appear on television! How on earth did she appear in reality?!

Even Murong Die, the prettiest girl in class, could not compare to her beauty.

Her long wavy hair reached all the way down her abundant buttocks.

Because of the fact that its summertime, she is wearing a white T-shirt. Her chest looks to be bountiful, as they push out the clothes covering her chest. It was as if there was a pair of large apples inside.

On the lower half of her body is a pair of mini jeans wrapped around her abundant buttocks.

Although her buttocks are tightly wrapped by her jeans, her two slender legs are completely revealed, attracting the attention of all of the men on the bus.

This kind of beauty was something that Liu Yi could only fantasize in his dreams!

That baldy had obviously noticed the beauty. He squeezes his way towards her, his hand immediately swinging all over the place and, as if coincidence, lands on the beauty’s abundant buttocks.

The beauty immediately turns around. She wants to move away, however as the number of people surrounding them is too great being crammed together, there is nowhere for her to avoid him.

Her black pupils, without any other option, could only gaze at the people surrounding her begging them for help.

Soon, her sight lands on Liu Yi who is the closest to her.

Liu Yi was startled.

Those eyes contain so much helplessness making people feel very pitiable!

-Help me…..-

Her lips seem to be saying these two words!

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Chapter1- [Help me]

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