Ancient China Units of time

Earthly Branch
Units of time Ancient Time Song Dynasty Time Earthly branch Zodiac
子 zhi, Son 2300-0100 0000-0200 First Rat
丑 chou, Ugly 0100-0300 0200-0400 Second Ox
寅 yin, Respect 0300-0500 0400-0600 Third Tiger
卯 mao, Early Morning 0500-0700 0600-0800 Fouth Rabbit
辰 chen, Time 0700-0900 0800-1000 Fifth Dragon
巳 shi, -nil- 0900-1100 1000-1200 Sixth Snake
午 wu, Noon 1100-1300 1200-1400 Seventh Horse
未 wei, Have not 1300-1500 1400-1600 Eighth Lamb
申 shen, Stretch/explain/ report/express 1500-1700 1600-1800 Ninth Monkey
酉 you, Drinking cup for alcohol 1700-1900 1800-2000 Tenth Rooster
戌 xu, -nil- 1900-2100 2000-2200 Eleventh Dog
亥 hai, -nil- 2100-2300 2200-0000 Twelth Pig

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